Monday, January 31, 2005

where are all the students??

I got on campus about ten after eight this morning—my first class is at 9. The parking lots were as full as usual but the snack shop was relatively empty—plenty of biscuits for sale – plenty of coffee and not really anyone to purchase them.
Nope. It’s not bad weather or a holiday that I know of—sometimes it just seems everyone sleeps in until the last possible moment.

For the inquiring minds I’ll later tell you how I spend the wonderful time before class—yep blogging is part of it.


Sunday, January 30, 2005

they weren’t defeated –just caught off guard

The insurgents in Iraq?? Nope! The mainstream media. I don’t think they ever really thought the elections would go well at all—it has to be groupthink thing.
At first they were at a loss but I seem to see them regrouping. Turnout in the Sunni areas seems to be the next reason—why give them until tomorrow and they will be able to tell you that this is in fact a horrible mistake by the US –exactly as they predicted.


Saturday, January 29, 2005

did this federal judge overstep?

Newsday.com - AP Connecticut

Nope that could never happen. He just happens to threaten the lawyer representing the serial killer. Seems like this judge is going to get the execution called off no matter what he has to say. Maybe his appeals court will “deal” with him as he threatened to “deal” with the lawyer.

now this is a change

ESPN.com - Men's College Basketball - Conference USA Scoreboard

We win two conference games in a row!

market forces or guts?

The New York Times > AP > National > Company Won't Pull Straight jacketed Bear

I don’t care if it’s because it sells well or because the company just didn’t want to pull the product. It’s time to tell the easily offended cool it a while. I know it might seem like it but the whole world does not go out of its way to slight you.

this sounds like something out of CSI

.::. WNCT.COM .::. Greenville, NC | Fatal Fire


Friday, January 28, 2005

a companion piece to the one below

The New York Times > National > Membership in Unions Drops Again

The real strength of unions now is in government employment. However, I was surprised to see even that dropped as a percentage. I admit I haven’t been keeping up on this stuff too well as my teaching and research interests have moved into other areas.

read it and you decide but

The New York Times > Washington > 4 Unions Sue Over New Rules for Homeland Security Workers

Lots of ammo here for those that don’t like unions.

Marie Osmond had a radio show? Who knew?

The New York Times > AP > Arts > Marie Osmond's Radio Show Is Canceled

Adult contemporary music and talk for women—don’t think I was the ideal demographic. Although we do have a “women’s” station here in town.—Used to be a Talk/sports one I think the women’s format changed. Maybe not—had lots of Dr. Whoever shows.

tennis is finally starting to increase in popularity again

The New York Times > AP > Sports > Sportsview: Tennis Popularity Growing

I’ll play golf really just to be out with the people I work with but if I have a sport I like it is tennis. I’ve been bored watching other sports and I’ve been bored while playing golf but never spent even one dull moment on a tennis court.
Perhaps it’s because I find new ways to lose all the time.

I don’t speak for my bishop or for my denomination but

shut up I’m tired of being told what to do by you

The New York Times > AP > International > Anglicans Abroad Say Apology Not Enough

politics and panic never go together well, so they?

The Beaufort Gazette: Ill. unable to sell its extra flu vaccine

The gov. of Ill. Just had to look like he was doing something and bought huge amounts of vaccine from Europe. Now it is going to go to waste.

I need some help
Las Vegas SUN: Review: Mac Mini Elegant, Inexpensive

How do I explain to my wife why I need to spend another $700 for a new mac. I want this computer.


Thursday, January 27, 2005

your latest in improper relationship between female teachers and teenage boys is brought to you by MY COUNTY

Misconduct allegation at South Central investigated

This is only an allegation at this time—will keep you posted. I’ll also check with my son—he doesn’t go to that high school but has friends that do.

