Sunday, February 29, 2004

I’m back

We got back yesterday and my wife left today to go be with her sister. The sister had surgery last week and my wife will be gone for a few days. That leaves me to try and help our son with a school project.

The meeting went well and so did the paper. Charleston was great or as great as it could be given that it was in the low 40’s, raining and windy enough for there to be whitecaps in the water pooled up in the parking lots.
More tomorrow--


Wednesday, February 25, 2004

I’m going out of town

I’ll be out until Monday. I have a paper to present at this meeting SEDSI program.

My paper is at 10 in the morning at this session you can follow the links—it’s not working for blog this right now. The paper is another one about alcoholics as managers. If you think this looks very similar to the paper at Myrtle Beach in the fall—we call this a stream of research not just doing one thing.

A paper at a meeting is not as good as a journal article but since this one also prints proceedings it’s OK.
My wife is worried that the drive to Charleston might tire me out, so she graciously offered to go with me. I think that is very nice and selfless of her. I will blog the meeting if they have wireless connection but otherwise have a nice weekend and I plan on seeing everyone [like someone reads this stuff—ed.] on Monday.


Tuesday, February 24, 2004

grave markers of the famous

Welcome to Celebrity Cemetery, Part of City Morgue Gift Shop

strange site but kind of addicting


As anyone who has gone through a change management program or tried to alter personal behavior will tell you habits are hard to break. Habits are those things we do without thinking. The smoking habit is rough for me; the patch is doing its job [I think all the patches are defective—ed.] however, the non-cognitive stuff is driving me up the wall. For example, last night I was grading tests; so apparently what I used to do is reward myself with a smoke when I finished a certain amount of the tests. Progress equals reward; reward equals a smoke and a cup of coffee. Gum is not an acceptable substitute in this case.
But it has been four week now and I am hanging in. Maybe I will have a smoke to reward myself for not smoking.

Army cancels helicopter

Army cancels next-generation Comanche helicopter

In somewhat of a surprise, the Army canceled the Comanche helicopter. It looks like the system was too costly, not going to be on line soon enough, might have been out dated when ready and also had no real champion. Further, the unmanned planes have performed well in combat.


Monday, February 23, 2004

both parties to support gun bill

Senate to Vote on Shielding Gun Makers

This senate bill would shield gun makers from lawsuits except in the case of negligence. The real change here is that this has support from both parties. My guess is that in the house most support will come from one party.

ghost hunters aboard the North Carolina

local6.com - News - Ghost Hunters Investigate Reports Of Spirits On Battleship

I didn’t know the place was haunted. Have never been to the battleship but pass by it on the way to Myrtle Beach. Maybe I’ll see the ghost later this week when we go to Charleston.

lots of good stuff

I had a load of good stuff, some real change moments but blogger was down this afternoon and I still have work to do. Maybe it will still be news tomorrow.

Mmmmmm a post work out snack

Beef stick, port rinds [the Mexican kind—hard and crunchy] with a homemade dipping sauce of mayo, horseradish mustard, onion powder and garlic powder.
Mighty tasty and all legal.


The test has been given and now off to the library for the optiscanner. No, I'm not going to grade 115 essay tests.
Then to the rec center and home to finish grading the negotiations tests. I didn't finish last night. They do have some essay questions. Later, I have to make some slides for a paper I'm presenting this week.; oh and also really read the paper I'm discussing.

Later then


Sunday, February 22, 2004

I didn't know "Madge" had died

Madge actress dead
The actress who played MAdge in the Palmolive commercials died last week. She was 86.
See Rock City

Clark Byers, 89, Painter of Ads on Barn Roofs Across the East, Dies

Many of of grew up with these ads. The man who painted over 900 barns, has passed away.
Sunday evening

It’s Sunday evening and I’m at the office. Have to grade a set of tests, make out a test and hold an online chat with the students taking the test tomorrow. Just wanted to post to show that we do actually work in our offices; just not at the time everyone else works. Academics are the ultimate flex timers.
It also is getting me out of a dull church meeting. I swear I had this scheduled before the church meeting—really.

In other news—I went back to the main church service today for the first time since I hurt myself. I play a role in the service and am up front the entire time. I didn’t want to be wincing in pain and distracting the parishioners. Today went Ok but I did hurt after it was over. Also, I took a short nap and actually was able to sleep on my side; a major break through. It also hurt afterwards. Oh well.


