Friday, September 29, 2006

up late grading and much running around today
It seems today is the day for visiting the financial folks, getting my son’s car from the people fixing it and getting what little hair I have left—cut. I also need to talk to the folks at the bank and get money to play cards tonight. When do I get my nap?

Thursday, September 28, 2006

the fear of failure TT
I have no fear of failure in fact we’re very well acquainted.

Well here goes:
1. What is one task that you have started innumerable times but just haven’t finished?

There are many but the one that honks me off the most is the failure to ever manage to learn to play the guitar. I start lessons or tapes or DVD’s and always seem to stop before I manage to learn anything. It could be a lack of motivation coupled with a lack of talent.

2. Starting to smoke in the first place –that an not applying myself in the first few years of college.
3. What is your general attitude toward failure--do you see it as proof of your eternal inadequacy; simply part of life; something of a learning experience; or as something that shows you’re actually trying to do something?

All of the above—with various things at different times.

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

another busy day
Just what do the people of NC expect? Apparently they want me to work for a living.

Monday, September 25, 2006

run away run away
Las Vegas SUN: S.C. Shaken by 2 Quakes Within 1 Week

Parts of South Carolina are earthquake active. Scary things- when we lived in Mississippi we felt the very small tremors of one that hit north of Memphis. Very very mild but still scary and strange.
you gotta love the other side
George Michael tour launches with pop at Bush | Showbiz | This is London

An anti-Semite [see below] and a guy who cruises park bathrooms--
he’ll fit right in
Mel campaigns for new movie, against war in Iraq�|�Entertainment�|�Entertainment News�|�Reuters.com

You don’t have to be an anti-Semite to be antiwar but it seems there are a lot of them.

Friday, September 22, 2006

just when did I get busy?
And who authorized all this work?

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

this company has a real knack for being stupid
Cingular's One-Way Contract - Consumerist

They were in the news and this blog a few weeks ago for dropping people. The only think I know is I treat them like AOL—avoid at all costs.
interesting Lucy news
Las Vegas SUN: Scientists Find 'Lucy' Species Skeleton

No not that Lucy.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

losing to ECU must be a terrible thing
Memphis Tigers, NCAA Football - CBS SportsLine.com

Memphis fired its defensive coordinator after losing 35-20. Their defense didn’t play particularly well but they led 20-7 at the half. The offense had four interceptions in the second half and two of those were returned for touchdowns. The offense didn’t move the ball well after half time—somehow this must be the fault of the defensive guy.
well I’m here
I’ve got a sore throat that kept me away from campus yesterday. Today however, I had to teach. I don’t feel good but it will be fine after office hours are over.

Saturday, September 16, 2006

it’s a quagmire!! Don’t we have a plan?
Las Vegas SUN: Guard to Stay in New Orleans Through '06

When can we bring our troops home?
you know there is a reason people invented chemicals to put on crops
WRAL.com - Health - Recall Issued By Calif. Company Linked To E. coli

Friday, September 15, 2006

a good idea that can be used for other purposes

Vegas SUN: N.Y. to Require Hospital Translators

Requiring translators is a nice idea because family members might not be reliable. As the article notes many hospitals use people employed in other jobs who happen to know Spanish.
This proposal is good in that the translators will be there when needed. However, since it is New York I see a translator board to approve them, a set of tests and a union. More and more cost.
criminal charges would be a little much
Las Vegas SUN: Death in Illinois ER Ruled Homicide

However, waiting over two hours to get seen is way too long especially when you have the classic symptoms of a heart attack. If you are ever in that situation call for the paramedics—at least you should get in.
look at me I’m driving
As I have progressed with this ankle my wife and I have both been misusing the song from the old telethon in B’ham. Anyone remember the old CP one on Labor Day. The one that always kept us from getting jerry Lewis. Well they had a song that would rip your heart out—when the kids and adults would walk and sing, “look at me I’m walking.” We have been singing that for my progress.
Well today I drove a car for the first time since June 4th. The test was to stomp the brake—no pain. Twisting my foot back and forth from the brake was a little uncomfortable but no real problems.

