Tuesday, February 28, 2006

treat it or lose it

The Beaufort Gazette: Study favors immediate prostate treatment

Or something like that. It makes sense to me-- i've never liked the idea of watching to see if it gets bigger.
this is neat

The Beaufort Gazette: Ancient sun temple uncovered in Cairo

It is sort of amazing they are still finding "wonderful things."
boy it has been a long time since we had a crossdresser/transgendered update

Las Vegas SUN: Teacher to Return After Having Sex Change

This story looks a lot like a south Park episode. I think the real interesting thing is that the person is 71 and still teaching.

Monday, February 27, 2006

back at work

Coming back is always difficult but today my rib really hurts. I think I over did it in Wilmington. I have lots to catch up on today so very little playing. See most of you tomorrow.

Friday, February 24, 2006

last day of the conference

The luncheon isn’t until noon so my wife and I are sitting in the lobby and waiting. Finally the weather is good but we have to go home. The papers went well and we had a good time.
Wireless is a good thing. I can sit here and download student papers from the server and grade them on the tablet. I’m really getting with it as I’m listening to my ipod.

See you Monday.

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

just an office day

I’m putting together my overheads for the paper on Thursday. Yes it is another in the continuing series of attitudes toward homosexuals at work. When you find a horse that runs you ride it. Also staying in the theme of homosexuality and alcoholism I do get to go deeper in the knowledge base as opposed to constantly changing topics.

SE DSI 2006 Conference

Monday, February 20, 2006

a busy day with basically nothing accomplished
I spent a large portion of the day making sure that my assignments for the when I’m out of town are ready for the students. That and trying not to cough.

Friday, February 17, 2006

Mr. Horse meet Mr. Barn-door

I finally got a prescription for some good cough medicine. The cough has been with me for a couple of weeks now. The only problem is that I didn’t do to the doc-in-the-box for the cough. I went because in my coughing I thought I had broken a rib. Turns out I was right.
About 11:30 Wednesday night a coughing spell hit me out of the blue all at once I heard a loud strange noise coming from my body and a real sharp pain. I had a couple of broken ribs a few years ago and thought this felt similar.

So got through the night with some pain pills my wife had—that barely did the job and off to the doc’s on Thursday afternoon.
If I had gone in when I should have I probably wouldn’t have needed the rest of this.

so yes it is possible
I had heard it was possible to break a rib while coughing and now have personally tested that theory. The Dr. said this was only the second one he had seen. He didn’t tell me if the other guy was a million years old. And no it was not the ribs I broke in the fall two years ago it was the other side. I will say that without a collapsed lung they are much less painful.
Less painful being a relative term.

Thursday, February 16, 2006

going for the gold
1. I watch if I happen to surf by. I used to watch more but the hype turns me off.
2. I guess like most people my age beating the Russians in the semi-final game in 1980 would have to be the moment. Well that and anything that peggy fleming has ever been in.
3. The bob sled always looked like fun.

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

but is it tasty?
Las Vegas SUN: Scientists May Have Found New Fish Species

And what wine will go with it?
Boy those scientists don't really get to the important issues.

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

gay bishop update
Las Vegas SUN: Gay Bishop Is Treated for Alcoholism

Let the calls from the conservatives begin—“horrors—he must resign—“ it’s not like we never had an alcoholic bishop before—or gay ones for that matter.
not much today or perhaps the next few days

I got sick last week—“I’m really feeling much better”—and got way behind on a number of things. Today I’m grading test that should have been back yesterday.

Saturday, February 11, 2006

some people are really not smart enough to hold their job
Florida City Bans Christian Paintings

City manager rejects paintings with Christian themes. These were a group for a Black History Month display. They appear of a type of African-American art that doesn’t really appeal to me. Having said that, the Christian content should not deter their being shown.
If this guy is right then a museum could not show any religious art.

What a moron.

Oh BTW the offending paintings are here.

Thursday, February 09, 2006

jury returns sane verdict
Las Vegas SUN: Jury Rejects Claim in Tossed-Shrimp Case

It seems many times we hear about the strange suit and don’t get to hear about the outcome. Still I glad this one wasn’t tried in some parts of Alabama or Mississippi.
this is what you get when you don’t use wine

Las Vegas SUN: Police Say Communion Grape Juice Tainted
is what you see what you get?

1. Best local building

I tend to like our school of Art building. It seems to work as it was designed. Art faculty might not agree but the building seems to maximize natural light in studio classrooms. It also has a nice flow to it. So basically I like it for function not for skin.
2. Worst public building

This one is difficult as the campus presents so many choices. It appears that for decades the architectural plan for the university was to go cheap and not have a plan.
The one I like the least is basically a copy of one I worked it. This is a picture of the Austin building. the insides work OK but the outside is sort of in that 1960 board of education style that someone liked.

3. We do have some good modern buildings here in town. Personally like Pitt County Memorial Hospital. You can’t tell a lot from this picture but the skin is mainly flat white surfaces. The white shows up well and gives a hopeful feeling to the whole place. Most of the other buildings have followed the same style so it looks connected. The exception being the big box to the right—the medical school. The interior is better than many hospitals as it is possible to navigate the thing.

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

my guess is that this will not matter to the health Gestapo
Las Vegas SUN: Study: Less Fat May Not Lower Cancer Risk

Maybe it’s because I’m a fat contrarian but a lot of what the healthy types spout is faith not science.
and to think GM has no clue as to why they suck
The fuel pump on my son’s 2000 Blazer went out. You have to buy the module not just the pump and apparently it can only be installed with a complete rebuild of the car. The total will be over a grand.
I knew in my heart there was some reason I didn’t like Chevy.

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

some lay people just don’t ever seem to get it
Las Vegas SUN: Police Arrest Chicago Pastor

Read the article. It seems a Lutheran pastor was fired by his board on Christmas Eve. When he was preaching this last Sunday the board had him arrested for trespassing. No word on what the dispute was about. However it would appear the board fired the guy without following the proper procedures.
To my knowledge the Lutherans are not a group of congregational churches. Meaning that the individual churches cannot act on matters of hiring and firing without approval of the diocese of synod or what ever.
We have this problem in the Episcopal Church at time. The local boards get very full of themselves and overstep.

Friday, February 03, 2006

personally I think they are unwitting tools

WRAL.com - News - Black, Decker Receive Elections Board Subpoenas To Testify

This really is about the NC house speaker and the republican leader but you do have to love the headline.

Thursday, February 02, 2006

I wonder what the lawsuits in the future will look like
Man Sues Apple Over Potential Hearing Loss

Perhaps his children will sue him for passing along the “asshat” genes.
Let me see—the thing sticks in your ears and you play music through it—I would be shocked to find out it could affect your ears. Just shocked.

only six more weeks?

This is a nice Thursday three.
1. What is your favorite season and why.
I like fall. Let me list the reasons:
a. students come back to campus
b. the new semester is exciting
c. the weather gets really nice and cool
d. football on TV
e. the golf and tennis are more pleasant in the fall
f. the trees are pretty
g. the mosquitoes die
2. What is you least favorite season and why?
Summer—reasons—heat, humidity and bugs and sweating a lot in the heat and humidity while swatting the bugs.

3. Daylight savings time—yes I’ll take a double dose please. As long as it doesn’t upset the crops or the barnyard animals.

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

dentist again today

Again I sit here wanting the shots to wear off and knowing it will not feel great when it does. Another one of the places to be careful what you wish for.
You know that drinking coffee through a straw is rather strange.

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