Friday, April 30, 2004

former ECU quarterback has Crohn’s

The New York Times > Sports > Jaguars' Garrard Diagnosed With Crohn's

David Garrard was diagnosed last month. He seems to be taking a good approach to the disease, a good sign for a young person, an athlete. Playing football will not help or hurt his condition but I do wonder if he can cope with the physical demands during flare-ups.
I cannot speak for everyone but in my case when flare-ups happen I have a tremendous lack of energy, lethargy and only the desire to go to sleep. The medicine of choice, prednisone, is also not conducive to many other things. Perhaps, he will have better medicines. The one he is on now is more advanced than mine. I actually was OK on generic stuff but the side effects got to me.

my afternoon

After the final and spilling coffee on the exams, I went to subway with a friend. He does low fat, I do low carb so subway is sort of win-win. Then came home and was reading until I decided to take a nap. After dinner tonight I will grade exams, today’s, then the ones from yesterday. Saturday I will go to the office to compute the grades. All in all it will be an exciting weekend for me. Not like the one my son is planning; he is off now picking up the tux and tomorrow getting the car all nice and shinny and then the wrist corsage. Yes, America it is prom time around the unfreezing abode. A sure sign of change: not just the driving but when you teenage boy starts really worrying about cleanliness.

from your world wide leader in exam blogging

Yep, they’re taking an exam and I’m blogging. Not really an exam but like test #3. It is only off new material and counts no more that test 1 or 2 but still it feels like a final exam. Went to get coffee after I passed out the tests and saw a young lady crying into her cell phone. Don’t know if it was grades or something else, not the best time of year. High stress levels all around.

While they slave away on a multiple choice test, no I’m not going to read 115 essay exams,[ They didn’t give me the Ph.D. for being real stupid.] I’m going to put together some power point stuff for united way. We are all going to outcomes measures and we have to do it their way. They want to check Tuesday if we are on track. We are.

Winn-dixie to close more stores

The Beaufort Gazette: Winn-Dixie to close stores, cut 10,000 jobs

This chain does not seem to have a niche anymore, at least not one I can find. We don’t have one as the EDLP people drove them from town years ago.


Thursday, April 29, 2004

penicillin allergy might not be forever
The Beaufort Gazette: Study examines penicillin allergies

Looks like a second event might not happen when taking penicillin. I don’t think I want to test that theory. Haven’t had the drug in years since I broke out and got short of breath, many, many years ago.
Let someone else test this theory.

presidents on the dollar coin

The Beaufort Gazette: U.S. Mint may replace Sacagawea dollar

Collectors might like this but mint says will not increase those in circulation. Min my opinion, the only way to increase the circulation of the dollar coin is to do like other places and eliminate the dollar bill and perhaps go with a $2 bill and dollar coins.

gateway cuts more jobs

The Beaufort Gazette: Deep job cuts again hit Gateway

Don’t really know if they can be saved. I just hope they don’t take emachines down with them. They bought emachines a few months ago. The best sign is that the emachines mgmt is replacing the gateway people.

evidence of early use of fire

Las Vegas SUN: Middle Eastern Site Yields Fire Evidence

And of a low-carb diet? This group were hunters and meat eaters.

the T3

I almost suggested this topic to Terry but didn’t; he found it anyway. I wouldn’t have had the last question but I’m no writer. Well, on to the answers:

Best movie, etc. Portrayal of the south:
While to Kill .. was good, I’m not sure it does it for me. Faulkner’s stuff can seem dated now, however, the heart in conflict with itself, is always good stuff. I guess “In the Heat of the Night”, movie not TV show. The acting was good, the accents were Ok, plot was interesting and you could feel the Mississippi heat and humidity, at night. I’m always a sucker of movies about people at the cusp of change. The sheriff was that person, his old south was changing and he was waking up to the new world around him. The examination of racial and personal themes, in a changing time was good.

Worst portrayal? Hard to narrow it down; there are so many. The “dukes of Hazard” is one but that is a cartoon so it doesn’t count. Almost anything with either Smokey and/or Bandit in the title. I suppose the least of a bad lot would be Hurry Sundown (1967), a terrible movie. Good people but terrible accents and bad take on race relations. Just dreadful.

The start of my southern short story, don’t have attention span for anything longer, will be up later. So what you have is the T2.


Wednesday, April 28, 2004

great article on police methods

The New York Times > New York Region > New York's Gospel of Policing by Data Spreads Across U.S.

