Monday, February 28, 2005

see they have been here and they left signs or at least graffiti

The Beaufort Gazette: Ancient earth drawings found in Peru
back at work

The days of being off at the meeting were fun but today is back to work. The weather fits my mood—click on the campus cam links. It is windy, cool and raining/overcast. Lots of stuff to do including getting my papers in to get reimbursed.


Saturday, February 26, 2005

something good on public TV

I’m doing a little work, very little, and watching UNC TV. They are short of money and it seems festival is now a weekly show. Tonight Doc Watson is on, right now with David Holt and I hope later with some better people.


Friday, February 25, 2005

the meeting went fine

The meeting was fine, the paper was fine, I saw some old friends, talked with some relatively new ones and went to the North Carolina Museum of Art. We are staying in Raleigh an extra day to see old friends.

I’m blogging from a Panera as they have free WiFI—might have mentioned that last night.

Thursday, February 24, 2005

the better late than never edition of the thursday three

Strangest car—maybe the ford econoline pickup/cab over

strange ford truck

I loved it.

Worst car—probably either the bugeyed sprite with no second gear and the large oil leak or the 1958 Chevy Bel-air.

Wrecks—two one last year and one when I was 16 and a kid rolled up on my windshield after he ran a light and hit the side of my car—the chevy. He was on a bicycle and scared both of usto death—but no one hurt.

Wednesday, February 23, 2005

when the governor of North Carolina proposes a 35 cent cigarette tax—you know the end of the line is near

WRAL.com - News - Easley Seeks 35-Cent Cigarette Tax Increase

I quit a year ago and this is a sign that even NC has turned the corner—it is all downhill for the industry from here.

getting ready to leave town

I’ll be going here [SE DSI 2005 Conference] to present a paper.
The hotel is supposed to have internet access so maybe I’ll see you online if not it will be next week then.
world council of churches shows its true face

Las Vegas SUN: Church Council Seeks Pressure on Israel

And that face is far left and borderline antisemetic.


Tuesday, February 22, 2005

now this is news

Catholic World News : Archeologists discover St. Paul's tomb

I haven’t really looked at the article or the other blogs commenting on this yet. I got the link via One Hand Clapping

in today’s episode of Ms. Kettle and Mrs. Black

New York Post Online Edition: gossip

Cher shots off her mouth.

I’m sorry this guy is dead

Gene Scott

I never lived anywhere I could see his programs on a regular basis. I watched in the 80’s when we visited my father in law. He had one of those big satellites.
The first thing I heard for Scott was about the Great Pyramid. The guy was a trip.


Monday, February 21, 2005

big organ

From pipe dream to pipe organ

I go to this church.


Sunday, February 20, 2005

the slowest continuing suicide in America is finally over

The New York Times > AP > National > Author Hunter S. Thompson Kills Himself

There was some talent there—wasted in every sense of the word.
I don’t know which surprised me more

Las Vegas SUN: Obituaries in the News

That Sandra Dee was dead or that she was 62.

did you think the trend would last forever?
Variety.com -newsmags drag

So the news mags are dropping in the ratings. They had to—nothing last forever. Apparently TV people think share will never decrease and wall street thinks profits and revenues will always increase at an increasing rate. Can’t happen never will—thus someone will always be disappointed even after a good run.


Friday, February 18, 2005

from the most trusted to the most clueless man in America

Texas Monthly March 2005: Dan Rather Retorting

I never was sure that Walter was the most trusted but many people thought so. Apparently in this article Dan just can’t figure out why the right thinks he is biases. Did he ever have a clue?

cargo cults

Cargo cult - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

In the comments to a post below I mentioned the Jefferson county legislators were acting out their part in a “cargo cult”. This might have been wrong as they never have seemed to get what they want. This article is pretty good on the cults. I generally find that some political actors and some “advocates” and “activists” are operating like they are in the cults. They go through the motions that in the past led to success.

stadium of dreams

if you build it they will come

Dome `holy war' locks the House

As part of a long standing tradition, the lawmakers of Jefferson County Alabama again get angry when the rest of the word does not share in their delusion. This time the delusion is for a domed stadium. No real clue as to who will play there or who will watch the nonexistent team play.
It’s nice to have dreams but after awhile you have to realize that some dreams never will be realized—please get this straight
Birmingham is not and will not be a NFL city!

