Saturday, July 31, 2004

tropical depression

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First one of the year. We got rain bands today that were pushed ahead. Don’t think it will do much.

end of the line
where do you go from here, Mike?

The New York Times > Sports > Other Sports > Williams Downs Tyson in Fourth Round

Mike Tyson gets beat. You bring in an unknown for him to whip up on and the other guy wins.

this is a first for me

WRAL.com - News - Raleigh Loses Hillsborough Street Starbucks

I’ve never heard of a Starbucks closing, before. I assume the rents can get very high in that location, near N.C. State.
Never fear, however, the company plans to build 15 new stores in the near future.

Oh’ even Greenville is getting a new Starbucks.

What I really like are the kiosks that are springing up in the shopping center parking lots. We only have a couple right now and they’re not in the mall type locations. The coffee is good and not as bitter as Starbucks.
Check out the site for Mountain Mudd. Really pretty good.


Friday, July 30, 2004

if you say you are too incompetent to be executed
then you’re probably not

At 74, Hubbard says he's too old to be executed

Got to be a CATCH-22 in there somewhere. Whoever heard of being too old to be executed?

it would have been nice to have had this O’ 60 or so years ago

The New York Times > Science > Shark Repellent Deemed a Breakthrough

We just don’t leave quite as many people in shark infested waters as we used to.

the grades have been submitted electronically and
so was my check

I’m done ---- summer school is over.
I’ll be in Monday to have an office hour—in case of grumbling, at least I’ll be here. I also have to enter data into the ole computer. How did I get to be my own hired help?

the computer did the grading and now I’m working with the spreadsheet

Gee I hate doing grades. It’s really like do 40 something performance appraisals. Well the form is easier but it is a pain.

some people are just too whiney for words

Las Vegas SUN: Bishop Requires Affirmation of Beliefs

The bishop in point here, Roman not Anglican, is requiring the beliefs for those that serve at the altar. Let me get this right, people want to serve at the lord’s table in the name of that church but don’t want to be bothered by the church’s affirmation. Fine nothing says you have to serve and in fact nothing says you have to go to that denomination.

Sort of a continuing dialogue with MarcV from  Spudlets - Bravenet Web Journal

I will try to keep my comments short while commenting on your comments, etc. BTW this is part of the fun of an internet community, at least to me.
I don’t disagree with what you say.
First as to apologize/admit I really don’t want a long drawn out thing. I do tend  to get the impression that this administration cannot learn from mistakes because they might not even admit to themselves that they make mistakes. However, I could be entirely wrong.

My guess is, with no real information (but I’m a professor so that is my stock in trade)  that the problems are as you suspect, their lack of information. Because of some really stupid moves made in the 70’s our capacity for human intelligence was drastically reduced. We were then left to gather information about the Iraq situation from a pool of exile Iraqis with perhaps no real current information.  That said, I still believe that the contingency planning could have been much better. You have some bright, energetic and educated people in the armed forces, turn them loose on the planning. I think collapse and insurgency could have been foreseen. Not as a strong possibility but as possibility.

In defense of the administration, you can make a decision based only on the information you have. I don’t for a minute believe that the President or P.M. Blair were not telling the truth about the WMD’s. The analogy would be the atomic bomb in WWII. We started working on it because we thought the Germans were making progress on theirs. This turns out to have been entirely false. Does this make FDR wrong? Not really he made decision of the best available information.  I still believe there is a strong link between Iraq and the terror network. 

the reason why courts should stay out of science

Cancer Group Sues Over Nixed Drug Program

The story is about a failed drug test. The results show it wasn’t effective. However, some people in the test are suing to keep the drug coming. They’re convinced it helps and wan to force the university to keep supplying the drug. Forget the science; forget the statistics we feel like it works so therefore it works!

well yes, I’m up early

Some medicine I’m taking cause me to retain water but has to exit some time. It seems I am going to get about 4 hours before I have to get up. Also the meds are causing some insomnia. I used to be able to go right back to sleep but not the last few nights. If they are any indication then I’ll stay up for about 2 hours or so then can get back to sleep. Lucky for me I’ll be off or flex timing the next few weeks.

a better speech than I had anticipated

I don’t mean that millions of people were swayed by it or that the demo base was energized. They were not; did you notice the things about defense did not get much response from the crowd? There seemed to be many September 10th in the crowd.
The problems might come from Kerry exceeding his low expectations. This happened to Bush 4 years ago. I like others expected the speech to be very dull and terrible.
The content and tome might also be a problem. That speech was aimed not at democrats or at solid republicans but at the undecided. It was attempting to assure them that Kerry could be tough and tried to reclaim values as an issue. It was not overly negative, not near as much as the crowd seemed to want.