I have a nifty idea

New York Post Online Edition: gossip

Apparently, the fired/asked to resign CBS exs are slow to leave. I have an idea –treat them like “real” employees. Cut them the last check and get security to walk them to the parking lot. It just might give them a chance to connect with what real people would face.

it just goes to show you can’t beat gluttony

WSJ.com - At Fast-Food Chains, Era of the Giant Burger (Plus Bacon) Is Here

I know some people are aghast at the thought of the thick burgers but it appears that Hardee’s is giving people what they want.

BTW the original Mr. Hardee is from here. The first one is less than a mile from my office.

this is really a shock

The New York Times > AP > Sports > Safin Beats Federer at Australian Open

SAfin has always had the talent it he wants to use it. Federer most times looks unbeatable with a great all court game. He has no real weakness. Just how in the hell did this happen.
This opens things up for the guys in the other semi.

nope no political agenda here

move along now

The Beaufort Gazette: Journal retracts report on Prozac papers

I’m not sure I buy the Journal’s explanation.

the shock of it all

The Beaufort Gazette: Rich countries poach doctors from Africa

Assets, human and otherwise, just actually might move to where they get a greater return.

it’s now 11
one year I made it

See below. Folks thanks for all the encouragement.

these are some of my favorite things

Well the Thursday Three, food and pets.

Of all animals, what is your absolute favorite one to eat? (Since we have covered something akin to this in other questions, we add this proviso: ASIDE FROM HICKORY-SMOKED PORK.)
How about non-smoked pork? Well, probably it would be the cow. My desire for chicken fluctuates but I can always eat beef. I really don’t know of a cut or method I don’t like and that includes tongue.

What is the most number of pets/livestock you have ever had at one time?
Due to various badly negotiated deals involving stud fees—the dog not me—we have had up to 4 cocker spaniels at a time. [presently we have one beagle]. Once you keep them for a while you just can’t get rid of them.

Which of your pets is, or has been, your very most favorite?
First year we were married and first cocker—Adam. He was a funny dog and really sweet. What showed how special he was occurred when our son came along. By then Adam had been the baby, become and inside dog and was 13 years old. We wondered how he would react to the baby.
It didn’t take too long to find out. Lots of people came over to see our son. And I started to notice something—wherever we went with Matthew—the dog would move and reposition himself between our son and the rest of the people in the house. As Matt got older and we should put him on the floor in front of the “to the floor windows” Adam would do the same thing—get between the boy and what ever else was in the room. Not aggressive toward others but just protective. I still miss that dog.

if I can make it until about 11 am

A year ago at about 11 in the morning I ventured out on my icy front porch. I ended up in the hospital for a couple of days. Although I had a cigarette in my pocket I never got a chance to smoke it.
Well, if I don’t have one before 11 this morning, I’ll be smoke free for a year.
Wasn’t sure I could go a whole year and don’t feel I have it licked now. Maybe it is like the 12 step things—a day at a time.
My wife says I need to celebrate—I wanted to smoke a victory cigar in honor of the occasion. She didn’t think much of that idea. Maybe lunch.


Wednesday, January 26, 2005

attempt # whatever

The Beaufort Gazette: Anheuser-Busch launches souped-up beer

The beer makers and to a lesser extent the wine people seem convinced that people will really like a beer that doesn’t taste like a beer. Over the years beer has sold better among men that women and now apparently the “younger” tastes are changing.

Oh the humanity!

Las Vegas SUN: Ga. Store Turns Into Site of Shootout

Another senseless gun death—no wait there were two—no wait again the bad guys are the ones that didn’t make it.


Tuesday, January 25, 2005

don’t ya just love it?

Civil-rights law firm denies violating employee rights

One of those non-profit firms.

some people will never change

WRAL.com - News - Raleigh's Cardinal Gibbons Drops Plan to Auction Puppy

Nothing is ever done to suit them. Alright, I would assume that the puppy being auctioned off would go to some one who wanted a puppy. Apparently, that thought didn’t occur to the “animal lovers.” Dips.

the only signs of change noticed today are people trying to change my day’s schedule

So far they are winning. It was supposed to be a day with a couple of meetings and some time to actually think about stuff. Not be busy but really think. Well that was shot to hell.
I might not have been able to think anyway—it’s been so long and all.


