Wednesday, June 30, 2004

the end of an era

The New York Times > Sports > Two - Time Indy Winner Al Unser Jr. Retires

The winning Unsers are gone.

you could see this coming

The Beaufort Gazette: Presbyterian panel OKs gays' ordination

As evidenced by the last few meeting reported, this church was moving in this direction. However, the speed surprised me, somewhat. I don’t know how this will be received in the pews? Perhaps those against have already moved to other Presbyterian groups.

my first online quiz

In an effort to get ready to teach online in the fall, I’m giving quizzes that way during the summer. These quizzes are true/false questions taken from the book. The point is to get the students to read the book, before I talk about it. A novel idea, heh? Well, putting the quiz into blackboard [the program we use here] was a pain but on the other hand it scores the quiz and enters the grades on a spreadsheet.

Cosmetics for men? Nope not ready yet!

HoustonChronicle.com - Men's cosmetics put a new face on masculinity

They even have other words for things like make-up. If you are ashamed to call it make up, then you shouldn’t be wearing it.


Tuesday, June 29, 2004

in a news flash—milk, chocolate and whipped cream in coffee just might have lots of calories

newsobserver.com | Business

But gee, it’s just coffee. Morons.


Monday, June 28, 2004

how to dress for church

Mr. Possum tried to make church a pants optional destination; well we just might give him a run for maldressedness.
This Sunday, to celebrate the retirement of our priest, we had a “beach party” right after church. People were encouraged to dress in “beach casual” attire. ] No I’m not really sure what that is either.] Well, anyway, some people wore shorts, some long pants and knit shirts and the like; everyone was comfortable.
The party was nice also. We had a dj playing beach music, a face painting booth, a cotton candy machine, hot dogs and hamburgers with covered dish desserts, a popcorn machine, pony rides for the kids and --- a couple of kegs, for the non-kids. Yep, we’re Episcopalians and not only are allowed to do that we are required to. We had a crowd upwards of 550 and most everyone had a great time.

Our new priest, an interim, will be here next week. His job is to get the parish to evaluate where it is in its life and to change the parish in many ways, break old habits. Some people suggested that we make the dress code permanent for the summer and also that “beer in the garth” replace “coffee in the garth” each Sunday. I think this is a great idea. Now if the new guy wants to change the parish, he’ll have a baseline for comparison.

PS—it’s not really technically a garth, more like a courtyard with a fountain that is if garths have to have shrubs.

time for the afternoon thunderstorm, again

Live Doppler 7

About time to hunker down and not the time to test my finally almost put together antenna.

I'm not really busy, I just look that way

I'm also not in a good mood.

Sunday, June 27, 2004

new free service

The New York Times > Technology > Program Lets Users Share Slices of Web

This jsut might be a neat way to share content -- easier than putting together a web page at say geocities.
I don’t really want to go to church this Sunday

Our rector for the last ten years or so is leaving; tomorrow will be his last week. I’m not afraid of the changes; I just hate to see a good priest and my friend go. It is time for him to retire and I’ll miss him, greatly.

The deacon’s role in the Episcopal Church is one of service but it also has a large liturgical component. He has let me do my role with respect and freedom. A freedom he did not have to give. He always asked for my opinion and input, again when de need not have. He taught me much about the church, liturgy and life.

I hate to say goodbye.


Saturday, June 26, 2004

Moore propaganda movie doing well at box office?

Box Office Mojo > Daily Box Office > 06-25-2004

Early returns say that it is. However, not so fast there. The early returns on the omvie counts come from where? Do they tend to come from “Bush” America? I think not. They will tend to come from the places where this movie will be most popular; where the people are more predisposed to want an anti-Bush film. At least that is my opinion. It will be interesting to check and see where this movie does well. For now however, the story and the spin is that it is a real hit.


