Wednesday, March 31, 2004

low carb laxatives—give me a break

Las Vegas SUN: Diet Trends May Broaden Demographics

What ever it takes to make a buck.

this will be a dividing issue

My Way News

The world court has ruled against the USA for not following some of their “accepted” procedures for dealing with foreigners in the US justice system.
Some in this country will take this as a legal precedent. Others will only want to follow if it is US courts. Unfortunately, some who would give great weight to this ruling are part of the US courts.

wasted spam

Just got spam telling me I could "get it on like a 20 year old". They must not have realized that 20 wasn’t a great year for me, either.

it was only a matter of time

The Beaufort Gazette: Viacom in talks to develop gay cable network

They do represent a different demographic and the stereotype says they have lots of disposable income.

online laundry

The Beaufort Gazette: Carnegie Mellon tests laundry notification e-mails

I knew that the millions spent developing the internet would be of great use. Actually, I think this is neat.

bakery suspends dividend- cites lower bread sales

The Beaufort Gazette: Business

Atkins strikes again??

The Beaufort Gazette: TVA plans to cut 600 to 800 jobs
it’s payday—payday, I said

Not that I’m really happy about that or anything but it’s payday. We get paid twice a month. Not every two weeks but twice a month. It seems like the last one was a year ago. Not like some people on the web; I use direct deposit. I trust the technology to get my check there more than I trust me to get it there.


Tuesday, March 30, 2004

Apollo tower to come down

this marks the true end of an era

Tower Used By NASA Is Scrapped

James Burke, the technology historian, once said that the Apollo moonshots were the apex of the steel and mechanical technology.

I really liked Burke’s stuff on PBS—this is his new venture: James Burke's KnowledgeWeb Project - The Project.

new treatments for hypochondria

A New Era in Treating Imaginary Ills

Well maybe this is new and a change moment. Sounds good but I bet it won’t work for my illness. I’m really sick you know—it’s not just in my head. The voices will attest to that. They’re sick too.

I’m still here

It’s just I haven’t found anything really interesting in the news this morning. The stuff from my personal life is even worse.


Monday, March 29, 2004

one is an incident; with two we can start the plot

Navy Jet Crashes in Eastern Tennessee

Second F-18 incident in a week.
but what do the ones working for the Federal government have to do?

Fedral Contractors Must Post Union Notes

I was hoping for a crossdresser or something

not New California Quarter Features Muir

a conservationist and a condor.

I can’t wait

The blog ads seem to have some relation to what is being blogged but with a few day time delay. Putting the item about transgendered people should lead to some different ads than I usually get.

your leader in transgender news

Not as good as Terry’s mottos but it is catchy. Well here is your unfreezing transgender moment. Job discrimination?

The Beaufort Gazette: Transgender doctor settles discrimination suit against hospital

Do any of you personally know a transgendered person? Depending on where someone is in surgery I might.

new jet engine

The Beaufort Gazette: NASA successfully tests experimental 'scramjet'

This is cool.

test fun

No really, I’m giving a test today to my section of beginning management. The section has 118 people. On the last test I made them think I had two versions of the test; I didn’t. this time I do.

time to call for a eye examination

It’s just about time to get my eyes checked again. I’m having a hard time reading my monitor. It keeps fogging up. Something about this tells me I need different glasses. I can’t get far enough away or close enough.


Sunday, March 28, 2004

exercise myth exploded


Seems like there is no real benefit to stretching. Those who do are no less likely to pull muscles. This one will not die; at least that is my guess.

the technology is not working

We just got home from Raleigh; finally had Christmas with some friends of ours. I came in and was attempting to have an online chat with my students before a test tomorrow. It doesn’t seem to be working. Oh’ well, when it works it’s great.


Saturday, March 27, 2004

UN control over the internet!
this push just will not die

Groups Debate U.N. Control of Internet

We're doomed--doomed!!!

Friday, March 26, 2004

coming down with something—I think

Yesterday various bodily systems were not performing to optimal levels; one in particular. Today, I only worked out half my usual [minimal] time and was drenched in sweat. No, you are correct sir, that’s not a pretty sight. I think I’m getting a cold or something. Maybe a steak, sweet potato and a glass of red wine will help.
God, I write good prescriptions.