Monday, January 24, 2005

they are bargaining and I’m blogging and observing

They are doing their first negotiation exercise today. It’s a used car bargain complete with bluebook values and “secret” information about the whys and wherefors. They usually enjoy this first one even though they don’t have a real clue as to how the process should go.

I’m checking in and what I hear is actually pretty good.


Sunday, January 23, 2005

expect a longer analysis for this as a negotiation situation—later

The New York Times > AP > International > Palestinians, Israelis Work Toward Truce

Suffice it to say for now that the conventional wisdom is right – the nature of the perception of the conflict has changed. Enough for a settlement? Don’t know. I will post something tomorrow or Tuesday with more information suing a simple conflict model. Stay tuned! [yeah, right!. ed.]

homeless must the “hot” word for headline writers this season

WITN | 4 People Homeless after Trailer Fire

Fire doesn’t seem to do it any more. Almost every burned out article mentions HOMELESS. Some consultant some where must have discovered that it draws the eye. Maybe it is the new “for the children?”

expected but sad

WRAL.com - Entertainment - 'Tonight Show' King Johnny Carson Dies At 79

I watched him a lot growing up and mostly enjoyed him. Not to be negative but I thought his last few years were draggy. However, he had a great influence on humor; not just professionally but on what you and I think of as wit and repartee. The man was good at what he did. The others are OK but he was the master.


Saturday, January 22, 2005

Apple bites window’s ankle again

article here

This time with some new software—word processing and presentation. I hope it works but I don’t think windows will long let apple get away with having a program that will take in word docs. They will find a way to stop that.

Really hope this works out as my next new computer it is back to the mac—in fact I’m on an ibook right now.

you have to read this
only in the academy

Las Vegas SUN: Two Tenured Professors Resign From UCLA

A student used a gun in a piece of performance art and the two teachers wanted him suspended. They felt threatened and called it a form of “terrorism.” When the dean didn’t think the student warranted being suspended they quit. Well, at least the twits didn’t hang around and try and sue someone. My guess is that is next.
BTW one of them used a pistol in a piece of performance art years ago but guess what –that was different.

Some people just live in a different world--


Friday, January 21, 2005

this could change everything

New York City - Health and Science

Claims of researchers to find the “master switch” for cancer. These people believe that the start gene for cancer has been ID’ed. I hope so this could really be the leap forward that many had hoped for.

this could cause some fun in the industry

The Beaufort Gazette: Discover card teams up with Wal-Mart

I can’t wait to hear the chorus from the Walley World haters. How dare they give those people cards—why why they will just mismanage their money. Real meaning – we must look after them.

I think this is great.

if this proves out for humans it could be very big

The Beaufort Gazette: Mouse experiment offers Alzheimer's hope\My uncle in B’ham has this and it is terrible to remember what he used to be. My aunt got like this toward the end. I get scared that this is my fate.

only a dusting

I woke up this morning a little before 6—not planned just some side effects, hoping for some snow—and a chance to sleep late. A dusting on the ground, the roads were fine. Still the campus cams below might show you the gray and overcast day we are having. Think I’ll move the cam link to the links section when I have time—now after a vigorous [are you sure? ed.} well a work out none the less and breakfast it is time to go and educate the youth of America.

live cams at school

ECU Live Cameras

We might be getting more snow—we were lucky yesterday and didn’t get much. It’s raining now and supposed to be some snow by day break. You can check all the weather action on campus an around other places in ENC with the above link.

Enjoy—I actually have a pretty full day tomorrow and might not get out to play much.