Article on NY City methods that have spread to other parts of the country. If you watch the district, you have seen the TV version of this. It was this type of policing that basically saved NYC in the 90’s. it was too dangerous before that and unlivable.
Also, interesting as to the change aspects and for one other reason. It shows the type of reporting the NYTimes can do, when they want to.

federal rules to keep banks from using medical info in loan decisions

The New York Times > Washington > Proposal Bars Banks From Using Medical Data to Decide Loans

not a bad idea

democrats seek stronger criminal penalties for work palce safety violations

The New York Times > Washington > Strong Criminal Penalties Sought for Violations That Kill Workers
I’m torn a little here, some companies need to be held accountable but also this is going to be just anther way to bash business. It also smacks of some sort of third world thing—you know when they have the accident and everyone gets arrested.

not sure this really works

The Beaufort Gazette: Study finds older people who exercise stay sharper

If I really remained sharper, I would have stayed away from the stairmaster.

painkiller on a stick

The Beaufort Gazette: Increased abuse of narcotic lollipops reported

And someone is surprised that it is being abused?

Wendy’s going to some low carb stuff

The Beaufort Gazette: Wendy's tests low-carb menu

Don’t know about elsewhere but Wendy’s was always a popular low carb place here. The salads were there and the $.99 bacon cheeseburger was really good. Just throw away the bun.

I thought you were my friends

Yep, I thought some of you were my friends. I figured you had lived through my weight loss—moving from fat to pudgy/chubby. You have listened to me talk about going to the gym. The observant reader will have figured out that I’m weak and lazy.
Well, why did you let me get near this piece of equipment? Just what nazi invented the Stairmaster. That thing is evil. I spent a while on the rowing machine and since I hadn’t been to work out in a few weeks, figured I would take it easy today. Thought I would finish up on the Stairmaster. God!, that was dumb. But still you should have earned me. Really.

this program was neat
and I don’t say that just because the organization I chair played a part

Super Kids


Tuesday, April 27, 2004

retirement reception

The retirement party/reception for our dean went well. Lots of people and some old friends I haven’t seen in years. Yes, I’m terrible at keeping up with people from my past. My wife can’t decide if I’m lazy or completely self-centered. I think it’s just because I live very well in the present and future and not in the past. Or maybe I’m lazy and self-centered.
Well, anyway the reception went well, the food was OK, not a sit down, and the wine was really good. They had Yellow Tail wine. I’ve tried the Shiraz and didn’t like it but the chardonnay was pretty good. Since we didn’t get much to eat and were already dressed up, my wife and I went out to eat at one of the better places in town. We don’t have many of them. Dinner was good and my wife looked great in her LBD and I didn’t look so bad myself, in the suit. We looked, as my grandmother used to say, “very prosperous”.


the comments still seem to be down. I suppose I could just reinstall them and might do it later.

lazy day

I slept in today, a guilty pleasure, but I do enjoy it. I also worked on some grading and making out of finals. I’m not going to the office, it’s too nice here at home.
Tonight we go to a function for our dean who is retiring. He has done a great job I only hope the new one will be a good as the last two.
I might blog some later, if anything interests me but I might be working on getting the spreadsheets ready to input the final grades.


Monday, April 26, 2004

I thought this was all you can eat
well, I’m the manager and I said that’s all you can eat

The Beaufort Gazette: Carb-counting couple booted from Utah buffet

Apparently, a buffet is not all you can eat but is a style of eating.

just ignore the interference—it is only ham radio people
we are the power company and government and we know best and don’t have any agenda

The Beaufort Gazette: Power lines set to carry high-speed Internet

Broadband over power line is coming soon. I do believe it will cause interference, the technology is not really there Good article in this report.
They are really going to scream when some of my stuff interferes with them.

get your out of date food, right here

The Beaufort Gazette: Old groceries prove big business

Company is buying up stuff past its date and reselling it. Those dates have always confused me—how much fudge time do they have? Is it a sell by or use by? Will it taste bad? Make you sick? Kill you?

FedEx to rename Kinkos

The Beaufort Gazette: FedEx renaming Kinkos

This makes sense, as FedEx is the stronger brand name. however, I do think the new name needs some work—FedEx Kinko’s Office and Print Center.

last day of class

Today is the last day of class for the semester. Tomorrow is reading day and exams begin Wednesday. I give a final Thursday and Friday. Today, I’m finishing up grading small quizzes, beginning to make out finals and going to meetings about the search for a new dean.

