Sunday, December 31, 2006

it will depend on how I feel then
Professors increasingly staying in classroom, lab into their 70s | Chron.com - Houston Chronicle

So some professors are staying into their seventies. Some in the article are treating this as a crisis of sorts—keeping the young from getting in. not in my field- We need the old and the young to get enough bodies.
If the teacher is up to date with research and can still effectively teach why not stay around. The job isn’t physically demanding. It does require a lot of reading that most of us will do in retirement anyway.
I guess in some areas getting the old out might help but not in the business disciplines.

Friday, December 29, 2006

it’s the you can play all weekend Thursday three- Friday one editions
Hosted by MR. SkinnyDan.

The best thing back is usually seeing everyone again after a couple of weeks or more. We have been out since the 16th and don’t go back until the 4th. So except for a few closer friends I really don’t see people on a regular basis.
The bad thing is that after the break is registration/drop add. Remember what a pain thatwas for you well it ain’t no picnic on this end either. Also the start of any semester is front loaded with work and unless I do some now in this motel in Birmingham I’ll have a lot to do later.
blogging from Gadsden
We’re in Gadsden Alabama and have had a nice time. We ate BBQ yesterday and saw some of my wife’s family. We don’t see them nearly enough and I like the people. We see her sister and talk to them but the aunts and cousins –nope.
We had gift giving with sister and our niece last night and I got more good stuff.
This morning we’re waiting for everyone to feel better. My wife has a very bad cold and is slow to get in gear this morning.
Later today we go to Birmingham to see my aunt and then home on Saturday I think.

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

President Ford died tonight
BREITBART.COM - Former President Ford Dead at 93

He did a lot for this country and found a way to let it heal after Watergate. He also seemed to me to be a genuinely nice and decent man.
May God make his face to shine upon you and give you peace.

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

just another elitist
Archbishop warns of a future full of dread for the Middle East | the Daily Mail

Dare I say racist?? This time in nice comfortable church clothing. See the “little semitic people” they need people like Bishop George to show them the way.

No!! The sides aren’t yet ready to talk and settle because they don’t see the costs of disagreeing to be less than the costs of agreeing and I don’t think Archbishop of the expanding ego will make a difference. Also he doesn’t offer to make one only offers criticism of others. And a smug self-rightousness based in elitism that I have trouble grasping.

Monday, December 25, 2006

merry Christmas

Church has been done yesterday—preaching was good if I do say so myself—dinner last night with friends at the Chinese restaurant was nice and this morning presents and later something to eat and football.
Not much in the way of eating as we leave tomorrow to visit relatives.

So from here to whoever visits have a wonderful Christmas.
I got some great gifts including an 18v variable speed cordless drill.

Sure wish I was handy enough to really use it. My old cordless was so underpowered it was mainly a screwdriver.

Sunday, December 24, 2006

our parish and our organist
Reflector.com: -- The Daily Reflector online

The woman that is—this husband is excellent also. This story is part of a series of the 12 days of Christmas – this one is pipes and all.

Saturday, December 23, 2006

aparently--the steriods are still at a high level
Looking at the last few posts i must still be honked off.
what a frontrunner

President Bonehead calls for Nifong to step down. Go back and see what he was saying in the past. This man is showing why he will probably survive this and other things at Duke. He might not be able to sense the wind direction early but eventually he gets there.
He finally could see that public opinion, probably his board and the legal establishment had turned on Nifong—then he pounces.

These guys are good at this. I’m lucky as our chancellors have been good people as well as good leaders.