Saturday, February 21, 2004

home recording studios are now in

For Musicians, Solid Walls Make Good Neighbors

I can't make music but this stuff is cheaper than ever.
the future of the grapefruit industry

Grapefruit Growers Seek a Younger Market

The industry have been in decline for a while. They want to change the focus of their market--good luck to them.
nice article on the cell phone industry

Company Size Not Biggest Cell Phone Issue

This industry is expected to be in for big changes; maybe not. This article is informative.
another story on broadband over power line

Small - Town Utilities Fill Technology Gap

A real puff piece; looks like it was put put by a PR dept and not a news organization.
what is going on at perdue?

Perdue closing 392-employee chicken plant in Panhandle

They are also closing a plant in eastern N.C. Is the demand for chicken on the down slide. Are we atkins people not eating enough. Come on, you low-fat diet folks, eat more chicken.

Friday, February 20, 2004

more regional language stuff

Dialect Survey Results

Got this via Andrew Sullivan, it’s neat. The survey is completed but this link goes to maps that show points of usage. If you took the test from jordana or mr. Possum’s link, you might like to go here, too.

broadband over power lines

newsobserver.com - Progress Energy expands testing of power lines as Internet channel

Hams and other don't like this as it causes interference. at least the early trials don't seem to work well but the power companies are selling the public a load of "its gonna be great".

this is strange and probably not a trend
but it is innovative

newsobserver.com - Man arrested after allegedly stealing patrol car with crane
newsstand sales of magazines down for second half of last year

WWD Home

They were also down in the first half of the year. The industry seems to be giving excuses and not dealing with what looks like a trend.

as predicted—beef prices to drop

The Beaufort Gazette: Beef prices drop after mad cow case

I love predicting things that are easy and everyone could see. If we are restricted in selling beef to other countries it leads to more being supplied in the domestic market, even with us Atkins people pushing up demand.

faculty email system down this weekend

They are upgrading the system, making it better. It works pretty good as it is. I’m giving a test to my principles of management class on Monday. The computer people suggested that since email would be down, we use the discussion board function of blackboard. That should work but it is not private. I need to learn how to use the discussion forum anyway. I’m also having a live chat with them on Sunday night, since it worked so well with the other course.
I’m going to work out in a few minutes and then will be back here tomorrow to grade exams and make one out for Monday.

what are the non-fat people doing eating low carb diets?

Apparently some people are taking this on as a life style. It has become mine, forever, I hope. Others are starting to think that they might be eating too amny carbs. This should push the pasta and low fat crowd just about over the edge. The pasta makers have been going crazy anyway. I didn't blog a report of their meeting last week. They met to answer the Atkins diet. Mainly, it consisted of them screaming that Atkins was wrong and pasta is healthy.
I still miss pasta and still love it but can't eat it.

link to the pasta meeting-- sounds like they want rules making us eat carbs-- and in the EU they just might get them
The Beaufort Gazette: Pasta battles back against low-carb trend
is chocolate good for you?
many claim that it is

Beyond Delicious: Could Chocolate Also Be Good for You?

Or are these claims just from the people selling it?
teen pregnancy rate continues to fall

Teenage Rate of Pregnancy Drops in U.S.

not that you care

It’s 70 degrees here today, people are playing golf, outside in the sun and generally having a good time. I have a class at one so I can’t do anything. I do know that those of you with real jobs have no sympathy.


Thursday, February 19, 2004

this is a sad sign of the times
probably more states will have to do this, that is if they have not already

Gadsden Times

Alabama House passes bill regulating the conduct of sports boosters and coaches.
this is great news, especially if further trials work out

Las Vegas SUN: Experimental Vaccine Can Stop Lung Cancer
shopping center evolution

WRAL.com - News - Out With Old, In With New At Cameron Village

A Raleigh shopping center, Cameron Village, claims to be the oldest in the southeast. It’s getting a much needed update

strange discrimination story

The Beaufort Gazette: Small Business Administration blamed for failing to intervene in anti-male scheme

It seems the person in charge of an SBA field office thought there were too many male supervisors. So she started a scheme to get rid of them. One woman would not play along and was harassed out of the agency. She won her case; back pay and her job back or at least the money. The person who started the scheme lives in Alabama, now. No word on if the men are going to or have sued.

there is only so much willpower

And I am using it up. This morning, I’m finishing a Bojangles steak biscuit. Well, Atkins style, I threw the biscuit away. It was hard to do—the biscuit was perfect; just like I used to like them. But I’m holding the line right now—might break the diet next week while I’m off on a trip.


