Friday, April 29, 2005

why we are better off than the Methodists

Las Vegas SUN: Methodists to Reinstate Defrocked Minister

To recap here—lesbian announces that she is one. This would not have been a problem if she had not also been ordained in the Methodist church. They have a rule that says no actively gay people in the ministry. Had a trial and removed her from the ordained ministry. Made the liberals angry and the others happy. Went to another level and played the inclusiveness card and let her back in. this now makes the conservative angry and the liberals still don’t trust the church.
Way to go—make the Episcopal Church look like it has a coherent policy with this type of dithering.

I love grading exams and assigning grades



Thursday, April 28, 2005

the Denny’s lottery continues

Seven Arab Americans sue Denny's owner alleging discrimination

Either Denny’s does discriminate or is incapable of learning from its mistakes or some groups are playing the Denny’s lottery. If you are treated Ok you get your meal—not too bad usually—if you are treated badly then you sue and hope to hit the lottery.

the name game

1. To my knowledge there is no smith among the Smiths. I tend to think it was a name of convenience. The family appeared, well one guy, in Georgia right after the civil war. Methinks someone just walked way past home and took a new name.
2. Come on what could be more generic—perhaps John Smith?
3. I’m a junior that is perhaps the only part of the name that’s good.
4. I go by Jim, grew up as Jimbo or Bo and to some by the initials J.O. [Owen].


Wednesday, April 27, 2005

this is just weird

DenverPost.com - LOCAL NEWS

I mean if your grandfather has himself frozen and the town wants to have a festival based on it—the frozen dead guy festival, then go with it. Don’t demand it be stopped. The grandson wants it stopped but the best line is from the festival organizer[I think] he said what can the grandson do—he got himself deported so he can’t come and stop this thing.
I want to go—sounds like fun.
Wouldn’t you think that the families would have some sense of humor?

closing hospitals is tough but necessary

The New York Times > New York Region > Half-Empty Hospitals in a Shrinking City

This article is about Buffalo NY. The hospitals in the city have an average occupancy rate of 54%. The state is shooting for 90. I know it is a pain to have a hospital with a rate like our where they struggle each day to find enough beds but 54% is way too low. Hospitals have huge fixed costs and can only be met with high room use rates.
However, this is the reverse of the NIMBY situation. Here everyone wants to keep the hospital near them.

the stores had better take what they can get

WRAL.com - News - Some N.C. Stores Not Keen On Statewide Lottery

They seem to be worried that long lines at the lottery machine will derive other customers away. They had better be worried about how to get us into the store. I know since I stopped smoking—[over 15 months ago now] I don’t go into the convenience stores. They can’t make a living just on gas so anything that gets us in should help. I guess they don’t see it that way.

stay tuned for some exciting finals blogging
I’ll be giving an exam in about 35 minutes and might even blog from the classroom. Wireless is great. This exam should be easy to grade.


Tuesday, April 26, 2005

not a busy day but a good one

Since I didn’t have class today, it’s reading day and finals start tomorrow, I volunteered for a mediation. I had to go about 40 miles each way to get there and it’s beginning to get costly but we did some good today. They reached an agreement and takes something off the court calendar.


Monday, April 25, 2005

flex time in action
It’s about 9:15 pm my time. I left campus about 1 this afternoon because I wanted to do some other things. Well I’m back tonight to make out my finals and run them off. It’s very quiet here and the copiers are not in use. Great time to work. I have to get everything done early as I have another colonoscopy Thursday and probably won’t quite feel like running off tests later that day.

this should be a national holiday

Or at least a local one—it’s the last day of class. Don’t get me wrong I love to teach and I love teaching here but every spring it’s like this. There comes a point when the temps are warm, the sky is blue and the grass is green that you know it is time for it to be over.
Well, it’s that time.


Friday, April 22, 2005

Pray that this treatment works

The Beaufort Gazette: Researcher to seek clinical trial on ALS

this just in
The Beaufort Gazette: Parts of the South hit by mosquito surge

Experts think lots of rain and warm temps might have something to do with it. I’ll go out on the limb and predict soon the weather will turn hot and humid in parts of the south.
More later as conditions warrant.


