Friday, June 30, 2006

church and state
Las Vegas SUN: Calif. Court OKs Teens' Suit Vs. School
Well the state wins in California if the issue is gay rights. If they can sue a religious school because of this then whey can’t women sue the Catholic Church because they don’t accept women priests?
Either you and your church / school has rights to enact its religious beliefs or it doesn’t.
well that explains it all
Las Vegas SUN: Testimony: Wife Shot Minister After Fight

How vapid. You have to read this to believe it--
meet the poster boy for the 100% estate tax
Sulzberger Responds to 'WSJ' Editorial Slamming the 'NYT'

you gotta love the French but I’m not sure why
Tour Favorites Barred in Doping Scandal - New York Times

Also this morning they are passing some laws to insure read force apple to open up its iTunes so I can be compatible. Then this story. Seems like the French have finally found a way to win their own bike race—claim everyone else is a cheat. Might work nothing else has.
Don’t know who can be more stubborn or jerky at times the French or Apple. It just might b a tie.
fake but accurate again
USA Today: Call Database Not So Broad - New York Times

All the news we think we know. Looks like USA today can’t prove that Bell South or Verizon provided bulk phone records. But hey they still stick by the story—just keep making it up and put in a nice colored graphic and your job here will be done.
What else do they think is right and can’t prove?
this is right down the road
Pepsi Americas' Sail 2006

And I’m stuck here. Might not have gone anyway as the extra 100,000 people they anticipate will clog the roads for ever. I’ve been to other things there with an estimated crowd 50,000 and it was a zoo.
I still wish some local station would use their web cams. I’m monitoring a couple to check.

Thursday, June 29, 2006

this is new--
a rocker who gets it
Says he doesn’t much believe in law suits. Thinks the country has too many of them—besides it’s just rock and roll.
I’m surprised but not surprised
Las Vegas SUN: Former Alabama Governor, Ex-CEO Convicted
I’m not surprised they would have done this but I am surprised they were convicted.
you don’t have to be a scred up actror to be a moron
Blink 182 Star Latest Celebrity To Question 9/11

You can be a music person. When you follow the lead of Charlie Sheen you know you are in good company.
be afraid be very afraid
FOX Sports - NASCAR - NASCAR to change championship format in '07

When NASCAR changes or tweaks something like this it can only mean they are trying to “rig” the results. Sort of like the pattern they got into with the tweaking of the body styles and spoilers. My guess is they want to insure that the 8 and the 24 get in. how they do it is anyone’s guess. The 400 pint window hasn’t worked. Perhaps they will let you “drop” a race of two. However, if they come up with a stupid fan poll like in the all star race then I’ll be a former fan and never watch again.
whiny stupid asshats
I’m watching the press corps try and try and try and try to get someone to say the president is WRONG he OVERREACHED. Hate and loathing is not too strong of a description of what I feel about these people of obviously much greater opinion than intelligence.

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

a religious right to violate the health laws
Las Vegas SUN: Amish Farmer Says Milk Law Opposes Beliefs

I don’t think so. Seems the Amish guy likes raw non-pasteurized milk. Fine drink away retro boy but no you can’t sell it. Sorry the religious duty to share doesn’t seem to extend that far.
Acidman’s obit
Obituaries | SavannahNow.com

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

I’m fine with this
Senate blocks flag-burn ban - World Breaking News - Breaking News 24/7 - NEWS.com.au
As others have said today—the flag needs no special protection. Those who harm it are doing a grave injury to them not the flag and not to us. I don’t like singling out things or people for special protection.
statewide rules for cable TV
WRAL.com - News - N.C. House Gives Final OK To State Rules For Cable Television
The senate will have to act also so who knows. Also I haven’t studied this so I’m not sure if this will help at all.
Anyone out there have a state regulation system rather than local?

