Monday, October 31, 2005

another organ storyDedication ceremony: Onlookers celebrate new organ with song
I always knew pouring a little on the forehead was just fine

Texas pastor electrocuted during baptism

the organ is finally ready and it's loud
I blogged on this when it first got her-- in crates well it is up and running.

.::. WNCT.COM .::. Greenville, NC | Organ dedication blessed by Bishop

Friday, October 28, 2005

Justice Breyer is this what you had in mind
My Way News

For all of you people who just want us to be more like Europe—woman arrested for calling he husband a banned racist name—arrested mind you. Yep they sure know how to run things over there.

file this under reason why people don’t really like banks or bankers

ATM’s to charge a fee for telling you "you can’t get money."

Sort of unclear if this applies to both attempts to go over the daily limit and insufficient funds.

this is stupid
Student ghosts unmasked in Newton - The Boston Globe
Yep this is as stupid and asinine as the earlier items about ceramic pigs being an insult to Moslems. Dress your kid up or not but just please shut up.


Thursday, October 27, 2005

boy o boy a weather moron Thursday three

I can play this—I might not be good at it but I can play.
1. I guess the slip and fall in January 04 would be at the top of the list. I slipped on my icy front steps and landed on the corner of the bottom step. Fractured a few ribs and collapsed a lung. Chest tube and a couple of days in the hospital later I came out wiser and as a non smoker. And further good news the total hospital bill was under $12,000. insurance paid most and I’m just about finished paying off the rest.
2. Second was also recently when we had a hurricane come close to us. The winds were still gusting over 60 when I decided to leave the shelter because I couldn’t get my son and his friend on the phone—they were at our house. Don’t drive into the eye wall of a tropical storm even when they are inland. That is unless you like going sideways a lot.
3. Back in high school we were down on the Warrior River at a wide point and thought we could row the boat back to the dock and thus beat the storm. Not a great move. See the above post about going sideways. Also rowing against the wind is never a great move.

what a load of it
The Beaufort Gazette: School orders students to remove blogs
You do know what I’m talking about. A Roman Catholic high school ahs ordered its students to remove their blogs from the net. They cite the risk of cyber predators. At best this is disingenuous at the worst it’s an attempt to avoid any criticism from the students.

I would think the students are at a higher proven risk from the clergy then from cyberspace.


Monday, October 24, 2005

yea!! I’m back—prepare the feast kill the fatted calf

What?? No really I was gone last week—really I was. Didn’t you notice the drop in witty comments? The lack of thought provoking change posts? No well anyway I was gone.

I guess this means no feast or fatted calf, right?

Hey!!! I heard that! I have gained weight but there’s no need for that kind of comparison.


Saturday, October 22, 2005

the end of the light bulb?

Accidental Invention Points to End of Light Bulbs

This sounds neat but does this mean the end of light bulb jokes?


Tuesday, October 18, 2005

now let me see

The deadline is the 19th I know the deadline is the 19th, so what today is the ???WHAT!!!
It finally dawned on me that today is the 18th and tomorrow is the deadline to submit another paper to the meeting. I hope the stat program works and that I can submit the whole paper if not then I’ll go with an abstract—looks like a night of high living in Raleigh is out of the question.

Sunday, October 16, 2005

busy this week—nothing to see here

Well I get to go to a weeks worth of training starting tomorrow. I think it will be OK as long as my cold continues to get better. The problem with the training is not that it won’t be good it’s just deciding which part of it I really need.

I either teach what they are doing or have been doing it for over a year. I know I can always learn and get better but it can get boring. Maybe I’ll learn something and be able to steal some ideas for class. What I don’t want to do is be a know it all jerk. This training should get me certified by the courts and by the state dept. or personnel.
So comments and blogging will be scarce this week.


Friday, October 14, 2005

another installment of the England file
Britain, UK news from The Times and The Sunday Times - Times Online
If you remember we left them in some sort of PC nightmare and that is exactly where we pick up the story today.


Thursday, October 13, 2005

you ought to be in pictures
How can you say that—I have a face for radio.

1. I think my dream job would be one like Charlie Rose. I would like to talk to people from different areas and perhaps learn many new things. Also just like Charlie I would get to be as stupid as I want to be.
2. If I were a live performer I would love to be a stand up comic. There is nothing better, in front of a live audience, than making people laugh. You really feel in control.
3. Something behind the scenes would suit me best. I think either a screenwriter or perhaps a film editor. I love to work on telling the story visually—even with the home videos we have.