Why is this a problem? Because it indicates that Kerry’s people are not stupid. The republicans cannot count on this group to do the really dumb things that would alienate swing voters. Basically, they kept the Dean and Gore crowds at the edges. Also this speech was not the typical a line item for each demographic. Last time Gore could get really stupid in some campaign strategies. Don’t count on that this time.


Thursday, July 29, 2004

where did Kerry gets this hands together semi oriental bowing thing?

The picture has changed. I assume you know what I'm talking about,
I find this motion/posture[?] as annoying as Clinton’s bottom lip biting – tucked in thumb/ fist pointing.
Then again it might be just the prednisone altering my mood.

sorry I couldn’t play today

It has reached the busy, grunt work portion of the term. The day was spent teaching the last material, reviewing them for the final, making sure all missed assignments were acknowledged and then making out the final. Oh also running it off and trying to fix jams in the copier.
I’m also in a fight with an insurance company over a payment. They cleared my online payment but don’t admit it. We’re tied on rounds but I think I’m ahead on points.
I’m also in a match with the people who run the online grade book. Something went missing and is proving hard to get back. I can make do without it but would rather not. I’m not doing so well here. In tennis terms I’m down two sets to one but I’m up a break in the fourth set.

it’s that time again—it’s Thursday and that means
it’s time for hard questions

Politics this time—
1. Three good things about democrats—from a republican perspective. Will I am one but ten to be one of the libertarian variety.
a. They tend to have passion about their causes.
b. They are good at seeing problems as they emerge—since they are always on the lookout for problems.
c. Sorry I really can’t think of another one right now. Although some of them are will to put their money where there mouth is. I guess my problem is they wan to put my money there also.
2. three things wrong
a. I don’t think they see themselves this way but the can become real toddlers at times. Whiney and demanding.
b. They can be tolerant of anything but an opposing view, so can some republicans.
c. My biggest complaint with democrats or more likely liberals is that they cannot seem to see two concepts—opportunity costs, alternative use of resources, and many seem to have no concept of cause and effect.
3. Democrats I would vote for—being more libertarian than conservative will mean that some times I will vote for a democrat because the republican is so reactionary in many social areas. I have also been all over the board in elections fro republican, democrat, libertarian party and whatever Ross Perot’s party was.
a. I probably will vote for our current governor. He is a democrat and is very middle of the road with a good idea that it is not his money. However, the republican is a good looking candidate also.
b. My sheriff is a democrat and not only will vote for him but will work for him if I get the chance.
c. National democrats—it might surprise some people but I could have lived with many of Bill’s policies. I wish he had been more active in the foreign area but domestically I could handle it. I don’t know if I can vote for Kerry but there are a couple of things that are beginning to bother me about Bush. First there is bubbling up, at least in mind, a stubborn streak of not admitting mistakes. This is beginning to border on hubris. Secondly, I don’t like people trying to mess with the constitution.

Now I'm off to get another "Waffee" back soon if you want o discuss my answers.

Woo Hoo last teaching day
final tomorrow and then free for a couple of weeks

Well, really like three weeks but remember folks we don’t get “real” vacation like you “real” world people do.


Wednesday, July 28, 2004

it’s only a set of commission recommendations

9/11 watchdog

What is it with people now? The 9/11 commission makes a set of recommendations and everyone feels they should have the force of law. Look the commission did a better job than I thought they would but lets take a little time to think about the impact of the changes and not just knee jerk a response.
Let’s not fall into the trap of “we have to do something—this is something—let’s do this.”


behind all day

Not really that bad more medium like an hour late and quarter short. Late start as the medicine interfered with sleep last night. Rushing in class to get the stuff covered before the final exam, dealing with advisees [not even mine] and trying to “talk” to an insurance company that sent me a pay up or else notice. This would be OK except that they have cashed my check over 6 weeks ago. Grrr
Will keep you informed..