Also, Alabama and Auburn are not coming back to town for loads of games each year.


Thursday, February 17, 2005

we will all face it if we live that long
The Beaufort Gazette: New prostate cancer treatment promising

This treatment is for advanced prostate cancer but anything is progress.

we will all face it if we live that long
The Beaufort Gazette: New prostate cancer treatment promising

This treatment is for advanced prostate cancer but anything is progress.


Wednesday, February 16, 2005

damn fine cup of coffee

And maybe good for you too.
The Beaufort Gazette: Coffee may help prevent liver cancer

it’s a dysfunctional family twofer

The link below has new info about the sex scandal. The teacher’s father was also in his own scandal this month as he resigned his football coach job in October when accused of assault on a female.

I swear we have a scandal

South Central teacher indicted for sex offense

However, nobody seems to notice.


Tuesday, February 15, 2005

we pulled our ambassador out of Syria

My Way News

Watch this space—this could just be a form of protest—pulling the ambassador is a heavy weight thing to do or it could really signal something much more.
Cryptic enough for you??

did you watch the Today Show yesterday?

'Today' shines on Greenville

Al Roker was here and that was our hospital and medical center. Yep we are pretty proud of it. It’s not large like some of you metro folks but in a county of only about 100 k people—maybe up to 120, having an over 700 bed teaching hospital with a level one trauma center is a big deal.

flu shots might not save elderly

ABC News: Flu Shots for Elderly May Not Save Lives

I haven’t seen the actual report and it sounds like a problem in the sample and method but I loved the response from the govt. they are basically going to ignore it. Sort of a “we know we are right—don’t confuse us with facts.”

This could get interesting.

If anyone out there is a medical type researcher jump in.

not much here today

I came home early yesterday—gave the negotiations class a bargain to do, then tried to rest. I’m not dog or possum sick but I have a bad cold. The trinity of sore throat, headache and cough is bad but not as bad as others, including my wife.
My main problem is that I have coughed so hard I have hurt my ribs. This isn’t as bad a breaking them but if I cough hard then my ribs will hurt for a couple of minutes after.

Also, I have to finish some grading and a little research reading—have a good day.


Monday, February 14, 2005

this is sad

FOXNews.com - U.S. & World - Legendary Bowler Dick Weber Dies at 75

He was 75 but I never really thought of him as old. I guess he is locked in my mind as he was in the 60’s. when his bowling and mine were at their prime.
Yep, the only sports trophies I won as a kid were fro bowling. And yep I watched the Saturday ABC program. I bowled a lot from the age of about 11 until 15 or so. I wish I had kept at it. I wish I had watched a senior event to see Dick Weber one last time.

what gives here?—DEI lacks power at Daytona!

NASCAR.com - DEI down on engine power, Dale Jr. says - Feb 14, 2005

All three cars qualified in the 30’s.


Saturday, February 12, 2005

some folks still have it

'You picked the wrong man' - Yahoo! UK & Ireland News

Robber attempts to hold up 88 year old man. Doesn’t know he is former boxer---old guy OK’S punk..


Friday, February 11, 2005

all hail CW

The New York Times > Health > Vital Signs: Behavior: Lullaby for the Sleep-Deprived

this has been long suspected—right?

The New York Times > Health > Sudden Stress Breaks Hearts, a Report Says

even with this headline we can’t make the national news

Court records: Teacher met student wearing pajamas, carrying tequila


Thursday, February 10, 2005

just heard that the sugar industry is going to sue splynda

Says the company claims the product is natural. You would think that an industry that ran off one artificial sweetener and gets protected like crazy would just shut up—not these guys. Hey Mr. President I got your subsidy right here.

one step from life support

The New York Times > AP > Business > Winn - Dixie Losses Continue to Mount Up

Closing stores and selling the store brand manufacturing units while the losses grow; it doesn’t look good.

We haven’t had a Winn-Dixie here in town for a few years. They had two that apparently were doing OK and merged into one big “super store” that failed. I don’t know what happened to the brand but it seems they have no place to live –no niche—no focus and aren’t cheap enough to play the cost leadership game. I don’t know what their competencies are anymore—the were the “beef people” and even the Atkins didn’t seem to help.

one down no telling how many to go

Las Vegas SUN: Lawyer Convicted of Helping Terrorists

Lynne Stewart, a “civil rights” lawyer was convicted of helping pass messages in for the suspected terrorists she was defending. In effect she became part of the cell. Some are claiming that this is a message to lawyers to walk softly around these cases, I don’t think so. I think the message is don’t become part of the criminal organization.

