Thursday, August 31, 2006

the latest track puts it near my house
We should get some rain – a bunch of inches as a matter of fact. The wind should be too bad here but who knows. The longer it waits and the slower it goes the weaker it will be. We have had 2 inches in the last couple of days anyway and are projected to get another 3 or four. Gusts of 40 to 60 are possible but who knows-- they always try and scare us with the worst possible prediction.

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The eye of whatever it is will not be here until about 8 in the morning. By then the worst will be over.
yes the weather does seem to make my ankle hurt
This is really good considering the tropical storm is coming and a front is stalled out near here. I saved some pain pills and might take one for the first time in over a couple of months.
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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

some people just don’t get it
Muslims slam Freddie Mercury party | Music | Entertainment | Gay.com UK

He was from there and they wanted to honor him—gay or not.
ya think they’re after a different demographic
Excite - Celebrity Gossip - New York Post

Getting Pink to sing the theme to Sunday Night Football might be a bold move—or a rather stupid one. However, if you watch based on the song into then you might not be a real fan.
questionable strategy and execution
Wired 14.09: Can the PS3 Save Sony

Read all of this as I would appear that Sony has forgotten its customers. It also appears to have been a day late and a few yen short on many decisions.

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

why am I suspicious
Up to 14 hurt in SF hit-and-run spree / 7 critical; driver believed to have struck, killed a man in Fremont earlier

This doesn’t appear to be your normal “old man at the market” type deal. It looks more like what happened at UNC. I’m really beginning to wonder because AP doesn’t see fit to move the story. They have a bunch of other junk but this is not there as to this posting.
Stay tuned it could be something or perhaps I’m just way off base.
AP does it again
Las Vegas SUN: NaSa Presses Ahead With Launch Plans

What is it with this NaSa stuff? On my version of spell checker nasa and NaSa are flagged. The lower case one wants to use nasal and the NaSa has Nazi as its third choice. Is someone at AP getting daring and risky in their headline writing?
sometimes it is difficult defending American business
No price cuts for Verizon, BellSouth DSL customers | Tech News on ZDNet

Well, the federal fee went away and the pigs at BellSouth and Verizon want to keep it. Just read the horse sh__ they’ve come up with. I love verizon’s explanation. They don’t want to lose money on those customers who only get DSL and don’t want to charge them more or lose the business altogether so they will make everyone pay more. BellSouth’s was even better—mumbo—jumbo “we just want to keep the money.”

Some of these people just can’t forget they were once “THE” phone company. I hope competition teaches them a lesson.

Saturday, August 26, 2006

another indication that the UK is going to hell in a hand cart
Footballer gets criminal record for making sign of the cross | the Daily Mail
Really these people have just about lost it altogether.

Thursday, August 24, 2006

and it cures cancer too
My Way News - FDA Eases Limits on Plan B Sales

Remember when they were trying for initial approval of the drug. The supporters kept coming up with bigger and better claims – cancer was only one of them.
Well at least this should cut into the profits of planned parenthood and the other providers.
first day of class
At least for me.

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

This isn’t crass and cynical cashing in it’s just income redistribution
Las Vegas SUN: Karr's Family Offers Book, Movie Rights
stand back she’s going to blow
BREITBART.COM - Existing Home Sales Drop in July
The bubble that is. In most places—NC might be an exception—the bubble is at least slowing down if not about to blow.
I’m alive
The two day training didn’t kill me but it sure hurts to sit without being able to elevate my leg. The training was on dealing with public disputes and was decent. Some of this seems to have come out of the work in zoning and such—interesting.

Sunday, August 20, 2006

nothing for a couple of days

I’ll be at a two day training seminar. I’m getting trained not doing the training. The topic is multiparty dispute resolution—sounds like fun to me.
I don’t know if the motel has internet access but the meeting location will not.

Friday, August 18, 2006

OK church conservatives the ball is in your court
TheStar.com - Thou shalt not drive a Hummer
Tell me again why we need to stay in communion with these people? I can see the being a good steward of the earth but they are pushing the limit.
this this might be falling apart
Rocky Mountain News

Thursday, August 17, 2006

this like everything else about this case seems strange
Las Vegas SUN: Confession in JonBenet Case Questioned

I just don’t know –this guy seems to love talking. If he loves it that much then how come they didn’t get him before now?