East Carolina University Maritime History program get mention in this article
The New York Times > Science > From Depths, Alaskan Ship Gives Up Secrets

The director is one of the principal investigators. The program is really pretty neat and not many schools have them. I was surprised that they were in Alaska with so many wrecks near here.


Tuesday, July 27, 2004

was he deep throat?

The New York Times > National > Watergate Figure, Nixon Aide LaRue Dies

He denied it but Woodstein have said they would release the name after the person died. Even if it is LaRue, I doubt they would release it during the demo convention. They would not want to overshadow the event. During the republican convention? At least one of them might.

now here is a headline you don’t see often

Man Seriously Injured When Motorcycle Collides With Black Bear

At least I don't think so.
not sure about playing this afternoon

I have an appointment at 3:30 in a town about 40 miles away. Also, we have just finished our second fire/smoke alarm in the last 25 minutes. It just stopped. It tends to do this sometimes in periods of heat and very high humidity.

It just sounded again and again and only is lasting a few seconds this time. Maybe it is off for good.

tiger owner is apparently an idiot

Las Vegas SUN: Florida Officer Defends Shooting of Tiger

Let’s review: you own a tiger; you let it escape and then you call the person who shot it trigger-happy. It was said that the tiger lunged at the officer. I think I might have shot also.
The state of Florida needs to charge the owner for the cost of the search.

The former Tarzan actor and owner of the former tiger should pretend he is from Iowa—just shut up. And perhaps find some corn to grow.


Monday, July 26, 2004

UAL in trouble with pension funding

The New York Times > Business > Pension Agency Concerned About United

It looks like they’re trying to ditch all the funding for the pension obligations they have. Let’s see a company whining for a federal loan guarantee wants to dump pension obligations on the government in order to become attractive to investors when it gets out of bankruptcy?

I got a guarantee right here.

While I can understand what UAL might be doing things like this just activate my old populist streak.

I suppose her patriotism is being questioned too

The New York Times > National > Iowa Governor's Wife Questioned on Column

In a newspaper column written about 10 years ago the wife of Iowa’s governor made some strong remarks about speech patterns. Ethnic and regional. Well, it is a stupid issue but she is speaking at the convention this week so I guess it is news.
When asked about what she had written she followed the standard political rule, ignore and make a remark about the other side. She said that others are trying to separate people and she has always supported diversity and tolerance, nothing she was asked about.

I wish she had learned the job Iowa is assigned. Yep, every state has an assigned job. Iowa’s is multifaceted 1. to grow corn and 2 to shut up about everything. The rest of the country doesn’t really care how anything is done in Iowa, including how you grow the corn. Just ship it and be quiet about it.

two issues here

The New York Times > International > EU to Threaten Sudan With Sanctions

First you have to read down to realize the EU was joining in a US call for sanctions. I thought they were against us on everything. At least that is what some should have you believe.

I must admit however, my first thought was this “ if the EU is going to sanction the Sudan then they must buy nothing from them and sell them nothing.” I don’t believe the EU would every do anything to hurt their own self-interest no matter the magnitude of the consequence.

sometimes just regular days are good

Three more teaching days left in the summer term. Then I get paid—yeah! Taught some leadership stuff today; I like it and the next couple of topics. I really like the behavioral stuff.
Went to work out, the meds got filled and now I’m waiting for my wife to get home so we can grill the ribeyes I got out last night. I was marinating them in some teriyaki and other stuff; then I was told we were not having them Sunday. They should be good but with a very strong teriyaki flavor. I’ll reduce the rest of the marinade add some splenda/fake brown sugar and butter at the last minute. It’ll make a good and easy sauce.

it’s about time for this change

Changes set for deadly U.S. 431

We are on this road sometimes when we visit my sister-in-law in Panama City. We can go this way and avoid the traffic on I-95 for a s long as possible.
However, that 2 lane stretch is a bear. You can see why it is dangerous. Tight road, close shoulder, big trucks, some curves and hills, fast speeds and red necks who think that they can see over hills and around curves as they pass about four cars.

paper accepted

Again the abstract was accepted for the Southeast infORMS meeting in Myrtle Beach. My wife will be going with me this time since she had such a good time in Charleston, last winter.
Now I have to code the data and write the paper. I have done the first part, mainly the lit introduction, lit review, discussion of the method. That leaves the stat work and the analysis.


