Thursday, November 30, 2006

that only leaves one choice
DeVito Denies Being Drunk On 'View' - Entertainment - NBC13.com | WVTM

Since he says he wasn’t drunk that only leaves being rude and stupid. But we know he can’t be stupid –he’s a liberal after all.
looks like another bad Thursday three

1. I’m generally pretty good at letting people know what I want. This saves them from having to buy me ties. As I get older I move beyond hints to directions. However, my wife is usually pretty good at getting me things I didn’t ask for but like.
2. I can shop for most people but never seem to hit what my wife wants and she isn’t a signaler. Thinks I should just know—well after thirty something years she should have figured out I don’t.
3. 90% of the looking and probably 50% of the shopping is being done online. I really like the comparison shopping that keeps me out of the crowds,

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

what makes Alabama think these guys want to come?
al.com: Alabama Football

My guess is these guys already make the money without as much of the idiotic pressure they would have at Alabama.
this just might be leadership
CTV.ca | PM delivers on pledge to revisit same-sex issue

Harper set up time to revisit issue as he promised. Also issues like this are best settled in the market place of ideas not the closed economy of the courts.
in a strange way is this anti-immigrant?
San Diego to ban Wal-Mart Supercenters - Yahoo! News

Now I know there will be many more small stores out there catering to the immigrant populations than here but…. It seems a great majority of the local Hispanic population frequents the superstore.
spam like this I enjoy
Hormel Struggles to Add Upscale Foods Without Alienating Lovers of Its Spam - WSJ.com

This is always a hard thing to do—how do you move the brand without losing the older users. NASCAR is struggling with this and we all saw how well Coke did it.
my guess is that he would be getting around 40% support in a poll
Ahmadinejad to Americans: Stop 'blind support' for Israel | Jerusalem Post

His letter sounded a lot like the left talking points.
FT.com / World / International economy - Supreme Court clashes over climate change
I just love it when the “law” lets opinion get tin the way. The courts don’t have the greatest record when deciding things scientific.
I’ma shreddin’ and I’ma grinnin’
I’m really working on some stuff for class and waiting for my online chat in about 45 minutes. In the meantime I’m reducing the mass and I do mean mass [it has it’s own gravitational pull] of old bills and stuff. I think for Christmas I need the big machine—and cross cut.

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

is it possible to be nice to the antis?
Son also rises in testy Webb-Bush exchange

President asks the senator elect how his son, currently in Iraq, is doing. Webb responds he wants him home. Bush says “didn’t ask that asked how he is doing.” And Webb is the one offended. [reportedly wanted to slug the president. ] So much for those who thought Webb was going to be anything but a standard political ass.
To them everything is a political statement and every moment is ripe for a sound bite.
now who???
Tide turns on Shula in late-night firing; search is on again

We get a syndicated sports talk show out of Charlotte that is pretty decent. The guy running it always asks the same questions when callers talk about wanting to get rid of the coach—he asks OK now firing is easy—who are you going to hire and why is he better than the guy you fired?
Looks like Alabama is over reaching again. Seems like they will never be happy until the Bear comes back from the dead. Stallings won a championship and still they were after him.
Well, couldn’t happen to a better bunch unless it was LSU or maybe Tennessee.
now we have to decide when to go to Alabama
al.com: Extra from The Birmingham News#208993

We need to go to Birmingham to visit my aunt over Christmas. We would probably do this as part of a visit to the Florida pan handle to visit other relatives. The original plan was to go after Christmas—thus spending Christmas Eve and Christmas day here. Now this complicates matters. I sure would like to see the game especially since I need to be in B’ham over the holidays anyway.
back today
Yesterday was busy working from and just waiting for the colonoscopy in the afternoon. That went fine. Because of a long series of events I ended up with the regular stuff they give you for the procedure and then some antihistamine stuff of a reaction to an anti-biotic. Thus I slept most of the whole night from about 7 until 8 this morning.

Sunday, November 26, 2006

are the media like the rest of us?
Christmas present addition

Technology News: Reviews: Best High-Tech Stocking Stuffers of 2006

Even the tech media—maybe it’s just me and my family but I don’t think of “stocking stuffers” as things in the 150-350 dollar price range.
Maybe to others a stocking stuffer is something small in size. So is a gold coin but you don’t hear that as a stocking stuffer.