I skipped the wine and the sweet potato and UAB got hammered. Failure to hit shots early did them in. However, the food and the company were fine. We ate at Logan's Roadhouse, it’s meant to be a low cost alternative Logans provides a middle ground for those of us dining together. They are doing low fat, can have the salmon. We, doing Atkins, can have the steak. Works well.

I did wake up this morning with a terrible back ache. Don’t know where I picked this up. Oh well.

further information
followed the Logan's link above and found this CBRL Group, Inc.. The CBRL Group basically the Cracker Barrel chain. I had heard this and forgot it,I guess. Don't really like the Cracker Barrel but do like Logan's.

about time to go for the day

Not a great day but did have some nice conversations with advisees. In a few minutes I think it’s time to go work out then home. Tonight should be fun. My wife and I are meeting friends for dinner, then back to their house to watch the UAB game. He went to Kansas and also has a huge screen TV with HDTV. My wife and I both went to UAB, his wife is an ECU grad and says she has no dog in this fight at all.

It promises to be a fun evening.

well time for class

I haven’t played much today and didn’t really have the time. Not in the mood either. Hope my dark mood improves in the 2 flight walk down to class. I hate to be P.O.’ed before I get to class. There is plenty of time for that after it starts.
I don’t want to be late but it doesn’t start until I get there, anyway.

maybe she can get a package deal with Arthur Kent

New York Daily News - Home - Lloyd Grove's Lowdown: Banfield gets NBC's bad news

NBC and its related partners seem to have this tendency. Make a star out of some one—preferably youngish and attractive during a war—then dump them. Also, complain that they are “getting too big”.

why some wall street analysts are idiots

WSJ.com - Costco's Dilemma: Be Kind To Its Workers, or Wall Street?

Costco is being bad mouthed by some on wall street for being too good to its employees. This is just another example of the short sighted and short run mentality that pervades many analysts. They cannot see past the end of their noses and collectively they have very short noses.

traffic light cameras

Greenville is schedules to get these soon. I know some of you hate them for personal and political reasons. However, you don’t live here. This is the world headquarters for people running lights. This morning I waited to go while 5 that’s right 5 people came through, after the light had turned red, not yellow but red. These were not people stuck trying to turn left they were just self centered A—h-l—s, who just had to get somewhere a little faster. Right now I don’t even want the cameras; what I want is rocket launchers.


Thursday, March 25, 2004

a seat belt law for pets?

Las Vegas SUN: N.M. City Weighs Seat-Belt Law for Pets

Some things make gay bishops, crossdressers and a rampaging Richard Simmons look mighty normal.

everything is slow this morning

I came back from class and noticed two college of business computer techs were in my office, this is hardly ever a good sign. My computer has been running slow and they found a lot of spyware the earlier spyware software programs did not detect. I’m now running about a 2 hour virus scan. We think I’m virus free but better be sure. The only question for today is which is running more slowly—me or my computer.


Wednesday, March 24, 2004

are you a fan of mysteries?
well, here is a real life one

What happened to Mary Shotwell Little?

This happened in Atlanta in the mid 1960’s. Too long ago for some of you. I never heard of this case before myself. The article is interesting, however.

nice little article on the process of learning to dress “right” for crossdressers

Learning to Walk in Size 17 Pumps

See Mr. Possum, it could have been worse; it could have been a spill on your dress.

gourmet, heirloom grits hit the NYTIMES

A Grits Revival With the Flavor of the Old South

Not your regular grits—these can be priced high. I remember once on the Food Network, Emeril was asked about a lamb stew over polenta dish; how that differed from lamb stew over grits. He said about 12 dollars.

who says seniors are not employable?

Las Vegas SUN: Woman, 75, Charged With Passing Bad Checks

mental health courts

al.com: News

Apparently, these have been going on in B’ham for a couple of years. Just starting in Bessemer. There should be no shortage of business for a court like this in my old home town.


Tuesday, March 23, 2004

going to work out

My son is off at a tennis match. This one should be difficult and they were all close matches with this league school last year. My wife is still and work and says she can’t shake the bad headache she had this morning. Me—I’m bored and don’t want to do research right now or watch TV or read a book. I’m just bored and want a smoke. Think it is time to go work out. A little time on the exercise bike might help my outlook. I hope.

I don’t want a voice operated browser

The Beaufort Gazette: New Internet browser is voice operated

Then everyone can hear where I’m going on the net. Training it to say possumblog might be difficult.


