Monday, July 31, 2006

consistent management might not always be best
FOX Sports - NASCAR - Crew chiefs released at Robert Yates Racing
The Robert Yates management method—when in doubt get rid of the crew chief.
I like them both
American Prospect Online - Surviving Sudoku

I’m still working on the easy Sodoku puzzles. My problem with crosswords is I have a hard time with spelling.
this doesn’t change
another AP article where we are supposed to feel sorry for the illegal immigrants

Las Vegas SUN: Immigration Crackdown Alarms Ohio Workers
Seems all the talk about stopping the illegal immigration is making them afraid.
the camps they are a changing
Las Vegas SUN: Sleepaway Camps Losing Appeal

Everything changes so why not camps. Specialty camps seem to have changed things. Also going to camp seems to be different depending on where you grew up. Kids are to busy to spend most of the summer at camp.
Willie people give you a pass because they know you’re a doped up little old commie
Willie: Dixie Chicks 'Got a Raw Deal' - New York Times
Willie wonders why the Dixie Chicks got pasted for their remarks and he didn’t. Perhaps it’s because he has real talent and a long track record of god music or because he just might have thought of what he says or maybe even people think he is sort of out of it. Either way the chicks ain’t no Willie.
what does Sony stand for these days?
At 60, Sony Focuses on Rebuilding Brand

While I like my Sony digital camera it was expensive. Well relatively. I got it when a new model came out. I tend not to look at many Sony products as they are on the upscale side and sometimes have features I don’t care about. Too cool—too expensive for my market.
this could be a really big deal for those with pain
Scientists Spot Chronic Pain 'On/Off' Switch - Yahoo! News

I don’t have chronic pain but this could be a big help. I know some people with it and they struggle all the time.
why should the government care at all?
USDA organic food label may be inaccurate | www.azstarnet.com ®

Is this the government’s problem? If you really want organic then grow it yourself or know the source.
I’m getting s small smoker tomorrow but
Not one of these—darn it

Neatorama » Blog Archive » Top 10 Coolest BBQ Grills (And Then Some!)

Some of these are really cool.

Saturday, July 29, 2006

about par for the great north west
WRAL.com - News - Seattle Shooting Victim's Identity Confirmed

A Muslim shoots a Jew and the police then go to protect the mosques.

Friday, July 28, 2006

knew it all along
Total diet can alter benefit of vegetables - Nutrition Notes - MSNBC.com
still hobbled but not dead
I haven’t blogged in a couple of days but I have been busy. Went to church Wednesday, gave my exam yesterday and today took them to be graded and picked up those taken off campus. We also went to the farmers’ market and to the vet’s; pills for the dogs not for me.
Perhaps I can play some today but I have to grade the last of the exams and the essays.

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

finally something good about getting old
University of Florida News - Health benefits of moderate drinking extend to elderly

Crank up that wine production Ernie –I’m getting there.
the series continues

The Sun Online - News: Footie tot, 2, in cop quiz
nothing much to report
I don’t go back to the doc until a week from today. Yes rain and pressure changes tend to make my ankle hurt but it might all be in my mind. I will be done with summer teaching later this week and get paid Monday. YEA!!!

Monday, July 24, 2006

William Buckley says Bush not a conservative
Buckley: Bush Not A True Conservative, CBS News Exclusive: Buckley Criticizes President For Interventionist Policies - CBS News
So? Let’s remember that as smart as he is Mr. Buckley’s brand of conservatism was never tried as it was never in power. No Ronnie doesn’t count as he never had both houses of congress.
what shall we call the continuing series I don’t know how about
the UK is being run by FOOLS

Army's bagpipers and drummers must play safe and use earplugs - Britain - Times Online

The pipers can only practice about 50 minutes a day.

Sunday, July 23, 2006

by all means we need to stay in communion with people like this
Flying on holiday 'a sin', says bishop | the Daily Mail
English bishop raises being green up in the list of things to do—get on those who fly of on vacations.

Saturday, July 22, 2006

anyone have one of these or something like it
Amazon.com: Reviews for Brinkmann 810-7080-8 Gourmet Electric Smoker & Grill with Outdoor Vinyl Cover: Outdoor Living

I’ve got one local review and this one. Seems OK but I don’t really know. And yes I am too lazy and irresponsible to manage one with wood or charcoal.