To paraphrase professor Reynolds, some people aren’t really interested in legal rights they’re just on the other side.

computers –the wave of the future you know

did Al Gore invent these things

What a dorky/geeky Thursday three!
1. My first computer—besides the actually mainframes they made us learn on in college—was one of these Antique Computer Virtual Museum -Sanyo MBC 1000-. What does that say about me that my first computer is now in the museum? I got a small consulting job and it paid for the computer. Not actually a bad machine—word and calc star and some small database program.
2. Horror story—two of them actually—when lightening took out my beloved iMac. At heart I’m one of “those” people. Given the choices last summer I went with the hp as the replacement and it is a fine computer but you just can’t love a windows machine. Especially, story number two, when service pack two eats you operating system. It took me a few weeks to get everything working again.
3. Favorite program would have to be iMovie/iDVD. These programs – the work together, are alone worth the price of a Mac. Making movies out of you camcorder stuff cannot be any easier, more intuitive or fun. My son used this program to make a history day project—he learned a lot and also made it to nationals. The program is so easy that you don’t have to be a kid to learn it.

bonus answer—MAC rules

As to other burgers I had one last weekend that was the best thing I’ve had in years-- the Beale Street burger at Sticky Fingers.

what if you gave a scandal and nobody came?

Investigators say telephone records led to teacher's sex offense charge

I don’t know why but we can’t make the national news with this one. Heck, we can’t even make the state news.


Wednesday, February 09, 2005

is this a threat to intel?? Sounds like it

The New York Times > AP > Technology > Microprocessor Challenge to Intel Launched

And to WINTEL also—by implication.

from your one stop transsexual headquarters

The New York Times > AP > Sports > British Open to Allow Transsexual Golfers

Golf-- !!

that Compaq deal never looked good to most people

The New York Times > Technology > Hewlett-Packard's Chief Resigns, Ending Rocky Tenure

I think she did some good things but in the end the deal didn’t make her forecast. You could see what was going on last week as the board stripped her of some duties—a clear signal that either she would resign or be forced out.


Tuesday, February 08, 2005

bye bye

The New York Times > National > Some Bush Foes Vote Yet Again, With Their Feet: Canada or Bust

remember boys and girls when liberals tell the government what to do they aren’t interfering like those bad/evil/mean-spirited conservatives

Episcopal Presiding Bishop comments on federal budget

They aren’t trying to get the government to enact their gospel—that is what others do—they are only pointing the way that everyone should go.

Yes the church has a right to offer programs but it seems like only one side can participate.
but they’re from Canada—so they must be better than ours

The Beaufort Gazette: FDA warns against home tests from Canada

Nothing from Canada could be bad –could it? I mean they have like a health care system and hate speech codes and high taxes so everything must e great.

not sure what I think about this

The Beaufort Gazette: Dolly scientist gets human cloning license

Someone once said—the world will end not with a bang or a whimper but with the words—“we have the technology.”

scandal update

Reflector.com: -- The Daily Reflector online

A couple of weeks ago I mentioned the story of a female teacher and the male high school student. Well, they investigated and the teacher has been arrested.
My link gets the paper front page and the picture—you can follow the story.

Maybe it’s just me or maybe it is the camera used at the sheriff’s office but don’t all the teachers seem to have a similar look about them?


Monday, February 07, 2005

pray for the peace of Jerusalem

WRAL.com - News - Israel, Palestinians To Declare Truce

sort of busy this morning

Classes to teach; tests to make out and tests to get up online. Maybe if I was an organized person this would go better—nope don’t think so.


Sunday, February 06, 2005

it’s a tradition

In a few minutes I’m off to watch the super bowl with some friends. We have been watching together since the one guy got his first big screen projection TV. I think that was in before the 1981 game. We get older and the games may get worse but we still have a good time.


Thursday, February 03, 2005

isn’t this a little disingenuous?

