Wednesday, May 31, 2006

this could be the start of something big
� - Starbucks Is Way More Than Just Lattes - AOL Money & Finance

It seems the company is working to “leverage” the brand. And well they should since most of the stuff they are peddling is related in the lifestyle category.
it’s now official
New York City is back on the path ot hell.
Las Vegas SUN: NYC Graffiti Artists Target Councilman

We have people trying to defend graffiti just like in the 70’s and 80’s. I thought that Rudy proved to them that these crimes lowered the livability of an area and encouraged people into thinking they could get away with more.
So this type of art is again finding defenders the city is predicted to have started the slope toward chaos again.
yep and probably won’t secure payment either

Las Vegas SUN: NYC Hospitals Reassures Immigrants
Batwoman is back and she’s a lesbian
Las Vegas SUN: DC Comics Resurrects Batwoman As Lesbian

Dan DiDio is the executive editor. "'This is not just about having a gay character,' DiDio said. 'We're trying for overall diversity in the DC universe. We have strong African-American, Hispanic and Asian characters. We're trying to get a better cross-section of our readership and the world.' "

We’ll have to wait and see how sales go.
hey leadership—defend this
Congressman Tried to Hide Papers, Justice Dept. Says

It still doesn’t matter. It appears the committee chair is attempting to make a fool of himself. He and his committee are working hard toward this objective.

If I were still a registered republican I would be angry. Now I only think this as acting out some self destructive play. . As some sort of “theatre of the absurd” it does make sense.
we don’t want you as the director of the hurricane center
you aren’t the right religion

That religion would be the one that “knows” that the increase in hurricanes is caused by global warming.
I heard a local weatherman here talk about 5 or six years ago. He was talking about the increase in hurricanes coming in the next few years and the pattern would probably last about 25 years. Like it always does.

To my knowledge this is the first time a group has demanded the firing of a professional because they don’t completely buy into the GW hypothesis.

Friday, May 26, 2006

can the white house get any worse?
White House compares illegal immigration to speeding - Examiner.com

Yep using the analogy of illegal immigrants to having speeding tickets is s sure way to get people to understand. While I understand what they were trying to do all they managed to do was make it sound like they really don’t get it.
I’m beginning to think they don’t. They just don’t get that people think it is a serious thing for millions of people to be here in the U.S. who did not get here legally. Does this fact not seem to register with the leadership? Poll after poll shows the American people are bothered by this and yet the Whitehouse acts like the whole issue is nothing.
I don’t know the solution and I know most of those 12 [?] million people would make good citizens but where is some acknowledgement that this is a real problem?
Canon to get out of film camera market?
Canon to Halt New Development of Film Cameras, Considers Full Drop @ Alice Hill�s Real Tech News - Independent Tech

Looks like they are taking the first step as they stop research and development on 35mm SLR cameras. The market just keeps getting smaller. Those were come great cameras but the time has passed for most of us.
Really who do you know that still shots film only and what is their age?
wasting time so they won’t have to deal with real problems
WRAL.com - Family - Debate Set For U.S. Definition Of Marriage
I wish this was a change but it isn’t. I don’t think this needs to be done. Either the states will take care of it or it doesn’t need to be taken care of.
This thing will be very had to pass through all the hoops. Regardless it’s really just a cynical way to trying to deflect attention from all the things they haven’t done. Posing and posturing – they remain good at that.
how to run off the last libertarians in the republican party
I found this in Inside Politics?-?Nation/Politics?-?The Washington Times.

What's to come
Look for congressional Republicans to "dish up a plate of 'red meat' social issues they hope will motivate their conservative base for the Nov. 7 elections," predicts Judy Holland of Hearst Newspapers.
Next week, Republican senators will push proposals on hot-button issues — including constitutional amendments to ban homosexual "marriage" and to outlaw flag burning, along with legislation to clamp down on minors who cross state lines for abortions and thus evade parental-notification restrictions in their home states.
Sen. Orrin G. Hatch, Utah Republican, who is behind the flag-burning proposal, concedes his chances aren't good, but said the party's base "would get mad if we didn't try."
Paul Weyrich, chairman of the Free Congress Foundation, said Republicans will be satisfied only if they think that the party leadership "really went after these measures. If they feel they have paid lip service, then I think the leadership is going to pay for it."