I guess this makes some sense?

strange email problems

problems sending out attachments; hope it is not a virus.
little blogging yesterday

I had a problem with my gums yesterday. Not sure what but it hurt real bad. I could not get into see the dentist and in fact they were not very helpful[a fact I will pass on to the dentist when I get to see him]. Took a pain pill last night and it’s better this morning. Seems like it was an abscess or blister or something. It hurt like hell.
Maybe I’ll be more of my dull self today.


Sunday, March 21, 2004

well it looks like I did hurt myself

It would appear that I pulled some muscles in my back playing golf Friday and hitting a few tennis balls Saturday. Sleep was difficult Saturday night and the mild pain pills did not really help. Skipped church Sunday and took one of the strong things. Might have to take another one tonight. It is mainly in my lower back and only secondarily where I broke the ribs.
In case you are interested my golf was not much worse for taking off so long and my I only hit about 10 tennis balls before it started hurting. My guess is my game sucks there, too.

go blazers

I’m not much of a fan but am a graduate of UAB. So this is great. My friend, the one with the HDTV and bigger than big screen, went to Kansas. I haven’t talked to him yet but my guess is that we will watch this one together. Maybe my wife, since she is also a graduate of UAB.

sorry about all the dumb Methodist stuff today

I used to be one and some times they just go over the top.

no change here
Methodist bishop sucks up to Castro

Alabama Methodist bishop found change in Cuba

This continues a long trend of bishops in most denominations. Why do they all have to be so nice to a despot.

Methodists heard from on gays

Las Vegas SUN: Some in Gay Minister's Congregation Happy

they appear even dumber than us. A west coast conference had a trail for a lesbian, to see if she could continue being a minister. She has had a nine year relationship and a couple of weeks ago she “married” her lover. They have a 5 year old child.

The jury said they did not have enough evidence. Are these people stupid? Not really –well maybe. It looks like their social gospel is winning over their doctrine. At least in that conference.

At least we admitted what we were doing.

I was wrong, as it turns out the jury had trouble understanding the plain language of the denomination rules. I have my own thoughts about gays in the ministry, not shared by some of you but these denominations either need to be for or against. The time has passed to be splitting hairs and parsing words. I can respect those who don’t agree with me[as I hope they still respect what I think]; I can even respect those who are still struggling with the issue[probably where I really am] but the wafflers and weaselers drive me crazy.


Saturday, March 20, 2004

everything changes even a religious order

Brothers to the end
Age has slowly changed the life at a monastery near Atlanta. The monks are getting older, less able to work and the health care costs are going up. The story is interesting in its own right but it just might be a trip wire for our future.


Friday, March 19, 2004

East Carolina University gets new leader

Ballard is new chancellor at East Carolina

Strong background, however the only potential negative is that he has mainly been an administrator. That is if I read the article correctly. I wish him well, we are ready to be led.

golf update

Played golf. Didn’t hurt my ribs only my pride.

finally! No rain!

It has rained every day this week, our spring break. While I was told to wait 8 weeks before picking up a golf club or tennis racket, it’s almost there. I’m going to try and play golf today. I’m bad under the best of circumstances. I sometimes say after a round—well, at least I didn’t hurt myself. Today I have that possibility. Later.


Wednesday, March 17, 2004

it’s official men use more of their brains in sexual activity


Interesting article about a small portion of the brain, not thought to be related to sex, that is very active in male arousal. This part of the brain remains the same when women are aroused.

This research could also dispel the notion that the male’s brain loses blood flow when aroused.

ancient Egypt article

With Escorts to the Afterlife, Pharaohs Proved Their Power

I know this doesn’t fit the blog theme of changes but I love this stuff.

Well, OK the definite finding of sacrifices [human] does change the ideas. However, this had been suspected and so really doesn’t upset everything. Not a true unfreezing moment but still a good article.

another lazy day

Met a friend for lunch then paid bills. I normally pay by computer but forgot these. They will only do what you tell them. I learned that back in the dark ages of computers.
Then on to Barnes and Noble. I swore I would never be one of those guys who just sits there and treats it like a library. Well, I am now. If that is part of the business plan, so be it. Got a cup of expensive coffee and looked a book on American house architecture. I now think I have a grasp on things like Georgian, Federal and who knew there were so many types of Victorian? Now I have more questions for my favorite possum architect.

maybe later today

Took the day off from blogging yesterday and today I actually have work to do.