Monday, June 26, 2006

correlation is not causality
Prenatal Effect Hinted for Some Gay Men - New York Times

Interesting! Seems men with several older brothers –raised with them or not—are more likely to become gay. Relationship does not seem to hold for those with step brothers or who are adopted. Strange but interesting none the less.
and some people thought the hurricane would change the city
New Orleans CityBusiness -- The Business Newspaper of Metropolitan New Orleans
It has been over a year I think for some transvestite news. New Orleans has gangs of them roaming the city and terrorizing shop owners.
you could see this coming
Gut Rumbles

The Acidman is no more. Reading him was sort of like watching a wreck –in slow motion—tragic but you can’t take your eyes off it. At his best that SOB could write.
Finally get some real rest --
I wonder if this will translate here
Married couples could be forced to testify against each other - The Herald
I’ve never understood this exception as most of what I know about it comes from TV shows and not the law. Also if we get domestic partnerships will this be granted then?
of course they are puzzled
Las Vegas SUN: Argument Against Report Puzzles NYT Editors
The NY Times editors are puzzled that there is an out cry against their irresponsible acts of outing our secrets. They are puzzled because they see know that they are saving the world against Bush and how could anyone fault that.
They also are trying to tell us they studies it a lot and really worked on it. That is the last defense of people who do things wrong—“but I worked real hard.”
This really just shows how out of touch they are with not only most of us but with reality. They never will understand what they have done and the depth of feeling many people have for them.

Sunday, June 25, 2006

the stripes will eventually begin to show
Murtha says U.S. poses top threat to world peace | www.azstarnet.com �

You can spend years looking like one thing and the real you will come out. The congressman has shown his anti-American moonbat side. It’s a real shame as he looked like a person who had not only deserved but had earned respect. No more!
college logo maybe but not major league baseball
IOL: US baseball fans show support in afterlife
Don’t see the newness of all this as some have been doing college stuff for years. And I assume NASCAR is in the mix.
I hate it ended this way
California Chancellor Dies in Jump From Building - New York Times
Having said that there are a couple of things that bother me about this. The chancellor in this case was under fire – been following this case for a while--- for renovations to the residence and for getting a big time job for her “partner.” All this at a time when the university raised fees and cut budgets. She seems to have gotten on the wrong side of the unions there—California faculties are unionized.
The thing that bothered me as the statement by her provost. He mentioned her commitment to diversity before he mentioned the ideas of higher education. Folks diversity is not the sole reason to have a university.
Any way may she rest in peace.
I think all of them get deprived of oxygen
BREITBART.COM - Armstrong threatened my life, claims LeMond

Great peddling machines but more selfish than wide receivers and soccer goal scorers. If that is possible. Oh and throw many basketball players into the mix also.
I thought they were here
Coyotes in the city

Something is going on as the fox seem to be more visible also.

Saturday, June 24, 2006

maybe if Kerry or Gore wins in 2008
Saddam thinks the US will put him back in as president. I’m really not kidding there are some who would.
this has been ongoing for a while now—I think
wcco.com - Churches Use Technologies To Spread 'Good Word'
Don’t think it works for me but then again I don’t see anything wrong in it. Nothing says the word of God can only be read out of a thin paged book with red letters or that it must be preached without visual aids. The glass windows of the past were basically the power points of their day.
government completes the stealing of the houses
Las Vegas SUN: Eminent Domain Battle Ends in Conn. City

I sure want to know what hotel si going up there. That way I can be sure not to stay there and also try and get any associations I belong to to not have meetings at that chain.

Friday, June 23, 2006

well this should just about do it
Executive Order: Protecting the Property Rights of the American People
This will prove to the left and those EU’ers that our president is stupid and a nut case.
He believes in private property... The nerve!!!
let me say this plainly
WRAL.com - Family - Officials Warn Rink Against 'Christian Skate' Night
the state of New York can go to hell

The special Sunday afternoon “Christian skate” might be a violation says the state human rights commission. The place plays contemporary Christian music during that time.
I know I’m cranky but I’m very tired of bureaucrats trying legislate and them when they get caught –saying “just doing my job” no you should lose it you asshat. And your boss who OK’ed the whole thing.
more from Oregon—PC heaven
TheDenverChannel.com - National News - Fire Crew Bosses Who Can't Speak Spanish Can Lose Jobs
One Spanish speaker on a crew means the leader must speak Spanish—I assume both English and Spanish. Otherwise he gets demoted and the bilingual guy gets the promotion. Authorities are selling this as a safely measure. How about this—hire crews that speak ENGLISH—on no !! That would be wrong.