Wednesday, October 12, 2005

now this is right up my alley
The Australian: Machine to age wine in minutes [October 11, 2005]
Meaning good wine at cheaper prices. Some kind of device will let the wine age in minutes. The wine industry seems interested. My guess is some will try and find a way to ban it and some will embrace it. Boy! How is tat for an academic prediction? Also depending on who/where it is done there might be legal issues. Does the wine get processed then resealed? How long will it now last?

video ipods??
FT.com / By industry / IT - Apple and Disney herald new media era

Will people buy episodes of ABC TV shows to watch on the ipod? Don’t think I will. However I just got my first ipod a couple of weeks ago. I haven’t even listened to a pod cast yet much less a video cast.

the training/workshop wasn’t so bad today

We learned some stuff, the copyright audio powerpoints were good, the assessment stuff wasn’t too bad and we had snacks. Yea!! Snacks work even for professors—or maybe especially for professors.

now for some meeting blogging

Lunch is over. We are now covering assessment issues. These always have two attributes—great importance and death dealing dullness. We’re talking about assessment of courses and programs. This is part of whole online/distance ed. thing.
lunch blogging
Well actually a late lunch blogging. I have just enough time after my office hour today and in between all the meetings to eat lunch. The place on campus has wireless or course so I can read the latest and hope my workshop gets canceled. Today looks OK as the topic is copyright. I think I love fair use—that is I think I would if I knew what it was.

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

someone did something stupid and it wasn’t us
Tip to local authorities leads to arrest of Ayden minister
Not an Episcopalian—YEA!!!


Monday, October 10, 2005

is this a redesign?
The Beaufort Gazette: Some vintners picking grapes after dark
Or is picking at night just an innovation that helps keep the temperature down for both the grapes and the workers?

not much time to play for a few days
Besides the classes, both face to face and online, there are several mediations, Spanish class to take, two workshops to attend and several church services.
That might be too much for a lazy fat man.


Thursday, October 06, 2005

what a crappy Thursday Three—someone should have spent more time on the questions

1. I have a very good sense of time. Just about the only thing that will throw it off is a really good history book.
2. Nope can’t estimate at all. My wife claims I thought this to my son—my hour projects end up as long as Mr. Possum’s moron projects.
3. I think this one is related to the last question. As I admitted last week I put things off. You never know when the person wanting the project isn’t going to drop dead and the new person might want something different. No use doing things ahead of time people will only want to use the extra time for more work for you.
not all changes are for the better

I’m at a meeting in Myrtle Beach again. Weather bad company and potential for new research contacts is good. My wife came with me and we’re having a good time.
Anyway—it used to be that when you were out of town you were actually away from teaching and service—you sort of go for the research. Well I’m sitting here managing my online classes and dealing with advisees.
I’m also able to blog, read the news and put money in our son’s bank account. This internet thing just might catch on.

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

I’d try it but I don’t make BBQ a religion
WRAL.com - News - Red Wine To Be Offered At Barbecue Festival

The wine served is made specifically for the event and called Fine Swine Wine.

maybe I can be the model
Las Vegas SUN: Goodyear to Build New Version of Blimp


Tuesday, October 04, 2005

I wonder what all out Europhiles think about this
Aftenposten Norway, Norwegian news in English
Law says half of the government ministers must belong to the state church. State church?? Must belong?? This must be some conservative plot not “our” Europe.

there might always be an England –further evidence
icseftonandwestlancs - Jails watchdog bans St George pins
The crazy are now running the prisons too.


S.F. mayor sees wireless service as basic right - Yahoo! News

We seem to add rights all the time now this guy wants to add WiFi access. Not just access but WiFi. Well is this the start of a new “right” or just another out of touch politician

say its that a camel’s nose in the corner of the tent?
Las Vegas SUN: Miss. Lawmakers OK Casino Move to Dry Land

Doesn’t bother me but some in Mississippi are still fighting the battle of “gambling.” This proposal would let the casinos move on the beach between the water and highway 90—up to 800 feet in. supposed to be safer but really it should get them working again faster and perhaps nicer and maybe even bigger with more people employed.

for the final time
Las Vegas SUN: Search Ends With 964 Katrina Dead in La.

I told you so that is. This is way too many but given the level of preparedness down there this is about right.


Monday, October 03, 2005

the start of something or just a slow lab results coupled with a slow news day

Las Vegas SUN: Six Dead of Unknown Illness in Canada


Sunday, October 02, 2005

there may always be an England but after a while will anyone care?

The Sun Online - News: Muslims win toy pigs ban
The UK is well on its way to making itself a caricature of an open society.


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