Sunday, July 25, 2004

the French not drinking enough wine?
now this is a change

The New York Times > International > Europe > Paris Journal: A Campaign to Drink Another Glass of Wine for France

The wine industry is France is in trouble. Both domestic and export sales are down. The French have been getting health conscious and also worried about drunk driving, thus domestic consumption has fallen almost by half in 40 years. Laws restrict the advertising of alcoholic products. This is why they want wine classified a food, to get out from under restrictions.
Exports are facing more competition. More places in the world are producing good wine and improvements in agricultural methods have increased yields. This has resulted in a glut of wine in the world markets. {California is facing an excess of production also]. Next they will be saying the cheese and haughtiness industries are in trouble.

no church for me today

I feel guilty about not being there since it is the last Sunday for a priest I really like. Nothing bad it is just keeping me close to home. I do have to call in and remind them about what i normally do on Sunday, if not communion tends to get a little off.

I hope this is finally about to end

The New York Times > Arts > Lucasfilm Unveils New 'Star Wars' Title

I’m not a fan. I saw the first one back in the 70’s. I saw the first “new” one when I took my son. Have not really liked either one. While I enjoy westerns and these are essentially westerns, I found them to be inane.

I know some out there really love them but I’ll be glad when we don’t hear from them again.

what a surprise!
Ricky Williams does something strange

The New York Times > Sports > Report: Ricky Williams to Quit Dolphins

There have been rumors about this guy for a while now, don’t know if any of the drug test things are true. I do think he has been about half a bubble off for a while but he sure can run.


Saturday, July 24, 2004

this might not indicate change
but it is cultural

Study finds large number of black teens desiring pregnancy

I would like to see follow-up on this study. I know the design didn’t focus on this question but the why answers would have been interesting.


Friday, July 23, 2004

the possum and Elvis have left the building

Mr. Possum has gone home for the day, by way of the dentist’s office. Classes are over here for the week and the staff left at 11:30. The snack and coffee place closed at noon. Everyone , including Elvis, has left the campus.
 I have office hours until 2. Then I have a doctor’s appointment later. I’m going to turn the computer off and make out a quiz to be given on line. Then I’ll try to finish a book about Hitler’s inner circle.
I’m reading it to further my knowledge of organizational behavior and leadership. Yeah! Yeah! That’s the ticket; it’ll help me in my profession.

just when I though I knew something about photosynthesis
The Beaufort Gazette: Plant turns landfill gas into electricity

ulcer bugs

The Beaufort Gazette: Scientists discover how stomach-ulcer bugs operate

More work being done here. The whole story is interesting as for years the medical establishment made fun of the Australian Doc who thought ulcers were caused not by stress but by a biological disease process.


Thursday, July 22, 2004

The Thursday Three is back. Well, the head possum is getting up close and personal with these questions. I really don’t do love that well but will try.

1. First sweetheart? I had an experience that could have been like Terry’s. In the 5th grade I became enamored with a tall skinny girl, I though was pretty. Well being the very fat, smart, class clown I didn’t stand a chance. I let her know but no one else found out. She must have been embarrassed for herself or for me. I learned the valuable lesson—fat clowns rarely get the girl.
2. Which of my beloved characteristic do I find most appealing. There are many to choose from but perhaps her best is her thoughtfulness. She remembers birthdays, special days, reminds us to visit those friends in the hospital, nursing home and such. She is the type that remembers to go stay with the Alzheimer’s patient because she thought the husband would like to come to church some. I could explain more but it would bring up one of my most unattractive traits. Maybe we’ll have that next week.
3. Nothing that I can think of, I guess I would have to look and see what I still have after all these years. Although it could just be because I’m too lazy to throw stuff away. I have a bowling trophy from when I was in my teens and I have a mug from the fraternity I joined in college. I did give my wife the diamond that had been my grandmother’s engagement ring. I guess it would be that because it ties together the two most important women I ever met.