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

this must be a real problem
I’m watching the last part of something on PBS about a mega el niño followed by a drought. It’s interesting but the real problem for PBS is how to blame this on the United States. The dates of about 530-620 c.e.
You can almost hear them asking how did Bush do this—is it related to oil? My guess it by the end it will be the actions of people and commerce that will be the cause.
Gosh I hate being so cynical.
bubble bubble toil and trouble
My Way News - Home Sales Decline in 28 States, D.C.

What inflates usually shrinks—especially housing bubbles.
What ?? what do I hear?? Why it’s every real estate agent in the country proclaiming at the same time:
“not here we’re not in a bubble the demand here is real.”
I think he’s being honest about this
BREITBART.COM - I'm 60 and I hate it: Bill Clinton

At 56 I’m beginning to know how he feels.
double your something
Couric: Viewers want news to be an hour - Yahoo! News

Katie is convinced viewers want the news to be an hour. Well I agree. I don’t watch the network news anyway and this will free up another 30 productive minutes for me.

BTW I think she will be great in the job as she already can read the will of the nation.
planned change
WRAL.com - News - Study: Tuition At UNC Campuses Needs To Improve

I haven’t seen the whole report yet or for that matter even the summary. However, I don’t think I’ll really disagree. For a few years now there has been a growing call for more cooperation between the university system and the community colleges. This must be worked out in a way that doesn’t give away the store.
work work work
Not much blogging as I’m trying to finish up materials for class. Everything starts again next week.

Friday, August 11, 2006

back from rehab
It didn’t hurt much while I was exercising but my ankle is swelling as I write this. We also stopped for a snack a Panera. I’m finishing my coffee and icing down the ankle. Life isn’t too bad around here.
just a short note
I over did it Wednesday and paid for it yesterday. I think rehab today won’t be fun.

Thursday, August 10, 2006

I wonder if they got any of this through wire taps.
Sky News: Revealed: How Plotters Were Caught: "said"

If they did that would just be wrong.
how long?
WRAL.com - News - British Authorities Thwart Terror Plot

How long before we hear the demos start to ask—“is this real or just something to keep the public’s mind off Iraq?” or “this is all about Iraq.” Right just like 911 was and the earlier bombing of the trade Center was.
why the press is full of idiots and asshats
I just turned on the Today show and the big deal is when did the president know about the new terror plot. Also the related idea is why didn’t he immediately tell the American people.
So to those in the press with below average intelligence the real big issue is not that terror is still a threat but why didn’t the president blow the investigation.
These people are either stupid or have so much hate for Bush they can’t see straight.
has it been that long?
Yes to both. On this day in 1974 my wife and I got married. This summer with my broken ankle I almost did her in with all the care I needed. [well I thought I needed a lot of care.] it ahs been a great 32 years and I can’t even imagine another life.
Three years ago today I started blogging. Not sure why and not sure why I keep at it but it’s fun.

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

it finally dawned on me

What? The fact that the democrats think that the terrorist threat is over, that’s what. It must be over because their work is done. I’ve been reading all day about how when they get control of congress again they are planning hearings about the war and the president and about Katrina. They also want hearings on oil process and oil leaks and most everything.
Well I think they have dealt with the problem of terrorism because the 911 commission has done its work. Really I believe they think a hearing solves things and we can move on to something else.
ain’t this a shame?
ESPN.com - WC - Elliott to drive No. 19; Mayfield out at Evernham?


Look I don’t care about this team one way or another but things have been strange there all year. Mayfield was in the chase the last two years so what do you do—that’s right you take his team and give it to Kayne—and you give him people he has never worked with—if I read this right.
Well \, Mayfield ain’t happy and Kayne ain’t in the top ten—too bad.
fantasy lives
ESPN.com - MLB - Judge: Fantasy leagues may use MLB names, stats

MLB, as the stalking horse for the NFL you can be sure, sued saying that this was a violation of their intellectual property. In essence they wanted a cut. Judge says no.
it can’t be me
ESPN.com - GOLF - Sirak: Wie fires caddie after T-26 finish
It must be the caddie—it can’t be the superstar—well it can’t. remember she’s the best golfer in the world so it must be someone else.
She is mighty god at 16 she is great but firing the caddie –I need to know more here.
it’s either this or let the ushers have debit machines
BBC NEWS | England | Lincolnshire | Cash machines urged for churches

Why not—things change.
Las Vegas SUN: Wisconsin Woman Faces Excommunication

She went out and had a ceremony to become a priest and yet the AP acts like it’s a big thing that the church syas you are out. What does she expect?
Says it is only a punishment and only she can leave the church they can’t throw her out.
Dixie chicks in Canada
My Way News - Dixie Chicks Cancel 14 Shows on Tour

I know who cares, right? They are doing the smart thing and moving tour dates and cities to best max out demand for their shows. While everyone is happy their latest cd sold over a million copies I do wonder. I seem to remember that when other groups only sold that many they were under performing but the chicks are the greatest for this. Some of their other work sold over 6 million copies—maybe this one will later—maybe not. However, the media PC is that they are still the hottest thing going except for the bigots who don’t listen to them any more.
Maybe I’m one of them but I don’t like them and I’m not fond of their newer sound. Two reason not to listen or watch or buy.