Thursday, January 20, 2005

boy! This is handy

Let me say at the start I’m not a handyman type of guy. I wanted to be but my father taught me nothing. His idea of how to fix something was to call the repairman and fix a drink. I loved him but handy he weren’t. Also, my wife’s relatives were master handy folks. They loved doing stuff.
BTW these questions do really suck—sorry.
So on to this weeks dumb questions:
1. What household chore are you best at/don’t mind doing? Well, that would be those things that don’t tend to get me hurt. Things like painting. Strangely, I’m normally a messy person, but I paint well. Follow the plan and not much mess. However, getting me to do it is another thing.
2. Which household chore are you worst at/dislike/ and/or are dangerous at attempting? I’m afraid of some electrical stuff but it really hate yard work. My wife says she dislikes it but I think she hums when she works in the yard. A yard implement just doesn’t fit my hand –must be genetic. If I can’t eat it don’t want to grow it. And what is the deal with lawns? The more work I put into one the more work I then have to put into one.
3. What has been waiting the longest? The deck I started in the fall still doesn’t have the steps and the book case I promised for the playroom is about 10 years overdue—she should have know I don’t do much wood work—sharp whirly things you know. But mainly it is fixing up the back yard the way my wife wants it—flower gardens, rock stuff and maybe even steps to the deck.

snow aftermath
Winter weather creates havoc on roads

Nope didn’t fall this time—yet. So no exciting stories this January of inflating lungs and morphine pumps—a great invention BTW. County schools are delayed 2 hours—so my son is still asleep.
I got up early to finish a set of power points for a United Way outcomes assessment working meeting. The person with all knowledge, she is good, was trapped in Raleigh and the meeting cancelled. At least I got the presentation finished.


Wednesday, January 19, 2005


Sonic Plaza Camera

A live webcam of the sonic plaza—this is in front of the library.

update on the post below

ECU heart surgeons conduct live Webcast of a mitral valve repair

This article appeared in our local paper this morning. You can read all about it and also see it. I try to keep most stuff about where I work out of the blog but this does fit change and I’m proud that it is happening here.


Tuesday, January 18, 2005

this might have been cool

Sorry but I’m late, I only heard about it on the radio this afternoon. The chief of cardiac surgery at ECU performed a webcast of a heart valve replacement. He is a world leader in the use of this type of robotic surgery.
It was later this afternoon and I assume the patient is doing fine. This link might be used to stream the copy. Not sure as the link didn’t come up well in blogthis.
University Health Systems of Eastern Carolina


Monday, January 17, 2005

is this a first for the Times?

The New York Times > Washington > Democrats Turn to Leader of Religious Left

This is the first time I can recall the term religious left being used by the NYTimes. Perhaps they used it in the past up only with “”.
I’m not sure this indicates anything but perhaps my bad memory. I always assumed that the Times was sure that organized religion –the kind they know about was always mainstream. Anything else was right wing or a cult. BTW they have yet to name the bishops of the Episcopal church as part of this religious left.

well I should think so!

al.com: NewsFlash - Nation's top teacher faces tought test at failing Alabama school

Those tought tests are the worst kind.

I have met the problem and he is YOU

al.com: NewsFlash - I-20 project targets 'Death Valley' hazards

Yes the structural additions will help but not that much—the problem is the people driving that section of the road. Before you people in Alabama get all huffy and such, let me say I was/am one of you. But face it, go out on that portion of I-20 and tell me what you see.
I see stupid people-- I see people that seem to be driving fine and then get in a little, very little, congestion and suddenly become idiots. That start to tailgate, speed up drastically and cut people off. It is like something is programmed in the DNA. When the going gets tight the Alabama driver gets stupid.
Let me remind you –the “Alabama Gang” isn’t accepting auditions any more—give it up.


Friday, January 14, 2005

it’s time to do the happy payday dance

In my wife’s old job she was paid every two weeks. I get paid twice a month. Her new job pays once a month on the 15th. Not too bad as I’m getting used to the altered cash flow. However, the university pays the last check of the month early during December. I got a check on the 15th and another on the 22nd.
Great but it is a long time between then and now.


