Tuesday, May 31, 2005

change or die

Panel members on imperial succession hear opinions from experts

It is really that simple. If the imperial house of Japan doesn’t allow a female to get the throne it will most probably die out. It has survived for a couple of thousand years by being flexible –it will be again if it wants to continue.

Apple and Intel

FirstAdopter.com: CEO of Intel Says Get a Mac

David Kirkpatrick - Steve Jobs: Souping Up Macs? - FORTUNE

A couple of articles related to advances at Apple. Are they looking to use Intel chips. This could open some doors as people in the know are saying that the mac OS is superior to windows—some of us knew this innately. This would move away from the powerpc chips of IBM. The pros—cheaper, less power hogs and not as hot. Cons—don’t handle images as well—a hallmark of apple.

Could be interesting will keep you posted. Wish I knew when this stuff might be coming as I’ll be buying a new apple this summer.


Monday, May 30, 2005

let’s review

al.com: NewsFlash - Funding package for domed stadium still incomplete

You have no need for a domed stadium. The NFL is not coming—I repeat the NFL does not want B’ham. UAB does not need it and Alabama and Auburn do not want to play there.

Do we need to repeat that? What is making these morons think you need a domed stadium?

Sunday, May 29, 2005

kids and teachers do the dumbest things

Las Vegas SUN: Age-Old Debate Over N.C. Barbecue Fires Up

I’ve always hated it when sweet little school children try to get the legislature to declare something the “state’s???” whatever. They claim to be doing to learn—well then every class in the 4th grade in the state should be doing it.
This time they really stepped in it—in an attempt to promote a BBQ festival the little kids became part of the barbeque wars of NC. Not north-south but east west. Red sauced shoulders vs. vinegared whole pigs.
I prefer a combination and that is what we had at my son’s graduation party—whole chopped pig with a red sauce.

In fact we decided at the party that most of us like pig any way except raw.


Saturday, May 28, 2005

well that’s one way to kill a league

Newsday.com: ESPN Declines NHL Option for Next Season

This is one way to do it: have a strike then let the cable network realize that almost anything draws numbers as big as the NHL package. Given the rights fees and productions costs it doesn’t make sense to put the NHL on ESPN.
Can the league survive? Don’t know. But I do think the era of big money is over as far as player salaries.

think this might be a conspiracy???

Oliver Stone Faces Drug, DUI Investigation

I think it is part of the crushing of dissent and the silencing of our most truthful voices.

On the other had it could just be another jackass who thinks he can do drugs/drink and still drive.


Friday, May 27, 2005

are they sure? Her former fiance thought he had a date set too

Las Vegas SUN: Runaway Bride Could Surrender Next Week

Is she a flight risk—well at least a bus risk.

incredible if true

BBC NEWS | Asia-Pacific | 'Japan soldiers' found in jungle

Two men in their 80’s claim to have been hiding out on Mindanao since WWII. It has been years since the last Japanese soldier gave up. I don’t recall any searches or other activities related to these two. Thus I’m rather skeptical.

I’m shocked—shocked I tell you

Las Vegas SUN: U.N. Nuke Conference Offers No New Action

A UN conference that takes no action! Gee not even its two main stand-bys: calling Israel a racist state and blaming the US for all the world’s problems. Didn’t these people at the nuke conference get the memos?

so this is how it starts

BBC NEWS | Health | Doctors' kitchen knives ban call

If this report can actually be believed then some docs in the UK are trying to ban certain types of kitchen knives. They claim to have checked with experts and we really don’t need ones like these. Is there no limit to those who wish to tell the rest of us how to live?


Thursday, May 26, 2005

only the left thinks that Warren Beatty is a real regular guy and man’s man

Bunch of twits. Beatty might be a good actor and director—not to my taste[ don’t get me wrong it’s not that I dislike him for his politics—I actually like Sean Penn and many others] I just don’t like his movies. Whatever he plays he comes across as an effete snob and self-righteous boor.

So now he is calling out the governor.


Wednesday, May 25, 2005

for the first time ever
Triumph for Fox, but Pain for NBC - New York Times

Fox wins a prime demographic. This should cause the other broadcasters to worry.

just like the dry county alcohol vote

FT.com / World - EU call to re-run treaty referendums

The EU wants people to keep voting until they cote the way they should.

Strong>you apparently have a right to be on TV

Motley Crue Files Suit Against NBC for Banning It Because of an Expletive - New York Times

Band claims they were banned after one off them said a bad word on a show. They now claim the NBC is censoring them to placate the FCC.

Hey !! I got no talent—the networks are censoring me to placate the public. I want my m oney.


Tuesday, May 24, 2005

a concise list of the senate extremists

Senate Roll Vote on Filibuster Fight

This is non-partisan as you get to ID your own list.

a very busy week

I’ll be out most of the week. We have people coming in from out of town and I also have work to finish. School and honey do stuff.
Have fun this week.