Monday, March 15, 2004

I see something sinister in this

newsobserver.com - Washington state OKs over-the-counter birth control pills

No, not what you are thinking. If this trial program works and birth control pills are moved OTC, everywhere, they will become like the sinus pills. Since one of them went OTC, the co-pay on other brands went way up on many insurance plans. The same could happen then, as most insurance companies will not pay for OTC products. I can hear the groups screaming about this in advance.

this guy wanted a smoke even more that I do

Florida man sentenced for cigarette truck theft

sled dog theory

While reading that wonderful blog written by Miss Janis, Gone South; a thought came to me. Well, not really a thought but a memory. She was describing a dog sled experience, from her recent adventure. It dawned on me we don’t hear much about sled dog theories of leadership anymore.

You know, “if you ain’t the lead dog; the scenery never changes”.


I think I have the nicotine thing under control.. However, the habit part of this is driving me crazy. That’s the thing about habits we do them without thinking. I have been smoking for about 35 years. The last thing before bed was a smoke; the first thing upon waking was a smoke. A smoke and a cup of coffee; when the meal was over. All these things trigger it.
For the past 15 years or so I smoked outside or in the garage; not in the house. In some ways this makes it worse. Every time I go out I want a cigarette. Today is particularly bad as it’s spring break. I’m off my normal routine and am having trouble staying busy.

No, I’m not after sympathy. Don’t expect it and know right where to find it. I just needed to vent.

Will probably begin posting stupid change stuff again tomorrow. The only big change out there now is that the Spanish let the terrorists win an election. I don’t usually get into politics but this is big. Terrorists, who don’t even believe in elections, have actually won one. Expect more to come here and elsewhere.

and no, i'm not sulking because LittleA won. The company in the pinto will be appreciated.


Saturday, March 13, 2004

slim fast getting beat up in the market

Slim - Fast to Trim Covington Work Force

They were late to the low-carb party and are hurting as a result. It would seem that slim fast would have been safe in their own little niche but apparently not. The market seems to have changed with regular slim fast drinkers moving to the low carb side. They will probably move back—eventually.


Friday, March 12, 2004

coordination does not swim in my gene pool

If I ever get so I can make a smooth and quick transition between a G to a C chord, I will declare it a national holiday. I have had the guitar a while but have really not done much with it. This week is started in earnest with at least 5 minutes in the morning and trying for 15 in the afternoon. Any more than that and my wingers will hurt and I know the chords will sound like crap.
I’m also trying to stay within myself and not let the negative thoughts come up. Like in the “inner game of tennis”; I need to recognize what is wrong and not assign blame to my ability. That process only leads to more mistakes.

moose and shriners also concerned

Yahoo! News - Elk Leave Area Plagued by Mystery Deaths

shouldn’t they be getting married in the courthouse; stalls are so undignified

Gay Marriage Stalls in Calif., Mass.

What –never mind, then.

Bessemer radio station to sell—change format?

al.com: News

Nice little article about a station in the western part of the county. I remember listening to it growing up—it played country then and my father liked it; I thought it sucked.

It would appear the format will go spanish/mexican.
peer evaluation

I can’t play for a while as I have to go and have the post observation meeting for a new faculty member. Another faculty member and I went and observed her in class. She did fine; an excellent teacher. She is also smart as a whip, energetic and very collegial. I’m glad she did well but we knew she would.
The funny thing is we observed the class where she was teaching performance evaluation.

BTW be do various forms of peer and subordinate evaluation; that is if you count students as subordinate. I think In this case that would be correct.


She is busy right now so the meeting will have to wait.


Thursday, March 11, 2004

a 400 gig hard drive? almost enough to edit video

AP Technology
is it just me? or have you ever heard of these things?

Las Vegas SUN: Swim-In-Place Pools Gaining Popularity

sort of like a treadmill but with water--don't think I'm trendy enough
a low sugar doughnut?

newsobserver.com - Krispy Kreme planning a low-sugar alternative

No word on the carbs but if white flour is used it is still a no-no for me. I did have one last week and it was good. [you at least one of everything last week, ed.] Why would you want a low sugar doughnut? A healthy donut sort of defeats the purpose.