Looks like a whole state of twits that can’t seem to stand it when wither California or Washington get twitter than they do.

Thursday, June 22, 2006

OK folks how many times must we repeat this
Rob Lowe Gets OK for Massive Dream Estate - New York Times

don’t pay for the view unless you can own the view

Lowe wants to build his dream house. Others say “but then you will block my view.”
“ Do you own the land on which Lowe wants to build?”” No I just like the view”—then have a nice cup of STHU.
but never forget We are the problem
EU way off course for meeting Kyoto targets: latest figures - Yahoo! News

It must be Bush—I think the EU was better when Clinton was in office. Don’t you?
wonder if he was one of those wearing that metal style German army helmet?
Las Vegas SUN: Lightning Strike Kills Colo. Motorcyclist
so it’s not “for the children”
Las Vegas SUN: Dioceses Won't Perform Background Checks

L.A. diocese of the Roman church will not do the promised background checks on those working with children. The reason—wait on it –it discourages illegal aliens from being volunteers. Right –apparently this diocese feels that getting abused or molested by an illegal alien must be a good experience. Well they must-- as they are giving them a free hand. Either you protect the kids or you don’t.
I think this really speaks to what their church thinks of the various child abuse scandals. They really don’t seem to think it is a big deal at all.
I would do this well --if I had the money
Best Buy Tests Selling Macs at Stores - New York Times

I don’t like best buy more of a circuit city person but I’d buy a mac there. Since macs don’t usually discount it doesn’t mater where you get them the chances are I could save some shipping getting it at a store. Interesting to see if this works out.
BTW I really want a new mac but will wait and see how the intel chip does and let the prices stabilize.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

somebody needs to be out of a job
WTOV9.com - News - Illegal Immigrants Free To Go
This is a real sign the federal government doesn’t give a damn. If they can’t or won’t do the job they should get out of the way.
Oh the change link-- no change this is apparently business as usual for us.
if you overdrawn does it let you go?
Business: No cash? No card? Just stick in finger

I have the finger deal on my tablet computer—heck yes I would use this. Might bbe real good for those who keep misplacing the cards.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

you have an impasse when neither side will give
Las Vegas SUN: Episcopalians Address Gay Bishop Impasse

As I’ve said before a truce is apparently only possible if we give in to the basically African churches. Tell the truth I’m tired of their attitude and I’m tired of them begging money so they can then tell us the “right” way. Go show some compassion to those in need – fix your own house—clean up your own sexual antics and shut the hell up about us.

Yes I’m still cranky and plan on being for a number of weeks.
not much blogging early today
I go to the doctor’s today
This will be the first visit since I had surgery. I will be interested to see how it’s healing and also to see what it looks like. The pain is very manageable with over the counter thing—mostly. The problem comes from mobility and having to keep my leg elevated so it won’t swell and then hurt. I’m hoping of a different type of cast but really don’t know.
The appointment isn’t until 10:30 but getting ready takes time now. Also I bet the visit takes most of the day.

I'll be here.

Monday, June 19, 2006

sorry Mr. SkinnyDan but we rednecks got the cup

Carolina gets cup --great. I really didn’t think they could with all the injuries and choking going on in the last two games.