Thursday, January 13, 2005

y’all have fun today I have a meeting

Boys and girls can you say “outcomes measures?”

it’s show time folks

The Thursday Three movie edition—let me tell I would just a soon discussed pork. Anyway,

Which movies would I take on the island. Has to be movies right? Not things like "The World at War" (1974) (mini). This was a great miniseries and also lasts almost as long as WWII.
OK what movies? Ones I really like or ones I will get caught up in watching. I saw these several times and actually paid—not on the free TV. To start off how about Airplane! (1980). Since all the copies of Monty Python were rented. We should include one cowboy movie and this one is near the top, although the TV remake was mightty good also-- Monte Walsh (1970). I love the “man put in the changing time and place senerio and this movie does it well. Very bittersweet movie. And last but not least the movie that I have seen the most times—at least in a theater All That Jazz (1979). Don’ know why.

2. The only movie I ever walked out on is Rancho Deluxe (1975).

#. Who would play us? I always thought my wife looked somewhat like the younger version of Teri Garr. Teri Garr should only wish she looked as good as my wife, now. Me? Since I assume cartoon figures don’t count I can do worse that the all American couple with the sort of middle aged Martin Milner. look.


Wednesday, January 12, 2005


The New York Times > AP > Technology > Survey: Seniors Miss Out on Web Resources

Study shows that seniors who are poor and not web savey are missing out on all the things the internet can provide. It might even show that those who don’t own of have access to a computer also miss out.

Methinks that this is the first in a series that we all should have seen coming—“the internet is a right” thus the government should put a computer and a pipe to the world there also.

this was assured

The New York Times > AP > National > WHO: World Polio Cases Rise Dramatically

A country thinks that the vaccine is an American plot and then cases go up.

they will get it when they pry it from my cold dead fingers

The Beaufort Gazette: EPA finds potential Teflon chemical risks

My Teflon fry pan—of course. The EPA says there might be a risk—an “environmental working group” the talibaneverything says the risk is greater.

Come on people give it a break—I haven’t checked yet but I bet the “working group” wants you to graze from the field.

where are all the morning people?

Student Recreation Center - Facility hours
I’m trying to get back in the habit of working out. I have a class at 9 fo I need to be in the gym before 7—that’s not so critical right now as putting away my towel gets me “in the zone”, however I have noticed a change form last year.
Before 8 there used to be a fair number of people. Students mainly working out—before going to class. Well they aren’t there anymore. Maybe it is just early or maybe everyone wants to go to night school.
BTW the real early birds seem to be the lap swimmer folks—I think they sleep in their cars just to be there by 6.


Tuesday, January 11, 2005

another attempt from apple

FT.com / Industries / IT - Apple unveils the $500 Mac mini

Don’t get me wrong—I’m a late convert to mac and will have another one soon. Right now I only have one.
However, every time they try to go down market to get “their foot in the door” it doesn’t seem to really work.

Hope it does this time


Monday, January 10, 2005

sorry to see him pass but seriously thought he was dead

Las Vegas SUN: Professor Robert Heilbroner Dies at 85

His book made a couple of courses much easier. In fact I ought to reread the Worldly Philosophers. Might have time—some time in a couple of months.

between class blogging

Nothing much going on –class just finished. I have back to back classes in the same room so I just stay here between sections.
The computer and projector would take too long to get it down and back up.
Yes Terry, I do need the power point presentation—it keeps me on track.


Saturday, January 08, 2005

it has been months since I posted some cross-dressing news

When blogger stopped the ads it just wasn’t any fun anymore. Well, cross dressers are back in the news.
Las Vegas SUN: FBI Hunts for Cross-Dressing Bank Robber

No word on if it was a disguise or a lifestyle.


Friday, January 07, 2005

time to go back to school

Classes start today. Yesterday I was in the office from 8:30-4:00 for advising and registration. Two students came by—both at 3.