I need to rethink this "work out" idea

So, I walked up to the Student Recreation Center and I had an idea. Well, a small one. It dawned on me that I was so out of shape that after walking to the center, I had completed my workout. I should just walk up there, take a shower and then go back to my office.

Remember, boys and girls, being old and out of shape is not a good thing.

the plan for the rest of today

Finish up office hour; in about 5 minutes; go work out; then a meeting at 2; then home for maybe a nap or practice the guitar. [I have not talent; at least not for the guitar]
Spring break is next week and I have a class at 1 tomorrow afternoon. They already know that it will not have a pop quiz or anything special. Care to guess how many will show out of the 118 on the roll?

I’m not sure what this says but it says something

queer eye guy replaces Kirstie.

The design guy from “queer eye for the straight guy”, will be the new spokesman for Pier 1. I never saw Kirstie as a good spokesperson, just did not seem to have a sense of style. Then again, I don’t either.


Wednesday, March 10, 2004

back from class and a couple of meetings

One meeting was to hear a presentation by a candidate for a position—missed most of that. The other meeting was to discuss issues of technology in the classroom. Specifically today, the issue of ADA compliance and the equipment. Such fun!

artisanal bread goes mainstream, well somewhat

Taking the Artisan Out of Artisanal

Now that I don’t eat bread anymore, except for when my wife is out of town.
First the smoking/fat pill and now this, I’m just a man ahead of his time. Speaking of time –just about time to go educate the youth of America.
Today’s topic is organizational structure. I love this topic but most don’t.

UCLA to Temporarily Stop Accepting Bodies
I thought they had a very restrictive admission policy?

The Beaufort Gazette: Advocates call for tougher rules on smoking in movies

for some movies smoking fits with the times

What next, no drinking or fat people?

The Beaufort Gazette: Walt Disney's daughter says Eisner should resign

thaw Walt out and see what he says

Woo Hoo—a bluegrass net radio station

BluegrassCountry.org: 24-hour Bluegrass. Every day. Online.

I just found this thing and not sure how it is going to be. BTW yes, I like bluegrass and old-time music and I am an amateur radio operator oh and a blogger. How does that rate of the nerd, geek and fuddy-duddy meter?

Have listened to two songs so far—while they are Ok no banjo yet but lots of dobro.

update- station review

The Sunday gospel show is on now, not bad.

we’re the SI sportstown for North Carolina

Sports Illustrated selects Greenville as part of 50th anniversary celebration

As part of the 50th anniversary of Sports Illustrated, they named one place in each state as a “sportstown”. Not really related to spectator events but to sport and community involvement. Greenville does have a very good recreation and parks department. We offer many things, including tennis. I think it’s unusual for a town this size to have its own tennis pro. We also have loads of soccer leagues, softball leagues, basketball leagues and even a park for fishing. The rec and parks dept. even runs fishing instruction. This is a nice place if you are into sports.


Tuesday, March 09, 2004

on sure! Now they come out with this

Newsday.com: New Pill Helps With Smoking and Weight

Maybe I’ll gain it back and just take these things—nah too much work.

just like the a cartoon character

Remember how the coyote would not fall until he realized that he was out there in the air? Well, I had one of those moments this morning, no not more falling, that was 6 weeks ago. This was smoking related. I was feeling pretty good about myself, seeing the smokers standing in the cold and not really wanting one. That is until I realized I did not change to a new patch this morning. Once I realized that the patch was old, guess what, the urge to smoke was massive.
God I’d hoped I was smarter than Wiley Coyote. Or at least Yosemite Sam.

encyclopedia fall into disuse

Encyclopedias Gather Dust in Internet Age

This is a real mistake. The best place to start is the encyclopedia, that is a good one. Nothing gives a better overview of the topic and the issues. Those who only google will really miss out.

new knee replacement procedure

New Knee Surgery Offers Speedy Recovery

This sounds good—a few people I know have had the knee replaced and the recovery was long.

this stupid weather

Friday and Saturday it was 80 degrees. Just a little cooler Sunday and yesterday just about like I enjoy it. Today it’s to be 50 and the dreaded “wintry mix” tonight. With a high tomorrow of 44. Got to love it.