FOX Sports - Sports News, Standings, Stats and more
I didn’t even relax after the empty netter.
supersize this
Larger corpses catered for - Yahoo! News UK

It was bound to happen and will to me if I don’t get on a diet soon.
BTW this is a beak from cranky church blogging.
hell a cloud blocking the sun upsets that diocese
Las Vegas SUN: Bishop Election Upsets Episcopal Diocese
Fort Worth—everything is a sign that they are right and pure and holy and everyone else is wrong and bad and evil and sinful. All signs point to the sin of homosexuality and something to do with women. Still not sure what but they have a thing.

BTW the whole thing come to a head tomorrow with a series of votes.
this just about ought to do it
New US church leader says homosexuality no sin�|�Reuters.com
The right in our church will probably bolt now. They have worked themselves into such a state I believe they think there is no other greater sin. Just about time to get it split up and see where the big pieces fall.
not really a change here
My Way News - Charitable Giving in U.S. Nears New High
Back near dot com levels. We are a generous people. Except those worldly cosmopolitan types think we are cheap. Mainly because we don’t go crazy over their causes.
this shouldn’t/t be that big of a deal

Las Vegas SUN: Bishop Chosen 1st Female Episcopal Leader

However it will be. This isn’t like electing a diocesan bishop. In fact, she is already one of those. [she gives that up]However her rise is very rapid. The office of presiding bishop isn’t too powerful. Don’t think of this position as a “super” bishop who can order things down. Mostly they lobby, act as figure heads and make speeches mildly condemning of the U.S. government. Well the past ones have done it that way.
It will anger the usual suspects such as conservatives who pass them selves of as the orthodox and it will bend the African bishops all out of shape. It might even drive some sects—my word not theirs—they are orthodox, out of the church.

Sunday, June 18, 2006

more cranky blogging
wonder when the law suit will come

1010 WINS - On-Air, Online, On Demand
52 year old woman at Yellowstone—climbs over wall—slips –falls 500 feet –my guess the park must somehow be responsible for her death.
What do people think they put the walls there for?
I’m bored as hell and trying not to take it anymore
I’ve never been inside as long as now. Except for going to the hospital and coming home Tuesday a week ago I haven’t been outside in two weeks. Maybe this evening I’ll bump butt down the stairs and sit on the deck for a while. The pain is manageable with over the counter things but the boredom is terrible. There are only so many sodoku puzzles I can do. Maybe I’ll read some more.
not sure you want to do that presidente Sparky
Mexico Hopeful Takes Hard Line vs. NAFTA - New York Times
Leftist running for president of Mexico says he will not honor part of NAFTA. Listen up there—NAFTA ain’t a cafeteria. I believe in free trade but I also believe it goes both ways. So start to pick and chose and don’t be surprised when things change big time. He seems worried about the arg. Payments here – don’t even get us started about the subsidies for some of the Mexican industries.
not again I hope
WITN | Flood Warning

Seven years ago the substation was basically underwater and power went on –well most of the time. The substation is too in the flood plain. They say they’re ready—I hope to see pictures tomorrow of sandbags and the like- not sure the generator will start for my wife and son or that I could get it if I could get to it.

Saturday, June 17, 2006

Dixie chicks talk again
Telegraph | Entertainment | How the Chicks survived their scrap with Bush

Now is the perfect time to remember “don’t ascribe to malice what can just as easily be explained by stupidity.
Read some of this stuff—they are really dense—and angry because the rest of the country performers didn’t rally to them. Yet they are proud of being apart and “better” then them.
Girls go perform and have a real nice life but I won’t buy another—and I won’t listen to that one or a radio station that plays you. Find another segment or shut up and either way have a nice life.
not so sure something like this isn’t the way to go
BBC NEWS | UK | Call to abolish legal marriages

Brit religious think tank group wants to rethink “marriage.” What should the involvement of church and state be here? Should be worth talking about—at least I think.
right!! Cranky blogging again
Starbucks targeted over high-fat products�|�Reuters.com

The so-called center for science in the public interest, don’t take an interest in me, you would be regulators and dictators, anyway they are now after Starbucks. Seems Starbucks actually puts things in the coffee that might be “fatty.” They put milk, half and half and some whipped cream in the coffees. But only if you ask for it.
Listen you asshats they don’t put a damned thing in the coffee you don’t order. They don’t slip it in. They charge you for it or ask if you want it as part of the price. The fat costs and they don’t give it away.
Go the hell away.