Friday, December 22, 2006


Anglican Leader Criticizes Israeli Wall - New York Times
They all seen=m to love to do it. The arch bishop doesn’t like wall. Does he like suicide bombers—well we don’t really know as I can’t remember him ever saying anything against them. The Israelis didn’t put up the wall to be jerks they put it up because the fine upstanding people of the area kept coming over and detonating themselves.
Try and get a clue they bishop--
no change here
liberals don’t like markets and believe human made decisions are better
especially those caused by “protest”

Air America was going off in Madison due to lack of ratings and revenue. So what happened? The demi-commies got up in arms. To hell with making a profit give us what we want but won’t pay for. And given it’s Madison t they won.
I’m winning
yep—we had to move email servers as the cable company changed and I’m trying to get everything including new accounts working.
Right now there is a battle between the cable company, Bill Gates, Steven Jobs and me to try and out stupid each other.

I’m ahead on points so far.

Thursday, December 21, 2006

boy I’m gonna be P.O.’ed when I find out it was bacteria all along
Scientists Link Weight to Gut Bacteria :: WRAL.com

The weight and the Crohn’s. There is a possibility there too.
I’ve found something this moron does well
he makes other stupid actors look intelligent
well except for Matt Damon

Penn is fired up over Iraq | NEWS.com.au Entertainment
and peace towards men of goodwill
White Rock Reviewer

Just your basic rogue orthodox monks rebelling against the church and the state. They apparently think the Orthodox Church is getting too friendly with the roman church—no word on what they think of gay Episcopal bishops.

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

pirates in B’ham
No plans to see Mr. Possum

Local CBS affiliate sportscaster is sort of blogging. I think these are mainly going to be a once a day thing. It might be OK.
Greenville, NC - Sports - Bailey's Bowl Blog: Day One

It’s our first bowl game in about five years and I tried very hard to be able to go—no dice as we’ll be in Alabama after Christmas, drat.
in praise of rational families
Las Vegas SUN: Sheriff Calls Off Mt. Hood Search

Normally this headline would be followed with recriminations from the families of the missing. You know the script—“how can they stop now—they should have done more—been there sooner and all that. However, this time the search was stopped in consultation with the families. These people know mountain climbing and know the probabilities. They are acting in there and the searchers best interest, as a new storm is coming.

I’m sincerely sorry for you loss and extend to your families my deepest sympathy and highest praise for facing reality with determination and grace.

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

what a strange world they inhabit

Rosie was apparently never considered for the job nor offered the job but is “snubbed.” Yep rosie would be great there—maybe she could then do something her intelligence allows—call out process.
this just in
Penn an ass

Sean Penn Accepts 'First Amendment Award' -- Hits Media, Calls for Impeachment

These people just can’t stay away from a mic –wonderful to assume everything you want to say is a real gem.
At least he didn’t go running off to another country this time.
Twit probably believes he’s in danger for accepting an award for free speech—liberals give those to each other all the time—he probably truly thinks he’s being brave.

The steriod dose went down today but is still high. Explains this post doesn't it.
I like blogging on change but sometimes no change is the way to go. With hollywood and politics that never changes.
Jimmy Carter hard at work
BBC NEWS | Middle East | Schools shut amid Gaza 'anarchy'

Trying a way to blame the JEWS

My guess is he will be like most bigots and find a way—must be that fence or international Zionism or something—

Maybe that anti-Semite publisher lady will let him write a book
“if the JEWS did it!!!”

Monday, December 18, 2006

just who in the heck does this lady think she is?
Judith Regan's Attorney Vows 'War' As Sparks Fly Over Publisher's Firing - WSJ.com

Now is she has a contract all bets are off but is she is just another “employee at will” then she might be surprised.
Read this think and it sort of lets you in on the never never land these people inhabit.
what is it with these nice liberal types in the media
Publisher allegedly cited 'Jewish cabal' - Yahoo! News

Is she related to Carter? Or just another anti-Semite who has been passing and pretending.
At least Mel Gibson was drunk—but remember they can’t be this way they’re liberals.
scriptural fundamentalism

Let me be clear about what might sound like disrespect to those who hold views more fundamentalist than I. I do respect them because I know these people and see them wrestle with the choices that everyday life puts in the way of living a “scripture centered” life.
However, many of the Episcopalians I know who claim this are centered on two things—women priests and gays. The rest of it they tend to ignore.