Monday, March 08, 2004

they are at it again

Las Vegas SUN: AP: Parole Violators Crowd Calif. Prisons

You know, that crowd that thinks no one should be in prison. Well the latest shot is about how many poor parole violators, some with minor violations are in prison. It seems to me that if they know the rules and violate them—they violate them. The bleeding hearts will tell you the rules are not really major and on and on. Just another way to get people out of prison.

BTW, this starts in California but will soon be coming to a state near you.

robot assisted surgery

Doctors from around the globe travel to ECU to learn robotic-assisted surgery

Apparently, East Carolina University is a big center for this type of training. Our med school did one of the first ones but about two months later the press covered one done out of DC. Oh well, we need to be better on the PR.
I don’t really know much about this but from what I gather, it will allow them to do things that can’t be done when getting your fingers in there and do it with much less damage getting in and out.


With my wife out of town I didn’t do that well. I need direct supervision. I told her I could eat or smoke—I ate. I gained a bunch of weight. Think there is something to the low carb idea of body chemistry. I know I didn’t eat enough to gain this much weight but am starting to believe that my body stored everything. It must have been convinced it would be another 6 months before it got any more bread or sweets. Sooo it decided to keep what came in. well, back to the induction phase.

On the good side it will be 6 weeks without a smoke –tomorrow.


Sunday, March 07, 2004

an article on Curves

Women-only gym offers comfort for self-conscious

My wife started going there. The program and the lack of “cute little girls” seems to be a draw. Interesting idea and I hope it works.

Bishop Robinson, again

Las Vegas SUN: Gay Bishop Takes Over As Head of Diocese

It seems like I was blogging about this my first week here; well it goes on and on. He was consecrated bishop a while back but only really takes over day to day operation this week.
In a related story, Robinson said that if it were allowed in N.H., he would marry his partner.


Friday, March 05, 2004

Woo Hoo FOOD

From the same group that gave you gatoraide comes the all meat tortilla.

And then we have the fillings—yum.

the church and the internet

Church of England Creates Virtual Parish

If you believe, as I do, that part of the church is community, then this might be a way to build that community. I feel a part of a community based around blogging. I really don’t know how this will turn out but I really support their effort.

can online bingo be far behind—how about an online bake sale?

Online Lottery Gets OK in Georgia House

This coupled with the item above can lead to a great many things. I still don’t see how we can do a covered dish.

it might be getting better

the person at united way has the material I need for the rest of my presentation tomorrow

we are doing outcomes measures—what a joy.

investor clout

The Beaufort Gazette: Beyond Disney: Rising investor clout

The investors are rising up and it’s about time. The problem is most of these investors are in it for the short term gain and not the long term potential of the enterprise, at least in my opinion.

not much for today

did you ever start a day, thinking it was going to be easy? Well, I missunderestimated, what was required of me today. Will post later if I can dig out.


Thursday, March 04, 2004

this is a change

transsexual plays in Australian women's open

update --- this just in

newsobserver.com - Transsexual shoots 84 in Women's Australian Open
well, you learn something new every day

I didn’t know we had a granite quarry in the county. Apparently we do and it’s causing some problems for area residents. They claim the quarry blasting is causing damage to their homes.

WRAL.com - News - Fountain Residents Say Blasts From Quarry Damage Homes

article on the working poor being overweight is really just a pitch for a low-fat diet

The Beaufort Gazette: Working poor face higher obesity rates

Article mentions that these people can’t get produce and such and eat too much fat and sugar. It also mentions that they eat too many potatoes and too much flour—perfect anti-atkins. The interpretation is that they need a low fat diet.


Wednesday, March 03, 2004

I know how this guy feels

MSNBC - Smoker opts for longer prison term
BPL rollout

Utility to Offer High - Speed Internet

Broadband over Power Line [BPL] is coming. I thought the utilities had agreed to more testing. This thing can cause interference with licensed communications services—not just ham radio—I guess this place just could not wait. It’s going to be a mess there.


this is a public service announcement to all those with broken ribs
Right now that would be Nate and me—maybe some of the rest of you in the future.
When I checked out of the hospital--Pitt County Memorial Hospital-- they gave me a sheet of things not to do. One of them was laugh by last Saturday night I thought I was past all that. But—I found this program SpikeTV.com. it s the most dumb and stupid slapstick thing I’ve ever seen. I watched and after a while, I had to go and take some pain pills.
It is really funny but watch at your own risk. Warning—small children might not be the best audience, also people looking for PBS style dialogue should stay away. My students however, love it.

