Friday, January 30, 2004

report in the paper said 65 people went to the hospital for fall injuries, I did not get a mention by name

a little explanation is in order: I went to carry out some garbage, around 11:30 on Tuesday then off to shop, maybe. It did not have to go out then and there are multiple ways out of the house. In the famous last words department, I said doesn’t look too bad, I can handle it.
To paraphrase: I saw , I stepped, I fell.
Only about 4 steps and I went to the bottom, the point of contact, since these things happen in slow motion, I remember well, the point of contact with me and the steps was the exact point of the steps where the riser meets the horizontal surface and a point on my left back. I got good distance and the judges gave me a 9.3, said I really stuck the landing.
Managed to get back into the house and upstairs, my wife was in the shower, to tell her I thought I had hurt myself.
Next installment will cover a trip to the local doc-in-the-box and then to the emergency department of the hospital. Including the long wait for drugs and the longer wait for a chest tube—have never wanted one before so I didn’t really know how long they took.

Never got the garbage out, my son got it later, for some reason I dropped in while falling and just left it on the steps.


Thursday, January 29, 2004

what I have learned since I last blogged, on Tuesday

ice is more slippery than it looks
brick steps are harder than most parts of your body
fractured ribs hurt
fractured ribs really hurt!
pneumothroax is what we used to call collapsed lung
chest tubes don’t hurt that much going in or coming out
I learned some other things and will be more specific as pain and drugs balance each other out


Tuesday, January 27, 2004


Seems to be melting, weather.com says it is about freezing. That's the first time in a couple of days. Might actually try and start the cars soon. I plan on letting some ice get off before I try.
All of us don't have work or school today. Tomorrow we should be back to normal. Well, normal for us.

Monday, January 26, 2004

the Donner party weren’t starving

Nope, they were just bored and snow bound. I have this terrible urge to snack. Luckily, I’m only tempted by “my” snacks not the high carb stuff. After a while enough low carb items add up to be high carb.

Might not get better tomorrow, classes resume at noon. Mine are at 8 and 9:30, with office hours until noon. Will probably go in later.

soup and weather update

Forecast is for more freezing rain, about one-half inch of new ice. This could bring down some power lines. It is supposed to warm up starting overnight.
Is the soup the best I’ve ever had, no. Is is good on a cold day—oh yes.

cold outside—30
making chicken soup—good for the mental outlook, tastes good and Atkins legal

No, I’m not making this from homemade stock. Wal-Mart stock in a can, it’s good and easy and cheaper. I did cut my own onion and celery, however. That’s all we have here and icy roads and closed stores don’t lead to much else in the soup. I do have a soup stone, if any of you would like to come by with some carrots or other things.
Well, sweated the veggies and seasoned them up, Emeril’s don’t come seasoned and neither do mine. Maybe in the food city of Birmingham they do. [Is that a dig?, ed—no Birmingham has had good to great restaurants from as long as I have been eating]
Poured in the chicken broth, cut with a little water and now for a long simmer. Have to remember to pull the bay leaf after a while. A little bay goes a long way in this house.
Methinks I went a little overboard with my new pepper grinder. A neat plastic one. Ain’t I a real foodie?
Will let you know how this turns out and for an added tip will let you in on the secret of making this into cream of chicken soup.
Yes I know there is no chicken in the chicken soup, refer to earlier statement re: icy roads and chicken driver.

campus cams

ECU Campus Weather & Cameras

They are taking a long time to load. The stuff near the library looks like pretty snow but don't be fooled. What the cam does not show is the water wall--its cool and the whole thing is a sonic plaza. Entering will trigger sounds of different patterns. It was cool the first few times but now is a pain. Especially if someone brings their kids to campus. They think starting the sounds is great. The water wall thingy is still cool to me. Too bad it isn't shown but will most likely is frozen today.
WAit on the cams two will come up after a long time of black.
pirate cam

WITN-TV Pirate Cam

No, we don't have a white foootball field. That's ice and snow. We are shut down.

snow day

Well, the weather folks missed it. Yesterday we got about an inch of snow with about a half inch of ice on top. It was really slick and not easy to drive. At 1 this morning, it was 30 degrees and expected that this was the low for the day. It was to warm up—low 40’s and rain. All the ice and snow gone—yeah right. When I got up it was 20 and it is still supposed to get to 37 and rain. More ice on top of ice.
Everything in town has shut down at least for the day, including the university.
Before any of you tell us how weak we are for closing let me remind you—not you can’t drive on ice either, you just are out there looking for a ditch to park in.
More later if I can think of anything –maybe just back to bed. We have plenty of food in the house, a genarator if needed and plenty of diet drinks and coffee. I did eat all my low carb snack—no snacks! Hope it melts soon.