Thursday, April 21, 2005

KFC goes back to the future

Kentucky Fried Chicken reclaims its name at new store - Apr. 21, 2005

It’s going to call some stores the words and not the initials. I know there sales are flat or even trending downward but I don’t know what will help.
From my perspective, they are not even on the radar when I try and decide where to get something to eat. We go out to eat from campus often and I can’t tell you when was the last time someone mentioned KFC.
My impressions are that the food might be OK but it is over priced and the wait is long.

not much playing until this afternoon—medical stuff this morning
Nothing serious just some x-rays. I’m thirsty—nothing since midnight.

the reading edition of the Thursday Three

Terry must really be getting desperate to take some of these suggestions but here goes:

1. I have several things going at once. Right now that includes “feng Shui for business”, “Awareness” by deMelo [sp] and rereading “The Inner Game of Tennis.” Not my usual fare but the number is about right.
2. I prefer the library since it is cheap and our local Sheppard Memorial Library is great. My wife likes to browse at Barnes and Noble. So I get a cup of coffee and read the books that I will not buy unless they are on sale. I buy a lot from the sale stuff. I read but I’m cheap.
3. Paperback if I buy and I do read some stuff online.
4. bonus—which was meant to give the Chief Possum a choice to get to three but anyway mostly/exclusively non-fiction. Mainly history/military history and biography. The books I’m reading now are not really representative.


Wednesday, April 20, 2005

don’t ya just love medical research?

The Beaufort Gazette: CDC links extra pounds, lower death risk

Now maybe a few extra pounds aren’t a death warrant. I know opinion changes when research discovers new things but I do think a lot of the stuff in the health area carries a large agenda.


Tuesday, April 19, 2005

only time will tell

My Way News

Well, with the election of a new pope it’s prediction time. My main prediction is that many conservative Episcopalians who see the pope as an ally will be sorely disappointed. My guess is that he will see us as just so much others stuff that doesn’t fit his vision of a universal church.
Then again I could be wrong.
I have no dog in this fight but several people at church thought this guy would be great for everyone.

the start of a new and it is hoped continuing series of posts
why it is more fun to work where I do

I’ve been teasing Terry about his weekend at the library and this reminded me of why I like working where I do. A campus has so many things and they can’t be really enjoyed unless you attempt to lord it over everyone else. So here goes. Remember, this does not mean my job is better, more fun or more important than yours. It just means working on a campus can be great. So to start off:
Where I work has its own library and art gallery.
More next week.


Monday, April 18, 2005

cable comes of age

Variety.com - 'Monday Night Football' moving to ESPN

Or does it? Is this a good move for cable of a move off broadcast TV because of declining interest? NBC gets the Sunday night package. One or both will get some flexibility in schedules—the ability to schedule “better” games late in the year.

forecast is for a busy day

It tends to get busy when we get down to the end of the year. Not only is the semester coming to an end with all the class stuff due but it’s time for all the administrative stuff. Annual reports of activities and performance reviews. Yea! Fun!


Friday, April 15, 2005

well of course it is loaded with salt and fat—it’s good right?
The Beaufort Gazette: Experts: dim sum loaded with fat, sodium
Next up a shocking report that Carolina barbeque must might be loaded with pork.


Thursday, April 14, 2005

this shouldn’t be big news
My Way News

What you ask? The federal round up of 10,000 fugitives. The number should not have gotten that high to begin with.
Want to bet that someone will be against this—trampling of the right to avoid prosecution you know.

they’re trying to change but maybe it’s too little too late

Blimpie tinkers with look in tough market

Blimpie is down to 5% of the market and a few new signs ain’t the answer. Aside from a stagnant menu, bad locations and slow service I think they are doing fine.

how long has it been since the last cross dresser post?
Las Vegas SUN: Calif. Boy Says He's Suspended for Makeup

well, this one just got suspended from school for makeup and lipstick. More like a junior crossdresser I guess. I’m not a lawyer and don’t even know a transgendered one but with California law as I know it the kid might win.

mine was a 505

I feel sorry for her but things like this could happen.