Just what libertarians and “south Park” republicans want –flag burning and anti gay marriage stuff. I hope the social conservative base is too smart to buy this crap. All of this smacks of a cynical effort to trick the base into forgetting that nobody has really done anything about immigration or tried to keep spending down. I also loved the “sealing of the borders” to make sure minors comply with the abortion reporting regulations. They won’t do anything to employers who hire illegals but we can muster the federal government to enforce state regulations about abortion.

It turns out the leadership is nothing more than hucksters and bad ones at that.
it has come to this
New York Daily News - Crime File - Railroad travelers tested for explosives

However, it looks like the test isn’t intrusive. I still don’t know what some of the “real” civil libertarians will think of this. Looks to me more like a metal detector type of thing. Of course someone will complain that we have a right to handle explosives and not have the government know about it.
now this really is something different
Las Vegas SUN: Woman to Pay Doctor $2.8M for False Charge

Let’s see—woman brings false changes that involve her being molested by her GYN. Instead of the standard outcome the judge ruled the charges were false and is making her pay.

Thursday, May 25, 2006

British elected officials try to help American counterparts
Independent Online Edition > UK Politics

MP George Galloway is apparently trying to take the pressure off the speaker. He is saying things even more stupid. He says a suicide bomber targeting Blair would be justified.
There is some nuance to the question or at least that is my guess as to how Galloway will play it.
Still it’s good to see all the dummies aren’t on this side of the Atlantic.
house committee does something right
House panel votes for Net neutrality | CNET News.com

However, this is no thanks to the republicans—the majority on the committee basically voted for the big telecoms.
Since this blog is supposed to be about change points well the house does something right is one of those. The republicans doing something right might even be a real unfreezing moment.
you know things are strange when Harry Reid is your voice of reason
Analysis: Congress - FBI Flap May Irk Voters - New York Times

The senate minority said 'I'm not going to beat up on the FBI.'' The experts are divided as to the impact of all of this. Well some things never change.
now they know the “where from?”
HIV's Ancestry Traced to Wild Chimps - New York Times

That’s a good start that took some hard and innovative work. So it does look like this mutated from wild chimps and not from the labs of the CIA.
if the congressional republicans had not already convinced me to leave this would have
Bush orders FBI-Congress documents sealed - Boston.com

Is there no one left in Washington who will do what is right and proper? I’m beginning to think the problem is they have lost all understanding of right and proper.
I must really question the decision making of the last few days/weeks. They seem to have no basis for any decision. Even Clinton listening to the polls each hour had something in mind.
filling in the dots on Hastert
al.com: NewsFlash - Hastert lashes out at Justice Dept.

Hastert is now asserting that the DOJ is trying to intimidate him. Well he doesn’t really say so but he says he basically wants the American people to fill in the dots. I think I can do that. …
The speaker has become unhinged. He shot his mouth off and doesn’t seem to know any way to shut up. If I still were a registered republican I would write my congressman and tell him to organize to get this clown out. He is an absolute embarrassment.
Now I’m not saying that--- I’m only filling in the dots.
just a little late
This is not your grandfather's bubble gum

Topps is changing the bubble gum and bazooka Joe. It’s about time –--although I’m not much younger than the product and actually older than the Joe character, he seemed out of date even when I was a kid. Sort of like what some one thought a kid should be like perhaps in the 30’s/40’s. I never felt a 50’s vibe there.

They also claim the new gum will be soft.
bleeding heart judge watch
Las Vegas SUN: Judge: Man Is Too Short for Prison

I don’t want to sound like I’m doing the no spin zone but we have a case of letting the child molester go. I wish this represented a change but it doesn’t seem to.
See this child molester is 5-1 so the judge thinks he is too short to be safe in prison so he gets – wait for it – ten years probation. Even she thinks he should get a longer sentence but is very worried about him. Hey folks he has been told not to be alone with anyone under the age of 18 and for a full four months he must wear a monitoring device. The judge is quoted as saying this—
"I truly hope that my bet on you being OK out in society is not misplaced."
Judges can be so cute when they say stuff like this.
Anyone think this will end well?

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

not so fast with that gene therapy
Mice Deaths Are Setback in Gene Test - New York Times

Not sure I got all the implications of this article but looks like they weren’t as far along as they thought.