Thursday, January 06, 2005

pretty much one out of one
The Odds of Dying

Oh you mean of a particular thing. Well, that’s different.

first Iowa and now Wisconsin??

Las Vegas SUN: Wis. Officials Capture Wandering Kangaroo

What the heck is going on with this kangaroo trend? It just might be something to do with homeland security or maybe an artifact left over from Y2K! well, it might! Maybe them big ol’ black helicopters are dropping ‘em. Yeah, that’s it I bet.

great time for another Thursday three

Who has the copyright on this thing anyway? Be that as it may let’s get going.

1) What are three things you wish you had been able to get done in 2004, but didn’t?
I wish I had be able to keep all the weight off; kept up with the guitar lessons [I’m trying again in two weeks—another style class this time]; and I wish I had already finished the deck.

2) What are three things you have always wished to do, but still haven’t done?

I want to visit Italy, see the place eat the food—is that two things; I want to be able to draw/paint/create—it ain’t gonna happen and I also want to visit England/Scotland.

3. The old Punt game. I was returning deer hunting with a friend of mine—he a real Alabama fan and I had attended Auburn before transferring, we were listening on the radio and it got to be 16-10 and Alabama lined up to punt when I got excited. My friend said those famous words “what? You think they are going to do that again?”
Like Terry my whole family pulled for Alabama, before I went to Auburn. The only one who changed was my father—he said if he paid that much money it should buy a rooting interest.
Terry is correct on the last questions.

although not a prime reason mentioned the peaking of the low carb craze must have played a part

The Beaufort Gazette: Tyson to trim beef operations at 5 plants

I know some adults that are still bothered by shots

The Beaufort Gazette: New patch may replace medical injections

Can’t remember when I had my last one—well one that was not administered as part of an IV.


Wednesday, January 05, 2005

the city that thinks it has its own foreign policy now thinks it should have its own second amendment

The New York Times > New York Region > Accord Reached on Bill to Ease Lawsuits Against Gun Makers

The city wants to make rules the sellers and even the makers of guns must abide by, otherwise they open themselves up to lawsuits.

yep –ten feet tall and bullet proof

The New York Times > Health > Vital Signs: Safety: Young Men With No Attachments

Men 19-29 years of age are less likely than women to wear seat belts.
OK? Is the sky blue?

this is getting to be the norm

The New York Times > AP > Business > Circuit City's Dec. Sales Disappointing

I prefer circuit city to Best Buy. At least the people in circuit city know where there stuff is. Also, I think the prices are comparable or less. But my wife and son seem to like best buy.
Something is going to have to give. They have been through several “new plans.” How much longer can they survive without cutting stores or part of the product line?
Part of the idea that all sales were not good could be related to something I just learned today. [It makes sense so why shouldn’t I have thought of it?] Gift cards are booked as sales in the month in which they are redeemed. If the sale of the cards is high and it just might be then depending on when they are used, Christmas sales numbers could be skewed. I think we need to keep a watch on the January figures, especially on the first ten days.
Tie me kangaroo down sport

The New York Times > AP > National > Iowa Deputies Capture Wandering Kangaroo

Is this a big problem in Iowa? I might be on to a real trend.


Tuesday, January 04, 2005

dinner update

The steaks turned out very well. Very well indeed, considering that they were thicker than I usually buy and it was the first time to use the grill. They were really tasty and cooked like we wanted them. I hope this is better than the time I bought a new driver. The first round I never miss hit the thing; never hit that well again.
The baked sweet potatoes were fine but I loved the cheesecake.
I’ll be glad to party with the modified recipe if anyone else is doing low carb. You low fat people need not apply as it includes one half cup of heavy cream and don’t even think low fat cream cheese.

The shrimp were good but the taste was subtle. My son wanted more seasoning; however I noticed that his skewer was gone in a matter of seconds.
I highly recommend the Thai shrimp skewers from Wal-Mart. Where else am I going to get 5/6 shrimp already on a stick with heads and most of the tails off?