Thursday, September 14, 2006

what is up with the chicken plants?
Greenville, NC - News - Perdue Plant Closing

Perdue has been phasing out farms and plants in eastern NC for a while now. Is this a case of a drop in demand? More desire for free range birds? Trying to consolidate closer to the main plant in MD I think or is Tyson just kicking the crap out of them?
the end of an institution?
Greenville, NC - News - No More Layaway

Wal-Mart ends lay-a-way. I remember as a kid people really lived on this stuff. Sort of like buying on credit but you didn’t get the product until the end. I guess easy credit and no desire to delay gratification killed this. Also Wall-mart doesn’t really have the room to store stuff.
They say costs are up and usage down—that is a real signal to try something else.
nothing new here
Las Vegas SUN: Missing Fla. Boy's Mom Commits Suicide

Read the article in which we learn that Nancy Grace is a fool and a moron. The change here is that I hope a large segment of the country has ben turned off by the yelling heads shows. I have gotten to the point that I don’t watch anyone screaming on TV.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Episcopal Church split update
Las Vegas SUN: No Deal at Episcopal Meeting

I’m trying to analyze this dispute from a distance and not let my thoughts on the core subject intrude. However, long time readers should know that while I’m not sure I’m ready to participate in gay marriage ceremonies, gay clergy don’t tend to bother me. It isn’t a big issue with me.
However, it is important to some. In fact, they seem to have placed their entire understanding of the church and of the bible on this issue. This makes it very very difficult to resolve. When things become a matter or principle then the party cannot really retreat. The “conservatives” have made their stand on this issue—asserting that it is wrong and can never be put right. Just how is this supposed to be resolved except by them leaving?
While the presence in the talks of outsiders should serve to lower the rancor and they prevent irrational attack/defense cycles; the core issue remains forever there and unchanging.
For everyone’s sake if a split is going to happen it might be best to get it started.
you could see this coming
Think Progress � Air America To Declare Bankruptcy, But Progressive Radio Remains Strong
This venture was doomed from the start because to the premise. The idea wasn’t to give people a choice of talk radio perspectives, that might have been a decent reason. The basic idea here was that liberal talk radio wasn’t being heard because of bias. The people behind Air America don’t seem to trust markets. Markets don’t care about politics. Either you sell the product—make the numbers – or get the audience or you don’t Rush and the others don’t stay on the air because radio programmers like conservative talk. They stay on because they deliver ratings. As soon as the ratings dive they will be replaced with something that will get the numbers.
The idea of competing in the market place has to be strange to those who really don’t understand or like the market system.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

isn’t this an attack on free speech?
Iraq war backers proudly pugnacious - sacbee.com

A California groups is for the war and lefties are saying they should lose their tax-exempt status. Even moveon is against them—using the govt to shut someone up—how awful.
congratulations google
Your new google tool bar takes the “blogthis” button and hides it. It isn’t much more of a pain to click and scroll but it is more than a click. Why can’t you people just leave something that works alone? You are just like Microsoft—must be smarter than the rest of us. You have determined that I don’t want to blog stuff I must want a scroll menu so I can use gmail—twits!!!!!!
what happened here?
Carraway board agrees to sell struggling hospital

I realize that the market in town might be competitive but this used to be a good hospital. At least it used to be.
once in a life time I think
I won the game on fantasy football this weekend and had the most points in the league. Thus I’m listed on top of the standings. Can we stop now??

Saturday, September 09, 2006

either shop there or don’t but
Either way shut the hell up

Chicago protests change to Macy's - Yahoo! News

It’s always ugly when some people protest—especially like this. Why protest just don’t shop there –they’ll get the message walking around with signs like “Macy’s is just Wal-Mart with pretensions” is really stupid.

BTW I’ve been in Marshall Fields and it was OK but not really special.
once again the reasons continue
why I wouldn’t want to live in England

Man vows to fight garden gnome arrest threat | the Daily Mail

Some how the police got involved in a dispute and served papers on a person. The crime??? An offending garden gnome. There is a picture of this—I really think that the police in GB have gone crazy.
if the sexes were reversed the coverage would be different
Las Vegas SUN: Board Votes to Make Women's College Coed

The coverage is about the dissent and basically reporting. If it was an all male college the report would most likely be why was it still all male and who are these reactionaries who want to keep it that way.
Personally I have no problem with single sex colleges and am sorry that this one feels that financially it needs to make this move. The best of luck to them.
this is a phrase I had thought we had heard the last of
In New Letter, Clinton's Lawyers Demands ABC Yank Film | TPMCafe

I got very tired of the “Clinton lawyers”—give it a rest sparky you weren’t perfect. This people really get me—they can never take anything that doesn’t fit their world view. That is Bill was never a t fault for anything at anytime.