Sunday, January 25, 2004

sleet and snow

We got bad weather today. The roads are really bad, the university starts tomorrow at 11. My son is out of school and we expect more rain; if the temp goes up, as expected, everything will be fine.
Had an all day meeting at the chruch, as soon as i regain my perspective about it --will blog it.

Saturday, January 24, 2004

some people are just idiots
School Honor Rolls Under Privacy Scrutiny

Not to pick only on the legal profession and those in educationalll administration but read the story. Nashville schools have stopped listing the honor role students, on the advice of the lawyers, because it might be harmful to those who do did not make the list.
This is stupid and so are those behind it.
In just two days, tomorrow will be yesterday.

Got an email with this in it. Sort of sums up the whole change idea, at least the way I feel about it, today.
you can always count on Alabama

ABC 33/40 Alabama's News Leader - Playboy Banned At Cullman Book Store

Friday, January 23, 2004

yes! I’m working

That last post was just a related issue to some last minute class prep. I try to look for news that might illustrate what we are discussing today. The analysis of the external environment is the topic and I can mention Kodak and Polaroid’s failure to see change coming soon enough. In the case of Polaroid it killed them.
As relevant and up to date as a management prof. is going to get.

if this is a Kodak moment then it’s not a great one
and it is digital

Kodak to Reduce Work Force by Up to 15,000

The company was slow to embrace digital but at least faster than some others. Also, fuji had been kicking its rear in film for a few years now. It seemed when slides went so did Kodak.

I feel much like I did last week. Either I have some strange intermittent illness or I’m just allergic to Friday.
Friday should be an easy day--one class to teach and no office hours. Plenty of time to do some research[what's that? do you still do that? have seen no evidence of it this semester--ed.] but it seems i get very little done--too much time not assigned to specific duties. SO-- if you hear much from me today it will mean that the literature search and reading of background material on the current project is not going well.


Thursday, January 22, 2004

off to meetings—yes more than one

First up is the University Curriculum Committee. This is the committee that approves all changes to undergraduate programs for the university. I represent the chair of the faculty, mainly his eyes and ears. I chaired this committee for about 7 years and know where the burial grounds are. So far everyone is playing straight.
Next will be the College of Business undergraduate committee. This is basically our college curriculum committee. Remember, curriculum changes are a faculty matter. So we have these committees they actually do a good job.
More from home tonight as these two meetings will take us up to 5 or later.

redefining the purpose of the organization

Kennedy Proposes Health Care Expansion

We used to teach about organizational purpose. Purpose was defined by society. In general, private sector organizations were defined by meeting customer needs. More and more I see proposals like this one which redefine the corporation as an engine to provide employment and benefits not meet consumer needs. This is a worrisome trend for only if customer needs are met do organizations stay alive.

AP Q&A on new church group

Las Vegas SUN: Q&A on Episcopal Church's Gay Divide

Not a bad job for a thumbnail article.

Wednesday, January 21, 2004

good wine in a box?

The Seattle Times: Wine: For value wine, think outside the bottle

Conditions in the industry and the general climate of drinking are leading to better wines showing up in boxes. I can drink boxed wine, as is. I know some cannot--palate too refined but now overseas, actual vintage wines (not just the day of the week) are showing up in a box.
make use of that hollow space in your head
Print Article: Block your ears to hear better on Japan's new bone phone

New device lets phone vibrate in your head. Those of us with small brains and lots of space can use this. Those with dense brick like matter will be out of luck.