Wednesday, February 18, 2004

online chat
My negotiations classes have a test tomorrow. At 8 and 9:30. I’m in the middle of an online chat with any students who want to participate. About 10 out of the 60 are logged in at the moment. They can ask questions that they thought of since our last meeting on Tuesday. I don’t know if this will help but since I will be teaching an online course in the fall I thought I had better try out the technology.
So far it’s going Ok, I think.

my work is about done here
at least for today

now to the rec center

actually a little ahead

The computerized test bank actually worked as promised. The questions were good and easy to select--no I don't just randomize them.
I think it's a fair test and would do pretty well on it, myself.

Well, off in a few minutes to get my very own can of Sam's Choice pure artificial everything cola and then to educate the youth of America.
The topic for today is product differentiation. Actually, this one is fun for all of us. They usually get into the discussion but it's really hard to discuss with over 100 in the class but I'll try.
not much blogging today I fear

I have to make out a test to give tomorrow, get a key ready of my grad student can grade a quiz, look over some material for class. Then go work out and finally help my wife make some food to take to a family in the church. They had a stillborn the other day and also already have 6 children.

Tuesday, February 17, 2004

Woo Hoo low carb yogurt

I haven’t had fruit in so long that this 3 carb peach yogurt looks good.


Tests Suggest Link Between Anger, Smoking

This is really an interesting idea and article.
and he has a much better personality

New School Librarian Is a Robot

No offense meant to all the librarians out there, really. This does look like ot could be a benefit.

unusual but neat

Mother and son serving together in National Guard

Monday, February 16, 2004

some upscale restaurants add low-carb items

Upscale Restaurants Offer Low - Carb Fare

Report out of Detroit, indicates that some restaurants have been doing this for a year or more. The really interesting thing, at least to me, is that one chef/owner said he added the items because he was eating this way.

help for all of us, eventually

Fitness Can Improve Thinking Among Aging

Fitness can improve thinking ability is the aging. The bad thing about this study is that its lower age limit was someone 58 years old. I’m not far from that and I don’t like being called “aging”. The results are good the label sucks.

I love my wife but sometimes---

With the cold weather here, I decided to put on a hat last night. Just a trip to Wal-Mart but my balding head gets cold. We also needed to stock up in case we get snowed in.
Not a great hat but sort of Indiana jonesish, at least I think so.
Well, when I wore it last my lovely wife looked at me and said it reminded her of a movie. I asked “Indiana Jones”? feeling very dashing.
No she said more like this:

American Tail: Fievel Goes West, An (1991)

she doesn’t smart off that much but when she does it’s usually a good one.

made it !

Well I made it back from the hazardous mission of taking garbage to the street. Hey, a few weeks ago I failed in that assignment. It was mostly snow and melted snow outside. There were a few slick places; I managed to avoid all of them—but one. I skated once and frankly it scared me. After posting this I’ll be hiding in my roomy closet until time to go teach. Since we have wireless, at home, I can still keep up.

why am I doing this?

I just told you it iced and snowed last night so why am I risking going out to take garbage again? No step’s not icy just wet— this time and my wife says it’s not icy just snow and water. I should be back in a few minutes if I don’t post for a while send the Mounties or someone as I will be on the ground yelling.

snow and ice

We had some bad weather overnight. The school system closed, the university went on regular schedule and my wife’s employer was on 2 hour delay. I’m not going in until a little before class time today. I want more of this to melt—once bitten twice shy.

Oh' I did look at the front steps and I'll leave by way of the garage.

Sunday, February 15, 2004

into cooking and kitchen utensils? Then read this

He Changed the Way America Cooks

This relates to changes in a round about way, how this man started a business and changed how America cooks, well the article says so. He is the founder of Williams-Sonoma, the, over two billion dollar, company that markets pots and pans, basically. I love to buy kitchen stuff but don’t have much fancy. We don’t have a Williams-Sonoma store here, too small a market but I would like to see one.

