Tuesday, November 29, 2005

we might lose a few because of this
Top News Article | Reuters.com

RC’s say homosexuality destabilizes society—so says the article. The Episcopal Church has many who think we are too liberal on this issue. This will give them a great place to go. However they might want to check out the stuff on issues like birth control before they make that leap.


Monday, November 28, 2005

I wonder if the other groups will adopt these changes?
Las Vegas SUN: Heart Association Offers CPR Guidelines

The main change for people like us involves more chest compressions per breath.

shop till you drop

Well what if you felt like dropping right off? It has become my tradition to get up early on the day after the dia de gracias [boy those Spanish classes are coming in handy right?] well anyway I get up early and get out with the crowds—I like to buy electronic gadgets and this is the best time to save a little. Besides I can always take a nap later in the day. Also I tend to see some things I wasn’t looking for that make really good gifts. This year I took my wife with me so we could get some tings that were one to a customer.
The stores opened earlier this year and the lines were longer. We by passed BestBuy because I didn’t think the personal DVD players would hold out until my part of the line got inside. I’m partial to Circuit City and they sometimes have plenty of the popular items. We got two personal DVD players for about $80 each, a $20 regular DVD player [it will be a spare of perhaps my aunt might like it] and an iPod shuffle. I’ll swap the iPod with my son—he will get my mini and I will get his shuffle.
This might be the last year. The 5 am start was just too early and Staples and Office Depot didn’t have as much this year—although I did get a free [after rebate] cordless phone and a cheap pen drive. It was also just too crowded. Plus my wife doesn’t like the crowds. She also doesn’t appreciate the fact that I run into some of the same people each year. Really three years in a row I’ve been in line with some of the same people at staples. Last year was better because they had coffee.


Wednesday, November 23, 2005

oh the horror
WRAL.com - News - Wachovia Deal Means Ads Inside UNC's Smith Center
Onsite ads at the smith center on the UNC campus. Those in the People’s Republic of Chapel Hill must be ready to faint.
You want championships then you need money.


Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Trans-Siberian Orchestra concert review

This really isn’t a review in the sense of critiquing a performance as much as it is a lesson on who might like this group. Let me say my wife and I are in the group that likes the TSO. I do know that some of the populations will/does not.

My wife and I worship God not music written by dead European guys. Thus we find classical and Christmas music played with rock rhythms and instruments interesting and entertaining. We are also not turned off by laser and light shows and the decibel range of the music.
So in short if the prospect of oh say the Canon in D rendered with drums, electric guitars, two key boards, several violins and various blonde girl singers leaves you gasping and not in a good way—then don’t go.
Also don’t let the overly theatrical nature of the show turn you off—they go over the top on the first number so then you can just sit back and enjoy the show.
The guys on the electric guitars were really good—again in a rock/jazz way. The bass guitar player was all over the stage but tended to play in a very supportive and understated way. The drummer was fantastic.
The experience was great but we like more modern music usually.
The Trans-Siberian Orchestra - Official Site has information and the intro gives you a sense of the concert.


Monday, November 21, 2005

did this announcement surprise anyone?
WRAL.com - Automotive - GM Announces Plans To Close Facilities, Slash 30,000 Jobs

This company has been in trouble for a very long time and mainly in the auto division. A couple of decent years only served to mask the deep seated problems.

this gives new meaning to “getting on my last nerve”

Las Vegas SUN: Mom Donates Nerves to Son in Transplant

I really hope this works out long term—also I didn’t know this type of stuff was possible.


Saturday, November 19, 2005

now we are getting the rest of the story
Mother indicted in Cahaba drownings

actor considers leaving paradise

Now this is a change—an American actor just might leave France—what a terrible thought.


Thursday, November 17, 2005

my guess is that some people will love this study and on the other hand…
WFTV.com - News - Some Types Of Beer May Have Beneficial Health Effects

This really goes along with some other studies which have show that moderate alcohol consumption is beneficial.

dream home

1. I’m glad about the unlimited budget. My wife likes more traditional colonial revival styles—me I tend toward things like this or this by the architect Richard Neutra. As I get older I find things in the international style appealing. You do need the right setting.
2. My real plan – honest—for a get-a-way is a small former farmstead with either a stream or a pond. I plan on putting a travel trailer on the place. Our county doesn’t have anything affordable but the surrounding counties do.
3. My wife wants a florida room where the deck is. I think that would be nice I just don’t want o build it or pay for it.


Wednesday, November 16, 2005

new time new place new channel
WRAL.com - Entertainment - Miss America Pageant Moves West

The Miss America pageant is making major changes. They are moving to January on CMT and will broadcast from Vegas. The choice of CMT might be a good one as I really don’t see another audience for the show. The traditional values crowd and a small section of that might be it.

things are getting back to normal
Las Vegas SUN: New Orleans Has First Post-Katrina Slaying

I’m not a miracle worker, Jim


Scotty’s ashes grounded by bad rocket. Think it might be the hyperdrive?