The Beaufort Gazette: Group: Biotechs don't deliver on promises

The center for science in the public interest is criticizing the biotech industry because it hasn’t done enough. I suppose the implication is that they should shut down. Which is exactly what I would think this nadir type group would want anyway. Can’t think of a time I’ve agreed with them but watch every report they do get right on the evening news in a very unaltered state. The MSM will reprint/reshow the press release.

this could be a real problem

The Beaufort Gazette: 2 New York men diagnosed with rare STD

Unusual diseases in this population have the potential to spread quickly.

Phobias?? does being scared of the Thursday Three count?

1. I don’t like heights—nope not at all. I’m not even happy being 5-eleven.
2. Yes it can get embarrassing. I can get so bad that I’ll stop the car and make my wife drive over certain bridges.
3. I’m still upset about the Panthers last year. I enjoy the game because a small group of us have been watching it since 1980. we have a good time anyway. No booze actually but loads of food we ain’t supposed to eat. I hate to have to agree with Mr. Vegas Possum but New England by 10.


Wednesday, February 02, 2005

my aunt and uncle

When my aunt died Monday night that closed a chapter in my life. They had been married long enough that I never remember a time without them –together. I enjoyed being with them as a child and as an adult. Since they didn’t have children, and really would have been good parents, they were close to the nieces and nephews. Being the only child on one side of the family I got to spend a lot of time with them.

Some in my family tried to go more up market—not this aunt and uncle. They were laid back and down home. In fact they were more of the redneck variety. I don’t put this down—in fact I cherish it. I learned to fish with them, we went to BIR on Sunday and if I was lucky I got to go to Montgomery of Saturday night. I learned to go to football games to see the game not to dress up to impress people. I learned unpretentious grace and hospitality. I used to see them often when I lived near and talked to them all the time. What I learned from them was that I was loved.

As a last sort of sad note—the second phone number I learned—after my own—was Uncle Bob and Aunt Erline’s. They had that same number since I learned it. Every other number changed or went out of service—now that one is gone too.

last night was fun

My wife and I have said we wanted to play bridge but we weren’t really going to learn on our own. The university has a bridge club and is offering lessons this month. Last night was the first meeting and we had a good time. Some instruction but mostly playing the cards and working us up to bidding.
We played something like spades/hearts and then something called “mini” bridge. You declared points and could name trumps and called how many tricks you might make but didn’t really bid.

We both enjoyed it although I don’t think we are the type to go back after the lessons for the duplicate nights--- well maybe.

BTW this was bridge as in cards not as in building—I’m not a good welder.

some things never change

The New York Times > AP > International > Sunni Clerics: Iraqi Vote Illegitimate

They are trying to have a veto over everything—no go this time—the country passed you by. The non-voting Sunni’s reminded me of the type of people who use hunger strikes—I will hurt/spite myself and you are supposed to drop everything to help me. Don’t think the rest of the country actually cares.

he could actually be trouble for the republicans

The New York Times > Washington > Dean Emerging as Likely Chief for Democrats

It will depend on which Dean shows up. If the candidate, obsessed with the war and becoming more negative with each minute—the hate quote from last week as an example, he will pose no real problem. However, if he morphs back into the pragmatic and caring governor, then the race is on again. During the 90’s he could spout the middle ground dem line and did it well.
Guess we will just have to wait and see.

my aunt died Monday night

al.com - Death Notices

This was the aunt I was worried about back before Christmas—when my uncle died. We didn’t think she would last long without him—less than two months.


Tuesday, February 01, 2005

a catch up day

some reading, some writing and lots of little things that have been on the back burner for a while. The best part is that all this can be done from home.

this is probably the best way to borrow the money

Newsday.com - AP New Jersey

If you have to; or if you think you really need to borrow the money. Home equity loans would seem to be a better deal than loading up the VISA.
However, being fairly financially conservative—yep I keep access to way too much in the way of bank deposits, I wouldn’t borrow the whole amount. I probably wouldn’t spend it either.

What does bother me however is actually related to Social Security. Many people want a means test—you know if I have a lot of savings and assets I get less. Well, lets say you spent yours on trips and super bowls and big screen TV, now I should get less—to H__L with you .

all things eventually come to an end

The New York Times > AP > Sports > Golf > Palmer to Skip Bay Hill for First Time

This will likely put an end to a streak of over 50 straight years of playing in a PGA tournament.


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