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

I’m now a former republican
Hastert tells President Bush FBI raid was unconstitutional

Just sent this to my congresman:

Please inform the Republican leadership that I’ve listened carefully to their comments about Mr. Jefferson and the searching of his office. I have thought about what they have said and decided to change my party affiliation. I no longer wish to be counted as a republican. The speaker has been a weak voice for cutting spending and for immigration reform but a loud voice when his own privilege is at stake.
I no longer know what this party stands for except apparently the self-protection of its own elected officials.


Thanks to those who came by and left comments and to Professor Reynolds for the link.
I’ve got a planning meeting at church so nothing new until much later today.
Some in the comments have questioned where I would go if not with republicans—well I’m not sure but I believe in:
Freedom and liberty; market driven solutions to problems and an open market of ideas, I also believe we should be left alone by the government and each other

further update

I’m now officially unaffiliated. That’s North Carolina speak for independent.

I’ve enjoyed the discussion both pro and con concerning leaving the party. Let me say that part of the reason I left is I’m very tired of always voting against someone or some idea.
I’m supposed to be off today
I got some research things finished yesterday and was going to do absolutely nothing today. I don’t teach again until late June so I’m not technically “on the clock.” Well I’ve spent the morning talking the AAA, getting my son’s car towed and now waiting to see how much it will be to repair it.
I love a day off.

Saturday, May 20, 2006

Toyota come a racin’

Bill Davis Racing Bill Davis Racing, Dale Jarrett, Kevin Harvick, Michael Waltrip, AUTO RACING,NASCAR, Richard Childress Racing Richard Childress Racing - CBS SportsLine.com

Little story about Dale Jarrett going with Michael. What I found interesting is the reaction and sniping of the ford people. The best like – is we just keep concentrating on winning races and championships—well guys you had better find a way to beat the Chevy –that might help before you can win again.
let’s see if we can think of a solution
Las Vegas SUN: Lawyer: Kevorkian's Health Deteriorating

Thinks he should be let out because he might die if left in prison.—my guess is he couldn’t keep his rear end off the talk shows and the away from the killing machines.

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

actors say the darnedest things
'Da Vinci Code' Actor: Bible Should Have 'Fiction' Disclaimer | NewsBusters.org

Actors are entitled to have an opinion and to state it. However, I wish just once it was at a higher level than a poor junior high student would produce. Most criticism from them is mainly of the “did not”—“did so” kind. Very much advancing the debate.
There are many ways to criticize the Bible but blanket statements about labeling it a work of fiction is a means below sophomoric.
when gators attack!!!
Las Vegas SUN: Woman Shoots Gator That Attacks Dog

What is going on with the rash of alligator attacks in Florida? It doesn’t seem to be just the media picking up stories however; it could be that gators are this year’s sharks. Is something making them more aggressive or are humans not taking the proper precautions?
It could be global warming and then we could blame Bush.

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

this is why you have an IRB
JS Online:The survey says what?

This survey was given to high school students and seems not be to solicit information but to promote an agenda regarding homosexuality. From what is reported it was not appropriate for high school students.
This would not have happened at most universities. We have to have surveys approved by the IRB or the penalties are heavy.
The IRB is the institutional review board. Every college is to have one and they review your research protocols. It’s been reported that at some schools they are slow and meddling. Here they are quick and helpful. Their main job is to make sure that no one is harmed in any way in the research.
is it just me?
A British Teachers' Union Weighs a Boycott of Israeli Teachers - New York Times
I’ve never been to Great Briton—England what ever and I’ve always wanted to go. However, lately many news reports have shown a PC world that I wouldn’t want to get near. This world is one where criminals are not punished, the govt does back lips to avoid the appearance to even minor offense to anyone and it seems to be a society that is very much anti-Semitic.
Count me out.
all that lactic acid stuff you thought you knew
Lactic Acid Is Not Muscles' Foe, It's Fuel - New York Times
Read this.
we do know some things
Diary of the Earth's Magnetic Field Shows a Temporary Calm - New York Times

The earth’s magnetic field has weakened over the last 250 years. Not really sure if this is good or bad but it’s assumed it’s the fault of the United States and specifically president Bush.
new stuff about old ruins
On Ancient Walls, a New Maya Epoch - New York Times

This looks very interesting for those of us who care. I won’t get a chance to read this until later tonight.
What I’m doing right now is duller than what you are doing.