Saturday, November 25, 2006

maybe this Holtz guy can coach

That would be Skip not Lou this time. ECU beat NC State—that’s the link, and now is 7-5 for the year and will probably get a bowl bid.
a Zune review from a real journalist—not a blogger
CHICAGO SUN-TIMES :: Andy Ihnatko :: Avoid the loony Zune

Looks like this thing is worse than even I expected and I have very low expectations for Microsoft. I really have a hard time believing it isn’t compatible with media player.
brit craziness update
Techdirt: Parents Still Freaked Out About Health Effects Of WiFi

In a related story to one below—now some schools in GB are being asked to get rid of WiFi. No proof needed—run hide it sill kill us all. Probably related to Bush, Putin, gitmo and radioactive poision.
sort of a two-fer
Deputies: Woman Shot Step-Brother To 'Prove Herself' - Local/Florida News - News4Jax.com | WJXT

One dead and one on the way to the pen. Sorry someone had to die but this is funny.
My guess is she will sort of get off claiming it was an accident.

Friday, November 24, 2006

love this headline
Las Vegas SUN: Polygamists Worry Jeffs Case Harms Image

Yep—except for that Jeffs guy the image of polygamists is doing fine. Right up there with Mel Gibson and Michael Richards.
the parade of racism enablers adds another person
RACE-RANT COMIC DEFENDED - New York Post Online Edition: Seven

“Funny man” Tom Green says we should leave Richards alone. He doesn’t think he’s a racist not like Mel Gibson is—well he must be right –he’s been in a movie after all.

Notice how this parade only has clowns.
My guess is these enablers can't believe one of their own would say those things.
Time to look a little closer at your own-- hollywood.

Thursday, November 23, 2006

come to think of it I haven’t noticed our blue emergency phones in a while
The light's on, but nobody's in trouble : County-News : Boulder Daily Camera

I’ll check and see when I get back to campus. It could just be that I don’t walk in those areas much any more since I changed offices. It could also be that they are now part of the background.
the folks at Wal-Mart aren’t stupid
Rebuffed in the United States, Wal-Mart gets the go-ahead for bank in Mexico - Business - International Herald Tribune

I’m not sure the press and the political left appreciates how good they are at what they do. The application for a bank in the U.S. mainly they say to process credit card stuff was turned down. The article says it was opposed by the “community” – this means banks and unions and the regular Wal-Mart haters.
Well, they want to provide bank accounts for those who don’t have them and locate the banks in Wal-Marts.
Perhaps NAFTA will allow they in the back door.
we’re not the world leader
Wireless technology made me sick | News | This is London

Nope not any more. England is apparently the world leader in tin foil hat technophobes. Yep I never bell and broke a bone until I got wireless.
the ad was missing something
I saw the ad for Mel Gibson’s new movie. It was missing the disclaimer—“no Jews were harmed in the making of this film.”
Michael Richards again
Richards' Rant -- Not The First Time - TMZ.com

Some are now saying he did an anti-Semitic rant a few months ago. It’s OK however he explained it was just part of his act making fun of red necks. This guy is a real piece of “you know what.” When he gets caught at it he blames it on others. Lucky for him he has nice liberal friends like Jerry and Dave are apparently his racism enablers.
this is a neat idea pets are very important to many of us
Las Vegas SUN: Meals on Wheels Help Elderly Feed Pets

When I retire I wouldn’t mind doing this. Some guys I know in the church have volunteered with meals on wheels and like it.

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

another reason we don’t ask singers to do our thinking for us
Stop crying your heart out, Oasis singer tells British troops in Iraq - Yahoo! News
didn’t you just know this was coming
ABC News: Preacher's Wife Killed Husband Because of Abuse, Family Says

Don’t know what took them so long--

Monday, November 20, 2006

OK Janet how about we pen them up in a few wooden buildings and set the whole place on fire?
BREITBART.COM - Reno Files Challenge to Terror Law

Reno thinks that treating the terrorists outside the regular court system will bring us down. I really don’t think she had the buildings set on fire but she sure handled the whole Waco thing real funny.

Thursday, November 16, 2006

accommodate one group and you lose the right to deny any others
Mtl police publication suggests women cops respect Hasidic preference for men

This encourages people to expect this sort of behavior on the part of the government. Of course some people have a problem with cause and effect.
that terrible company is checking the information the workers provided
Smithfield union workers walkout, protest labor screening process

A few hundred people walked out over many issues they say. It looks like the main issue is the company is now checking up on the information provided at hiring. The company has already fired 75 people for giving false info. The union seems to be sticking with the other reasons. Will keep this one on the radar.
stupid puppet TT

1. favorite scroll down for Ollie.
2. I had a sock I pretended was Ollie.
3. Only in high school –putting people up to doing stupid things--
this is sad but expected
Nobel-winning economist Milton Friedman has died: reports - MarketWatch