Friday, June 16, 2006

It’s coming
WRAL.com - News - Eastern N.C. Keeps Eye On Rising Rivers
All the rain the other day from Alberto. The stuff that went to Raleigh is now on the way. Our river will crest over flood on Tuesday. Don’t expect much of a problem but there will be some.
what we hate about websites
Sounds about right.
What users hate most about Web sites | InfoWorld | News | 2006-06-14 | By Sandra Rossi, Computerworld Today (Australia)

Basically we come to a site looking for things and all the extra bells and whistles get in the way of that.
some cranky TV ad commentary
Any else getting just a little tired of the tone of the Johnsonville Brat commercials?
I like them –they’re good but the he tings are damned sausages. It’s not a religion. Tell you Johnsonville you are getting so fussy about who and how and why I cook and eat them why don’t I just get another brand. I might not be worthy.
some cranky TV ad commentary
Johnsonville : Home

Oh what do I mean?—well the one showing you should put the cooked brats in a beer bath to keep them ready was OK. Now they are telling you how to dress out the brat. Let me tell you once I buy it it’s mine. Your interest and control ends. Butt out.
Johnsonville : Home

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Episcopal Church update
Las Vegas SUN: Danforth Warns Episcopalians on Issues

I tend to agree with the Rev. Danforth. I know a lot of people I know in the church are more conservative than I and will not agree with him. They are in purity mode. It seems that each side feels the need to purge the church. God help us. Orientation is not a big deal for me. As with people in my parish I’ll be glad to respectfully listen and discuss the issue. I don’t expect to be moved but my guess is neither do you.
this could get interesting
WRAL.com - Family - Mass Confusion? Catholic Mass May Be Changed
They haven’t changed much for decades. However, changes in liturgy and ceremonial can cause real division to come to the service. I’ll look over the changes later—tired now—and see if I see anything that looks troubling. I do have RC friends that won’t like it if it doesn’t go back to Latin.
I’m not religious I’m spiritual
Always took that to mean I don't’ have to get up Sunday/whenever and also didn’t have to contribute to anything. Sort of a lazy cheap way out. But then my bias might be showing. Anyway on to the questions –
A. Am I overtly religious? Yes I guess so. In 1988 after a few years of diocesan school I was ordained to the diaconate—the lowest order of ordained ministry in the Episcopal Church. Ordained never the less—the actual orders are on the wall on my bedroom and I can see them as I type. Remember I broke the ankle while finishing the church service. The diaconate has a specific place in the liturgy and in service to the world. The mediations I do as a volunteer are part of this service.
B. Come to it on my own or part of the tradition. Hard to really say as going to church and being active were norms but didn’t stay that way for my parents—although my father became very active the last ten years of his life. There were preachers and evangelists in the family but I was never close to them. So it is a tradition. However the rest of the family is either Methodists or Baptists.
C. Leave for a while—I left for a long while from mid-high school until after graduate school. My wife wanted to start going back to church. I wasn’t ready to go to the Baptist church and the Methodist churches were not getting it done after we moved to a new one. We were invited to come to church with a colleague and his wife. The minute I hit the Episcopal Church it felt like I was home. Never left. What got be back to organized religion? I love the liturgy and I love a church where I don’t have to check my brain at the door.

BTW I’ assigned here.