Friday, September 08, 2006

it’s official

BREITBART.COM - Brangelina to Marry When Everybody Can

We already knew that Brad Pitt was very socially committed, very very PC and most likely a little simple. Know we really know how much of a sophomoric moron he really is.
Unless we end the restriction on who can marry who he just won’t get married. Didn’t stop him before or from getting a divorce either. Twit!!!

Thursday, September 07, 2006

the real media have proof readers and editors and all sorts of people
Las Vegas SUN: Harvard Dead Defends Khatami Invitation
how dumb can Hollywood be?
BUBBA GOES BALLISTIC ON ABC ABOUT ITS DAMNING 9/11 MOVIE By IAN BISHOP Post Correspondent - New York Post Online Edition: News

Don’t they know that Clinton and his people never made a mistake—all problems were from the previous administration and none were passed on?
There are many things to admire about the policies of Clinton but this –seeing every negative as a full scale attack is a real drawback.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

see they told you that fast food was bad for you
Las Vegas SUN: Truck Hits Ark. Hardee's, Killing 2

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

who ever thought anything else?
Study: Celebrities More Narcissistic - New York Times

Monday, September 04, 2006

I liked it better the old way
FOX Sports - COLLEGE FOOTBALL - Ole Miss retires Mullins' number

retiring the number is OK but I liked it better when a player was allowed to “earn” that number. Since 1990 #38 have been given to the best defensive player. I would have opened it up to the player with the most drive and ambition. Retiring it lets people forget.
this is really sad
Steve Irwin killed by stingray - National - smh.com.au
I wasn’t a real fan but used to watch and make fun of him occasionally—mainly with my son. I’m not a big nature guy anyway and someone out bothering dangerous animals isn’t my cup of tea. I always thought that he was sort of ADD and if he took his meds he wouldn’t have a career. Still his death is sad.
For those of you who watch south Park the episode where Cartman plays like he is the Crock Hunter is funny.

Saturday, September 02, 2006

Verizon and Bellsouth get slapped
USATODAY.com - Verizon abandons plans for a high-speed Internet surcharge

Conservatives think they finally listened to the consumers i.e. the market and liberals are convinced on the FCC got them to stop. Either way they got it handed to them on a plate.

BTW liberals it couldn’t be the FCC they are only on the side of big business you know.
this was just a matter of time
NEWSWATCH 50 || WWTI Watertown - Hispanics to Top Blacks in Buying Power

The interesting part of this article is that the effect of Hispanic buying power will be regional mainly since the populations distribution is that way.
this could be really big
Gene trial cures 2 of cancer

Gene therapy might actually be used to cure cancer.
no change in moronville
The lack of food must have made them all crazy. They threaten us with missiles and we test an anti missile defense. They then complain we are testing something that will stop their missiles. DUH!! I think the dear leader is probably the smartest one there.
When that thing falls it will take years for them to assimilate into the real world.

Friday, September 01, 2006

let Virginia have the thing
We got seven and a half inches of rain out to the thing and plenty of flooded local roads. No real damage and the flooding will go down soon. The river flooding won’t be bad as the rain fell on us not up river. When it falls on or north of Raleigh that causes our problems.
I haven’t seen rain like this since Floyd in 1999
The ditch in front of my house is flooded and if we get more on the back side the road will overwash.
ECU just announced it would be closed today
ECU Alert!

I wasn’t sure if ECU would close but hearing the rain and wind this morning I sort of thought they would at least delay. The funny thing is the local school system is still only on a delay. I bet they will announce a closing soon.

My son’s college still hasn’t announced but they might go ahead as they are to our west. Now he will be upset because I wouldn't let him come home last night. They hadn't closed at that time and it was also about midnight. I hope he stays and sleeps in -- eats lunch and then comes home.

Biggest wind gust just hit here-- about 30 minutes or a hour and it will be light enough to see what is going on.
center is now about 20-25 miles south of us
– so the most rain is just about over. About another hour or so a center such as it is
the wind woke me up
It’s really blowing now and the rain is coming sideways. My main concern eight now is our shadow box fence. We have lost sections to weather like this in the past. TV reports the sustained winds at 25-30 with higher gusts. The rain rates is projected to be 2-3 inches per hour.
We have had 4.5 inches and the biggest rain producing part of the storm is still to come.
wind and rain both picking up—nothing bad but the rain is now fairly hard and steady and the wind is gusting.

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