Friday, June 25, 2004

time to leave the building

Literally, leave the building. The last classes ended at 1; the staff works a compressed week in the summer and left at 11:30. I’ve finished office hour and have done nothing constructive since.
As much as I don’t want to it’s about time to go work out and then home to get more gas for the grill and do house cleaning things.

what went wrong here?

Comdex cancels November convention The company says it is only postponed, yeah right. This meeting used to be the biggest in the industry. Our computer director went to see what the “latest thing” was going to be.
Well, the industry changed, September 11th happened and the organizers mismanaged the whole deal.
Let’s see failure to anticipate the change in business environment, failure to take account of the changing economic and social climate coupled with slow response and pure old bad management? Yep sounds like a disaster in the making to me.

virus targets favorite websites

The Beaufort Gazette: Experts warn of large-scale Internet attack

Think Possumblog is under attack now as we speak? The article says even trusted sites might be hit.

Splenda rocks

Popularity of sugar substitute Splenda surges

I think it is the best. I really like the form that measures like sugar. The good thing about this product is that it appeals to all dieters, regardless of diet type.


Thursday, June 24, 2004

even the dimwitted saw this coming

Las Vegas SUN: Demand for Elderly Day Care Rising

Yet the AP reports it like it’s news.

summer jobs

Like many of us males of a certain age I started in a grocery store. Terry didn’t like cleaning floors; I didn’t like cleaning the band saw blade. This was done every day and was coiled up and the other one put on. If you didn’t get the coil right it would spring out at you—a band saw blade—great stuff but not the worst.

1. Best summer job—I worked at U. S. Steel in Fairfield for two summers and they were both great. I made good money and enjoyed myself, some days more than others. The first summer out of high school I worked plant construction. We dug trenches, holes for foundations, moved dirt, jack hammered concrete and stuff like that. I was most of the plant and did something different everyday.
The next summer I worked in the blooming mill. I worked mainly the 3-11 shift and we worked hard as mill labor, cleaning the scale pits. That would last for about 3 hours or so, and then we were done. We were also exhausted. If anyone wants to know about cleaning scale I’ll be glad to tell you. I also learned that a steel mill, at night, is a beautiful sight. Really it is.

2. Worst summer job—Also at U.S. Steel. The summer after graduation from college before going to grad school I got hired by the coke works. The job was called lidman. Coal is cooked in ovens to make coke and ovens are charged [filled] through four holes in the top and emptied of coke through a door on the side. Someone has to open the lids and close and seal them. It was summer and here I am a fat boy on top of a bank of ovens. Armed with a long steel pole and dressed in flame retardant clothing. We wore thermal underwear to protect us from the heat. I lasted a week the last day I spent the last of the shift over a rail—throwing up from the heat.
3. Dream job I never had—working as deck crew on a barge. I probably would have fallen in but I really wanted to be a barge deck hand.

first day of class

Woo Hoo! I actually like teaching the introductory course, it’s fun. Also, the room has just been fitted with a projector, so I don’t have to carry one each class. The speakers look great. I think there’re for DVD’s not for playing bluegrass. Well we will see.

And yes Terry, I'm doing power point--every day. Since I'll be teaching online in the fall, I'm trying to get the power points "right" to give to those students.


Wednesday, June 23, 2004

I may be a bureaucrat and not know it

I’ve spent the whole day at my desk, doing something. Accomplishing nothing that 10 minutes of hard work would have done. Teaching tomorrow—see you then.


Tuesday, June 22, 2004

a new way to think of unions

Las Vegas SUN: Major Union Takes Organizing Drive to Web

A sort of web based labor organization. This does have some merit. Successful unions have always been able to reach workers when they are. This means more than physical but where they are socially and politically.
In the old days the union was about community and if this community can be built on the web, so be it. Earlier in the year we had the Church of England trying to hire a rector of an internet church; next fall I’ll be teaching in a program where you can get a business degree from ECU and never see the place, so who is to say a web based union would not work.

this has got to be a joke? right?