Me I’m going through an article—well pre or potential article and changing the style. I love re-doing every reference in APA style.
I thought this was settled long ago

Las Vegas SUN: Golfer Not Liable for Errant Golf Ball

Apparently people just keep suing. The interesting thing is that the judge stated that the “sport” of golf wouldn’t be much a of a sport if every shot went where it was supposed to go.

Monday, May 15, 2006

this was only a test??
WRAL.com - News - Tests Show Sugar Water Was Injected In Meat At Raleigh Grocery Store

A man was noticed with a syringe and injecting something into some packages of meat. It turns out this was sugar water—but this looks like a test. He didn’t get away with it this time but if he had what next?
this is a new one
DenverPost.com - Hate hotline puts speech on hold

This scares me much more than the NSA/phone thing. Some universities have tried to limit speech but for a whole city to consider this is a first. To their credit the ACLU is against—well sort of they seem to be hedging a bit.

Sunday, May 14, 2006

yes we’re gonna have no bananas
New Scientist Breaking News - A future with no bananas?

Apparently the base type of the major traded banana is being destroyed by plagues in its home of India. This could mean that this will happen elsewhere. Article says the future could be in new strains that are engineered.
or did it veer into the lightening?
Plane Carrying Kennedy Hit by Lightning - New York Times

Saturday, May 13, 2006

I guess pre-citizens might be a word
WRAL.com - News - Alderman Wants To Allow Noncitizens In Carrboro To Vote

How about those under the voting age and those still in womb and those who might one day move to town and those still not in the U.S. who might want to come here with relatives?
This is the first thing like this I’ve seen west of California. Also I bet that the folks in Chapel Hill are livid they didn’t think of this PC gone mad first.
this story has slipped under the radar
Charlotte Observer | 05/12/2006 | UNC attacker: 'I aimed to exact casualties'

Local and national won’t cover this as apparently there were no Duke students involved.

Thursday, May 11, 2006

sights sounds and stuff

1. I also grew up on the western side of Jefferson county and remember the smell of the steel plant. However since the wind moved to the northeast we didn’t get that as much. Basically the mills smells—my part of the county was pretty industrial at time and the air was thick with stuff. In fact I still don’t trust air that you can’t see.
2. The missing landmark is West Lake. There was a lake in town –a pretty but not too large one. Before my time it had been a place to rent boast and paddle around. The filled it in to make room for a mall that never did any good. Even the Sears couldn’t make a go of it—the lake was nice however.
3. Sounds?? Trains –trains and more trains—in Bessemer while I was growing up the mills. Pullman and the mines were all working so all the train tracks seemed to be alive at once. In fact I sort of miss the sound and the whistles.

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

boy those tax cuts sure hurt everything
BREITBART.COM - April Tax Revenue 2nd-Highest in History

My guess is some twit will tell us how much higher this would have been without the cuts—and he would most likely be wrong.

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

if I’m off then why am I working?

Well I have to do something about grades—at least one was calculated incorrectly. I’m also here getting something ready for the institutional review board—that’s the group that reviews all human subject research to make sure we aren’t harming anyone. The deadline for the submission of papers to the meeting in Myrtle Beach has been extended—YEA.

Thursday, May 04, 2006

an easy Thursday three

1. Who, beside your spouse, is your favorite person to go hang around with? Changes over time but in the past it was my long time friend who is dead now. We had the knack of picking up conversations months or years later as if we had just seen each other an hour before.
2. If you could only have one, would you pick a dog or a cat as a pet? Dogs—love dogs –I like the loyalty and the friendliness.
3. What part of your appearance would you most like to change? I’m fat but I guess I could change that—what I can’t change is that I have no neck. I had been born with a real sized neck I would have been 6 feet tall.

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

with most of the work done

It just might be time for a round of golf. I have low expectations as i haven't played since i broke my rib a couple of months ago. Well and i wasn't any good before that. However, the weather is fine and the company is also.

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

is this the first crack in the 12 step monopoly?
Study Says Many Options for Alcoholics - New York Times

Most people I talk to seem to think the 12 step type total avoidance programs are all that works. I guess we shall see.

Monday, May 01, 2006

no comment
CNN.com - Dude ranch reopens as nude ranch - May 1, 2006

Well except to say that the nude resort industry is growing. So those wallets are full no matter where they keep them.
I love teaching but hate grading
They’re two different functions.

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