Friday, July 21, 2006

is this right?
Las Vegas SUN: Judge Orders Teen to Cancer Treatment

I think standard treatment might be best—the judge thinks so. He ordered the parents to give consent. Can he do that—can he make them consent. He can assume guardianship but can he make someone give consent. That is probably a way to make sure they pay for the treatment.
this doubles what had happened in the past
Apple profit rises 48 pct, helped by iPod sales�|�Business News�|�Reuters.com
Not the profit percent but the 12 % of new laptops sold going to Apple. They do have a nie machine but it is rather high end price wise. I really want one, however.

Thursday, July 20, 2006

attention to detail is the key
WRAL.com - Food News - Chef Arrested In Appetizer Brawl
Well the food was cold.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

another friend of dictators and terrorists
CNN.com - Dobbs: Not so smart when it comes to the Middle East - Jul 19, 2006

Go back to covering space Lou—like the empty space between your ears. Seems he thinks we have no sense of proportion because we support a democracy against whatever the hell they have. A certain reading of his opening would seem to put ole Lou as one of those who don’t think Israel should even have a state.
Maybe I’m just being overly sensitive.
I think this is a first
Marriott to make all U.S. and Canada hotels non-smoking - Jul. 19, 2006

I’m surprised it took this long. It has seemed to me that more and more guest rooms are non-smoking. Marriot says that over 90% are already nonsmoking.
this is going to be the next bash
CNN.com - U.S. family: Get us out of Lebanon - Jul 18, 2006
Didn’t you just know that the “delay” in getting people out would be a problem? I blame FEMA and Rove—and Bush.
WRAL.com - EDUCATION - School Officials Sued For Blocking 'Ave Maria'
This won’t go very far but I’m glad someone is doing it. Read the last line I think the have it right. BTW this was an instrumental version of the piece.
the storm doesn’t want to visit
WITN | Hurricane Tracking

Like it thought yesterday this thing is going north and eventually farther out to sea. Bye!

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Sorry for the errors in the post below but I can’t access the blogger site from this computer and getting upstairs right now is not an option.
ECU loses great coach—better man Reflector.com: -- The Daily Reflector onlineman

He coached here 5 years won over 200 games lost only 100 and went to the NCAA’s times. I do think if he had stayed healthy
I think we might have made Omaha.
He stopped coaching in 2002 when the effects of ALS became too much. According to my students who were baseball players he continued to be the same person in illness he had been in health. They loved him. He fought this disease with dignity to the end.

Monday, July 17, 2006

I escaped two days in a row

Yesterday I went to the early service at church. Great to be there as I hadn’t been since I fell. Later we went with our neighbor to look at some property near the river. [It can’t be too near or I could even afford to look. ed.] then we all went out for BBQ. Now I’m at the office for a few hours. I need to meet with some students and run off the exams I will give next week. It’s great to be out and mobile—but it can be tiring also.

Sunday, July 16, 2006

oh I don’t know how about passing for the lead
FOX Sports - NASCAR - McLaren chief says Montoya could still race this season

Montoya is not what I’m after in this post but the Michael Schumacher comment. Says he can’t see himself going to NASCAR. Seems it is the oval thing—asks basically what is in it ? Hence my answer how about a pass for the lead that isn’t done with one car in the pits or in turn one?

Saturday, July 15, 2006

my guess is we wouldn’t want that here
New Zealand news on Stuff.co.nz: Weight loss 'miracle' pill not far away

We all know that being fat just like smoking is a personality defect. Thus any aid to losing weight or to stop smoking is actually to be frowned on. Seriously, my guess is some of the more militant nutrition police will object. They will find a reason.
Don’t know if it would help me as I think much of mine is in my head—which is fat too.
Hollywood to try and cut actor pay
Independent Online Edition > Americas
Is this a bubble also? Really this should be interesting. Do stars actually drive the movies or is it the story. Do we have competing stars so that when one will not work for less than say 20 million another will?
this is an interesting lesson
newsobserver.com | Biases blur housing issue

