Thursday, March 31, 2005

the dividing line Thursday three

Category one

1. Either will do but Krispy Kreme—as long as they stay solvent.
2. Curls—I’ll eat puffs but only if a flood cuts us off from the store.
3. Vanilla

Category two

1. I never could understand the ground swell for Mary Ann. She was nice but Ginger was great looking.
2. Only people who eat cheese puffs liked Warren or would wear sandals with socks.

Category three
1. shotgun – I’m not a good shot
2. In a way they are all pros so why not watch the best ones.
3. What ever my wife buys me.
4. electric –I’m a multitasker in the morning
5. Paper when I can find ‘em.
6. see above the Warren answer.
7. My wife doesn’t like going to Wal-Mart. I love going on Friday night—I treat it like going to a fair. It’s fun and exciting.
8. Dog
9. Trying to move to mp3.
10. The one that set this off and Terry didn’t include –Khaki—I’m just not a jeans person.


Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Woo Hoo it’s about time this was developed

The Beaufort Gazette: GM, DaimlerChrysler sign fuel cell pacts

this is happening more and more
Bankers’ hours?

This is going on in bigger cities already and why not. We demand that we can buy other things during the day and on weekends, so why not our financial stuff. I’ve taught on Friday night and on Saturday before and would do it again; what makes bankers think they are immune to market pressures orthat they are
‘better” then the rest of us. In fact I think lawyers should be open at night and on weekends also.

and even more exciting test blogging

The seniors seem to be taking longer to do this test than I thought they would.

more test blogging

The junior level class is taking a test right now. That one is all MC. They have been at it for about 25 minutes I think many will be finished in about 5 minutes.


Tuesday, March 29, 2005

I found this article informative and helpful

Las Vegas SUN: Spouse As Next of Kin Law Has Many Roots

Not overly biased, well maybe some. It does seem to take a swipe at the religious right who don’t want the husband to have rights over those of the parents.

I haven’t linked to many conservative pundits who seem to have come unglued over this issue. I just wait for what they next think the government should change the rules about.
yes I am an idiot—why do you ask?

I was busy with a second copier while 25 copies of a version of the test were running off. I usually check the first one off—I didn’t check until I was back in my office. That version had the answer key as part of the test. I’m glad I found it before they took it.
remind me not to travel to the Netherlands

The Beaufort Gazette: Dutch to issue new euthanasia policy

They say the new policy might include infants, the disabled and my worry the demented. How do I prove I’m no more demented now than before?

not really much going on just dumb grunt work

Nothing really much fun—I’m making out tests and running them off. All my students have tests tomorrow except for the online section. Tomorrow will be fun as I’ll be doing some research stuff. However today is all about testing – I don’t even have any advisees coming by. That might actually be fun.

Monday, March 28, 2005

I don’t like the looks of this

Don’t really want to say the Pope is not looking good but Michael Schiavo is flying over to meet with him.
Interesting news article having to do with the Schiavo video and our perceptions. Good on a couple of levels.
The Beaufort Gazette: Docs say Schiavo videotapes can mislead

Thursday, March 24, 2005

this man needs a tinfoil hat
The New York Times > AP > International > Chess Legend Fischer Heads for Iceland

We don’t need him back here.

was this a surprise to anyone?

Docket for 04A825

SCOTUS has turned down the appeal. I heard the parents this morning and they are calling this “judicial murder.” You take your chance with the courts you sort of have to go with what they say.

the spring has sprung edition of the Thursday Three

This one is all about the spring—
1. What is the ting you like most about spring? The best thing about spring is that it’s not summer.
2. What do you dislike about it—it is closer to summer.. Grass needs to be cut.
3. Spring in the title—how about a saying as in “as he spoke to the group he spring loaded them into the pissed off position.”


Wednesday, March 23, 2005

something like this was bound to happen if the brands kept getting blurred


This report says that either Buick or Pontiac might be discontinued. They say it is due to lack of investment over the years. It is also due to Chevy having every different type of car.


Tuesday, March 22, 2005

for once Jimmy makes a smart management move

Las Vegas SUN: Carters Assume Lesser Roles at Center

They have to get out of the way so that professional leadership can take the Carter Center into the future. Otherwise as they know it will likely end when they do.

kind of exciting around here tonight

My son received a call from a college tennis coach. The coach has seen his tape saw him earlier. He wants to talk about a possible scholarship. Private school so it will probably cost us lots of money as tennis doesn’t usually get lots of full rides.
This isn't a sure thing but he is exicted.
no opinion this time just an article on vegetative states

The Beaufort Gazette: Vegetative state can give false hope

Good article--really.

Monday, March 21, 2005

this is why federal judges have life time appointments

Las Vegas SUN: Judge in Schiavo Case a Clinton Appointee

No because of anything to do with Clinton. Because he can rule on the case and not feel threatened in either case.

sounds like stiff ling of political views to me


I forgot, sorry, liberals don’t do those sorts of things.

you can’t tell the players without a scorecard

This should be my last post about the Schiavo case. The Dems who for years thought everything was a federal issue now love the states. The republicans now are in love with the federal courts.