Sunday, May 22, 2005

this is making me hungry

You want Wi-Fi with that? - Sunday, 05/22/05

Wish we had a Krystal—even without the Wi-Fi. I think that last one on I-20 is right about Augusta.
Of course some people are worried about who would actually use Wi-Fi at a fast food place. I mean it’s not some upscale coffee shop or anything.
Snobs—do these people think only they can use computers?


Friday, May 20, 2005

I’m at the office again

I’m giving a make up exam to a girl who was sick during the final. Good student- real doc’s note and everything.

Since it’s raining and not much going on the deck project—I’m working on a paper that has to be submitted in a bout a week and next week will be a bear.


Thursday, May 19, 2005

this is a really neat site


It has newspaper links from every state. I’ve just checked a few but I like it. For those of us who have lived several places and like to keep up this is nice.

what Bill Moyers wasn't available?

HoustonChronicle.com - DeLay probe prosecutor raises funds for Democrats

The guy going after DeLay is a democrat. Well who cares about that? What I do care about is that he is touting the case at democrat fundraisers. Maybe he needs to be investigated—maybe everyone in Texas does. Except maybe LittleA and the recently arrived GOYL.
I have in my hand the last Thursday Three—or something like that

1. What style do I prefer? Plain, simple and buttoned down. Khaki or grey pants, grey suit if I have to wear one, oxford cloth shirts—long sleeves, buttoned down collars and simple ties. Clothing like medicine should first do no harm.
2. No particular item but having to buy husky stuff was a pain—not enough of a pain to get me to drop the pounds but still a pain.
3. Back in high school it became the fashion for socks to match the color of your shirt. Light blue shirt equals light blue socks.

didn’t think we had come this far

Love notes for that 'other' special someone

Talk about your market niche—a line of greeting cards for people in extramarital affairs. I really didn’t read the whole article—I want to know where you are going to purchase them. no not for me—just wonder who goes into the store and asks for these cards.

remember when netscape was the browser?

Las Vegas SUN: Netscape Combines Browser Features

Well they’re trying a comeback This might be more too little too late. Microsoft is great at getting “your” product to the market and making it fit into their products.


Wednesday, May 18, 2005

speaking of dumb

CONTRA COSTA COUNTY / One man's campaign to rename Mt. Diablo / But he'll have devil of a time changing it to Mt. Kawukum

just thinning the herd

CBS News | Parachutist Killed In Eiffel Jump | May 17, 2005?09:30:09

In all those Wild Kingdom episodes it was the old, sick, wounded or young that were taken. They didn’t focus much on the crazy or stupid.


Tuesday, May 17, 2005

can’t people start things on time

For the second time in a week I’ve been to functions related to my son’s high school. Both of them followed a long tradition of starting ten minutes late. About the only thing that starts on time there are the football games and perhaps then only because the refs are ion control.
I wish I could rant as well as Terry but just what goes through the
If you announce a starting time then by God start. If you continue to for the latecomers you do two things: you encourage them to be even later the next time and you inconvenience those who bothered to show up on time.
I also hate it when someone wants to delay the start of worship because of the latecomers. This only plays to them. One of the things I really like about your interim rector is that at the appointed time the acolytes are on their way down the aisle.
I get really annoyed that we make 95% on the people wait so the others can be there.


Monday, May 16, 2005

my ultimate “I couldn’t care less

Review: Force Is Strong in Last 'Wars' - New York Times

A review of the last—Star Wars movie. I have seen the first one and perhaps one more—I think I took my son to the one with Jar-Jar. [BTW Jar-Jar seems to be based on the Black characters from the Charlie Chan movies.] well anyway I paid to see the first one and was not impressed. It was a western and not a very good western at that. The script was bad, the acting was worse and I didn’t really care if the characters lived or died.

Those you who care go for it---

I think I’ll sit this one out—not I don’t watch them when they come on TV either--


Sunday, May 15, 2005

you know those emails warning about fraud on your ebay account?

Well they would be more effective if I had an ebay account. As would the ones wanting me to reenter the data for my paypal account. Nope don’t have one of those either.


Friday, May 13, 2005

I’m a Hyundai owner and I agree

Howard Stern "Sirius"-ly turns off Hyundai customers: report - May. 13, 2005

I find Howard Stern not funny. I find his type of humor to be that on an eleven year old boy first learning to be dirty. I find him embarrassing to listen to.
If I had that type of radio I would probably pick the one with the NFL games but no matter I would never listen to Stern.

to hell with efficiency –I want my base

Military Towns Fight Base Closure Plans

I’m sorry the job of the U.S. military is not to provide money for your local economy.

base closing list

WRAL.com - News - List Of Base Closings In Alphabetical Order

I know this is out there other places and that it isn’t a big deal to some. However it’s a real big deal around eastern NC.