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

art eliminates life
The Albuquerque Tribune: Local

Guy was know for big fiberglass stuff and part of one came loose and pinned him in the works.
does this really bother anyone?
WRAL.com - Travel Getaways - Historic Maryland Inn To Get Starbucks Coffee Shop

Pub/grog shop/inn/coffee shop who cares? All were places to stop, get something to eat or drink and perhaps talk. Seems good to me.
Raleigh got all the rain
WRAL.com - News - Alberto's Remnants Blamed For Mall Closure, One Death

In this depression most of the heavy rain should have been to the northeast but because of a front while the center shifted close to my house the rain moved to the northwest quadrant. This flooded parts of Raleigh to a degree not seen in thirty years.
yep—they sort of look Canadian—right?
With U.S. ticket sales slow, Chicks head north of border - Nashville, Tennessee - Wednesday, 06/14/06 - Tennessean.com

Don’t care if they make money—don’t care if they make records—don’t care if they are on the radio. I just don’t care to hear them. Some entertainers are good enough to make me forget their political or social beliefs—these girls are not.
big twit—moderate talent
New York Daily News - Home - Lloyd Grove's Lowdown: It's 'Putdown With Keith Olbermann'

This guy just can’t get along. It must be frustrating believing you are the smartest man in the world yet no one will agree. I really haven’t found much evidence of intelligence here only ego. The big surprise to my reading was that his fiend was “Katie.” Didn’t figure him for any “friend” at all.
He can be an engaging personality with some wit but after a while people recognize folks like that for what they are—limited and very much in a niche. He appeals mainly now to the Kos anti-Fox crowd. That might keep you on cable but will never take you where that ego wants to go.

Just my opinion—I mean I can’t know anything as I’m just a dumb southerner. However, since I’m alone right now I am the smartest person in the room.
home churches growing
News from Agape Press
There is much wrong with “organized” religion and perhaps much to be said for the “home church” movement. However in the several variations in which I have encountered it I’m really not impressed.
In trying to capture the spirit of the early church I find these groups tend to ignore the service to god’s children. I find these groups to be very inward looking and this does not sit well with my reading of the gospel.
I also find some of them as elitists and holier than thou. Others use this as an excuse to just not attend church at all.

All the above might be wrong but it is my observation and opinion. Your mileage may vary.

Oh—the good part is that people do interact with a group in which they care and are cared for. These can be very supportive in growing in the life of the Christian. They can also be limiting.

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

congratulations Mr. Kennedy
AP NewsBreak: Kennedy pleads guilty to DUI - Yahoo! News

It’s a plea deal might be one we could have obtained. What is the change factor here? A Kennedy takes responsibility.
Congratulations you are growing up. Well done sir.
things like this just reinforce part of the way I teach
Popular Mechanics - DESIGN FLAW LED TO GENESIS PROBE CRASH: Sensors Installed Backwards

I have a firm belief that success is marked by doing the fundementals well. Most killer mistakes come about not from missing the thing to the 5th decimal point but missing the fact that the sensors were installed wrong for the design.
new to me but sounds cool
Las Vegas SUN: Texas Sandpit Owner Sees It As Scuba Park
Safer as the environment can be controlled and the boast won’t be chewing you up. Also no sharks.
this should be a real blow to the prosecution
WRAL.com - News - Duke Professor Calls For Special Prosecutor In Rape Case
The law prof who handled the internal duke investigation thinks a special prosecutor might be needed. When a Duke law prof is not standing with those pushing the rape charge something is going on. He seems to think the D.A. has gotten too involved.
The whole thing looks like the group has been bitten with not only group think but group shift. Thus moving them farther and farther along with no way out. They perhaps don’t look for ways out because they don’t see the need. To the insiders all might appear well and the complaints are just that—unjust complaints on those doing this fine work.
can’t be counting Stanley Cup chickens before they hatch
WRAL.com - News - Hurricanes Edge Oilers To Take 3-1 Series Lead
But this is exciting and the Cup will be in the house for game five.
this must be a shock to them
foxreno.com - News - Judge Overturns Controversial SF Hand Gun Ban

SF discovers that their little assembly does not trump the U.S. constitution. They must really be angry and uncomprehending.