Yes, Mr. Possum, that means i can start vacation soon.


Saturday, April 24, 2004

Christian comedy?

Holy smoke! Christian Comedy Night catches on

Interesting idea and might be profitable. It would depend on what people are buying, iced tea is mentioned, and how much they charge for it. The mark up for all beverages is large.


Friday, April 23, 2004

just don't feel like playing

Do you ever get that way?
I’m a strong extrovert but there are times I just want to be alone. Today is one of those days. So everyone—the comment section of your blogs is safe today.

See you Monday.


Thursday, April 22, 2004

Thursday three

3 places I would enjoy living
a. Oxford MS.- went there for graduate school and it has great memories, is a pretty area
b. somewhere in the Tenn. Mountains—near enough to Gatlinburg to be pretty/ far enough away to be less crowded
c. Holden beach area—NC/ pretty beaches but not as many tourist places—more quiet and subdued than other places

3 places I never want to be again
a. Indianola MS. Really this stands for many of the delta towns—haven’t been there in years but the poverty is crushing and the terrain is flat
b. Gatlinburg itself—too crowded, a parking lot not a resort
c. Bessemer AL. with my parents dead we only pass through there to see other relatives—since the cemetery is not in Bessemer I might never actually have to go there again

3 southern tourist traps/attractions
a. rock city/ruby falls—my wife and I went –I’m not fond of heights and she doesn’t like being closed in—what a pair given the views and some of the paths
b. alligator farm, when I was little
c. While we didn’t stop there we always passed by Graceland when in Memphis. Living in Oxford we escaped to Memphis often and there was always a crowd at the gates/ before and after he supposedly died.

Bonus question—best attraction—Vicksburg Battlefield

the prescience of possums

A few weeks ago we were joking around in Possumblog’s comments and Terry made a joke—no really. He said something about me using the pinto to go pick up ointment. Well, the ole possum is a many things –and now a seer of the future. My rash is still with me. We still don’t know what is causing it and it has moved mainly to my hands. They get read and itch. Not really an itch so much as they burn—sort of like I was holding a handful of ice cubes.
Just reporting in that while he got most of it right—I prefer the Cream to the ointment.


Wednesday, April 21, 2004

The New York Times > Dining & Wine > Wine Talk: Screw Tops Gain Acceptance Worldwide

My guess is that those who are trying to be snobbish about wine will not accept this.

late to the digital party, Kodak remakes itself on the fly
this is difficult but the company seems to be heading in the right direction


well you can go to his home again

Boyhood home of author Wolfe to reopen in N.C.

low carb lunch blogging

caffeine free diet Pepsi, and pork skins and Oh Boy! Oberto Meat Snacks kippered steak.


Las Vegas SUN: Mich. City OKs Islamic Calls to Prayer

Tuesday, April 20, 2004

soccer up baseball down
Forbes.com: Soccer Vs. Baseball

Those numbers are for people playing not watching.

still your blog leader in transgendered news
or taken in by a bogus story

Michelle Dumaresq Raises Hell

Story about leading female mountain biker who just happens to have been a man.


Monday, April 19, 2004

McDonalds make me fat and my doctor kept me fat?

Las Vegas SUN: CDC: Obesity Patients Not Getting Advice

Docs not telling fat people they need to lose weight. Shouldn’t they already know this—I did. Further, the article says that people are 3 times more likely to drop pounds if the doc recommends it. Are we really a nation of sheep?

does a mid-calorie cola

Las Vegas SUN: Coke Launching Mid-Calorie Cola

Lower calories, lower carbs and less sugar. What readers come here all seem to drink diet drinks. Those of doing some sort of Atkins, aren’t supposed to do any sugar. Don’t really think it will work but have been wrong before.
I ate everything tonight, however. The steroids, taken for the rash, really made me want to smoke. Tonight was one of those nights—I could eat or I could smoke. I guess I could have gone to sleep but that wasn’t working.

are you ready to buy another DVD player

Las Vegas SUN: DVD War Looms As Advancements Draw Near

New formats are on the way—better and they won’t play on just any $50 player. They probably will also be harder to copy. If you are a media giant say oh, Sony, and you make players and want to sell new ones and also make content and don’t want it copied well how about a new format.
The question will be are people ready at this point to pay big bucks for a new player, soon?

is this sort of like church bells

Las Vegas SUN: Hamtramck, Mich., Split Over Muslim Chant

City in Michigan is debating Muslim calls to prayer over loud speakers.

more transgendered news

Las Vegas SUN: Calif. School's Transgender Policy Upheld

Claif. School system does not go fully for state discrimination policy. That’s discrimination based on “perceived gender”.