Reality? Perception? Bias on my part? Maybe but perception can appear to be reality.
so you want to follow scripture?
7 Virginia parishes vote to quit US Episcopal Church - The Boston Globe

That is one of the quotes in this article. How about first getting rid of all those who are divorced—in an Episcopal parish no less. Do that and then we’ll talk about other things.

As I said in an earlier post I can feel for where they are and how they think no one listens. However, stuff like this coming from the “real” [in their view] Episcopal Church stinks to heaven of self-righteous hypocrisy.

PS no you are not in a congregational system and no you don’t automatically get to keep the property or the money. Find a bible verse for that one.

Again let me remind you that being a person under orders in the Episcopal Church I’m bound to follow my bishop—in many ways. Thus I do not speak for my diocese or my bishop. He would be much nicer and conciliatory than I.
it’s sort of a working day
I have a paper to upload to the proceedings website later today and worked this morning on the bulletin for the church service this Sunday. We’re having Morning Prayer at the main service I’m preaching.
This Sunday is one of the strange ones—it’s fourth advent and then the services of Christmas start later in the day.
We have the traditional “midnight” service—[you do know the midnight service starts about 10:30? Ed.] We also have a children’s pageant at 3 and another service at 5 pm. These are also Christmas services. They are well attended also. Many families like the 5 o’clock as they aren’t out so late with kids and the older group tends to like it for the same reason.
My favorite service of the year is the midnight Christmas Eve service.

BTW I’ll work the two regular services of the Sunday and the midnight- I’ll skip the other two.

Sunday, December 17, 2006

do gays scare them that much?
Episcopalians Are Reaching Point of Revolt - New York Times

I don’t really think so as these churches and ones I’ve know have other problems. One problem is they tend to feel no one will listen to them. They feel the church will tolerate anything but them. To a degree it’s true. The national leadership became so liberal they would tolerate any sin except the sin of conservatism. They dismiss conservative thought with worse manners pedantic academics treat conservatives.
I wish they wouldn’t leave but I don’t tend to agree with them on this one. As stated earlier I don’t find the biblical evidence overwhelming on this case. I know other do and that is fine we all have to live with what we decide is” cultural” or historic. [Yes you do and don’t deny it]
I however, don’t think they are going to like the autocratic ways I’ve observed with the “African” bishops. These guys tend to be bishops with a BIG “B”.

Friday, December 15, 2006

nanny state goes overboard
Obese should have health warnings on their clothes | the Daily Mail
A professor suggests this. Let me say this with all sincerity—
Stick you head even further up your rear end and try to breathe—hope you can’t.

it’s official
Jimma’h Carter is not just an ass and a bigot but a pompous one at that

BREITBART.COM - Carter Nixes Debate With Outspoken Prof

This might be my last post about our best know anti-Semitic former president. He is really not interesting. Carter is just a run of the mill southern-small town bigot.
Oh with a tremendous ego—supported by nothing but his own mind and some grant money.

Nothing to see here folks so just move along--
we don’t need no stinking land line
I know this is sort of late in the day but give me some advice.
Why don’t I go cell phone only?
One group that does this is the empty nesters. Well, our son is still home more than he’s at school but we really don’t use the land line. It sits there and eats money each month for no good reason. I’m not sure the cell only will be cheaper but it will be as convenient.
BTW we have cable modem and not DSL and I have no desire for VoIP.

Thursday, December 14, 2006

I wonder how this will turn out
Las Vegas SUN: N.J. Legislature Approves Civil Unions

The courts left them with no choice however this might work out. Let me say that while I think I approve of this I’m still in the dark with marriage. To me marriage is a church thing and not a civil thing. The state recorded my union the church blessed it. Better the two things be kept separate.
However, the newly awakened libertarian in me wishes them the best of luck with the rights and responsibilities of civil unions remember these are marriage certificates that are issued for a weekend or the summer. However, should gay couples enjoy the same benefits as the rest of us—rights to inheritance and things like “marriage
penalty then go for it.
it’s the pre holiday –Santa Possum is too busy to shop—
edition of the Thursday Three

comments update
They don't seem to be working if you want to play please go to Mr. Possum's post.