Towns in NC don’t seem to want low income housing. Some residents say it will lead to drugs and crime. The response from supporters is to accuse people of a form of racism and then to talk abut all the local people who need the low income housing—they trot out the elderly and others. However, they never seem to answer the crime question. They don’t even address it—yep a clear case of racism and bias against the poor to me oh and bias against the elderly.
is the bubble at least leaking?
SignOnSanDiego.com > News > Metro -- Housing hangover
stupid UK watch continues
Amnesty brings in 90,000 knives - Law - Times Online
Apparently the crime problem in the UK is too many knives. Couldn’t be a society that doesn’t view any crime as much of a problem. A police force that seems to be so
PC it has given up being a deterrent and a legal system seemingly stacked toward the criminal. Nope must be all those knives. TWITS
the weather guys agree with my ankle
Not sure but I’m keeping a sort of informal log. What topic—does the hardware in my ankle predict rain and storms? So far it seems to predict severe weather rather than just rain. It hurts and for no reason—meaning I haven’t done anything to make it hurt worse. Also there is a place in the ankle where it seems to hurt in relation to the weather.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

I’m actually at school
For the first time since late May I’m in the office. I actually had a student drop by. Getting here was a pain and I need to get more strength to be able to get up the ramps in the chair. Still it’s great to be out of the house.

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

but they are hell on signs about lost dogs
WRAL.com - News - Durham Officials Tell Woman To Remove Signs For Missing Dog

Not to make fun of the city or law enforcement in Durham but while they have trouble with rape prosecution and don’t seem to be able to lower the murder rate they do keep their utility poles clear of signs—especially those looking for lost 13 year old beagles.
at last a church crazier than mine
News from Agape Press

The Presbyterian church USA has done some real damage to itself I think. We made fun of their rewriting of father son and holy spirit but you need to read some of the things they approved in the name of being gender neutral they have some things like “compassionate mother, beloved child, and life-giving womb.” Yep that’s neutral.
They even had official committees recommending a resolution on suicide bombing not be approved. They thought it might offend some body—can’t say who. A church that will not condemn suicide killings has some very serious problems. Maybe it is just a place for the PC crowd to hand out on Sunday.
I guess killing the kids was easier
Las Vegas SUN: Yates Says She Tried to Kill Herself Twice
now this is more like it
Matsushita to sell record 103-inch plasma TVs - Yahoo! News

Now I just have to find a way to afford it.

Monday, July 10, 2006

I learned something today
I was in training all day. It was sponsored by the NC dept. of Marine Fisheries. Very well done and lots of stuff I didn’t know about methods of catching and rules and rule making.
Did you know the three types of shrimp in NC are white, pink and brown—no it’s not boiled, fried and grilled.

Sunday, July 09, 2006

there is mounting evidence of scare tactics vs. actual proof
Autism, mercury, and politics - The Boston Globe - Boston.com - Op-ed - News

This debate could use some logic. The article starts off “there is mounting evidence” but then mentions none. He goes on and on about various people being worried about the vaccines—but no evidence.
I wish these people would learn to use data or perhaps logic or something.

Saturday, July 08, 2006

this should start a fight
WRAL.com - News - Rocky Mount Working To Establish Barbecue Park

A BBQ park I’m all for this. However, I bet somebody will ask for state money then the fur will fly. Everyone up here thinks theirs is the best. Over the years I’ve gotten to like this style but still like my red sauce. I also have grown in appreciation of the Memphis style—dry rub ribs.
And everyone else don’t even mention beef. It’s nice but it ain’t you know.
woo hoo
I finally got hold of one of these! Orthopaedic Medical Supplies: Adult Leg

Scroll down for instruction on getting this thing on and making sure it’s watertight.
Orthopaedic Medical Supplies: Cast Protectors, Heel Cups, Night Splints and Orthopedic Braces for Knees, Ankles, Backs, Wrists & Thumbs.

A real honest to goodness shower; my first one since the morning I fell back on june 4th. I feel much better now – my hair finally feels clean.
it’s now a continuing series
Great Briton gone mad

This is the second one about that former great nation picking on people feeding pigeons. They can’t get a handle on crime but they are hell on old ladies and little kids.
not perfect but someone I think I could support
Townhall.com::Rudy for president?::By Robert D. Novak
no change here either
idiots and their ideas about the Federal Reserve

This is what happens when people get educated beyond their intelligence.