Yes I’m feeling better—sort of.

locate your lintels; get the lamb’s blood
get your traveling food and eat it with your loins girded

OK, that might be a little strong but I’m feeling like Pharaoh. A pharaoh with no Moses to let go. Continuing the whining from last week, you lived through my cold, then the stomach virus and now the rash. I woke up during the night itching, just on my elbows. Got up this morning with pin points of rash on various parts of my body –these shall remain unidentified. Within a few minutes the pin points had grouped together to form massed hive like things.
These are not the old plagues but maybe the modern ones. Please forward any reports of toads dropping from the sky; water turning to blood or swarms of locus. When we see these; get the blood ready—remember the doorposts are the uprights and the lintel is the cross piece. Those of you with arched front doors, move now, protect yourself.
Reports of sick cattle should be forwarded.
I promise to stop the whining as soon as the plagues stop.

well, how about some good news and no whining?

When I was at the doctor’s this morning, he gave me the letter he was sending about my tests last week. I started the Atkins diet last summer and did blood work about 6 weeks after the start. This last week was the first blood work since then. Wellll, total cholesterol went down—bad went down and good went up. The ratio still isn’t great but compared to where I was it’s a great improvement. Still think most of this is in the genes. Also, the BP was great –pegged normal. The high fat diet has made my cholesterol better. What ? It’s not supposed to do that—only a low fat diet is supposed to work? My Bad!

As to the McDonald’s CEO dropping dead. We will hear much about how the high fat got him. I think he was eating the healthy salad stuff. My guess is that the white bread buns did it. Not that I’m an Atkins convert.


Sunday, April 18, 2004

another reason why I’m not interested in it

The New York Times > Technology > Satellite Radio May Be 'Shock Jock' Haven

Shock jock style stuff leaves me cold. I’ve even grown tired of Johnboy & Billy. The shock jock types, when everything is a dirty little sex joke really turn me off. Don’t get me wrong, I like jokes and dirty ones are funny but if I thought those jokes were stupid when I was 12, imagine what I think of them now.
BTW, what do I listen to? Well, I go back and forth between a rock station and a country station. Both used to play a lot of music but now both have “real morning shows”; meaning a mixed gender group that will talk about things. The rock station is usually milder and does more relationship humor. I listen to some music I don’t care for but I like most of it. Current country music leaves a lot to be desired. It seems most program directors don’t know country but come from rock stations—failed ones I guess. If all else fails I will listen to the public stations for the music.
And at work I either listen to the streaming bluegrass or stuff off my hard drive—classical, some new age and
Celtic mostly.

not sure I could have guessed a number
The New York Times > Technology > 2 in 5 Web Users Have Broadband at Home

Apparently, the competition is driving the price down—imagine that. I’ve been told that only government could do anything about prices.

The price cuts in this area are only for the installation or new customers. i've had cable modem and wireless for a long time now.

Rusty Wallace wins


First time on about 3 years; now that’s a change. The #15 actually managed to finish 15th. Given the start and his day, not bad.

I’m not a Bible scholar but…

I’m watching the FOX coverage of the race [yes I’m a NASCAR fan] and they were talking about independent teams beating the big teams. One of the people, not D.W., said it was sort of a Samson and Goliath sort of thing. Is it just me or were you told that story?

no cure yet but perhaps a cause for CF

WRAL.com - News - UNC Scientists Make Breakthrough Research Regarding Cystic Fibrosis

I found this article sort of disjointed but it had some info. I wish it had started on what the people found not with the human angle.

looks like I just might live

And I might want to. Felt very bad Friday night into Saturday morning. The darned thing struck again during the day Saturday but my wife got me some OTC stuff that seemed to help. We were able to go to a cook out at my department chairman’s home. Everyone in the department but one was there; we really are a good group of people and I would associate with us even if I had a real choice.
Well, back to me—seems to be better now and I hope all well by Monday the prospect of this turning into a flare up of my IBD is scary. Part of me still thinks that’s what it is, not just a virus. Oh’ well, it comes back when it wants to and I am off first summer term- that starts in about 3 weeks.
Thanks for all the concern but it is nothing like a self inflected wound and not near as funny. Well, it could be if I were a better storey teller—I’m great in person, I swear just come for a visit and see.

regular dull change blogging will resume later today


Friday, April 16, 2004

not much today

Not really busy just don’t feel well. No good story, like Papa Possum, mainly a stomach virus. I have managed to stretch my 24 hours bug to over 48 hours. It does have weight loss potential, however. I ate something last night for the first time in over a day. What I had this morning is sort of staying put and so am i.