Well! What do ya do? I suggested the three was finished with finals and already headed home. Not good enough, so here goes with the best/worst edition of the three. You can answer the best or the worst or both—or not at all I guess.

Any way here it is:

1. Best/worst Christmas/holiday party you have attended?
2. Best/worst religious Christmas/holiday activity.
3. Best/worst gift--given or received?

Remember to either put you answers in the comments section or give us a link back to your site. Please play I don’t want to be the boy who threw the party and nobody came.

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

of course they criticize everything—they’re from NY
S.C. Couple Drowned In Car After I-95 Wreck - News

Look I’m sorry your folks died—I’m even sorry they ran off the road but that part of I=95 is dark and lonely and you can’t see the banks leading to the swampy area.
No it’s not like at home with lights everywhere and a cop or a bum on every corner.
With no debris field and the car under water things like this can happen.
Sorry but stop the complaining—
Next it will be a conspiracy to do away with them.

Yes the steroid dose is still pretty high.
illegal immigration update
leave it to the media
Children Feel Impact Of Immigration Raids - News

The issues of illegal immigration and buying fake documents are one thing but
what gets into McCain?
Senator: Illegal images must be reported | CNET News.com

He’ll do something that sort of make you forget about other things—like campaign reform. Then he comes out with things like this.
Does maverick and independent thinker mean off the wall and disconnected?
I’m not buying anything from Swift anymore
Las Vegas SUN: Raids in 6 States Met With Anger, Cheers

This was not just a regular investigation of illegal immigration. This involved the buying of ID’s and perhaps the theft of ID. However, the company tried to block the round up as is the union.
Fine they think so much of their business they will get none of mine.

Remember in all these stories the government is the bad guy everyone else is just worried about helping people and doing he right thing.

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

So ? fashion changes

Pantyhose Sales Hit Major Snag - Money
Things are becoming more relaxed however, I didn’t realize sales were down that much at some brands.
will the NSA release the CD?
ABC 4 - Princess Diana Concert Announced

They should have the recording.
gee I thought he was just a little man of little intellect and little talent
ABC 4 - Danny Devito: 'I Wasn't Drunk, I Was Joking'

He made one role last a whole career—he is good a holding on.
just another reason we should be more like those Europeans
Booed tenor says ready to sue Milan's La Scala | Entertainment | Entertainment News | Reuters.com
they might be too gay for you but we’re too liberal for them
Gay and Evangelical, Seeking Acceptance - New York Times

Strange paradox of the gay evangelical—or other more fundamentalist bent. They interpret the verses used to condemn their behavior differently than perhaps some more mainstream churches do—perhaps more like the liberal churches. However, on other issue they remain steady in their beliefs – many of them would not find a true home in places like the Episcopal Church—unless yours was a very conservative one—thus they are somewhat between.
My prayers are with them as they search.
BTW the article is decent. I wish it had gone a little more into the basic bible verses that separate here—personally I find the evidence against this behavior weaker than that condemning things like divorce which does find acceptance even in conservative Episcopal parishes.

Monday, December 11, 2006

is our congress capable of learning?????
BREITBART.COM - Dems to Wipe Out Pet Projects in Bills

Strange the democrats are the ones to try and end earmarks. I hope they do and also hope they just don’t call them something else.
NYC has been down this path before
New York Daily News - Home - Daily News Exclusive: Eurotrash making marks on subways

Or at least one similar with homegrown taggers. They need to be after these people as this is one of the main pointers to the decline of control. Remember the 80’s anyone go to NY then and see the graffiti? It was crime like that –un prosecuted by “liberals” that as inked to the basic lawless society. If this gets worse my guess is again the left crowd will talk about it being “art” and not hurting anyone.
Of course they would be wrong.