Monday, August 07, 2006

Lord I love the Presbyterians
Official Presbyterian Publisher Issues 9/11 Conspiracy Book - Christianity Today Magazine

It would seem they only exist to take the pressure off Episcopalians. These guys are a hoot.
Carter syndrome strikes Fox news
FOXNews.com - The World in Chaos, the President....Gone Fishin' - Blog | Blogs | Popular Blogs | Video Blogs

Carter syndrome? Sure you know it. The president can handle any crisis that the press calls a crisis if he tries.[ They learned this by watching Jimma Carter and that worked out real didn't it?] And is also on duty 2 hours a day every day just sitting in the situation room waiting. He can do what ever he needs from Texas and besides who besides the press and a few liberals think everything must be micromanaged?

Sunday, August 06, 2006

I’ve got a possible explanation
WorldNetDaily: More and more Germans become Muslims

Folks are at a loss to explain why more and more Germans are becoming Muslims. How about this—it gives them company in their anti-semitic views. Leopard—spots and all that.
Hmmm let me see
Las Vegas SUN: Post-Katrina Block May Price Out Tenants

There’s a shortage of housing in New Orleans, I’ve not had rental income for a year and it cost a whole lot to fix the thing up so I’m also supposed to change the same old low rent. It’s the market--
it’s not the biggest race
I just thought I heard the winner of the Brickyard 400 say he was happy to be here winning the biggest race. Well NASCAR you’ve done what you set out to do. You have changed the sport completely too where a race in Indiana is the “biggest “race.
Thanks for all the memories but with the culture change in the sport I’m fast becoming a former fan.

Saturday, August 05, 2006

I’m glad this isn’t happening to my church or in the south
cbs2chicago.com - Suburban Church Wants Katrina Mom To Move

If it was it would be a bigger deal than this. BTW y opinion—they took her in not to raise.

Thursday, August 03, 2006

sometime you don’t have a choice
WRAL.com - News - Duke Study: Morning Surgery Brings Fewer Anesthesia-Related Woes

Is the reaction to this to call for more staff and rooms?

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

the entire system is insane
BBC NEWS | UK | Call for women's prison closures

Commission says the prisons need to close to avoid re-offenders. All seems to be part of a trend over there that no one is ever guilty of anything –except the kids.
the madness is in full swing
BBC NEWS | England | West Midlands | Children in trouble for hopscotch

See the post below- apparently it is against the law in the UK to be a kid.
I mean really I hate to get on the police who have a rough job but this group can only seem to spend its time arresting kids. They can’t get the right terrorists but they are hell on kids playing.
since it’s a continuing series –well it continues
why the police forces in England are run by idiots

Children arrested, DNA tested, interrogated and locked up... for playing in a tree | the Daily Mail

I will admit the kids were in a tree on public land and they admit they broke a few branches but they were twelve! The cops kept them in cells for 2 hours interrogated them and did DNA swabs. The local police leader supports his people because when they get a call about someone destroying a tree they must respond.
Sir—your officers are asshats and you are an idiot—the kids are 12.
good news from the surgeon
Apparently my body, for all its other faults, heals well. I am out of the cast and wearing one of these Walking Boot. [This is not thee brand I have but seems similar.] I can take it off to shower and to sleep and even put some weight on it. I start with PT on Thursday a couple of times a week and the PT will gauge my progress.
I’m sitting here now with the boot off and letting the air get around my leg. The incisions don’t actually look too bad.
maybe they have a rep for poor service because they’re asshats
WRAL.com - Tech News - Cingular: Buy New Phone Or Pay Fee

Cingular is already in a lawsuit because they are treating the old AT&T customers badly now wants to make all the system phones fit the newest technology. Their answer is a 5 dollar charge per month. This also looks to me to be a scheme to make people with older plans to get a new one. If this was my cell company and they pulled this on me I would get a new plan with someone else. In fact I’m in the market for new phones or a new plan but never with these clowns.

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