Since I am [perhaps was] a republican let me tell them something: don’t come to me any more with issues of states rights. If Schiavo isn’t then abortions isn’t; if Schiavo isn’t then capital punishment isn’t; is Schiavo isn’t then gay marriage isn’t.

The party has sold its soul for political expediency.

why don’t the officers get “allegedly?”

WRAL.com - News - Halifax Deputies Shoot Man After He Allegedly Kills Girlfriend

They saw him beating her and allegedly he killed her. They shot him. I saw in the Atlanta case the person “allegedly’ killed the judge. You can have people caught on video doing something and the word used is allegedly. But let the cops be accused of something and that word is not used.
Don’ think it should be used for either here.

<what goes around comes around

Las Vegas SUN: GOP Governors Cut State Workers' Rights

The days of organized labor being the untouchable force appear to be over. That can happen when you over play your hand. Once I see that the most you can do to me isn’t that bad – then I can take some action.

how do they know?

Yahoo! News - White House: Schiavo Bill Not a Precedent

How does the White House or anyone in congress know what will be a precedent? This is a bad piece of legislation and runs the risk of being a horribly bad bill once the judges get their hands on it.

If you get the idea that I’m still steamed about the way the congress and the White House have acted—“you are correct, sir.
let’s get this straight

If for some reason my wife doesn’t remember, if I ever get like the woman in Florida—don’t let me get that far.
Stop it earlier than that. Don’t listen to the docs—they will always find another treatment that might work. Please don’t listen to anyone in politics. Unhook me at the earliest possible moment.


Saturday, March 19, 2005

I think this is going to damage the republicans

ABC News: DeLay Says He's Not Giving Up Schiavo Fight

This case could be the fault line that divides the conservatives from the libertarians. It really seems to have moved beyond whether she lives or dies. My wife and don’t agree as to the removal of the feeding tube but both of us are concerned that congress thinks they need to become involved.
The GOP is showing exactly what I never liked about them—a willingness to become involved in my personal life using their agenda. They are acting just like the liberals.


Friday, March 18, 2005

this is not the job of the U.S. congress

My Way News

I don’t want to start a fight as to the merits of the case for or against removing the feeding tube but given my political stance, this is not the job of the congress. This is a state issue and not a federal one.

UAB wins and as a bonus beats LSU
College Basketball Tournament Brackets

Sorry Ms. Janis but being an Ole Miss graduate as well as a Blazer, having one of my teams beat LSU is always great.
UAB gets Arizona next so we are not likely to get to the round of 16 this year. But hey, last year they beat Kentucky in the second round.
I’m not much of a basketball fan but I must say I’m getting used to having a team in the NCAA and also getting past the first round.

So far it looks like a bust for the SEC.

Thursday, March 17, 2005

The musical tribute to Larry

1. I can sort of play the electric bass in a very country way. What is a county way you might ask—well someone might. Here is what I hear a coulnty bass player should do in deciding what to play on each song—“think of the very least you should play here then play half of that.
2. I would really like to play the fiddle—and it fits for today because Irish fiddle styles are my favorite.
3. I guess you could add guitar to that but I’m taking a guitar class now. Some of you might want this method for your churches—go here to find the method and the details -- Fretboard Fellowship. I’ll be glad to tell you about my experience.

Wednesday, March 16, 2005

senate to finally get serious about Amtrak?

Las Vegas SUN: Senate Doesn't OK Amtrak Funding Boost

If this sticks it just might signal a willingness to spend less. Especially on bottomless pits.

boy those LA prosecutors are really on a roll

The New York Times > AP > National > Blake Acquitted in the Shooting Death of His Wife

Can’t they convict anyone in the movie business?

it looks like we are hiring a new coach today

ECU expected to name new coach today

The new coach is an assistant now but had been a head coach before and had a bad record in four years. Maybe he learned something fro that experience but since many people liked the old coach [also with more losses than wins] I don’t see hiring one with a similar record will help the situation.

this is just strange

9-year-old driver is killed by an airbag

Looks like the classic definition of a freak accident.


Tuesday, March 15, 2005

is this the PGA tour’s little secret?

The New York Times > AP > Sports > PGA Reviewing Corporate Outings Policy

The tour has always been a little snotty about not playing appearance money. Other tours around the world do. The American tour has in the past put down other tours for paying this money.
Well, outings and corporate appearances don’t really count—do they? The tour thinks that the appearance might not be right—well duh.

this has been going of for some time

Las Vegas SUN: Retired Alumni Returning to College Towns

The new part is the developments for the retirees. What I want to know is how the town people will react. Are the people moving in more like the locals or more like the university side?

so far not much of a spring break

The weather is nice today but I missed my chance to play golf. I was at the church most of the day working on things for Holy week and also trying to get a computer attached to a network.


Monday, March 14, 2005

I know it is late in the day but I got up late so it’s now NAP TIME
why does Mother Nature hate our spring break

It seems that whenever we have spring break the weather is not good. Today it is in the low 40’s and wet. Sure makes me want to do springy type things. Maybe I should have gone to Florida.