I’m up and can’t get back to sleep

Ok, not as good as fallen and can’t get up but I’m sleepy. I got up at 7:30 to tell the priest I wouldn’t be in this morning, took a pain pill and went back to bed. Hoping to add to the 2 glorious hours of sleep I had gotten. By the time the pain pill took hold I was awake. Maybe later, besides missing church this morning I also missed going to visit a colleague/friend in he hospital. He had a small stroke. No real problem with that but they found damage from a bigger one that occurred sometime earlier. He should get out of the hospital soon.

Later today I will tell you about the prayer, discernment and vocation retreat. The monk running it was good and he had some great things to say. When I get my wits about me, if ever, I will give you a run down.

bluegrass legend to perform in B'ham

Ralph Stanley in City Stages lineup for June festival

City Stages will have Ralph Stanley this year. He is one of the first in this style and worth listening to. The stanley style is different that the Bill Monroe way of doing it. I like him and hope those of you in the bity get a chance to hear him.
more snow and ice a possibility

We are right at the line between rain on one side and yucky stuff on the other. It’s not going to get here until later today, if at all. I’m hoping for not at all.

I’m usually at the first service of the day right now but had a bad night. My wife and I went to the seminar at church all day yesterday and that might have caused the pain and sleepless night I had. I could probably go to the 10:30 service but I’ve taken some stronger drugs and just might make a fool of myself in front of the entire parish.

never mind
Bond: Brosnan's Back

the post below has been corrected in the media. My part is still valid however. The movies are still cartoons and not real good ones.


Friday, February 13, 2004

007 86'ed

now here is some real change—but not entirely unexpected

CBn - Latest News - License Revoked
Pierce Brosnan to stop playing Bond. He had been rumored to be in at least one more. I know this is big news to some but not for me. Early on, at least in my mind, the Bond series became too cartoon like. Too many gadgets and snappy lines. It became a parody of itself and I stopped watching.


Thursday, February 12, 2004

really dull blogging

I know that the past week's blogging has been dull [the past week? at least ed.] but right now the smoking thing is really getting to me. I promise to be interesting tomorrow or not blog at all[see you next week then- ed.] Now cut that out-- I have lots of interesting things to do this weekend.
My wife and I are going to a retreat like thing at the church. It was supposed to be for faculty only but they expanded the group. The topic is prayer, discernment and vocation. It's being run by an Episcopal priest from Boston, an actual monk type. Poverty chastity and obedience. Should be interesting. If it is I might tell you about it [if not I can guarantee you will blog it, ed]

deranged chipmunk--in pain update

I got so worked up about making sure i had stuff to help with the stop smoking, I forgot to take pain pills with me to work today. The pills taken at 6 this morning are long gone and some stupid person did not bring more. At least the meeting is dull and that helps my pain.
committee meeting

We are at present discussion two new film courses. We don't have a real film major or minor but this seems like we might be able to move toward one. I would like to see other departments add more film and video stuff. It does need to be across departments. Maybe too many to get everyone working on the same page.
entrepreneurship is not dead
Student has a great idea


Selling gift certificates on line and buying ones you want. Great but I bet someone will complain that they have to sell at a discount. If you don’t like the service don’t participate.

icon of French cuisine in NY is finished

Lutece closes

They blame sept. 11 and attempts to update menu. It’s always a hard choice for restaurants, stay the same and people get tired of the food—update and people don’t know what to expect.

deranged chipmunk update

Got through the night without smoking, decided to treat it like some sort of 12 step thing. Meaning that I don’t know if I have quit but I’m now smoking right now. I’ll take later as it comes.
I still am retaining water or something from the recovery as I have gained weight and have not eaten enough for that. This too shall pass, I guess.

On a positive note I did get up at 5:30 to go by the rec center and workout before class. Class is in about 3 minutes. We did have snow predicted for today but it’s too warm. Thank goodness. I told my dept chair and my students that when two snowflakes join together, I’m taking my blanket and going into the closet. I’ll come out when it is melted.


Wednesday, February 11, 2004

the urge passed--sort of

Going to class helped but sitting for office hour is not great
I just keep eating the sunflower seeds.
I look like some sort of deranged chipmunk with my cheeks full of seeds.
Oh well, I never got paid for my looks anyway.