Thursday, May 12, 2005

is this going to jump to the general population

Las Vegas SUN: Mystery Illness Killing Racing Greyhounds

They don’t even know what is causing this.

when will this be over so we can get to the reception and party?
Since it’s graduation time and Terry shirked make that delegated this to Jordana . BTW these are great questions; wish I had thought of them.

1. Most memorable graduation speaker. Probably the best was the one this weekend. An ECU graduate and retired banker gave a really good but short speech. Since we do a college of Business ceremony I had heard this guy a few years ago and he was very good. Oh—his name was Henry Williamson.
2. I went to my high school and my M.A. I didn’t go to my undergraduate or Ph.D. that was a big mistake. I finished in December after we were living in NC. The next ceremony was in May and I didn’t feel it was necessary to travel back to Ole Miss. I didn’t realize how important it was to my wife. 25 years later she is still upset. As to the number of graduations is –too many to count—I’m in the business.
3. The summer after HS I worked construction at US Steel. I learned useful skills like how to shovel all day and also how to run the 105 lb jackhammer.


Tuesday, May 10, 2005

told you this would happen


I just didn’t know it would be the French who would try and down play this capture. They might be correct but European intelligence sources quoted in the Arab press don’t make for a highly believable combination to me. However, I do know some out there prefer this to our government. More the pity.

they mean for trial

Las Vegas SUN: Virginia to Send Snipers to Maryland

For a minute this had me worried.

so they have a treatment program for being a dumb ass?
Las Vegas SUN: Runaway Bride Enters Treatment Program

Who knew? I also wonder how she is going to keep her nursing credentials after this. While the M.D.’s might take a long time to get people out the R.N.’s seem to react to the unstable much quicker.

sort of a different thing to do

I guess we didn’t research it well but I have just finished registering my son with the NCAA clearing house. He needs to be vetted by the NCAA to receive a small tennis scholarship at a division II school. When he met his college coach last weekend he was informed of this. Apparently most minor sport athletes don’t know about the process. At least those going to D II. BTW the NCAA does charge for this service—
The NCAA has stuff you should have been doing for the last year or so. Somehow I bet if my son was a football player this would have been taken care of by the school.

NCAA - Eligibility
are brain reactions to smells biologically determined ?

Gay Men Are Found to Have Different Scent of Attraction - New York Times

If they cannot be learned then this might be evidence of sexual orientation not preference.


Monday, May 09, 2005

KenBrashear.com - Ken's Virtual Drumkit


Saturday, May 07, 2005

you like online “caveman” art?
And who doesn’t.
Article link
Paleontological Art Available on Internet - New York Times
site link.

Paleo Art: Dept. of Paleobiology, National Museum of Natural History, Smithsonian Institution
a long day

Two graduation ceremonies; one at 10 the other at 2. Same speeches at both however they did give us lunch. Well those that were marshals. Had some nice lunch conversation with faculty from other areas. That is good to do every once and a while. The other guy from the B school and I seemed to be the only ones at he table that thought free markets were a good idea. Everyone else would like to opt for some fair and equitable allocation system. Or so it seems. We didn’t bore everyone by talking about how markets are the most efficient method to allocate resources..
Interesting none the less. When I stated some libertarian views you would have though I had declared to be a space man. I need to be reminded that things are viewed differently in different parts of campus.


Thursday, May 05, 2005

what does this say about the future of the American auto industry?

S&P cuts GM and Ford bonds to junk status - May. 5, 2005

Well a lot and not much at the same time. The point is what is the American auto industry? The foreign companies have done such a good job of entering our local production domains that they have in essence become “American.” What we have here then is two giant that have lost whatever steam they had going for them over the last few years. As an outsider I lay it off to complacency, lack of future designs that capture the public and the eternal American industry desire for short term gains at the expense of the future.

off to do a mediation that is if they show up

I haven’t had great luck getting people to show in G’ville lately but the last group did so maybe I’m on a roll. The man came today to measure and give an estimate on the new kitchen floor—no I can’t and won’t do it myself—looks like about $2,200.

Not a real easy mediation but i think we helped and my co-mediator and I both performed well. At least IMO.
it is cases like this one that stretch the limits of forgiveness

Las Vegas SUN: Okla. Mom Charged in Girl's Decapitation

Perhaps you have seen this case on TV. It’s been on several shows—the case from Kansas City –Precious Doe. This is the little black girl they found and haven’t been able to ID until now.

it’s over and done

My last grades have been submitted—I’m done. I can now relax and read books and stuff. Well if you don’t count the graduation ceremonies and the research that I have to get done.