Monday, June 12, 2006

nothing makes you an expert on everything like getting a medical degree
Doctors call for 'fat tax' on Coca-Cola and Pepsi | the Daily Mail
Keep you stupid fingers off the tax policy. I’ve been accused of being cranky today—well I’m bored and I still hurt some and I’m still fat and after 2.5 years want a smoke and don’t want to spend more money on stupid things like surgery.
Anyway cranky or not keep your hands off the tax code
I’m working harder now than before I fell
Not really I guess abut have a few more minutes I can sit at the desktop with hurting real bad. There’s a lot of grunt work to getting a course up to the web and much of it goes easier with a full sized screen, keyboard and mouse. Also did a little research work this morning getting ready to collect data.
If I keep getting this bored I might really catch fire.
now I understand
I just watched part of the press conference about the dead Al Qaeda guy. Now I really understand why the Russians didn’t tell anyone they found Hitler’s body. Some thought they were hiding it from the west I I think they just didn’t want a press conference.
new trend here—do I have to do that?
Las Vegas SUN: Some Ohio Families Refuse to Claim Bodies

Bury relatives that is.
The trend is not stepping up to bury relatives. The cost of funerals is high and getting higher and people are upset that the family isn’t rushing to pay the freight. Is there a legal obligation? Why should you expect it? It seems people are tracking down any relative.
I know someone has to pay but should they have to pay the $6000 average? Who sets the standards—cremation is a solution—with out all the stupid rules to increase business.
American lawyer whines at Saddam trial

WRAL.com - News - American Lawyer For Saddam Asks That Trial Be Stopped
The surprise factor is that it isn’t Mr. Clark. It’s the other twit. Sorry since I’m dealing with a lawyer who might want to sue—twit is a term of endearment. TWIT!
The complaint –not enough time—the government took five months and these people have been going since April and feel rushed.

Sunday, June 11, 2006

Ontario must be in the same area of England and Oregon
CANOE -- CNEWS - Canada: Ontario to change rules for farmers' markets

Health inspectors gone wild! Bust up fund raising lunch—in its twentieth year. Also act rude in the process. Seems like the health nuts have gotten a little too power crazy—unchecked bureaucrats can become this way.
Oregon must be a lot like England
KATU 2 - Portland, Oregon

I’m also not trying to turn this into a stupid police tricks. Lord no! they have a terrible job that they do very well. What I’m doing is pointing out where some laws and interpretations have gotten out of hand. Putting a snake out it its misery gets you charged.

Saturday, June 10, 2006

why England continues to go to hell in a hand basket—cart –whatever

The Sun Online - News: Dad in a flap over chip fine

Fines for littering and very PC stuff having to do with ham can get you in trouble but remember this is the place where first time arsonists don’t get arrested.
They must have a real problem with food.
French taste from a bottle
Cheating chefs leave bad taste with fake food - World - Times Online

Controversy in the realm of French food as some high end chefs are accusing other of using powered or liquid taste enhances instead of the real thing. They say this isn’t cooking and the users are cheating. Heck, I just want to get hold of the fakes. I might be able to afford the fakes but never the real thing—like truffles.
Being this stuff to the masses—especially the wine sauce from a powder although that one isn’t that hard. Or maybe I just don’t do it right anyway.

Friday, June 09, 2006

Now! Can someone help my blogging addiction?
WRAL.com - Health - First Rehab Center For Video Game Addicts Opens

This had to happen eventually as those of us around teenagers and/or college students have seen signs that this is addiction like. The problem in the U.S. will be getting this listed as a treatment that can be billed to the third party.

Thursday, June 08, 2006

this is why I gave up yard work
PoughkeepsieJournal.com - Newburgh man drowns in lawnmower accident

Well it could have been if I had a pond.
sort of no change blogging

Sen. Clinton: Coulter's remarks 'vicious' - Yahoo! News
Democrats are down on Ann Coutler. Nothing new here –Ann again said something and she gets attacked by the left. She’s insensitive you know. She probably thinks she speaks truth.