Eastern North Carolinian named country doctor of the year

N.C. Physician Named Best Country Doctor

He is not far from where I le\ive. Less than 50 miles. Belhaven is a pretty town, on the water. I think I might have met this guy but can't be sure.
Hardee's takes a different strg.

Started in eastern Carolina, the HArdee's chain, is not discounting but going with full price big burgers. Their's used to have a good taste; it seems to be returning. The low carb thing is actually good. Might have one tonight. I sure miss the breakfast; it's still there but I can't eat it.
Lucent makes a profit
two quarters in a row

Lucent Technologies Posts $338M Profit

After over 4 years of losses, finally. Woo--Hoo I have 50 shares, can I retire soon?
can unions get out the vote

Unions Examine Operations After Iowa Loss

What is the influence anymore, anyway? Their man finished 4th. Lots of excuses but is this the first sign of lack of power?

Tuesday, January 20, 2004

Bessemer school board irate

al.com: News

No change here. This time they were upset over not getting reports before the meeting. They also get irate when the sun moves behind a cloud.

Monday, January 19, 2004

got a new cell phone

LG Electronics USA :: CDMA

Got a camera and will get email. Problem is I’m not sure I’m smart enough to understand it.

I was able last night, late!, to send pictures via email. This is so cool, makes me wish i was young to really take advantage of all of this. Also, not to know what this all costs.

wife of Amway co-founder dies--expect big crowd at funeral

Las Vegas SUN: Obituaries in the News

Because each mourner will get ten friends and then they will get ten friends---

Sunday, January 18, 2004

sacred harp singing center to be built in Bessemer

al.com: NewsFlash

Never really encountered this type of singing much myself but knew it was big in north Alabama. I guess I never associated it with Jefferson county.
Still, anything Bessemer can get is a help.
and I'm stuck on that number, have been for about 3 weeks now
atkins diet recommends more fish, chicken--less red meat and cheese
Oh--now they tell me--when I'm 47 down and near goal.

green cemeteries

Las Vegas SUN: Texas Cemetery Offers Eco-Friendly Burial

No preservatives and no vaults let your body nourish the environment. Apparently, these are popular in England. Maybe they will grow here.

Personally, I want to be cremated and have my ashes scattered on people who had annoyed me, in life.


Saturday, January 17, 2004

online bill payment grows

Banks Try to Pave the Way to Online Bill Paying

I guess I don’t think of this as news or a real change. I’ve been paying bills online now for so long, I really can’t remember when I started. At least 3 or more years.
It’s the only way to go.

great news for WWII history geeks

newsobserver.com - World War II aerial photo archive to go online
RAF archives to go online Monday.

university glassblowers being eliminated

sunspot.net - maryland news

Turns out items can being bought for less cost and current experiments don’t require as much specialty glass.

I may have completely lost it

Well, I am at the office working and burning a dvd of a old vhs tape I have also downloading balloon animal diagrams. My wife gave me one of the small, cheap starter sets for Christmas. It’s fun.
Does this mean she thinks I would make a good clown or already am one?
I mean, a highly trained professional, not only making balloon animals but needing instructions. Come on! You creative types would figure this out on your own.

BTW, yes I am feeling better today. Have had a day of shopping for new cell phones and working at the office. My wife is cleaning house. I don’t mind helping but don’t react to supervision that close anymore.

fallout from the census

Blacks and Latinos Try to Find Balance in Touchy New Math

The NY Times looks at the issue of Latinos becoming the largest minority group in the U.S. This takes some adjustment among Blacks, Latinos and whites. It is a complicated issue and this article does a fair job, at least as far as I have read.

for the first time since August 1945, Japanese troops enter combat zone

Japanese Troops Train for Iraq Mission

All at home are not happy with this but we will take the help where we can get it. I suspect the leaders of the JDF wanted some expereince not just training.