Friday, July 07, 2006

state judge gets it wrong again
Las Vegas SUN: Judge Issues Restraining Order Ga. ID Law

Somehow judge rules and is adamant that requiring a picture ID to be a fundamental block on the right to vote. This judge is a fundamental block to logic and clear thinking. Then proceeds to lecture about partisanship. What a gas bag—why is there a basic right to vote without people being sure you are who you are? Why is there a fundamental right to voter fraud?
Your vote is supposed to be secret not you.
no change here

Democrat advisor compares Arnold to the north Korean guy. Well only in they both use built up shoes. Then he thinks thins is tough talk and promises more of the same. More of the same little kid type jokes and stupid stuff. People like this make me sick and they are in politics on all sides it is just this idiot showed himself today. Yep that shoe stuff is rough and tumble politics—asshat.
it’s stupid Canadian day
CANOE -- CNEWS - Weird News: Bush gaffe: Prime Minister Harper definitely a Stephen, not a Steve
Cute little article about how Bush made a boo-boo because the PM is really a Stephen not ever a stevie. Probably written by someone who would never have voted for Stevie anyway. Just another attempt for some Canadian to try and bash the president. Author’s name is Bruce—if he ain’t an Aussie then he might be in trouble.

Thursday, July 06, 2006

time for some of that international law magic

Las Vegas SUN: New Orleans Housing Unwelcoming to Some
Activists and others have found a UN “LAW” that they say would require New Orleans and especially the federal govt to provide public housing now. Don’t know what these people actually want—the public housing projects are torn up and storm damaged. Apparently these lawyerly asshats expect the prospect of UN “law” to make the government create free housing out of thin air. If not then they are bigoted.
Jeeez I’m tired of activists and very tired of international law in the hands of tunnel vision morons.
the church of England has lost its mind
Will George be slayed as England's patron saint? | the Daily Mail

Remember this church is part of the group our Episcopal conservatives want to make sure we stay I n line with. Bunch of twits—real life British TWITS.
sanity went down to Georgia
Las Vegas SUN: Ga. Top Court Reinstates Gay Marriage Ban

Court rules that lower court was in error. The lower court had seemed to go out of its way to strike down a law it didn’t like. This puts the legislature back in control.
what a change—a court follows the law and the correct way of doing things
Newsday.com: NY court rules against gay marriage

NY court said that the legislature should decide the issue of gay marriage not the courts. Boy hat is a strange decision—most courts just can’t keep their mitts off any issue.

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

apparently acting like a spoiled child is the highest form of patriotism

Flags burn in celebration - By GENEVIEVE BOOKWALTER - SENTINEL STAFF WRITER - July 4, 2006

West coast dummies burning flags as a celebration that they can—it’s all about free speech. What a whiney little protest—as they said the flag doesn’t just belong to those who support Bush but apparently the ones without the smoke damage do.
if they had just published the info rather than try and sell it
3 charged with stealing Coca-Cola info - Yahoo! News

Freedom of the press right? Let me see you can hurt the safety of the people and the government and not be accountable but try and steal data and we put you in jail.
Hey I understand the difference but still need to know why the USSR didn’t just get some fellow traveler Americans, get them a newspaper and them all of their spying would have abeen protected. Right?
woo hoo I got out today

My wife and I ate with a friend at McDonald’s then stayed and had a meeting with my graduate assistant. I’m teaching online so haven’t had any real office hours yet as getting there is a pain. Maybe next week. It was nice to get out and also get a haircut—it has been over a month and I was looking like a wooly mammoth in size and appearance. Also in grazing ability
why I’m beginning to think all things in the UK are just abut to go to hell
Belfast Telegraph

Bad enough that an Ulster presenter for the BBC wishes the president would “rot in hell.” However, the great line is the spokesperson who was sorry for any offense caused. Any—your newsreader tells the president of another county to basically die in afire and you wonder about any offense.
Stupid brits—these people are really showing themselves. However they are our betters you know just talk to any liberal and fan of public TV.

Also the article mentions freedom of speech several times. People say this as if it’s some soert of immunity to criticism. I have freedom of speech too and your remarks were stupid and I think reflect your intelligence and breeding. Nope can’t say anything about what I said – freedom of speech.