Wednesday, July 21, 2004

more crushing of dissent

Continental: Complaints Led to Drop-'Doonesbury' Poll

Dull, pedestrian and unfunny comic strips apparently must be published.

proud poppa time

Greene Central Summer Classic 2004: Latest Results

My son was in the boys 16’s. There were not enough of them to have a real draw here so they played a round robin. No one likes it but like I told him, “you can only play who shows up.” He lost 5 games in 4 matches; yes he was on his game.

a victory for science

The New York Times > Science > An 8-Year Fight Ends Over a 9,200-Year-Old Man

We will get a chance to see who this guy really is.

up to 40% may be resistant to this therapy

The New York Times > Health > For Some, Aspirin May Not Help Hearts

A cheaply achieved benefit; too good to be true.

tell me again why we want him back?

The New York Times > International > Chess Great Fischer Seeking Asylum

I asked this last week and didn’t get answer.


Tuesday, July 20, 2004

try, try again

Las Vegas SUN: Wal-Mart to Sell Fashions Via Web Site

They tried this once and dropped it. Too costly among other things. It sounds like this time they are going with a limited selection. Worth watching.

changes in religious affiliation

The New York Times > National > Protestant Majority Disappearing in U.S.

In the last ten years the percent that claim to be protestant has dropped to only 52%. This is a big deal.


Monday, July 19, 2004

Spy vs, Spy

Do you remember this cartoon from Mad magazine? Just saw the commercial from Mountain Dew featuring them. Not bad, the strip was always more a smile than a real laugh.
I’m blogging from the chair in the bedroom, not feeling well this afternoon or tonight. Starting to get better, I think.


Questions and answers on suicide

Years ago I was a crisis counselor and really knew this stuff. Read the article even if it doesn’t help you with someone you know it is still interesting.

I can only add a few things to the otherwise good piece. First, you as the helper are not responsible. The person in question is the responsible party. Crisis happens when someone’s coping skills have broken down. Thus they may only need help for a short time.  You as a friend or relative are not going to be their long term counselor. Your job is to recognize the potential problem and help them get help. Lastly, we were told that those who had seen suicide modeled as a coping strategy were more likely to try it. Thus if they had a relative or friend who had tried to kill themselves they might be more likely.

There are other interesting things that I assume are the same  as when I volunteered at the center. You have not lived until you have to put a suicide call on hold to answer the other phone line--- and get another suicide caller.

France to join the real world?

The Beaufort Gazette: France may soon see changes in 'workers' paradise'

We cannot be sure but globalization just might be coming to France. They can’t remain competitive with the hours they work and the benefits. It is a shock to many in France that the effects of the market actually mean something. Expect much more turmoil as I don’t think the unions, the government or most of the people have grasped the fact that globalization just don’t give a damn.


Sunday, July 18, 2004


I was kidding with Mr. Possum this week about corndogs. Well this weekend I had one for the first time in a year. I’ve had some things that I have given up and for the most part the memory is better than the reality. For example, I had biscuit and gravy for the first time in a year. I really don’t care if I have one for another year.
However, the corndog was great. It lived up to expectations.

My excuse was that when I wanted a smoke I would eat. I did. But I didn’t smoke.

My wife was out of town and i really don't do well without supervision.


Friday, July 16, 2004

sometimes there is something to this karma stuff

New Straits Times - Malaysia News Online

Thief tries to steal money from man with polio. First he doesn’t get the right money belt and then on the way to his get-a-way he gets drilled by hit and run driver. I love these kind of stories.

somebody please tell me why we want this loon back

MSNBC - Bobby Fischer detained in Japan

MarcV is right this guy is crazy. Let him stay out in the rest of the world where his anti-Semitism and anti-Americanism will be appreciated.
where is Geraldo now that we really need him?