I want a cigarette!!!!
I'm not kidding-- this urge is as bad as it has been for two weeks

two weeks so far and this last 15 minutes has been bad
old habits are hard to break

I think I survived

I do hurt after the short walk but not in a bad way. I can tell I used the muscles and that they are sore. I also got in some deep breathing which I really need to do.
Now for some real fun work –grading a quiz.

well, back to the rec center

I'm going back to work out for the first time since i fell. Everyone says if it hurts, then stop. At my age and condition, everything hurts at the start. I seem to be gaining but that might still be water retention and the some of he pain meds. I know i have not eaten enough to gain what the scales indicate.
Will post later after i get to the office.

Tuesday, February 10, 2004

I called this one months ago
really, you could look it up

Today's News

Story is about an anti-Atkins group that takes much money from PETA. It didn't take a real smart guy to look at their site to realize they were radical edge vegan types.
Viacom to spin-off Blockbuster

Viacom Plans to Spin Off Blockbuster

The death of Blockbuster has been anticipated many times and here it comes again. Granted the business is under pressure form sales of cheap DVD’s and from new media –broadband but it’s not done yet. I have heard the broadband argument for years now and still don’t know anyone getting movies that way. Also, don’t know many getting them via the cable system—on demand.
Eventually, the stores will go away and this move anticipates that. Still some good years left or there should be.

Dr. Atkins was fat when he died
Las Vegas SUN: Report: Diet Doctor Atkins Was Obese

He also had heart problems but the docs say that the diet was not the cause. He had an infection which could have caused the weight gain and the attack.
I'm sure that many will use this as "evidence" that the diet is evil and only their way works. I have never lost their way and only have this way.

Monday, February 09, 2004

not much today

Nothing much really going on that I want to blog about. Besides that, I don’t feel good, I really want a smoke and they actually want me to do some work.
Maybe tomorrow.


Sunday, February 08, 2004

pain vs. discomfort

Today started off pretty well. Got to church before 7:30 so I could make sure everything was set up. Felt good. Right before the service at 8 I started coughing and the real pain returned. I spent the rest of the day alternating hurting and sleeping. I try not to take much pain medicine during the day but I’m about to take something a try and get some sleep. I need to try and work out tomorrow, before I forget how. Also, I have much to do with teaching and research this week, along with a couple of meetings. Right now he priority is teaching first, research second and committee service third.

why some scripture and not other

Grand Forks Herald | 02/07/2004 | The Bible tells me so

Interesting article bout this topic. Tries to be a little flip and light for me but does raise the issue. Of course, it is related to the bishop robinson thing.


Saturday, February 07, 2004

church convention

Went to the last day of the convention of the diocese. I was able to stay until a little after noon, by then the coughing had caused pain. By that time, we were voting on resolutions and I could see where things were headed.
There was a resolution, basically against the national church for approving the gay bishop in New Hampshire. Someone called for a vote by orders, meaning the lay people vote separately from the clergy. (I am clergy, admittedly of a lower order, but clergy never the less.). To my surprise both groups voted against the resolution. Do I think this means that everyone supports the gay bishop, no? I think it means we should stop fighting about what we cannot change.


Friday, February 06, 2004

Frito-Lay recovers from my diet

The Beaufort Gazette: Snack sales help PepsiCo earnings climb 30 percent

Profit is up at the snack unit. I'm glad, had feared that layoffs would result from the combination of Atkins and me.
I can drive--I can drive

The last time I drove was Sunday, a week ago. Since then it has either been icy or i have been told not to. My wife took the ranger to work today and left me with the car. They still will nto let me drive the standard shift. I'm sort of glad I don't have the truck today as I always smoked when in it, never in my wife's car. It did feel strange to get back behind the wheel. No, I didn't hit anything.

