Friday, November 30, 2007

Eastside News | Judge tosses Hague's breath test in DUI case | Seattle Times Newspaper

Time to throw the BS flag

This case isn't being decided on loopholes or the law-- it's a blatant attempt to get a pol off. The defendent was a an elected official.
Will stuff like this ever stop? Wonder if teh judge is up for election.
Las Vegas SUN: Ind. Prosecutor to Probe Child's Death

Next time see if you can get one to last more than a month

What?? A toddler – a little girl. She had spent most of her life—[interesting word isn’t it—life?] in foster care. She was returned to her mother 31 Oct. –she died of her injuries tuesday. She was beaten for wetting her pants—
There has to be a special place in hell for that mother and those in the state who are culpable for her return to that situation.
However, my guess is they will probably still think a return to the other is the best situation.
At the least all involved should find another line of work.

So we send out a great job to the fine folks in the department of child services in the great state of Indiana—BTW they got an award for reforms—the same day the little girl died.
A spokesperson for DCS said it was too early to draw conclusions—
How about this one—you people F’ed up and
Deserve to be prosecuted in there is neglect found on the state’s part.

Thursday, November 29, 2007

NFL TV Distribution Maps - FOX Week 13 Late

On the other hand Fox is stupid

we have to watch Tampa Bay v N.O.
NFL TV Distribution Maps - CBS Week 13

CBS can learn

Well, at least the sports division can. All year some of us in Eastern NC have been badgering CBS and the local station about not carrying the Jags games. The Jacksonville QB played at ECU and many of us want to see him. Well, they would show us Baltimore or Miami or especially Pittsburgh. The last two weeks we actually get a different game than Raleigh-- we have been getting the Jags and this time they get Washington-- this will probably make others angry as the 'skins are big around here.
Las Vegas SUN: Report: Boy Who Refused Transfusion Dies

I have mixed feelings here

I hate it the boy died-- however, as one who believes in individual rights and responsibilities and also in God, i applaud his decision. I'm not sure I'm strong enough in my faith or my convictions to follow through with it if i had to make the choice.
Rest in peace--
Investigators Go Back to Michelle Young Home :: WRAL.com

I always worry a Little about things like this

They didn't analyze some things last time and need another look? If i was the guy I would make sure no one went in unless i had a rep there-- not that i don't trust the cops in that part of the state-- after all this isn't Durham-- but it is close.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Community College Policy on Illegal Immigrants Decried :: WRAL.com

This should play well

CC's must accept illegals--
it will play well with some in the state but not all
Sugar intake not yet licked

You must not try and get around the regulations

The health police don’t like that.

Schools banned soda and candy and now people are drinking “sports drinks”
'Christ' Taken Out Of Christmas Festival - News Story - WNEM Saginaw

Yep Dickens was all about the Holiday

In fact didn’t he name one of his works “A Holiday Carol?”

Say they are doing this so the event can be advertised in the local schools.

BTW folks this isn’t England this is happening here.a
Grandmother who has brushed doorstep for 62 years told by council she could face court | the Daily Mail

This is what happens when small little bureaucrats get in control

The council backed down and will probably face a strike because they didn’t back the twit in this case.
New slogan: 'Welcome to Scotland' - UPI.com

God they’re a creative bunch

After six months of work they all came up with
“Welcome to Scotland”

Yep they deserve their own country with thinking like that.
cbs13.com - San Francisco Considering Late-Night Pizza Ban

Some people just love to write rules

This little bit doesn’t give any reason why the pizza places should all close by 2 am. The video however, id's this as a move to curb violence. Cutting off the part of the night where they sell the most pizza is just a benefit -- they seem to love hurting business out there. Maybe pizza at night is a conservative snack—yeah that’s it.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Q&A: Talking with Stephen King - TIME

Celebrity slams news for covering fluff
I guess like celebrities

“Great” writer and news junky thinks he knows a lot about everything. For a writer he also seems to have no sense of irony for complaining the news covers too much meaningless stuff—all theses opinions from a person who in his own definition would fit right in with the gossip and the celeb news. MAybe the irony is there and being dull I just missed it.
Makes me glad I never waster any time reading his stuff—however movies made from his work are usually terrible—at least the two I’ve seen.

Monday, November 26, 2007


Mark and Brian good job

Trot out your excuses but we don't want to watch propoganda.
mediabistro.com: FishbowlNY

it's about time

What?? Emeril is leaving the Food Network. Some of the old guys are leaving now-- Mario already left in September.