Thursday, April 15, 2004

the Thursday three

3 living southerners to have over for dinner:
Rick Bragg—he writes very well and anyone bounced by the NYTimes can’t be all bad.
Dave Barry—again going for a writer
Rick Atkinson—another writer—“an army at dawn” ECU grad [although his bio only mentions the masters degree from Chicago]. Winner of numerous awards.
All with southern ties and each with a different view of the world. Would hope it would be interesting.

3 dead southerners

I went to Ole Miss so I get to invite Faulkner. Oh’ yes I do. An interesting man and might fit the fun and games.
Bill Monroe—not the best personality in the world but when you can invent a new musical form and have it out live you—that is an accomplishment.
My grandmother—Margaret Holczstein. College degree when many women didn’t have them, excellent organ and piano player, good Christian lady and aside from my wife the most wonderful woman in the world. I would like for her to meet my wife, get to know my son and see that I didn’t turn out that bad. As an aside, the diamond in my wife’s engagement ring was the stone from my grandmother’s ring. It is a small, yellow stone. In the way the world views diamonds, it has little value. My wife, however, knows that to me that diamond is the most precious stone in the world; a link between the two women who made life worth living.

Now enough of that stuff— after dinner we could play music and drink. See why I wanted Faulkner there.

The New York Times > International > Iraqi Militants Execute Italian Hostage

why won’t the wire services say what everyone but them knows is true?

When you execute a hostage you are no longer a militant you are a murderer. I guess we wouldn’t want to offend anyone.

welcome to the Smith family Spring stomach virus Festival

My wife is claiming it is something we ate but we didn’t eat the same thing. She just doesn’t want to admit that she gave me this crud.
Not much blogging today—I don’t think. Meet class—give assignment and then home to my own facilities.


Wednesday, April 14, 2004

a case of polio in Africa

Las Vegas SUN: Botswana Reports Case of Polio in Boy

This shouldn’t be happening –not at all.

of course the music industry doesn’t like the study

The Beaufort Gazette: Music industry in uproar over UNC downloads study

Economics professor shows that file sharing isn’t really hurting music sales. The industry can’t believe this; they have staked everything on the devil of computers. Maybe they should look at over hyped, over priced, bad music.

why all the blogging today?

It is a very rich day for change topics but I have other reasons. It was not enough that my cold is still here but in the middle of class today I got nauseous. Also, my wife is off today and just might be doing so real cleaning. I am going to stay in my office where no one can get to me.

the long term effects of low carb diets

The Beaufort Gazette: Carb-counting goes on after diets end, study finds

No not on us but on the markets. It seems the low carb craze has peaked but people who were on diets like Atkins are prone to count carbs even when the diet is over. Makes sense, if it is a lifestyle thing. Also, looks like many people are measuring carbs and “healthy” food, like oatmeal. I would guess that white floor and refined sugar are taking the biggest hit.

another low carb products article—not bad

The New York Times > Dining & Wine > Eating Well: New 'Low-Carb' Foods Aren't All-You-Can-Eat

Not entirely negative mostly balanced.

no kidding!

The Beaufort Gazette: NASA chiefs: Managers must embrace change

How many are going to die before the culture changes there? Then again it may never change.

The New York Times > International > Macedonia Votes to Replace Late Leader

If it is 5 minutes for an instructor and 10 minutes for a professor, how much time do you give a leader?

a promise to deliver your shares within 30 minutes or less

Domino's plans initial public offering

No word on why a public offering. Either to fuel growth or it is time to cash in.

crossdressing candidate update

crossdressing candidate in run off election
Link requires registration.

Well, he lost. I knew you were all waiting for the results. Me, I’m just trying to screw with the blogads.


Tuesday, April 13, 2004

I thought toll roads were a relic of the past
well not in Raleigh

WRAL.com - News - N.C. Turnpike Authority Proposes Toll Road For Triangle

beauty queen and woman of the people

Fast-food loving beauty crowned Miss USA

Likes fast food and reportedly is a republican.

federal recognition can mean millions of dollars
and maybe a casino?