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

let us salute the dear leader
PJM News - N. Korea Launches Missile Into Sea of Japan (9448952/AP)

His new missile hit the water. Nice going there munchkin boy. Does anyone have a clue as to why we still give them loads of food they reportedly use the feed the army?
head of gas passer doc group makes warning
Las Vegas SUN: Anesthesiologists Advised on Executions
Doesn’t want his people participating in death sentences. Says it will hurt confidence in doctors. Maybe but just maybe he is making apolitical statement. Perhaps what hurts confidence in gas passers is being late to consult with a patient and having to call your partner in at the last minute thus holding the patient in pre-op for an extra hour.- or so. All the while they can’t locate you. Nope, things like that do wonders for the profession.

Other things that hurt confidence—over billing and Medicare fraud—executions are far down on my list. But keep up the god political work with you “professional” association there doc.
the thrill is gone
Yep being cranky and sarcastic this morning. It’s been a month since I fell and broke my ankle. It is still almost a full month before I go back to the doctor and see if I get to put any weight on it. Right now the answer is none. So for the last month I have not walked except with the aide of a walker, have not gone into a store, driven a car, cooked a meal or slept on my right side. I haven’t been out except once except on the deck to see the dogs—done that a couple of times. Getting down the stairs with the bump butt method is not a thing I do a few times a day.
I have watched a lot of TV and gained weight. On the other hand it’s been terribly hot up here and I have stayed in and avoided that.
Not feeling sorry for myself this morning just cranky and wishing this would speed up.
Also I think I developing the ability to predict rain—well I need to look on the bright side of this.

Monday, July 03, 2006

waiting on problems
My students have until 11 tonight to finish up the first part of the class. All assignments and links to test and such disappear then. I’m monitoring the email for things like a hung up test or any problems. Easier to deal with them before the deadline than afterward.
like I care
Telegraph | News | Britons see US as vulgar empire builder

Since I believe this would be the same “Briton” that won’t serve ham in certain hospitals because any ham in the building is offensive to certain groups, this would be the same place that prosecutes you if you molest a burglar in you home, the same place that lets first time arsonists go with a warning and the same place that won’t do anything about its radicals for fear of offending people. Well not sure what I care about what you think of us. You don’t even want to know what I think of you.
darned right some of us are cranky
Las Vegas SUN: Fat People Not More Jolly, Study Says
headed for washingotn
WRAL.com - Family - Monkey On Run In Virginia After Zoo Escape

Most likely has job offer of congressional leadership position or polital reporter for the NY Times.
they needed a poll for this??
Faith Hill: most beautiful female country star - Celebrity News - MSNBC.com
more cranky blogging
CHRISSIE HYNDE - Hynde: 'meat-eaters Are Terrorists'.

See why—I’m still locked in my house and am not mobile. However, stupid brain dead former rockers can get out and say stupid things. She is ready to go to jail for her beliefs—gee I wish we could let her. But we don’t and she gets to live in her world where she is some brave hero and not a has been something or other.

Sunday, July 02, 2006

some reporters for the AP aren’t biased but they might be stupid
Las Vegas SUN: Status Hurts Mexican Voting Bloc in U.S.

The general thrust of this article is to sort of make us feel sorry for some Mexicans who can’t vote in their --that is their national election because they are in the U.S. illegally. They fear crossing the border without papers. Boo—Hoo. Either here or there sparky—here or there.
boy if I didn’t have a broken ankle I would get a pair of these
CNN.com - Fashion week: Men in high heels - Jul 2, 2006

Some men will probably get them and coordinate them to their man bags.
this could really be a benefit
Las Vegas SUN: Drug Approved to Combat Elderly Blindness
New drug to help in a form of macular degeneration.
This is more important to me than it was when I was younger.

Saturday, July 01, 2006

are politicians everywhere addicted to pork
67 Pages of 'Must' Reading: Council Budget Adjustments - New York Times
Read this and sort of get sick—the money that they pour into groups and projects. This is done no matter that projects of higher priority are funded less. Is getting elected and “buying” votes that important?
Hollywood moves closer to coming out of the religious closet
Christian Movie's Rating Worries Lawmakers - New York Times

Religious movie get PG some think it is for the religious content. Of course the ratings people say not. It was for some other strong content – yeah other strong content that’s the ticket. This just might be the first real slip up in how they actually view the beliefs of most Americans.

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