The article says they caught one but after a couple of days in jail he skipped town and went home. How about we don’t let him back in or if we do we put his euroass in an American jail for a while. Have a nice visit sir.

Yes the steroids are still at a high level thanks for asking.
spin drive will go into overtime in 3….2….1…
Diana was bugged by secret service in US | News | This is London

Can’t see a way to blame this one on Bush—but they will try and try to link if they can. Somehow this secret warrentless intrustion will rise to the level of OBL. There will be no fault attributed to Bill. The league of spinners will see to that.

Sunday, December 10, 2006

some people give other shallow people a very bad name

Can good ol’ very attractive Liz be this much of an idiot?
Maybe now we really see why that pasty faced sweet boy English actor was with the hooker. Ms. Hurley must really be a trial to be around.

Friday, December 08, 2006

is this stupidity or groupshift?
Streisand’s hubby publicly questions official 9/11 story
want to make a bet?
Las Vegas SUN: Feds: Man Planned to Blow Up Ill. Mall

The lawyer will claim he was set up.
but they really really care more than the rest of us
The ChronicleHerald.ca

Story is of an “artist” who hung an effigy of Santa to protest global warning. Remember since about Dado [or Dada--you see both] I think they think their job is to pick at the middle class. Or and get government grants and beg for money and tell everyone they are always right.

Boy I’m glad the steroids are easing off. RIGHT!
this could open up lots of things
with that type of controller

Bob Ross rises from the grave to bring Wii game :: DESTRUCTOID :: Hardcore gaming blog

The Wii has a motion controller and should be fine for things like painting and such.
Not really sure if this is real or a joke but the comments on the site were positive.

Thursday, December 07, 2006

My answers sort of:

1. Don’t like to fly or call attention to myself—thus both the airplane and I have to have completely functioning systems for me to give it a try.
2. I don’t really care for movies anymore. I prefer stuff on the history channel or reading.
3. Grapico [sp] or Dr. Pepper.
4. Carter turned out to be an extraordinary poor leader, planner and president. However, he is in my mind a very ordinary southern upper crust anti-Semite. I’ve know and had to put up with many of them.

there are still at least two groups that believe
al.com - Everything Alabama

Catch the headline on the bird flu and see—
The two groups are liberals and newspaper people—[are they the same group??] Anyway to these people spending money is the solution. The headline actually says most of what you need to know about them.
one last time
Las Vegas SUN: Pearl Harbor Survivors Meet for Last Time

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

now if these were gay Episcopalian rabbis then we might have some news
Conservative Jews Ease Gay Clergy Ban - Family - WRAL.com | WRAL
is Israel Baker’s Czechoslovakia?

The article talks about a proposal from Baker to have a Middle East peace meeting without Israel. Is this his 1938 moment? Could be? I don’t trust him any more than I trust Jimmy Carter. However, the reasons are different. I think Carter has real enmity toward Israel while I think Baker would sign a short-term deal with the devil to get out from under.
In the latest installment of they must be crazy in England
Mirror.co.uk - News - SHAME ON YOU

Apparently the police do nothing and then when someone gets caught the judge lets them off with the minimum. BTW this judge is a serial idiot.
I used to think I wanted to visit England but now I really don’t think so.

Anglophone update
the Canadians are crazy too

CANOE -- CNEWS - Weird News: House arrest for fatal rock tossing

Not sure I want them in jail for life but come on 6 months house arrest. Who the hell to they let become judges in these countries. I guess I shouldn’t talk they are so more nuanced than we are—and stupid--.

Boy this type of news really helps the prednisone kick in.