Experts Say New Desktop Fusion Claims Seem More Credible

if true this is big

Sounds better thatn cold fusion.Could someone tell me about this-- science and I don't converse very often or very well.
Court Rejects Attorney - Client Privilege

Ohio court rejecteed the attorney-client privilege due to the death of the client. NC has a case like this coming up-- a strange murder case.
Scientists Retract Vaccine - Autism Link

Now maybe we can get back to some sane vaccine policy; well I bet the trial lawyers don’t read this article.

this is a real change and just might work--if they can give the kids some pain meds
think i'll let Terry blog this one--he is closer to the action

Groups Urging No Antibiotics for Earaches
McDonald's to drop super-sized portions

The seven ounce fries are going bye-bye. They will still sell the 6 ounce. Can’t tell if this is PR for the health Nazis or due to the sales numbers. They said at one time they needed to simplify. They really do—too many items and too many sizes.

an update

At the risk of running off readers [like you have some? Ed.] I’ll give you an update on me. With my wife out of town I am eating a little more, well a lot more; because all the will power is going into not smoking. It’s been over 5 week now. My advice to all of you is to buy stock in sugarless gum and sunflower seed companies.
Thanks for all the encouragement folks.

We will now return to the dull change blogging.


Tuesday, March 02, 2004

just about meeting time

I must go off campus to a meeting. It’s time for the Family Support Network (I’m board president) to present before the allocation committee of the United Way. We’ve had some plant closings this year and the money is tight at United Way.
Wish me luck.

shortage of waiters in NYC

What?9s It Take to Get a Waiter in This City?

The time says this is a big change—it might be. Just read what a really good waiter can make.


Demand grows for workers with Linux skills

linux actually matters, who knew?

At least in some markets the stranglehold of microsoft is eroding.

IRS allows tax deduction for weight-loss treatment

a positive result of the current fetish about obesity, in this country

The IRS will allow weight loss treatment to be deductible. With my income level it will not matter and I don’t think eating meat counts.

Anger linked to stroke risk in men

conventional wisdom wins again

Hotheaded men, who explode in anger sort of like this Possumblog, sorry Terry, are at greater risk for a stroke.

it seemed like a good idea at the time

It was not a conspiracy against women but a practice based on incomplete data. Estrogen therapy has high risks and even without other drugs, the risks are high. Estrogen alone is risky too, this article describes the latest research. I know that medical research is never foolproof but as a people we do seem to make some decision without complete data. The medical establishment always says “trust us” items like this make that harder.


Monday, March 01, 2004

academic meetings

I can’t discuss how other disciplines do their regional meeting, so don’t take any of this to be general across the university. In the business fields we have a number of national and regional associations. Usually, these each have an annual meeting and at that meeting papers are presented. To what purpose?; as presented papers are not that valuable, in our fields. [the hierarchy tends to be top tier journals, lesser journals, meeting proceedings and then papers presented without proceedings]
Ideally, the meeting should serve several purposes, it should: gather those with similar interests together; provide a forum to learn and exchange ideas; get feedback on research; and provide peer review of research. To accomplish this we attendees should go to various sessions and listen to papers other than our own and our friends. We can then take this new knowledge and new approaches back to the classroom and the research arena...
By presenting a paper, the person subjects him/her self to two tiers of peer review. [peer review is important in academics as it is peers that are deemed competent to judge the quality of our work] the paper must first be selected for the meeting and most meetings do reject some papers. Also, a discussant is assigned the paper. The discussant should read and comment on the paper in a critical manner. This keeps us honest and also points out areas of improvement.
We also go to these meetings to look for jobs, visit old friends and just hangout and eat and drink. If the meeting is in a nice place we sight see and shop. We should have fun but we also need to treat the meeting with respect and try to get something out of the experience.
I heard some good and interesting papers and some not so good. I did learn some new things about attitudes toward the disabled and the related attitudes toward women and minorities. This will help me in class and in future research. I also had a great time being away for a few days with my wife.

Las Vegas SUN: Study: Blogging Still Infrequent

hey I’ve been out of town

That’s the reason I haven’t been updating. Really, the article says that less than 7% have a blog and less than 10% of those update daily. Most of us here are ahead of the game. I guess it only seems tha everyone in the country has a blog.


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