Man stabbed in alleged fight over funeral flowers

No comment at all.

remember this the next time we get the moral lecture from New Zealand

The New York Times > International > Jewish Headstones Smashed in Cemetery

Yep, good ole holier than thou New Zealand.

fat now an illness

The New York Times > National > Medicare Redefines Obesity As an Illness

Health problem yes; illness I don’t know. No word on how this government pronouncement will affect future rulings concerning the ADA. You can be sure some smart lawyer is typing a brief right now.


Thursday, July 15, 2004

I hate to agree with Rusty Wallace

The New York Times > Sports > NASCAR Changes Format on Race Finishes

But the green white checker finish is asking for trouble. With all the team deals and the crazy drivers [eg #20] this will just cause trouble. The main problem is that they won’t let them race back to the line anymore.

I hope this works


Company in Israel is working on a detection system for concealed bombs and weapons. It’s hoped that the system can be used at a great enough distance to allow for the safety of the system users.

finally, time for the Thursday Three

Did you know that they actually expect professors to work, at times? Isn’t enough that I’ll just be there and try to look smart.

On to the questions: I’m not much of a speed guy but I’ll try.

1. Fastest on land was when I was when I had a car like this 1986 300zx . I was heading back to Alabama, after the break in period and got it up to about 110 on the Alabama portion of I-20. It was smooth but I backed off when some Italian thing passed me like I was standing still. Air—the L1011 also. Really the fastest on land was probably a trick; it was the 727 on take-off. Water? Not much of a water guy either. Even though they make these about 25 miles from my house.
2. I can’t pick the actress. When you teach here it is not good to lust after the coeds, present and past. So, having watched Bobby, Donny and Red at BIR and in Montgomery, I’ll take speed week.
3. The coyote.

Mmmm that’s mighty tasty –WHAT!

Las Vegas SUN: Site May Yield Proof of Donner Cannibalism


Wednesday, July 14, 2004

WWII German sub found

Maritimes - canada.com network

The wreckage of the U-215, a mine laying sub, was found off the Canadian coast. The sub was sunk in 1942. An interesting find.

I’m glad this thing isn’t passing right now

CNN.com - Senate rejects move to ban same-sex marriage - Jul 14, 2004

I’ve never been a big fan of tinkering with the constitution. I didn’t think we needed a prayer amendment, a flag burning amendment or the equal rights amendment. The constitution can take care of itself; just leave it alone to do the job.

now hear this—or not

The Beaufort Gazette: Fat-busting ultrasound may be on its way

This sounds better than lipo and would help me get rid of the rest of the bothersome fat that is still hanging on. It can’t come soon enough. I know what I want for Christmas.

the laptop TV/computer
The Beaufort Gazette: Toshiba to unveil new laptop with TV capabilities

Not sure I really care.

slow blogging day

I actually have some work to do for a change. Not feeling well and nothing of a changey nature is showing up in the news.
Maybe something after class.


Tuesday, July 13, 2004

metal churches?

Welcome to the Tin Tabernacles

Neat site from the UK. Plenty of pictures.

ever wondered about monastic life?
well, the site for this order in the Episcopal church will answer some questions

The Order of Julian of Norwich

This is a fairly new order based on the traditional vows with emphasis on contemplative prayer.

slideshow of dead celebrities so far this year


Not really that morbid, really. More of a pop culture thing.

what a shock
center for science in the public interest complains about Bush

The Beaufort Gazette: Scientists complain about Bush policies

Lefty science group holds meeting and says they are being suppressed. The problem is you have to read way down to find out anything about them and then it only calls them a “public advocacy” group. When will news organizations stop putting out left [and to a much lesser degree right wing] wing press releases as real news?

Never, I guess, it is easier than getting a real story and it fits the bias.


Monday, July 12, 2004

now that she isn’t being asked to do anything
Ms. Jordana has a new/old blog


Well, funny she gets it back right after her big chance to plan and execute the A of W, Thursday Three.

Anyway, welcome back.