He was 94 after all. If you want clear thoughts on freedom and the centrality if markets then read his stuff. His work on the money supply however is a little more complex.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

they say this guy could go to jail for up to 5 years
FOXNews.com - Hoffacker Charged With Hacking System - Technology News | News On Technology

He hacked back into the system of the company that fired him—warned others about losing jobs. The company says they had to pay big bucks because of this. Think maybe they mioght have made some changes on passwords and things when they fired the CIO???
I would find him guilty I would find the company stupid.
now this is really big news
Pope Considers Lifting Celibacy Rule - Family - WRAL.com | WRAL

This move could ease the shortage of priests in the western world. It could also require more money as married priests won’t work as cheaply. I wonder what their conservatives willthinkofthis.
it was 36 years ago yesterday
Editorial: In spirit, appreciation, we are Marshall

I had a guy in class who was on the ECU team. He dropped out and was back in school. Still hard for him to talk about it.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

want a difference between democrats and republicans/
Florida Democrat Puts More Faith in Polls Than Election Results -- 11/14/2006

Republicans seem to really really believe polls.
can’t say that I’m surprised
N.C. Baptists Approve Ban On Churches Endorsing Homosexuality - News - WRAL.com | WRAL

I don’t happen to agree but then I’m not a Baptist. I’m sure they don’t agree with our policy either.
However, it’s their church and they can do what they want. It is this type of stuff I would like left out of government.

Monday, November 13, 2006

because we can’t indoctrinate them unless we get them early
Chapel Hill Eyes School For 3-Year-Olds - EDUCATION - WRAL.com | WRAL

Heck, this is chapel Hill the indoctrination is being done at home.

Sunday, November 12, 2006

this is a replay of the auto wars of the early 70’s
ESPN.com - Outside The Lines: Toyota coming, is NASCAR nation ready?

Espn article mainly quoting union workers and critics of Toyoda coming into NASCAR. It will be the death of everything run for it!!!!!
It seems to me I heard the same thing years ago form American companies who didn’t want to compete—nothing here but protectionism.
this is why we don’t usually take advice from singers
The article is about Elton John thinking religion should be outlawed.

Saturday, November 11, 2006

bye bye 1-800
A glance into the crystal ball hints at a future without 800-numbers - USATODAY.com

This guy is making the point that with cell phones the need for 800 numbers would decline. If so the phone companies start to gain less revenue and will look to make it up elsewhere.

Thursday, November 09, 2006

if they did 30% of the people would demand they get free health care, drivers licenses and in state tuition

'Aliens could attack at any time' warns former MoD chief | the Daily Mail

He means space aliens.
Charlie I did and I would again

AP Wire | 11/09/2006 | NY congressman says no offense intended with Mississippi remark

Said who wants to live in Mississippi. Does Kerry write everyone’s material?
I knew someone investigating this case
WRAL.com - News - Soldier Charged In 1985 Triple Murder

The court threw out the original conviction because of gruesome pictures of the crime scene. The second jury acquitted the SOB. I knew an investigator at the time –when asked after the acquittal if they were still investigating he said why—the system let the guilty guy go. I think it did—maybe now they will get some justice.
maybe I won’t eat there tonight
WRAL.com - News - Common Link Found In Growing UNC E. coli Outbreak

I know ours is miles away from the one near UNC-CH but still it could be some ingredients.
this is too bad
60 Minutes' Ed Bradley Dead At 65, Veteran CBS News Correspondent Succumbs To Leukemia - CBS News

Even if he was at CBS I always kind of liked the guy.
it’s the political Thursday Three
Can we vote on this?? Come on let it out.

As I said in comment down below in terms of politics:

All I’m looking for is a political party that will stay out of my hospital room, my kitchen, my bedroom and my wallet.

Haven’t found one yet.

Now to the questions:
1. Will the Dems act like responsible adults? No, they will act like I do on a diet. They will try but the natural tendencies will come out. They will have the moonbats front and center within a couple of months.
2. I say this with all sincerity “screw the international community.” When they pay our taxes and vote in our elections then they have a say.
3. I’m not sure I’ll be living then and don’t like horror movies so I tend to stay out of the fight. It does bring up the point however that bothers me most. We elect people to govern they think we elect them to run again. This problem has to be solved.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

at the Corner a short discussion of whether the daily show will actually start to criticism dems
The Corner on National Review Online

Personally, I think he will at first to establish he is “fair” then he will stop. Sort of like the twit on HBO one joke a month just to air it to deflect any questions.
is this classist, just elitist or just a state of wine snobs?
Law allowing wine in state food stores is rejected - The Boston Globe