I shocked—shocked My Way News - Senate Rejects Amendment on Gay Marriage. This was a sham to start with. Everyone knew it would turn out this way. Stop debating things like this if there is not going to be a real debate. I’m tired of sound bite politics.

A new leader at MSNBC. mediabistro.com: TVNewser
Is it my turn yet. Hey I’ve got a few weeks with nothing else to do.

No wait this might be one:
WRAL.com - News - Iraqi Prime Minister: al-Zarqawi Killed In Air Raid North Of Baghdad

But just wait –why did it take so long—isn’t the timing political?—doesn’t mean much and who cares. Just giving the talking points so you won’t have to watch the coverage.
it’s 4:21—do you know where your ankle is
Mine is attached to my foot and in the recliner. I slept about 5 hours with only one break to go to visit the facilities. That is actually pretty good. Pain is almost nil will only some discomfort. I just can’t quite go back to sleep right now and probably won’t for a few hours but who knows.
This sleep pattern was actually getting like this before I fell so this is not new.
My wife is going back to work today –she has been either at the hospital or home with me all week. I think I have much of the routine down now and only wait to see what food she leaves me since I’m not venturing down the stairs.
If things go well I’ll resume the regular stupid change blogging later today.

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

I went for precious metals not waterfront property
That is if you count stainless steel as precious metal. Sunday as the church service was finishing up; I was taking the last of the communion wafers back to the ambry. We have a raised altar area and stone floors. I slipped on the middle step and landed on my right ankle. So off to the emergency department for x-rays and bad painkillers. They told me it was broken in a couple of places as well as dislocated. All they would say was that I broke it “real good.” When the docs start talking like Larry the Cable Guy you know you are in trouble.
They did put the thing back into place and kept me for surgery on Monday. As an “add on” I took my place near the end of the rotation. Finally got back to the room about 4:30 Monday afternoon with the actual cutting and sewing and metal work taking about 50 minutes I think.
I have a plate on one side and just screws in the other side of my right ankle. Something I’ve always wanted.
More on this later and probably much blogging as I’m stuck with putting no weight on this thing for at least 2 weeks and probably longer.
Yes it is about 4 in the morning but I’m actually sleeping better here than in the hospital. But I don’t want to take a pain pill right now and thus will just stay up a while.
Must elevate the leg so more later.
Also please feel free to laugh because the sight of a 56 year old man in church regalia falling and scattering communion wafers like they were confetti is funny.
I gotta learn a better church dance.
As best I can tell I have something like this one here only on the right ankle. The difference apparently was the angles of the breaks.

Saturday, June 03, 2006

out looking at land near the river
I’ll report back if there’s anything I can afford. I doubt it. The listed price of a couple of things looked good but I couldn’t find them. So mainly just looked at things I wanted.

Thursday, June 01, 2006

preconditions rarely work
Iranian foreign minister welcomes dialogue - Yahoo! News

Don’t take this as an endorsement of the Iranian position but the U.S. is trying an old trick. In fact, it’s one everyone else tries on us. You announce with great fanfare that you are at last willing to sit down and talk IF the other guys will just agree to a few things. These are usually the things you hope to get out of the bargain anyway.
You can play this but it doesn’t really work—Iran’s foreign minister was more positive, as his job requires and some attention to signal and nuance.
hurricane season begins today
FOX Sports - NHL - Game Trax

The Stanley Cup final season that is. Carolina went ahead in the first gave up two goals in the last 5 minutes of the second to go behind. [one with 4 seconds left in the period--that could have been a killer]and then scored three times in the third to win.
I could have gone to the game tonight but my wife wasn’t up to it and my son had class. I didn’t want to go by myself. Maybe I’ll be lucky and get a ticket in the finals.
BTW I know this is probably a marketing nightmare—Edmonton against Raleigh. Lucky they have a sucky TV contact anyway.
This is the second time the ‘canes have been in the finals since the move own south.

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