Sunday, March 13, 2005

I have not thought about this guy for years
The New York Times > AP > Arts > Irish Comedian Dave Allen Dead at 68

I was him on late night PBS back in the 80’s. he would sit, smoke, drink and tell jokes. Some good and some really stupid. I also saw him on Broadway in a one man show. I found him funny. I’m sorry he’s dead.

get your brackets right here
The Road to the Final Four

UAB made it to the second week last year and is back in this year. I don’t anticipate a win against LSU but it would make me very happy.


Friday, March 11, 2005

it’s almost time

Almost time you ask. Time for what?

Well it is almost time for a wonderful invention—


I love academia.
One more class and then I’m off for a week.

Thursday, March 10, 2005

what a long wait for such a poor post

The nautical Thursday Three

As to the first two questions—we weren’t boat people. However, when I lose the weight the prednisone has caused me to gain—I’m buying a sea kayak. Right now I’d extend over the sides—Ok for buoyancy but not for balance or aesthetics.

Where would I go if money were not a problem.. Well, before the press got hold of it I figured out that taking a cruise was as cheap as going to a nursing home or assisted living facility. Albeit with better food, scenery, activities and the ship has a bar.

Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Terry and Larry better think again about lunch

Las Vegas SUN: Listeria Worries Prompt Sandwich Recall

Over at Terry’s place there was talk of microwaved sandwiches. Chek them out carefully.

another busy day

Hey this isn’t the private sector—I’m supposed to be busy but on my schedule and terms.

we had a storm yesterday

Reflector.com: -- The Daily Reflector online

Not the rain that Mr. Possum was out in but we had some wind –gusts in the 60-70 mph range in this county.


Tuesday, March 08, 2005

some people really need tinfoil hats


Kerry’s better half is at it again. She is saying that the election was rigged by hacking into punchcard machines. Some people just can’t accept that the country listened and rejected them. that just couldn’t be them being our betters and all.


Monday, March 07, 2005

it’s nice to know that not all idiot church people live in the U.S.

NEWS.com.au | Priest runs from threat of violence (07-03-2005)

My guess is that like Ward Churchill this guy thinks he is right.
probably not much play time today

Three classes; stuff to get ready for online class; meeting with coauthor; emails to potential research partner; then off to the church for a couple of meetings there and finally an appointment with the doctor. I think I need a pre-activity nap.


Friday, March 04, 2005

I’m not surprised at the vote but only at the margin

RJR workers vote against forming a union

You can view this as a companion piece to the entry below.


Thursday, March 03, 2005

about time to go

I have a mediation to do this afternoon. It might be somewhat stressful as I haven't worked with this group before. I feel that I’m being evaluated, mainly because I am.

a battle for the soul and the future of American labor

The Beaufort Gazette: Labor splits on focus of AFL-CIO's efforts

Do they spend their money on organizing or on political activities? Traditionally the craft unions have been big on organizing and this is the direction taken mostly since Sam Gompers. A move to less organizing and more political, [how could there be more? Well there could] would signal the continuing of a trend toward European style unionism.

among the jobs that you don’t eant

The Beaufort Gazette: Seattle zoo tries to inseminate elephant
a round of store closings for Bruno’s

Bruno's closing 20 stores

Given what is in the paper this doesn’t look too very bad. Mostly under performing stores getting near the end of leases

You Alabama people tell me if this chain can survive. From here it seem like they have been on a downward slide since the plane crash decades ago.

it’s the I’m gonna hurl edition of the Thursday Three

Cooking smells: chitlins—don’t even go there; duck—way too much fatty smelling fat even for me; brussell's sprouts—bad to eat worse to smell

I can’t stand to watch any or all reality shows—occasionally I get trapped into watching one with my wife [the list includes American Idol] I’d rather smell chitlins. On cable, The Sopranos, fun loving mobsters and their families don’t interest me and “the Family guy” everyone says I should like it – maybe I’m just being contrary

What am I immune to? Well it better not smell—kid sickness will get me if I’m down wind. I can usually eat all sorts of things made from combinations of other things. In terms of real immunity—I don’t seem to get the flu or cold sores or the something going round stomach bugs.
keeping up with the whales

Dozens of dolphins become stranded off Florida Keys

Marine mammal peer pressure—IT CAN KILL!


Wednesday, March 02, 2005

manmade tooth enamel

The New York Times > Health > Dentistry Without Drills: Paint Your Cavities Away

this should be neat

The New York Times > AP > Technology > NYC Library Putting Images Online

Read the article some of these images will be maps and civil war stuff.

end of act one

Las Vegas SUN: Young Murderer Cheers Death Penalty Ruling

In act two five people on the court will decide, probably using EU rulings, that life without parole is cruel and unusual, especially for young people. They really should be given a chance. That would be the nuanced view. I think this will come up in a few years. Not for a while because they are saying life means life at least for now.

actually on campus today

Maybe i can get some blogging done-- wait that didn't sound right.

Tuesday, March 01, 2005

working from home today

I don’t have class on Tuesday so I can stay here and work. Most of what I need from the library is online and the statistics program I use is loaded on my computer thus why not stay here. Especially since my cold and earache have come back.


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