In a self-serving motion the food stores wanted to sell wine. The package stores fought them. The voters don’t seem to want to buy wine at food stores.
Are they afraid the “lower classes” might actually by buy wine?
what got them thrown out?
Not sure but from my perspective the republicans started to either look like free spending democrats or worse still theocrats. The Terri Schaivo thing was a real negative for me as was stem cell. What they took as a principled stand I took to be posturing and playing to the hard core base. I tend to be a libertarian not a real social conservative so those issues were always a problem.
What sent it over the top for many I believe is after a while it looked like that is all the republicans cared for. That and national defense. I still voted that way because I take the threat of terrorism seriously. Apparently many people don’t.
Given how the republicans governed, if you don’t think terrorism is the big issue doesn’t see how you could vote for a republican. They got into my life in ways that I thought a party standing for individual liberty should not.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

how far is Sand Mountain from KY?
WRAL.com - News - Woman Fatally Bitten By Snake At Church

Reminds me of that Kudzu cartoon where the Rev. Will B. Dunn is talking about his home town. He said it was so backward even the Episcopalians handled snakes.
but all the exit polls showed her ahead
YouTube - Faith Hill is a PISSED!

Her “people” say she was just joking around. Those democrats really like to joke you know.
If you can’t get youtube at work this is all about Faith’s reaction to not winning an award.

spin central
Faith Hill says she wasn't disrespecting Underwood - Nashville, Tennessee - Tuesday, 11/07/06 - Tennessean.com
those crazy-crazy New Yorkers
New York Plans to Make Gender Personal Choice - New York Times
I’m not really sure where this is somewhere is the western part of the state
WRAL.com - AP North Carolina News - Alexander County Hospital To Close

However, it could just as easy be near me. Those of us who live in areas with abundant medical facilities don’t know how lucky we are. Small counties have real problems with facilities. I know our medical center serves a multi county area.
Also without that large service area and the medical school that creates the critical mass of docs and other medical personnel our county would never have the facilities we do.
they’re working real hard on the test
Part of it is sort of multiple answer. In this case it means that multiple answers will fit. A goodly portion of the test is vocabulary and in negotiations many things go by multiple names.
giving a test today
I just finished making copies of the test. I was sure it was on my computer at school as I was able to access that computer from home. I haven’t done this much before but this way I don’t have to have multiple copies of everything I need.

So perhaps some test blogging later this morning.

Sunday, November 05, 2006

I don’t have much sympathy
al.com: NewsFlash - Gulf fishermen upset over required monitoring system

The fishermen are complaining the monitoring system is an invasion of their privacy. It’s not. They are not fishing private waters but rather waters that belong to all of us. As long as there are protected waters that need protection then this might be a way to make that work.

Saturday, November 04, 2006

in your latest henge news
Scotsman.com News - Scotland - Scotland's magical ancient circles leave Stonehenge standing
it has to come some time
The sooner the better

KXAN.com - Schools Switch From Textbooks To E-Books

Coupled with a tablet PC the eBooks are easy to read, don’t cause neck strain and can be annotated.

Friday, November 03, 2006

you know things are not going well when
admitting to buying meth is the lesser of evils

WRAL.com - News - Evangelical Leader Admits Buying Meth, Denies Gay Sex

Am I supposed to know who this guy is?
I thought there was a version of this out for a long time
I guess this one works better.
I use an electric shaver now anyway.
I’d Zuner not use this site
MSN Music presses mute on downloads | CNET News.com

From now on MSN Music will link you to either the Zune site of a real networks one. I have an iPod and plan on getting a bigger and better one soon.—my birthday perhaps.
in other moonbat news
Bush set to declare marshal law

Mathaba News

Gee I thought this act was a response to Katrina and other threats like terrorism.. I didn’t know it was in case you lose control of the house.
MSM thinks the administration was stupid for posting nuclear stuff from Iraq on web
Can’t be as we all know they had no nuclear stuff—right?

U.S. pulls site said to reveal nuke info - Conflict in Iraq - MSNBC.com

Thursday, November 02, 2006

never been there now I guess I never will go

Stardust casino sees last roll of dice - Yahoo! News
this is really a lame TT and if I could breathe better I would chase the writer of these things down and ----well do something

1. I love the fall but as I get older I get more allergic to it. Yep the whole thing. I think it is some of the goldenrod type things and also mold. That seems to show up this time of year.
2. and 3 Nope—except for the allergies I love the fall. I like to food—way too much. I love the cool nights and days and the trees and the not cutting grass and football and thanksgiving. Also I really like no sweating when just looking outside.

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