Monday, January 30, 2006

this is sort of strange but the first I’ve heard of it
Chaplain helps the grieving confront the loss of a pet

I guess grief for a pet is still grief. In a way it might be worse as I’ve never had a pet disappoint me or screw me over.

Sunday, January 29, 2006

they finally plan a movie I might like to see then they do this
George Clooney: George Clooney tipped for Magnum role

I wouldn’t go see this combination asshat/gasbag even if he could keep his mouth shut about politics.

Friday, January 27, 2006

two year and counting

I stopped smoking two years ago today. I’m like someone in AA. I’m not smoking right now and probably won’t later today. That is all I can handle.

If you want I will teach you my method.
a management and image lesson for us all
Politics News Article | Reuters.com

The senate democrats are hitting the daily double. They’re managing to look obstructionist and ineffectual at the same time. This inspires confidence with the population. Well maybe it plays to the base.
Is everyone out there tired of “plays with the base”?

Thursday, January 26, 2006

why the early morning questions so late in the day?
Anyway her goes another TT

1. What sort of early morning television show do you usually watch?

I tend to watch the popular but old technology RADIO morning TV programs.

2. If you had your way and could create your very own show, what type of morning television show would you produce?

Boy I am starting to channel Larry as I’ve never had any use for morning TV since Pat Gray [scroll down a lot] left. I really don’t care what they put on I’m a morning radio guy. Old school—lots of music some weather and tell me if something is blowing up. Other wise play the music.

3. What sort of television programming at a local level do you think needs to be improved?

I think we need more naked women’s bowling.
maybe this is part of why she is popular
Oprah Calls Defense of Author 'a Mistake' - New York Times

Does she just listen to her advisors or is she basically an honest person? I really believe the last one on the possible explanations either way she generally does the right thing.

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Doesn’t look like too bad of a slate

Las Vegas SUN: Episcopal Church Names Possible Leaders

Unless you don’t like anything the church has done in the last 30 years. When the “conservatives” think the guy from Alabama is too liberal they are in danger of going over the edge.

and where will the bubble bust first?
TIME.com: Vegas Condos Go Cold -- Page 1
How about where the engine is being driven by almost pure speculation? Read the article i-it’s unclear if there are any “real” non clipping buyers in this market.
inside the sausage factory
Yes boys and girls it’s time for another stirring episode of “inside the sausage factory”.” That popular series where I shatter all your myths about what really goes on behind the scenes in college. (Well all except Jordana as her father should have taken care of that). Anyway today’s subject is research reviews. Not of completed research but on the front end.
Remember when you were in school and did seem like your professor gave surveys they just seemed to pull out of their___ or some where. Well they probably did.
Now we have an institutional review board. This board reviews requests and protocols for future research. It is there to insure we don’t harm any subjects. Medical and some science research can present dangers as can areas like P.E. the dangers of survey research are mainly in the areas of confidentiality. For example what if we asked people questions about past illegal activity and didn’t keep the responses anonymous?
My current research involves attitudes about gays and lesbians. We use anonymous responses but also don’t even go near asking them if they are gay as there could be a stigma.

It can be a pain but I guess it helps in the long run. It sure makes you think before hand and takes some of the spontaneity away.

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

for my next trick I think I’ll channel Larry

Got in to work this morning and I usually try to park in the gravel lot closest to my building. Well what did I see this morning—the jerk that is usually first in the lot and parks his big assed truck in the first space—meaning getting into and out of the lot is a pain. Well this asshat didn’t get there early enough so he took up multiple spaces so he could park his truck. Glad no body else works at this place. What a moron.

Saturday, January 21, 2006

Las Vegas SUN: Schiavo's Sister: U.S. Doesn't Value Life

The sister still wants to blame everyone. Let me go on record—if I ever get into a persistent vegetative state pull the plug if that is not possible the smother me with a pillow. Just don’t get caught the “sister” type people will come after you.
remember to apply the standard

What standard is that? If the media likes you and your cause you “have concerns” if they don’t like you then you are "imposing your will on the public and attempting to censor the show."
I also this the comments mentioned in the article are a reach for being homophobic. Looks like the organization needed a shot of media time.

Friday, January 20, 2006

busy day
Well it is for an academic type. I’ve been working on a car buy exercise for the negotiations class. Not bargaining yet just starting to prep—that is where the real hard and winning work is done. Also reading a couple of articles—the do call it research after all. We have a candidate in today and I’m listening to his presentation after class and then will have dinner with him. Outback I think- a busy day but an interesting one. Oh I have to teach two sections of negotiations an then write a sermon for church on Sunday—I’m preaching—yea!
I guess—at least it will be short.