WRAL.com - News - Siouan Descendants Say Lumbees Claiming Their History As Own

I was kidding about the casino, I think. Read about the politics of tribal recognition.


Monday, April 12, 2004

city to wall off slum areas

FT.com Home UK

Is this the first step toward Escape from New York?

some progress in research on Crohn’s disease

Scientists isolate gene that affects Crohn's disease

At least for some people, this gene might play a part. As the article says, there are also many interactions with other factors besides your DNA.
Also, the effects of the disease, while accurate, might be overstated.

vanilla shortage

Shortage Makes Vanilla as Precious as Gold

Interesting article on the vanilla industry. I knew a little about vanilla but not much. This was enlightening.

our service was more of a zoo not like this circus

We had many services; some early in the morning. I’m still sleep deprived.

I think this might have been fun.
Easter service held under big top for circus workers


Saturday, April 10, 2004

have a happy Easter everyone

Nothing much going on here except for the bad cold, I seem to have picked up from my wife. Many church services this week and two more to go. I have to be at the church by 4:45 in the morning. Actually I would like to go to bed soon. Hope the holiday goes well with you.


Friday, April 09, 2004

more Thursday three

Larry Anderson over at KudzuAcres was talking about eggs in his version of the three and made some disparaging remarks about scrambled eggs.

I do agree about the eggs. My wife loves them scrambled and used to fix eggs that way all the time. Finally, after several years of marriage, she noticed that I didn’t eat much of my eggs. She wanted to know why I didn’t like her eggs, since every time we were at my parent’s house they [my Dad] fixed scrambled eggs.
I asked her if she ever noticed how I ate them there? In thinking about it she said I really didn’t eat them. I told her what I told my parents years before—I DON’T LIKE SCRAMBLED EGGS! Not that anyone will listen—my parents didn’t believe me and I don’t think my wife did either.
They were convinced that you couldn’t like an omelet but not like scrambled eggs. Oh yes you can.


Thursday, April 08, 2004

well, y’all ain’t invited

Ayden, North Carolina - Collard Festival

There has been way too much collard bashing on this Thursday three thingy. This town is only a few miles from where I live and the festival is fun. They don’t have the 2004 schedule up yet but make you plans now.

Thursday three

As mentioned in Possumblog, this blatant but shorter rip-off of the Friday Five.[apparently alliteration is important in matters such as these]. I will try to answer the questions:

1. favorite food associated with the south—has to be barbeque, as we all know barbeque is a journey and mystical around the edges. It’s also perhaps my favorite food of all time. BTW, I like most styles but partial to red sauced shoulders and Memphis style ribs. Also, barbeque means pig, I don’t care what those Texas people say; barbeque=pig.

2. least favorite –key lime pie. I’ve heard it said that we can only taste sweet, salt, bitter and sour. Well I hate sour, even mild sour or tart. Can’t stand it.

3. what do I cook best from the old southern menu? Two things come to mind: I make a very good red beans and rice and my banana pudding is really great. That’s right folks a real custard base not some of these stupid packaged things. Well, the red beans don’t have custard but they could I guess.

new blogads

I did a mini rant on the situation 10 years ago in Rwanda. Now the blog ads suggest how I can call that country for only pennies a minute. No word if there is a crossdresser discount.

sometimes life isn’t very good

There is a very nice and extremely smart woman who works in the College computer operations. Her youngest son, college age, was killed in an accident yesterday.
Some times words fail.


Wednesday, April 07, 2004

now this is rare
an outbreak of ethics in college athletics

North Carolina withdraws scholarship to Curry after drug plea

The young man was charged and plead guilty to possession with intent to sell. It’s not like he was caught with a joint.

zodiac killer file moves to inactive

Las Vegas SUN: Police Close Case on Calif. Zodiac Killer

I thought I knew this case but this little piece had some new info, at least for me. It states that some DNA evidence from letters seems to clear the main suspect. Of course, the letters could have been sent by someone other than the killer.

WRAL.com - News - Two N.C. Towns Work To Appeal State's Defense Of Marriage Act
the two cities would be Carrboro and the People’s Republic of Chapel Hill

finally some time to just sit

I had to go to the doctor’s office this morning. Nothing wrong, just some blood work and perhaps some medicine to help with the non-smoking thing. Have been a little agitated and obsessive lately. Also, a little depressed and I don’t get depressed. Then back to school to teach and do end of year paper work. Things like C.V. update and junk like that. Well not all of it is done but I’m gonna play a while.