At least for me the act was getting a little old. Really, I've stopped watching much at all.
ESPN - Nutt era closes with resignation of Arkansas coach - College Football

while the folks at Georgia Tech are nuts the folks at Arkansas are really crazy

I think a lot of his problems came from when he wouldn't run an offense his freshman QB and WR wanted to run.
Gailey Relieved Of Duties As Georgia Tech Head Coach :: Athletic Director Dan Radakovich announces search for new coach to begin immediately

I really don't know what some schools expect

This guy has had one losing season in all his coaching career and that was 5-6 at Samford. Wish Ole Miss would get him-- 7-4 each year seems great to me.
Government report | Prisoners' 'quality of life' | 'Go soft on lags' | The Sun |HomePage|News

Another reason the british Isles are going to hell in a handcart
Many of these problems are coming from the “justice” system. In short, people tend to care more for the criminal and almost not at all for victims. It seems they have completely bought into the idea that the criminals are really victims of society.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007


They just can't help it

S.F. to issue ID cards without gender.

Saturday, November 17, 2007

NJ Workers Lose Post - Holiday Day Off - New York Times

Boo Hoo

NJ workers have been getting the Friday after Thanksgiving as a holiday for years and years. Not by law or union contract but because the governor can grant this. Last year the gov said it would be the last time. Well, they can’t believe it—things are being taken away. They quote some guy who sounds like a real clown.
If all state employees are like this guy no wonder they have problems there.
Abuse Risk Seen Worse As Families Change - New York Times

No this can’t be true

Report says the obvious—children are at greater risk when not in tow parent families. This will get buried as no negatives can ever be said about “different” families. I know the ideal isn’t always practical but we should never pretend that other forms of parenting are always just as good.

Friday, November 16, 2007

'Obese' migrant told to lose weight before making move - Independent Online Edition > This Britain

A benefit of being fat.

I really don’t want to move to NZ and this just confirms it.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Gothamist: Carol Gotbaum Autopsy Reveals Alcohol, Drug Use

Does this happen every time?

What—well it seems that every time someone from NY gets stupid and leaves the planet due to their stupidity we get a law suit. Or at least a chance for a settlement.
The lady was drunk, on pills and disruptive. You still however, don’t expect her to hang herself with her cuffs and the chain they were attached to.

If we get a suit every time a NY'er dies being stupid we're gonna need more lawyers.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

NFL Game Center: Game Recap - Atlanta Falcons at Carolina Panthers - 2007 10 

NFL Game Center: Game Recap - Atlanta Falcons at Carolina Panthers - 2007 10

It's time for them to go!

Nice quote that== will someone plaswe tell me again why Charlotte's coach is a "great young" coach. I beginning to think he has turned into a so-so not young coach.

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

AP Wire - Oregon | kgw.com | News for Oregon and SW Washington 

AP Wire - Oregon | kgw.com | News for Oregon and SW Washington

this must have been a shock

An interesting case where the dems wanted a cigarette tax to pay for childrens' health care. [It's for the children afterall.]
The republicans would not pass it or let it go as straight vote-- this forced the dems into putting it in as a constitutional amemdment.
That plus an ad campagin stopped the thing. What did the dems learn-- that people don't trust them to monkey with the state constitution-- nope-- they think they learned that republicans are evil and that the tobacco comapinies bought the election.

Monday, November 05, 2007

Begin Again 

a cartoon day

What is a cartoon day? It's one of those where everything sort of goes wrong. Not really wrong but sort of-- this is one of those days.

Sunday, November 04, 2007

Mark Goldberg | Arrested after handing intruder over to police | The Sun |HomePage|News

The police in the U.K. have become complete and utter idiots and deserve nothing but ridicule and scorn.

Remember these are the same police who would not chase a robber who stole a motorbike—wait on it—because the robber wasn’t wearing a helmet and they didn’t want to cause an injury.

Friday, November 02, 2007

BetaNews | Kmart Dumps Blu-ray Due to Price

who will win???

Price matters and hd-dvd has gotten the discounters on their side. Blu-ray may be superior but it's very costly. Sony has been down this road before wonder if they learned anything. Let's all remember folks that somy doesn't really like anyone but them making their stuff and they also don't like discounting.
Should be interesting.
OK I had my flu shot

So get off my back. I’ve had the shot once before and got the flu. The only time in my life I’ve ever had the flu. But every doc and R.N. in a two county area has determined I need one this year. So I got it and bet you I react.

Thursday, November 01, 2007

I never knew Russert was part of the vast right wing conspiracy.

There are things to like about both Hillary and Bill but this trait isn’t one of them. the trait--?? Having numerous people willing to blame everyone else for anything that goes wrong. Never was it them. Also notice that this calls for more money-- wonder who was taking calls on the Hsu phone.


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