Monday, November 14, 2005

says his own immune system did the work
Doctors baffled as HIV man �cures� himself - Sunday Times - Times Online

What is different about this guy?


Thursday, November 10, 2005

work work work

This week’s Thursday three is:
1. What is the thing you like best about your job?
I like the freedom of my job—the freedom to generally set my own hours, except for class time and the freedom to read and learn what I want. In essence I get paid to read and write about what interests me—tha my friends is the ultimate freedom.
2. What one thing--mind you THING (i.e., not people)--that you would like most to change about your job?
Perhaps the stupid rules that seem to assume we will not do the right thing on our won. We tend to put in place rules for everyone just because some dolt abused his/her position.
3. What do you wish people knew about your job that you think they don’t?
Two things really. One is that we are governed by a different set of rules which most of us take seriously. Things like control over hiring, tenure, curriculum and academic freedom are too important to be left solely to administrators. Second that we do work even if we are only in class twelve, nine or less hours per week. Teaching is at most only half the job. We need people to remember that sometimes when we are just sitting at our desks we might actually be thinking—sort of what we are paid to do.


Wednesday, November 09, 2005

on demand network shows?
The Beaufort Gazette: CBS, NBC offer on-demand replays of shows

Is the model changing? Is this cheaper than TiVo? Will anyone pay for this—will I? For answers to this and other questions please stay tuned.

I really don’t know if this will work but it is an idea that shouldn’t cost much to try and should increase viewer ship and perhaps generate a little revenue.


Tuesday, November 08, 2005

be afraid be very afraid
Corn-based socks to debut in Japan - Yahoo! News

I like to look for changes that might signal a break from the past but corn based socks just might be assign of the end times.


Monday, November 07, 2005

this shouldn’t have been a shock
Las Vegas SUN: Pharmacist Shortage Worsens Nationwide

We have asked this profession like many others in health care to really change the way they do business. We demand cheaper prescriptions and want them filled faster—we have seen drugstores turned into mini-walmart super stores. We expect these people to work long hours and weekends and holidays for our convenience. We can demand this if people have no other choices but people this bright have choices.
We are also of two minds about their job—are they efficient pill counters or are they part of the health care team.

this just in !!
thedesertsun.com | Taming the slopes: Ski resorts grooming for aging boomers
The market works. Ski areas are adding more gentle slopes to keep the baby boomers coming back. Boomers who are able in the past to bypass the “bunny” slopes are having to scale back the difficulty level. So the market works to get more of what the customers want. Some are treating this as a big deal.

personal update on something new

I’ve mentioned in the past the attempts of McDonald’s to introduce the McCafe. I finally tried the one in Greenville. [you do know the rest of the world has had them for years, right? ed.] you can still get the regular burgers and stuff but you can also buy a good cup of coffee. They have some nice comfy chairs in the coffee area, a table and free wireless internet in the whole place. Now I know there are some among you who will look down your noses at good coffee at a place like this. However let me say that the coffee is not a strong nor as bitter as at Starbucks. So if you must pay for internet and drink bitter brew then keep going to starbucks.

busy busy busy

I wouldn’t be if I had made out theses tests yesterday—but hey if I was a real go getter type perhaps I would have picked a different profession.


Friday, November 04, 2005

this looks like a change moment
Wind Relief For Baked Bean Lovers

this is truly the end o f an era

ACIPCO shutting its clinic

At one time the major industrial companies were very paternalistic and provided much in to the way of services. This is just about one of the last I know of.


Thursday, November 03, 2005

now let me see is it …

Hobson’s choice or six of one or dumb and dumber

CNN's Aaron Brown Leaving the Network - Yahoo! News

what an unusual Thursday Three—I mean it looks like Terry actually wrote this one

1. I started my blog for several reasons. Terry made it look like fun and I had been emailing him for a while and that led to the second reason—he will bug the crap out of you to start a blog. The personal reason was that I intended the blog to become something it has not achieved. I wanted it to be a links heavy sort of trip wire for change issues.
2. Of course I regularly [meaning every day these are updated] I read Possumblog, Instapundit, most of the AofW crew, Tim Blair, BAW and a sports blog called Pro Football Talk.
3. .The greatest strength is that it serves as an electronic meeting place [what a novel idea and what a deep thinker you must be, ed.]. No really in real life would I ever meet much less talked to the cast of characters that show up around possumblog? Maybe I’m just nosy but I love learning about what other people do and how they think and feel about things. The downside—for each jewel there is a load of crap.


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