PC myths

Busting the Biggest PC Myths

That’s computer myths not political correct myths. Neat article.

see thru concrete?

newsobserver.com | Business

Well, translucent at least. This might be neat but in the wrong architectural hands it could be hideous.

gay/lesbian family friendly cruises

The Beaufort Gazette: Rosie's cruise line is gets warm welcome in Key West

Talk about your niche markets.

sad little article on reading habits

The Beaufort Gazette: New on the endangered species list: the bookworm

It says that Americans are losing the habit of reading. It looks like it might be just measured by literature, however.


Sunday, July 11, 2004

same as it ever was

al.com: News

News that rural Alabama is being hard hit by job losses. Manufacturing jobs are fleeing the country. Rural development has always been a problem; one with no real answer.


Friday, July 09, 2004

game nights at bars and coffee houses

The New York Times > National > 'Game Nights' Gaining Popularity in Bars

Sounds like fun.

Fairfield hospital update

al.com: News

Nothing surprising here. City officials are trying to save it, again. They are looking for a savior –some important person to step up. Well, you can’t change the numbers the place is losing too much money.
It had a nice run but now it’s over. Let it be.

pelicans in Arizona?

Las Vegas SUN: Some Pelicans Mistaking Asphalt for Lakes

I can see them mistaking asphalt for water. Well, if they are off track enough to be in Arizona anything is possible. The article says there might be a food shortage on the west coast.
How about this—they are stupid pelicans.

I didn’t know our growth rate was the nation’s highest

Las Vegas SUN: N.C. Colleges Prepare for Hispanic Boom

It stands to reason that the universities would see growth here all other schools have.

article on new hurricane site

Las Vegas SUN: Historic Hurricanes Available on Web

Link to site is at the bottom. I think I mentioned this one last year but since it’s hurricane season again, one more time.


Thursday, July 08, 2004

new research on prostate cancer markers

The New York Times > Health > Study Offers New Solid Indicator of Prostate Cancer Danger Level

This seems to give some indication of how serious the threat is. There is great debate as to waiting or not. This might help.

vacation vacation vacation

Whilst Terry and the possum clan are off keeping the economy of LA strong. The Thursday three is in good hands. LittleA agreed to take it on and is doing a fine job. I wonder if he will be named permanent guest host. Well, anyway to the questions—vacations.

I personally wanted where you went as a kid and where you go now—because in the 29 years of marriage we haven’t taken many real vacations. Mostly we visited family. We live in North Carolina but our families lived in Alabama. So either summer or Christmas or both were taken going back down there. What passed for vacation was the long weekend.
However, the perhaps the best recently might have been last year. It had been a tense year what with a 15 year old. Vacation did not hold much promise for me. It was great we did nothing and each did what they wanted. We rented a beach condo—my wife read mystery novels, my son swan and played video games and I watched the history channel and read some books. The only scheduled activity was about an hour each day of hitting tennis balls with my son. A great relaxing time.
Although last February my wife came with me to a meeting in Charleston. While not a vacation it was a fun time away from Greenville and all the things that demands.

I don’t think there has been a worst one recently. I do remember as a kid going to Gulf Shores and getting sunburned on the first day and being miserable for the rest of the trip.

Where I wish I had gone or could go? Leave out Egypt—too expensive and the terrorist thing you know. I would like to see England and Scotland but that is not my real dream. My real dream is to go to Italy but I’m in a quandary. Do I start south and eat my way north or start north and eat my way south.


Wednesday, July 07, 2004

I’m shocked I tell you
shocked and astounded

Most NYC Cab Drivers Are Foreign-Born

Who knew?

robots working in hospitals

The Beaufort Gazette: Robots tread cautiously through hospitals

These things have been around for a long time—why the buzz now?

a slow blogging day

I’m giving tests today and have to prepare for a meeting out of town. The meeting is at 3:30 and I’m supposed to know something about the subject matter.

Maybe some stuff later this afternoon. Oh’ I have to drive about 40 miles to get to the meeting.


I feel too bad to go to my meeting. I cancelled; hate that now they will think I’m not reliable.


Tuesday, July 06, 2004

what is going on with blogger today?

I’m having a hard time getting to many of the blogspot sites. I can get the blogger dashboard but only my site, LittleA’s and the Possum’s intermittently.
Anyone have a clue?

digital video a hit with police

The Beaufort Gazette: Digital video makes inroads with police

I was surprised that the initial set up was about the same for analog as for digital.

are you a demon customer?