Tuesday, April 06, 2004

is this the future for medicine?

Bronx Hospital Embraces Online Technology That Others Avoid

Online orders and other use of computers should be a real help in some areas. Most notably, drug interactions and other medication errors.

Rwandans to Mark 10 Years Since Genocide

This really has nothing to do with change, just something that should not be forgotten. The article is about the genocide in Rwanda. There is no mention of the Belgians cutting and running away. There is no mention of the U.N. sitting on its ass and doing nothing.
These are the same folks we are supposed to work through on foreign policy?
Great job world! Well, mainly Europe. Really showed what you were made of in dealing with your former colonies.

yes we have no cajones

Barcelona Resolution Condemns Bullfighting

First the population bows down to terrorists, now this. I think this type of behavior is referred to as nuanced.

and now in crossdressing political news

Guardian Unlimited | World Latest | Candidate to Stay in Race Despite Photos

This is from Texas and a strange story. Pictures of man in women’s clothing have surfaced. The man is running for the Texas state house. Maybe LittleA can add to this.

biased reporting or just an idiot writing the article

newsobserver.com - Workers at Gaston County plant seek union representation

The headline is Ok but the first line states that workers want a union. Apparently, since they have made an application with the NLRB, the reported assumes that this means a majority want the union.

Not really, only a smaller percentage of the bargaining unit must indicate preference to show support for an election to be held. The reported also seems to think the company should just give in. I really think this is not bias but ignorance.

I’ll really have to think if this is worth it
Soy may help fight baldness, cancer
BBC to end cartoon-snack food tie

Other things the BBC has already phased out are truthfulness and objectivity.

Monday, April 05, 2004

prepped for class; interviewed candidate; taught class; went to candidate’s presentation; finished writing homily; went to church; delivered homily

That’s a lot of stuff for a lazy man.

Oh’ yeah—gave make-up tests and advised students.

–almost forgot the ad hoc scholarship committee meeting. It was actually OK, got things done and also got to meet with two of our new faculty members. They are just finishing their first year.

much work+little time+less desire=no blogging

Sunday, April 04, 2004

problems on the road to a new NASCAR image

NASCAR sends a Dear Bubba letter to its redneck fans

Fairly well written article with some good things to say. The issue is complex and one often faced by a business trying to grow and expand. How can I get the new huge market without losing my old customer base. I sometimes think NASCAR doesn’t think we will leave or just doesn’t care. As they swing to a younger, more urban more nationwide demographic it might be good to them to remember some lessons from the country music industry. As fast as the new people come in –is about how fast they can leave for the next trendy thing.

Cadillac’s make over continues

Cadillac to Show Seville Replacement

The company is trying to update image, line and quality. Will it work long term, who knows? Personally, I’m not hopeful. If I predict one way that would insure it goes the other.


Friday, April 02, 2004

wondered when they would show up

Monday I posted some things about cross-dressing. Knowing that the blogads have a delay, I was waiting. I now have ads that are stranger that those of LittleA. In case they are replaced soon, I now have Laser Hair Removal San Jose: Doctor Buckner's Cosmetic Laser Center - (408) 356-8150, listed as cross-dresser hair removal and this one Welcome To All Heels For Men.

I still have not figured out how long it takes blogger to get the related ads. Don’t know if it works on the number of posts or the number of days. But I hit the blogad jackpot.

late night at the Montessori school

On the way back from shopping last night, I passed by the Montessori school. The lights were on and people appeared to be there, even at around 9:00. who knew that some kids might need remedial “wandering around aimlessly”?


Thursday, April 01, 2004

say it ain’t so!

AT&T and Kodak to Be Removed From Dow

Also, International Paper will be removed form the index. These three will be replaced by Verison, a financial services company and a drug company. The index has always tried to reflect the nature of the American economy. Still, it seems strange to see AT&T and Kodak go away.

wireless stadium

The Beaufort Gazette: Giants' park pitches wireless access to baseball fans

Cool! I think your football stadium has wireless access—not sure why as some of the buildings don’t –yet. But that is another story.

not so fast on that inflammation-heart attack link

The Beaufort Gazette: Value of inflammation test questioned in study

This was big news a while ago but now??


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