Friday, January 16, 2004

TV seasons seem to have lost meaning over the years

Fox Says Television Season Is Changing

Fox says the concept is dead. The idea of a season, second season and reruns is finished. Fox to air new shows whenever. It does seem that the concept of a “season” has gone far-far away. It is a relic of the past.
Also, Fox needs to try something.

does every university in Alabama have a run-a-way board?

al.com: NewsFlash

The university I knew as Livingston State, now UWA, is on probation by SACS. The faculty have asked most of the board to resign. My guess is they won’t. It seems boards take a heady view of their power, at least in Alabama.
Some time this weekend I will continue the academic life series; mentioning how a university is supposed to be governed. And no, it’s not like the editorial in the Montgomery paper suggested—the board is not in control of day to day operations and also not academic programs.

this day bites, part two

Gave the plumber the wrong times when I could be there, missed him by about 20 minutes and he went to another job. Now I have to wait until Monday afternoon.
My plunger and I both, admit defeat, now if I could only find my rusty [make that trusty, snake] I could really mess things up.

today BITES

I feel like crap—rode hard and all of that feeling. If I had sick leave I would take it. Hope it is just a cold. Maybe I can infect some students. Also, a toilet overflowed this morning and have to deal with that. Nothing really bad just one of those days


Thursday, January 15, 2004

not much blogging today

Have to prepare for a board meeting. Since I chair the thing, I should have a handle on what is going on.
Being the clown is more fun than being the ringmaster.
not sure I want my hair standing on end
Las Vegas SUN: Gillette Unveils Pulsing Shaving Razor

New razor has battery that electrifies hair.
I love to watch the sun rise

I just don’t like watching it from the rec center. Yes, I went to the rec center today, very early, so I could do this before my class at 8. I don’t think going to the center is working; maybe I should try some actual exercise while I’m there but actually working out gets you all sweaty and tired. And it feels like work and stuff.

However, if you are at the rec center before 6:15, the prospect of a class at 8 is not daunting.


Wednesday, January 14, 2004

under stocked-- over priced toy store to seek Ch. 11

KB Toys Seeks Chapter 11 Protection

WalMart can be blamed but also mall locations, small crowded stores, high prices, lack of selection and indifferent staff. Right --must all the the fault of WalMart.

looks like the split is coming

Las Vegas SUN: Conservatives Seek Episcopal Realignment

Conservative Episcopalians are drafting letter seeking replacement of the Episcopal Church USA with another group—theirs. More conservative and in line with the African bishops. The African churches might agree on this but they also have many things that most Americans don’t really like.

about time to stop this fun and go teach class

beginning management-- intro lecture important but boring to the students
way too much boiler plate and ground work
is the bloom off the rose colored glasses?

Country Music Sales Slump in 2003

Ok you have to be old to get the mild joke. REcord sales are down-- the industry offers many reasons but how about the music is not really country and not really pop and just sort of bites.
personal photography is alive and well--just not on film

Kodak to Stop Making Its APS Cameras

I have gone to all digital for a couple of reasons. I am too lazy to ever get the film developed and it costs too much. Don't print many pictures just put them on cheap cd's and give the whole thing to relatives. If I feel fancy I will make a slide show.
e-trade and TD waterhouse might merge

E - Trade, TD Waterhouse Explore Merger

Might work out-- etrade has a different market niche that does waterhouse. It will be interesting to see how they combine the two. I don't have an online trading account but am thinking about opening one soon.
dress for success

Don’t know how it was when you were in college but when I went, my professors all wore coat and tie—at least the men. Well, some here still do but others of us dress down. Today, I have a flannel shirt and a pair of khaki pants.
The only problem with that today is the heat in the building. Glad I didn’t put muffin batter in my pockets [do you do this often? Ed.—just sometimes as it can be fun] otherwise they would be rising about now.


Tuesday, January 13, 2004

low carb cavalcade

local6.com - Food – Burger Giant Joins Low-Carb March

Burger King to make a whopper without bread. Also, they are going to provide more nutrition information, at least on line. I hope the “carb bubble” doesn’t bust too soon. I’m enjoying the options. However, I feel that eating out more often has hurt the diet [I’m at a standstill, might have even gained a pound]. It seems if I eat out, I clean my plate. Have to break that habit.
In a related item, my wife went to Subway today to get a low carb wrap. She and another person in line were disappointed, Subway had run out of wraps. Either sales are good or they did not stock many.

making low carb chili, listening to Lyle Lovett and blogging; just a modern renaissance man

Yet that’s me --
Oh, and I preach too--and darned well, if I do say so. Feeling so good, I might just have a beer--I'm an episcopalian, it's allowed, if not required.