Thursday, January 19, 2006

1. Ever protested? Yes I have I was at Auburn—late sixties –early seventies—we didn’t know from protests. That is until May of 1970. Kent State changed the world for many college students. Not trying to start anything with anyone but when a government will shoot its own people something is going on. Even Auburn erupted—sort of. It became a general protest against lots of things—mainly campus rules. It was also a chance to just like those other college students all across the country.
2. Part of a political campaign? Yep did some work a little—very little work for Richmond Flowers in the 60’s, was republican precinct captain in North Carolina and have worked the phone banks for the party. I stopped that too.
3. The greatest movement has to have been the Civil Rights movement. Growing up in Bessemer I felt that I was right in the middle of it. On the other hand perhaps the women’s movement has changed life at the personal level more—for everyone.
looks like there is a market after all

Las Vegas SUN: Music Sales Are Booming on Internet

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

take that--whippersnappers

When I moved offices most of the people on the floor were younger faculty. They already had microwaves and refrigerators in their offices.
Well I brought in a seldom used [and very small and cheap in fact it is this one
] espresso machine. First cup right now.
Very dark—very strong and since I tend to make a sweet drink out if it a couple of envelopes of splenda and some sugar free whipped cream on top.


Tuesday, January 17, 2006

the end of life as we know it
al.com: NewsFlash - Bill would end keg parties in Alabama

Well college life that is. Kegs might make it easier but you can still party without them. I’m old enough to remember when we couldn’t get draft beer. What did we do? We gutted a non-working old car, lined it with plastic, filled it with ice and then BEER.
Oh yeah since this was back in the late 60’s we had someone to check ID’s.
Swiss cheese
fried pork skins

Gosh but I like the low carb lifestyle.
maybe the birds with the flu will eat the Africanized bees
The Beaufort Gazette: Ark. workers trained for Africanized bees
The “killer bees” are moving across Ark. The article didn’t give the current range of the bees and I’m too lazy to check. But hunker down they will be there soon.
this is interesting on a couple of levels
WRAL.com - Health - Supreme Court Upholds Oregon's Assisted Suicide Law

On one hand we have the issue of assisted suicide on the other the limits of federal power. The conservatives went with the strong federal authority.
Personally I like less federal power and am not too unhappy with the idea of assisted suicide.
Now that this is settled let those in Oregon get on with killing themselves.
worried about rights or just anti-Bush?
Las Vegas SUN: ACLU Sues to Stop Domestic Spying Program
Arbitron rating
Topline Ratings

Interesting—check out your market.

Friday, January 13, 2006

now this is a clear signal
Al Gore to Warn of President's Threat to Constitution - Yahoo! News

This means that either the domestic spy “crisis” is just about over or evidence will be found that this was nothing out of the ordinary. How do I know this? Because “weather vane Al” has a real knack of being a contra indicator.
online classes gain ion popularity
Las Vegas SUN: Some Students Prefer Classes Online
Just a few observations about online.
I do worry that the teacher doesn’t get the visual feedback. Does anyone get this??
Some students really need the social interaction.
It is much easier to be rude on both sides when using email.
Online education is an entirely different animal than face to face or correspondence and the sooner people realize that the quicker we can find out what works.
More thought later but I can feel you getting bored as I type.

Thursday, January 12, 2006

take a snapshot of the future
Las Vegas SUN: Nikon to Concentrate on Digital Cameras
That snap shot will be taken most likely with a digital camera. It was only a matter to time before someone besides Kodak virtually stopped selling film cameras. This is interesting because of the name Nikon has in the industry and the traditions it has among the camera types.
They will continue to sell a high end and a lower end camera but from now on it will be digital.
Think about it how long since you last took film? Do you even know where your film camera is or if the batteries work? I have some good well decent ones and a tele lens but I never use it anymore.
and some people say newspapers can’t generate sales anymore
ABC News: Surge in Sale of Disposable Cell Phones May Have Terror Link
Thanks NYTIMES. Someone was reading.
this isn’t news but the other way would have been the lead
DNA Tests Confirm Executed Va. Man Guilty - Yahoo! News
Yep it’s news alright. People in prison will lie about being guilty.
Any predictions on how fast the lawyers accuse the lab or error or bias?

What a boring TT.