Thursday, February 05, 2004

maybe something good will come of this

I’m not trying to be Pollyanna, trying to find the silver lining in any cloud but maybe the step dive will help me long term. One thing you do not know about me —I was a smoker. Hard habit to break, especially when you really did not want to. I’d promised my wife that as soon as I reached the weight goal and maintained for a month, I would quit smoking. Well, falling changed all those plans. The uncaring people at the hospital would not wheel me outside to get a cigarette. Outside would have been fine since I didn't smoke in buildings anyway. They did however, give me a patch. Patches are good but hard to light[stop with the bad jokes, ed.].
Have been smoke free since I fell. Still on the patches and don’t really care how long I stay on them. What I am fighting now is the psychological habit portion. Certain things trigger a “need” to smoke. Certain places and especially finishing a meal.
So far so good, my wife says I am only bitchy first thing in the morning and I have not yelled at any domestic pets or cuddly woodland creatures. I know I will have to watch to make sure I don’t overeat and start to gain back what I lost but wish me well. Really wish those who have to be around me well.
Do I still want a smoke—hell yes but I know what it would feel like. I also would have liked the timing to me mine but you can’t always get what you want but sometimes you get what you need.

govt blames carbs for weight gain

eating more of everything but really way too much carb stuff. That sound you hear will be the “low fat mafia” getting ready to explode. Remember, they’re sure that low fat is the answer to everything including world peace and all calculus problems.

update and example

I think what the government meant was something like Daddy Possum’s lunch. Possumblog

more food industry reaction to changed demand due to low carb diets

not due to the lunch at sneaky pete’s
They Come to Praise the Carb, Not Bury It

Some want to fight [rice] some threaten to sue [orange juice] some promote the product anyway and some try and adapt [bread]. Some act all hurt—we are great and wonderful, the heart association says so maybe they want a law requiring me to eat their product.
Still a good article.

more car blogging

The Beaufort Gazette: Hyundai continues U.S. expansion with first small SUV

Hyundai to make smaller SUV. We have a Santa Fe. A few years ago the old car died a sudden death and we were stuck getting something quick. We ended up with the Santa Fe. My wife loves it, I like it whenever she lets me drive the thing. If I were buying another car today I would look at Hyundai first. Hope I still like them when they are made in Alabama.


Wednesday, February 04, 2004

good news

Went back to the doc this morning, well saw the nurse practioner. Had not seen her before, seemed OK. She started off by looking at my chart and saying—“well you broke a lot of ribs and good too”. Always good to get the facts out there.
I can drive again and start to do a light workout. All prefaced by the admonition—if it hurts quit. I didn’t have the heart to tell her that at 54 most things hurt, to some degree.

I did get an answer to one thing however. When I breathe deeply or cough, I can hear and feel movement in my ribs. Sort of like joints popping, on steroids. Even when it doesn’t hurt it is off putting so, it was good to know that this is only temporary, temporary being a few more weeks. I had feared that I would have my own personal and constant rhythm section.

car blogging for a non-car guy

Buick LaCrosse Replaces Regal, Century

Buick is trying to overhaul its lineup. In the past year, sales have really dropped. Car sales down 30%; overall down 23%. It looks like when Oldsmobile went away they carried Buick customers in the back seat.
I can’t speak for everyone but the whole line had gotten an “old” feel. Not just the “old people’s car” thing but the names and dealers and everything. If memory serves me, a number of years ago they were worried because a large percentage of their sales were being made to women. It was becoming known as a “woman’s” car. It was feared that this would hurt sales to men and when women moved on to something else, Buick would be left high and dry. It might have been Olds but I think it was Buick.
Don’t know if that was the root of this problem but the brand has one. It might be time to pull an Olds on this line.

farming trend continues

Fewer, Bigger Farms Counted in Census

Bigger farms --fewer farmers. Some interesting numbers on black and women farmers and a slight decline in white males. The average age should give some people pause. Those that are worried about farm land going away and declining acreage.


Monday, February 02, 2004

Woo Hoo low carb pizza

Pizza Makers Consider Low - Carb Dough

some places are already doing this and more are studying it. It really is more than the crust however, most sauces are heavy in tomato and some add sugar. I am going to make some here at home, with olive oil as the base and a low carb, soy based dough. After I get to feeling better.

maybe tomorrow

Sort of over did it the last two days. Went for a few hours to watch the superbowl with friends and eat high carb food. Starve a cold, feed a fever and everyone knows bread goes with ribs. Came home early; missed the best part.
I taught class today and now for a percocet and rest. I get "up" and animated in class and today, that was not a good thing.
This group deserves me at my best. The room holds 120 and they are trying to act as if we can interact and discuss—so far a great group. God, I hope they do well on the tests. Yes, many of us don’t like giving bad grades.

not funny yet

I told Terry, my blogfather, that I would relate some of the past week and try and make it funny. Parts of it really are.
Well, it ain't funny yet--maybe in a day or two.

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