Monday, January 12, 2004

IRL might buy CART assets

IRL Mulls Bidding on CART Assets

Interesting development--the IRL might just win afterall.

more women than men now shop on line

newsobserver.com - Women take lead in filling online shopping carts

This reverses the trend. What digital divide--at least not by sex.
yes, we have no vidalias

al.com: NewsFlash

Disease hits vidalia onions--oh No! I'm not able to have as many as I want, given the diet, but I love um.
Sunday preaching

Mr. Possum has mentioned, in the past, that we might want to blog about the preaching we heard on the past Sunday. Well, at our 8 am service, we had a great sermon. It was trying to relate the baptism of Jesus to the epiphany and ending with a call to ministry. The emphasis was that we are all called to minister in the name of the lord, are all equipped for it and we must show the love of Christ through our life and actions. All of this was done in a short amount of time. It was a great sermon, delivered well and the preacher was good looking also.

OK, I am biased as I preached this one. I get to preach every so often, not as much as I used to but often enough. I usually get the opportunity when there is not a sermon at the later service and they then let me preach to the smaller, early crowd. The early congregation is very receptive and nice. They are very supportive of my efforts.

nothing much going on today

I'm not really that busy but don't see anything I want to blog about.

Sunday, January 11, 2004

conservative episcopalians meet and might split with national church

Episcopalians Meet to Discuss a Possible Split

angry over the gay bishop, still seething about other issues over the years; they want the world wide communion to make them the "national church".
If they are going to do something --then get on with it.

Saturday, January 10, 2004

Friday, January 09, 2004

NASCAR to move to playoff system

rpm.espn.com: Ten race playoff system possible

While the current system might not reward the winner enough, this new system does not really seem to my liking. I need to study it more but it seems designed to generate interest against football, in the fall race season. who knows i might really I think about it.
I do try not to be an old, anti-change guy.
Lego in trouble?

USATODAY.com - Lego, expecting worst loss in its history, fires two executives, ponders layoffs

Biggest loss ever and heavy competition from other toy markers. Are modern kids more interested in electronic toys?
IBM to move to Linux by 2005

Yahoo! News - IBM Issues a Linux Challenge

This is a bold move, moving to open source. Whatever that is. Is this a real attack on windows or just a bluff?

Thursday, January 08, 2004

old friends

Do any of you have friends, that you have lost touch with? I mean good friends, those you grew up with, went to every grade and Sunday school with. Over the years you drift apart, go to different universities, move to various parts of the country.
We tended to keep up through parents who still lived in our home town. Well, the parents are dead and all but one of our group left town and only one other lives in Alabama.
I got a call tonight from the one left in town, another of the small group died today, in California. Haven’t seen him in years but tried to keep up with him—memories.

snow, snow, snow, SNOW, S-N-O-W !!!!!!

National Weather Service : Zone Forecast : Pitt , North Carolina

Snow, panic, go to store buy up a weeks worth of things that will go bad in a few days. We’re going to be stranded!! If you have a 4 wheel drive vehicle, go out and look for a ditch to park it in. Generally, act like you have lost your mind.

Maybe we will get some snow, flurries? A dusting? An inch? They are not really sure. It’s supposed to start about dawn tomorrow and continue off and on all day. My guess is that the county school system will dismiss a little after noon and everyone will act dumb.

snow readiness update
My wife was going to the store after work today, we actually needed some things. She is still not home, I guess there is a long line, like just before a hurricane. We do need the essentials, pork rinds, hamburger meat and TP.

Friday morning snow update

It is snowing right now—will try and get pictures later. It does seem strange to be going to work when it is snowing, we usually don’t do that in eastern North Carolina. Well, we usually don’t have snow at all.

snow update—Friday afternoon

County schools let out at 11 today, ECU canceled classes at 4 and I am just about to go home. Will try and take some pictures for posting later. That is when I can figure out how.