The Beaufort Gazette: The customer isn't always right

Neat little story on “bad customers”; those who might buy things but actually cost the store money.

is this a sign of the end times?

The Beaufort Gazette: Microsoft looks to boost customer service

Microsoft to get a customer orientation. This is a real change in strategy and culture for the software giant.


Monday, July 05, 2004

I’m glad I woke up early today

Otherwise I might have slept through my nap.


Sunday, July 04, 2004

in honor of the vacationing possum

Redneck Recipes

It seems these all have possum as the main ingredient.


Friday, July 02, 2004

try real hard not to get hospital sick for a while

The New York Times > Health > Cases: Their Coats Are White, but Their Hands Are Green

New residency programs started on 1 July. The very experienced moved out, others moved up to new responsibilities and the new—raw –brand new moved in. tradition says this is a time of great learning on their part. Fine I just don’t want it to be on me. I think I did my bit for training in January.

Fairfield hospital closing

al.com: News

In one form or another it has been there since 1919. Jefferson county just might have too many beds. The thing was losing about half a million a month.

I’ll volunteer

The Beaufort Gazette: Marlon Brando dead at 80

Well since he is dead, Hollywood will have to worship another old bloated person whose best days are far behind him. I could do that.

not that busy just surprised

Too shocked to blog—I actually had good attendance today. Given that we are off Monday that’s not bad. Also surprised to be off Monday. I’ve seen the time I have taught on the 4th.

Office hour is another story, however. The staff works until 11:30 on Friday and I feel like the last person on campus. I know I’m not but I’m one of the few.

recent NASCAR ratings are down

Winston-Salem Journal | FLAT TIRE: Recent TV ratings are down

Let’s wait and see how the year does. The new points scheme might generate some interest. However, it just might be that others are like me, just in a really “don’t care” type of mood.


Thursday, July 01, 2004

we really should get along well

I just had a meeting with the new priest at church. He’s an interim and can only stay a year; to help the parish move forward and formulate a new mission. Or reaffirm the old one.

He is a moderately bad golfer, worked for about 20 years in my favorite teaching area, seems to make decisions quickly and has an autographed picture of Tony Rice in his office. He just moved in today and the picture is already up.
He also plays the 5 string banjo.

it was probably about time

The New York Times > Sports > Pepper to Retire From LPGA Tour

She has been hurt for the last few years. At one time she looked like a lock for the LPGA Hall of Fame. She will not get there now. Sorry to see her go.

the Thursday Three

Have you ever been in a motion picture or film type thingy? Nope, in one of the rare instances where desire meets opportunity, I have never been asked and have never wanted to.

The script in my head, what is it? Again no—I want to direct and produce. I like being behind the camera working from the words of others.

Although I’m from Alabama I’m not going to answer the third question as such. Terry and the rest of the Alabama group will use up the actors. I’ll answer with regard to East Carolina University. Not all of these people graduated but they did go here. I probably should go with Sandra Bullock. She has been successful. Personally, I believe she has the chance to become this generation’s Myrna Loy. Emily Procter is becoming successful and she is cute, also. Although not an actor perhaps the most successful of the bunch or at least the one having the most impact is Kevin Williamson (I). He is associated with the Scream series and with Dawson’s Creek.

video editing software

I’m trying to pick the best video editing software for my new computer. On the apple I had iMovie. It was great in a number of ways and not good in others. It was by far the easiest to position the cursor for splits, cuts and trims. It had a few problems in this area but nothing like the batch of wannabes I am trying out. The one I like best so far and perhaps the most powerful for a little cash is the Sony screenblast software. It looks like a powerful and somewhat intuitive editor. However, it does not recognize the Sony media converter I use. That means I would have to use another program to input movies and the Sony to edit them.
That is really stupid that the Sony d=software will not work with the Sony hardware. Could be just me but I don’t think so. It seems to want to find a camera and not a converter box. It sees something but says it has no film. See, it is so smart it will not trust me to know what I wan to enter into the computer.


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