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

so what is wrong with it?
al.com: News

Link goes to a B’ham news poll on taking church donations by credit card. I blogged on this a long time ago and don’t see a problem. How do you pay your church? Some people put money in an envelope—cute but a pain in the rear for those counting and banking the stuff. Some use bank drafts and some of us pay out bills by computer. I bet if the church had a debit machine I would probably me more on time with my pledges.
Really some one tell me the problem and my opinion like many things religious is if it bothers you don’t do it and if it bothers you enough go somewhere where no one does it.
no change here—a really stupid headline
Group Hopes Awareness Will Stop Grinches From Stealing Cars - News - WRAL.com | WRAL

I know what the insurance trade group is trying to do and to play on the Christmas theme. However, let us get this straight—GRINCHES don’t steal cars. Low life people steal cars. In fact we have a place to put them and that is in prison not in children’s stories.
Boy and this is only the second week of the steroids. I can’t wait to see what will set me of next.
now this is a first
WBIR.COM - Flatulence, not turbulence forces plane landing in Nashville
Getting back to the change roots of this blog I find a new air safety threat. Glad it wasn’t me.
this is why some people think professors are dumb
N.C. State Profs Don't Want Cash From Conservative Foundation - News - WRAL.com | WRAL

Can’t take any cash [even unencumbered cash from conservatives]. It might taint the purity of the “academy.”

These same people will tend to take any amount from any leftist on the planet.
last day of class for me this semester
As usual if I had another two weeks I might be close to getting caught up. Lots of reviewing fort the exam and stuff like that so I’ll be in and out.

Monday, December 04, 2006

let the weaseling begin
Gwyneth Paltrow: I'm Proud to Be American | Gwyneth Paltrow : People.com

Gwyneth says she didn’t bad mouth America. However, if I remember correctly she did some America and Bush bashing in the foreign press earlier in her life.
Don’t these people realize that things said in a Spanish language magazine will eventually make it to the internet?
Strange they don’t know this being more civilized and intelligent and all.

Sunday, December 03, 2006

if this works then it’s great
Las Vegas SUN: Ultrasound Method May Supplant Biopsies
If this is as accurate then a non-invasive procedure is always better.

Saturday, December 02, 2006

is poker on TV nearing an end
Las Vegas SUN: Jeff Haney relays some advice from a poker giant's CEO to small cardroom execs: Make established tours work for you

Or at least a real slowdown? The article says that since the law changed to outlaw the online poker sites, this should drive some shows out. The online gamblers were/are big advertisers. Even if they get to to keep the business somehow because of difficulty in enforcement, they won’t be advertising. Thus revenue will be down therefore less poker.
this is hard to understand about NC State
newsobserver.com | Pack fans pushing Sheridan

I can understand Bama fans not getting over the Bear but State just cannot get over Dick Sheridan. Every time they have had an opening since he left he’s the first name mentioned. He did well 52-29 and six bowl games. However, he’s 65 the world has changed and it is hardly a hall of fame record. So what is up with these people?
the Hollywood stupidity just keeps on coming
Lindsay Lohan's publicist fires back at media | Entertainment | Entertainment News | Reuters.com

This time it’s the publicist. Remember PR person you job is best done by not letting your client say and do or write anything stupid. Your job is not to blame the media when they do. That might make you and her family feel better it isn’t your job. But then again I’m just a redneck from NC and have no clue as to what high powered people do. I do however, know about crisis planning and management and the first rule is to avoid and that is easier than it looks.
thanks for your input—we really need it
BREITBART.COM - US actress Gwyneth Paltrow prefers British dinner talk

She thinks the British are much more civilized—it is where she lives now. Well, hope you’re happy and the old bit about the screen door and your rear end and all that.

It is strange that all these Hollywood types prefer England where speech is really restricted to here where they think it is.

Don't mean to turn this blog into a stupid things actors say but it just comes easy.
but they’re really good people and support free speech
as long as they’re speaking

Speaker driven off by hecklers�-�Nation/Politics�-�The Washington Times, America's Newspaper

This won’t get much traction because the media trolls tend to agree with the protestors. My guess is they will either distort the event or make excuses.

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