OK some of you people said that young people don’t understand customer service
Las Vegas SUN: Suspect Served Customers While Victim Died

The youth stomped and beat his supervisor to death and while she was breathing her last he served some customers.
There I knew this would happen in the culture was right.

the menu for tonight’s dinner

For her birthday I’m preparing grilled teriyaki shrimp skewers; a nice grilled rib eye steak; salad; a baked/mashed sweet potato and for a desert a crustless/sugarless cheesecake/flan.
Yes we are doing the Atkins, thank you.

general running around today

My family got back fro Florida and Alabama yesterday—no I didn’t get to go. Today is my wife’s birthday and I took her to lunch and tonight I’ll grill up a feast of steak and shrimp. That is if I can get the grill to work. It didn’t work on Christmas Eve but looks like the exchange tank not the regulator was defective. I hope so.
Might be back later as I have to go and get some steaks –I actually like the rib eye that Sam’s has. The price is better than other places; they are cut thick enough and have sufficient marbling.


Monday, January 03, 2005

didn’t think this was possible

Las Vegas SUN: 1st Unvaccinated Rabies Survivor Goes Home

It is worthy of further study.

like who cares?

Las Vegas SUN: Peterson Ex-Mistress Set to Release Book

I know I’m an old fart type guy but why should I really care about this woman? She dated a married man and the just happened to pick the wrong one.

an icon passes

The New York Times > Obituaries > Chisholm, 'Unbossed' Pioneer in Congress, Dies

when did we discover this new sin?

The latest in Bush bashing goes to the heart of our national obsession with compassion. It was not enough that bush organized the fleet and the Air force he didn’t go cry on TV.

It used to be wrong to not help in a bad situation. Then it became wrong to be insensitive to the plight of others. Now it is a sin to “appear” to be insensitive.
I think it is all part of making some people feel good. Oh not those suffering but those who just “care” more than the rest of us. Hey, I know these people as I go to church with many of them.

back to work—sorta

I called in at the office to see when we had to be back this week. That would be 8:30 on Thursday. I was also told all syllabi are due at noon today. Oops !! I was planning on updating them tomorrow in the office—looks like I’ll be busy for a few minutes.
I have to start reading the memos.


Saturday, January 01, 2005

always keep a small footprint

I saw a volunteer interviewed on one of the cable channels. He had booked a flight to Asia to go and “help out.” Maybe he was helping. However, in general most disaster areas don’t need someone just to be “field labor.” They also don’t need someone else using up resources.

I do some disaster volunteer work, related to ham radio. We are taught/encouraged to keep our footprints small. For example, most of us carry our own bedding, toilet items, medical supplies, some water and some food. The agency should not have to provide the volunteer with what is needed. If there is enough we will get in line—if not bring your own.

While it is a romantic notion to op that plane and go “help—you know really help”; they can carry dead bodies without you and unless you can bring your own supplies –you just get in the way.

Some of this might just be my opinion but give it some thought as this applies to all “disasters.”

BTW—what do I take when called to volunteer in case the shelters are activated? I keep a small backpack with some stuff in it[refreshed periodically] the rest I can add in a few minutes. Full, it usually contains: large towel, small camping pillow, toilet paper, snacks, couple of bottles of water, radio, 2in TV, batteries, book [it gets boring at shelters], a leatherman tool [radio stuff sometimes needs work] and my medicine. I also have in the car a sleeping bag [I don’t think is is right to get hold of cots and blankets just because I might get there first.] and more bottles or water. I also take some coffee—however, the red cross is usually never out of coffee. I can leave much of this in the car as being a volunteer is do usually get a good parking place—also I can get there early, usually.

There more than you ever wanted to know about any of this.

happy new year

I guess it is here—still quiet—maybe nobody wanted to spend money on fireworks.

Now off to bed.


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