Apple and HP team up

Las Vegas SUN: HP, Apple to Sell Digital Music Device

Apple & HP are working together on digital music. itunes on HP equipment.

global organization for a global strategy at Kraft

Kraft Shakes Up Organizational Structure

Kraft is going to some sort of global organization and getting away from a country by country approach. They seem to have scrapped the co-CEO idea.

back at work

I have been coming in this week anyway but today is an official work day. We are in all day for registration. Most students will not come until tomorrow or Monday. At least the department bought us lunch and it is fun to get together and talk and eat. Classes start tomorrow.


Wednesday, January 07, 2004

Miss America in trouble?

No not the real Miss America, whatever her name is, the organization.
Miss America Names Another New CEO

They are getting another CEO, the 4th in five years. One mark of a poor organization is the constant change at the top. Organizations in crisis seem to think leadership changes will really help. Usually they don’t.
While it is important to get the right person, sometimes the environment is just against you. The pageant has become a real thing of the past. Who really takes notice now—hard strategic choices face the new leadership team.


Tuesday, January 06, 2004

major building project

Since it’s going to be in the low 20’s here tonight, my wife insisted that we get some sort of shelter for the dogs. They have a nice bed, a Sam’s club special, my wife wanted something else. The dogs sleep in the garage but it can be cool there. Given only this as instructions and no construction skills what-so-ever, I went to home depot. Two pieces of plywood [or something like that, I told you I am not handy] and a few L-brackets later we have a 4x4, three-sided box with a tarp roof.
It is not like a real builder or architect would build or really not like Norm the carpenter from ”this old house” b u t the sides are mostly straight, it has some structural integrity and has not fallen yet.

The dogs are doing their part, in this fools errand, by refusing to go in it. They are sitting, looking at where their bed used to be.

nice long article on the struggles of Toys “R” Us

from the NYTimes --toys "R" us

An 11 billion dollar company and it might be in some trouble. It must compete with WalMart and also has standard problems that “well run” companies don’t seem to have. Toys “R” Us has been plagued by low levels of customer support and inventory problems. These problems, being unhelpful to customers and running out of items will hurt any business.
Good article—read the whole thing.

sad news

Autism article from NYT

Autism drug fails trials. This is sad, as autism is a terrible thing. Some of the families we deal with through FSNENC—Family Support Network of Eastern North Carolina, have children with autism. There were hopes for this drug and now, sort of, back to square one.

chip sales up in November

Semiconductor Sales Up 25.7 Pct. in Nov.

Computer chips, just another sign of the recovery.
Gateway to cut revenue estimates

Gateway Cuts 4Q Revenue Outlook

We have been looking at Gateway for a while now, ( we?, yes I will check on the mouse in the pocket thing, ed.). The question is can it survive in two very competitive markets, personal computers and consumer electronics. The same people that kicked gateway’s rear in computers are also now in electronics.
What doesn’t help is not having enough of your two best products.
Can they make it, I really don’t think so but they can linger in death for a long time.


Monday, January 05, 2004

consumer debt at record levels

Consumer Debt More Than Doubles in Decade

This is not good, the saving rate is at historic lows. Many people are deeply in debt and can’t afford any shock to their finances. Why do many of us persist in overspending? Is the desire to have everything greater than the fear of lining from paycheck to paycheck?

all kidding aside--this is a big deal and a real moment

Las Vegas SUN: N.C. Surgeons Work to Correct Eye Disease

Docs at Duke are working to correct macular degeneration. It is risky but so is being blind.
health clubs to use bigger models in ads

Las Vegas SUN: Full-Bodied Models Highlight Fitness Ads

Seems like a good trend. Man quoted in article says the old ads give the impression that you have to be in shape to join a club. Well, some in town are very “clubby”. Everyone “dresses up” very social. My wife says see needs to work put and she does but a club like this is not for her. She is thinking about curves, says she does not like to work out around people with about 0% body fat.
I use the rec center at school, it is convenient.

a slow day around the house

My wife went back to work today and my son goes back to school tomorrow. I’m doing some reading and working on the power points for next semester. Basically, they are the same a last semester but since some things did not really work, I’m trying to get them in shape. We have registration on Thursday and then class starts on Friday. This term I have a large section of basic management and two section of negotiations. The large section has 118 in it.
My teacher evaluations are usually good for large sections. One of my past chairs thought that students liked me better the lower the average contact they had with me. Works for me—I actually do a fair job in big sections.