<the it’s almost time for school to be over education edition of the Thursday three

1. What three teachers did you have in grade school or high school who had the greatest impact on you, either for good or bad?

I was lucky and had many good teachers but these three really stand out. Ms. M. my 5th grade teacher. Each day we would take a walk after lunch and then write a page on something we saw or felt or heard. We never knew the topic until she announced it when we returned. These little exercises taught us to observe and then to think about what we wrote. I really like that lady. Two high school teachers also stand out. Maybe both of these are still in the B’ham area. Mr. Woodman taught me math and Mr. Ward taught me history and Russian. From them I learned that learning and teaching can be fun.

2. Which teacher do you wish you could go back and apologize to for your terrible misbehavior?

I forgot his name but I had a trig teacher that we all gave a hard time. He didn’t deserve it.

3. What do you think is the best thing to happen to grade school since when you were there?

Not sure I really have a best thing but the worst thing is all the independent projects that litter the landscape of primary education.


Wednesday, May 04, 2005

big news for now

The New York Times > International > Asia Pacific > Suspected Qaeda Chief in Pakistan Is Captured

The Al Qaeda number three—the operations chief ahs been captured. May I make a prediction—the press is thumping this hard right now but within a week we will begin to hear that he really wasn’t such a big deal and how this might actually hurt the war on terror.

it’s now official
possumblog not the slowest old thing in Alabama

The Beaufort Gazette: Three snails thought extinct discovered

I suggest a grant to study the Pinch Gut.

a drug that seems to work on the effects of stroke

The Beaufort Gazette: AstraZeneca: stroke drug trial successful

As I get older this is more on my radar screen. A drug like this would be helpful. i have a friend who had a stroke last year. He is making progress but some things are not coming back.

can’t we ever knock this thing out?

The Beaufort Gazette: Africa polio strain suspected in Indonesia

It takes persistent effort and the trust of the people--


Tuesday, May 03, 2005

article about tenure
Inside Higher Ed :: When a Professor Loses It

Not about the pros and cons like with the Churchill blow-up but about the process. While I don’t agree with all that is said some of it is spot on. Parts of the article attempt to answer questions that many of us get from those on the outside. Things like why is it such a big deal and everyone gets evaluated. Toward the end the author gives some useful insights.
If you have any questions and I’ll give an answer from my perspective.

menu reportThe steak was fine. I usually don’t grill T-bones. It was sort of retro; my father loved to do T-bones. That was the deal for his generation a drink and a steak. My wife and I prefer a rib eye but the price has gotten out of hand especially since I back on the low carb thing and eating more steaks.

Well they weren’t well marbled and I over cooked them a little bit. However, they were still good.

The raspberry thing doesn’t like great but will let you know how it is. The raspberries were mighty tart.

back on the diet

Back doing the low carb thing and it doesn’t seem to be working as well. I’m probably eating too much stuff even if I got the sugar [well most of it] out of my system.
I did have a good meal last might. Grilled chicken with zucchini, also grilled. I marinated the chicken in a sort of vinaigrette of rice wine vinegar, decent olive oil, garlic, finely chopped up scallions and of course salt and pepper to taste. The kicker was the Splenda. This melded well with the rice wine vinegar. In fact I liked it so much I saved some for a dressing to put on the grilled zucchini. The only problem with the grilled zucchini was that it was too soft for me. I like them crunchy and my wife doesn’t so I took them off the grill and into a bowl. Covered the bowl with plastic wrap and let them steam in their own carryover heat until the chicken was ready.
I also found a wine at food lion that was interesting. For interesting read cheap. I was bottled as a store brand. I’ve posted in the past about the glut of wine on the west coast so I thought I would give in a try. It was a Chardonnay like I like it. Not overly dry without the big oak taste that overwhelms everything. This one was sharper and you could taste other things besides oak. It went well with the lighter fare from last night.

However, tonight is steak. And a low carb raspberry tart.

just office hours today

I’m finished with the face to face exams and the grades are in. only the online class s left. Our department has a tradition/rule that we keep some office hours after all grades are turned in. this keeps those with legitimate concerns and those just wanting to whine out of the department chair’s office. He can do nothing about these things anyway. I’ve had a couple of calls and an email but no one is stopping by.


Monday, May 02, 2005

a do nothing day

No exams to grade—the online class doesn’t finish until Wednesday, don’t meet with disgruntled students until tomorrow and don’t really feel quite up to playing golf. Yep still sort of sick.
Think I’ll spend the day watching the history channel and reading.
No really I’m going to rewrite those articles that need to go off to the editor. Yeah, that’s what I’ll do.


Sunday, May 01, 2005

one of these days I’ll figure this thing out

If you give an exam you have to grade the exam. Maybe I’ll start going to some kind of optional thing—nay that’s not me. I believe in final exams.


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