1. As I’ve said before my job is not too boring. There are boring things like grading stuff but that isn’t an everyday thing.
2. Other’s boredom?? you have been to college –how would you like your life’s work to be in some of those subjects.

hey I heard that!

3. The folks in the archeology department seem to have a pretty good gig.

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

now I have a choice

Since I went to work out at the rec center this morning for the first time in a long time I now have choices.
1. I can sit in my office and read an article.
2. I can sit here and try and think of some interactive and innovative way to introduce today’s class material.
3. Or I can quietly have a STROKE.

I let you know later on which of these I choose.

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

I have seen the future and it has Intel inside!
BREITBART.COM - Apple Unveils New Macs Using Intel Chips

I love the Mac Os. When I spend my own money I at least try to buy Apple. We currently have an ibook and two ipods. The imac was taken out in an electrical storm.
I hope the new ones do what they are supposed to—and that I can afford one.

Sunday, January 08, 2006

been busy moving my office
We are just getting started here at school. Monday is only the second day of class and we are still doing late registration/ schedule change. [schedule change what we used to call drop add] I also had the opportunity to move to a different office. For a lot of reasons [some were actually altruistic] I took them up on it. Thus the last few days have been filled with packing to move—the university movers should transport my boxes Monday morning. My wife and I moved some personal things over the weekend.
Moving offices can be a big deal for academics as we then to treat them as nests or in the case of some of us men—caves. We have real offices not cubicles. So much junk accumulates over the years. However since I last moved about 3 years ago this isn’t bad.
My new office is in a converted dorm. It is larger than my old one and has a nice window that will actually open. The norm over here in this building is to put a refrigerator in you office. I moved that and the microwave in Saturday. It also has individual heat/AC units for each office but since I get full morning sun folks say that will swamp the AC unit.
Most of the folks over in this building are newer and untenured. I hope they don’t think of me as the “adult supervision.” It should be quiet and a good place to work on research and class prep. The downside is the short -100 yards or so walk in the elements to teach. But since we don’t ever get real cold and snowy, rain will likely be the worst of it.
I think I will like my new home.
I’m here now and I think the only other person in the building is someone from the English department.

Oh—the other downside: they turned off the showers and the cable TV. Darn.

Thursday, January 05, 2006

show me the money
reviewjournal.com -- News - Reid says Chertoff should resign

The call for Chertoff to resign comes after Nevada will not get the federal money it thinks it should. I love a statesman.
Rabbi Marc Gellman has an article on religious trends and it’s pretty good

Pews in the News - Newsweek Society - MSNBC.com

Anyone want to start a discussion?
this might be a good one
the Thursday three that is

1) What is the most important thing you ever forgot to do?
This will seem strange given my answer to #3 but I forgot my wife’s 30th birthday. I was out of town working on my dissertation and I clearly remembered what her birthday was I just forgot what day of the week/year it was. I tried to plead absent minded prof but she really wasn’t buying it.

2) Do you try to keep yourself organized through a routine so you don’t have to rely so much on remembering things, or do you follow a more open approach based on what you want to get done during the day and try to actually think things through?
I would like to have a set routine and probably would get more done but I let my routine vary with the semester and my teaching schedule. That means every few months I change things again. However I like the constant change.

3) What do you have the most trouble remembering--people’s names, how to get places, or important dates?
Names—I see former students all the time and can’t remember their names—I don’t forget faces but names are a real problem.

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

how did Bush do that?
didn’t they the Kyoto Accords back then?

BREITBART.COM - Global warming 55 million years ago shifted ocean currents

Don’t you hate it when things happen and you can’t blame America?
I hate being right about this
BREITBART.COM - 12 of 13 W. Va. Miners Confirmed Dead

Were you watching TV last night when all the reports came in about finding twelve of the men alive? I was and was immediately suspicious when the only people who would talk about the “miracle” were family members and friends.
There were no officials talking at all. The company should have been out front on what they found but I thought before I went to bed that I didn’t like the sound of this.
Never trust the first report.

Monday, January 02, 2006

no really—please stay we really want you to

Packers fire Sherman after 4-12 season - NFL - Yahoo! Sports

The Packers fired their coach. The QB—Favre—says he wants to come back but he implied that only if the coach came back.
Sorry Brett. The message seems to be we can finish last next year without you. I really don’t see that team getting better next year whoever is the QB. They need to start the rebuild and the sooner the better. Favre was a great player but so was Broadway Joe and I wouldn’t want him back either.

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