Tuesday, April 12, 2005

liberal yes! But not liberal enough
The New York Times > New York Region > Yale Ending Its Affiliation With a Church

Yale is ending its relationship with the United Church of Christ.
Perhaps they really do want to be more welcoming to people of all faiths. Yep that’s what I thought too.

the hall of fame makes you wait five years why not the Roman Catholic Church?
The New York Times > International > International Special > Cardinals Lobby for Swift Sainthood for John Paul II

I’m putting the former Pope down or saying that he shouldn’t be a saint. Since it’s not my church it doesn’t matter what I think anyway. I’m just saying that if you do things while emotions are running high the results are usually not good. If baseball had dropped its rules then Thurman Munson would be in the hall of fame.
Boy this should start a fight—baseball and religion; even better than religion and politics.

thank God for the vaccine
The Beaufort Gazette: Polio gave Boston area final blow

Those of us born before the vaccine have some memory of this.

Branson NC???

WRAL.com - News - Proposed Entertainment District Meets Opposition With Local Residents

Our own close by entertainment area. Well, not without a fight. People will lose their houses.


Sunday, April 10, 2005

the dangers of being a one trick pony
The New York Times > AP > Arts > TLC Adjusts After 'Trading Spaces' Crashes

This illustrates the danger of building a differentiation based on something that could be copied, with ease. In fact, the network itself copied its own show.


Saturday, April 09, 2005

change in the movie business

CNN.com - Bye-bye, MGM - Apr 8, 2005

I think we are to feel sad and look for the bad guys here. However, this is just a story of the nature of a business and how it changes.


Friday, April 08, 2005

gotta love the flex timing

College professors were probably among the first true flex timers. But sometimes flextime is just another word for procrastination. It caught up to me early this morning. I’ve been in the office a while now finishing stuff.


Thursday, April 07, 2005

a whole year of the Thursday Three

1. What would I change – well I would lose the 50 pounds I gained back when I went back on the prednisone. I lost it once and should be able to again. Oh and hair I would like more hair—on my hear not other places.

2. I would tell you it is a limited edition landscape print by a local artist. My wife would vote for the watercolor by the same artist. To me the watercolor is in the romantic mode and slightly cloying.
3. I guess I would want to meet Milton Friedman – Wikipedia. as an undergraduate and graduate student his work had a tremendous effect on my thinking. If you have not gone through some of his stuff then you will find no better advocate for free markets and how they maximize freedom.

I don’t know from BMX riders but apparently these guys are good

Mirra, Nyquist each receive keys to city

The way the story goes is that Mirra’s brother moved here and he came for a visit and liked it, adopted it as his home town and is getting some others to move here.
These people are very active in charity work locally.


Wednesday, April 06, 2005

it’s rare but the risk is real
Yahoo! News - Death of Female Boxer Stuns Friends

First female fighter to die from a punch.

lottery passes NC House
WRAL.com - News - State House Takes Gamble With Lottery Bill Approval

It passed the senate the last time it was introduced there, mainly because they knew the house wouldn’t pass it I think. This one doesn’t let us vote on it. Most republicans are against it.

I don’t think this needs to go to a vote of the people. We elect representatives—let them vote. However, I’m disappointed that the republicans are against it. We are just way more moral than everyone else.


Tuesday, April 05, 2005

today was a busy day

No teaching today but I went to Wilson NC and did two mediations. Now I must finish my annual report and get together all the supporting materials. This is supposed to represent what I’ve done for the year. Creative writing at its best. Not really you can only put so much lipstick on a pig.


Friday, April 01, 2005

almost unnoticed among all the other deaths and illnesses

The Beaufort Gazette: Frank Perdue dies at 84 after illness

I’m sure PETA is happy. I once read an advertising honcho who said part of Frank’s success was that he looked like his product—in a nice way.

can a possum sized fossil be far behind?

The Beaufort Gazette: Scientists find chipmunk-sized fossil
No, I’m not calling you old!

yep and if they die that will help save more air

The Beaufort Gazette: FDA to ban inhalers using CFCs after 2008

Are the CFC’s in albuterol inhalers that much of a risk?


Las Vegas SUN: Priest to Launch Anti-Euthanasia Group

Loud mouth priest cashes in. he is already a leader in an anti-abortion groups and wants to piggyback this.


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