Sunday, January 04, 2004

an American consumer electronics industry?

ajc.com | Business | U.S.-bred gadgets are back in style

did you ever think you would see this again? Computer makers are using knowledge and technology learned in the computer industry to attempt to get into electronics. Dell, HP and Gateway are there now. Apple might have even been a trend setter with the iPod. This will be interesting to see play out.
return of the cattle rustler?
al.com: NewsFlash

Let me get this right—diets equal more beef demand, this drives up prices and leads to rustling. Damn, my diet sure causes a lot of things to change.


Friday, January 02, 2004

Atkins diet blogging

I have been blogging off and on about the diet, well I am getting close to goal. I started in mid-June at 220 pounds. It looked like more as all my weight was in the middle, I have no rear end, the whole side of the family is built this way, its uncanny. Sorry about that.
My first goal was to get to 200, then intermediate goals in increments of 10 pounds, until I get to 170. The first 30 pounds were not that hard, after that it was slow. I’m now less than 3 pounds from goal. Almost 50 pounds down. To this point, I have rarely cheated and have even started to exercise, which I think is helping.
I mention all off this not brag or to be congratulated. I mention this because I’m at a dangerous time in any diet, especially for me. Anyone can lose weight, just as anyone can change behavior, making the change permanent is the hard part.
I think that the changes I have made are ingrained and I can keep the weight off, however, I do need help. I am better at starting things than I am at finishing them. At home and work I have people who will try and keep me honest. I hope those of you who visit here will do likewise.
Also, I’ve learned a few things about this diet, as have many others, I will be glad to share what works and some things that don’t. just let me know.
Thanks for listening.

new low carb info

Low Carb restaurant menus

Article in the NYTimes about chains getting into the low carb craze. I agree with the article, in that this is partly a fad and will not and cannot last forever. Some nice stats given about the percent of dieters trying a carb approach. Nothing here some of us haven’t noticed in the past but still a nice summary. It is worth a read if you are remotely interested.

I had Hardees' low carb burger tonight. It was good and easier to eat because of the packaging. Just about like the regular big burgers there but no bun. Yes, I will have it again, thank you very much. How can i go wrong with 5 carbs? On a personal note the weight seems to be going haywire this weekend and i have been induction legal. Who knows waht is going on?

can CART survive?

Welcome to Reflector!

Sale to new owners is set for January. It needs to come out of chapter 11 quickly to make it. I really don’t know if it will and what is worse I don’t think I really care.
The series is too expensive, thus it is not really competitive. Only a few teams are really capable of winning. Worse, for the American market, almost all the drivers are foreign. No, I have nothing against foreign athletes, but it does make a hard sell in the U.S. without any Americans.
Also, NASCAR had to have damaged CART.
Personally, I think it died a few years ago and nobody will admit it.

chick-fil-A is different

Welcome to Reflector!

The company will postpone a new ad campaign because it might seem they are not taking mad cow seriously. They don’t want to appear to be taking advantage of a situation.

not a bad day

Got my haircut, what little is left, went to the wedding rehearsal and put the check from American Express Financial in the bank. I can now cover the one I wrote for the car. Workout went fine and the new year’s resolution, goal, of increasing the time spent working out got off to a good start. The workout is still low intensity but I’m increasing the time. They are starting a water aerobics class for faculty and staff, in the new semester, just might try it.

busy for an off day

I don’t know how much blogging will get done to day. I have a wedding rehearsal, haircut, visit to the insurance company [since I got my son a car] and I hope time to workout and some things to do with a funeral.
Another man from the church died yesterday and the mother of my former secretary died.
Fairly busy, for me, since I am not at work until the middle of next week.


Thursday, January 01, 2004


I bought a powerball ticket while we were on the way back home. The paper says two winners were drawn, one from south Carolina. I have not checked yet--hope I win. Don't really want to check, it is fun to just think about it.

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