BBC NEWS | Europe | Pork choc on the menu in Ukraine

Pork fat covered in chocolate. What an idea! If they make it with low-carb chocolate, even I can have it.

No word on if they are going to cornbread batter it, put in a stick and deep fry the thing.

state laws allowing you to collect for “damages” from your health care plan are not legal

The New York Times > Washington > Justices Limit Ability to Sue Health Plans

The federal law allows for recovery of costs for denied claims but not “damages”. While this might not seem right it does keep the damage awards out of the hands of some juries, like in certain parts of Alabama, Mississippi and New York.


Monday, June 21, 2004

just about time to go back to work

Wednesday is registration day for second summer term and then classes start on Thursday. I’ll probably go in tomorrow and get my advisee files back from the office and see what time they really need me to be there.
When classes crank back up the change type blogging will start again.

Britannia rules the waves?
Well not anymore !

Iran captures British patrol boats

The mighty naval power Iran has apparently taken three small UK boats and the crews. Will be interesting to see how they intend to get them back, assuming the report is true.
This is a true change moment when the British lose something to Iran.


Sunday, June 20, 2004

more golf in the morning

There will be just two of us in the morning. The other guy has been fighting a bad shoulder and neck. He wants to get out and play before I have to start teaching again. Starting on Wednesday I will be tied up until after 2 each afternoon. I know that is early for those of you in the real world but what can I say.

I bet the wine snobs and some tasters are jumping out windows

San Francisco Examiner: Two-buck triumph

A cheap wine known as “two-buck chuck”, really a Charles Shaw Shiraz, was one of 53 finalists in a NY wine competition. Out of over 2,300 entrants. The wine glut in California is doing this.
Lesson: price should not always be your guide.


Friday, June 18, 2004

not quite a change moment

Las Vegas SUN: Remote Control Racing Cars Getting Small

How long will this fad last. They all crash sometime. It does sound like fun and not too costly.

this treatment looks promising

Las Vegas SUN: Drug Appears Effective Against Arthritis

It is a targeted approach to the problem and not a covey shoot. It could also open the way to treating other autoimmune conditions.


Thursday, June 17, 2004

once again it’s time for the ever popular and highly regarded
Thursday Three

Well since I helped come up with one of these questions I might as well answer them.

1 What are you reading now and how do you like it.
Well, right now I’m reading a couple of things. The best one is “Intelligence in War: Knowledge of the Enemy from Napoleon to Al-Qaeda” by John Keegan. He is absolutely the best military history writer ever, in my opinion. His facts are correct and presented without spin, his analysis is cogent and his writing is crisp for a historian
I’m looking at ” The Art of Surrealists”. This is a small size and short book with pictures of the art and short descriptions of the work/or the artist. It’s very small and only 77 pages so I suppose it could be a coffee table book for people who live in very tiny houses. When it comes to art I’m ignorant so as long as the author is telling the truth it is good.
I’m also reading this one too-- “The Devil's Disciples: Hitler's Inner Circle”. It is thick and slow going as it sketches out the history of each of the inner circle and how they came to be. I like it so far. I’m also trying to start a book on the life of Jung but it is really slow going as the writer has a hard time writing.
Yes I do read mostly non-fiction and many different books on military history not just WWII. I’m especially fond of the army war in the Pacific and any aspect of WWI. I learn much about things I’m interested in personally and professionally.
2 If Terry had listened to me the above would have counted as two questions. Let’s see started and not finished—many if the classics but lately it is “The Da Vinci Code”. I don’t know why I can’t read it. I should like the subject and many people have suggested it to me. Yes, these are people whose opinions I respect. Maybe I’m just holding out and being a contrarian. After all I’m the guy who never saw Sound of Music or Gone with the Wind. Never could finish that novel either. I kept getting to page 36, realizing I had 1000 pages left and quit. I’m a slow reader.
3 What will I reread? Several professional and reference books and also ”a History of Israel and Judah in Biblical Times. there is so much to the story and I tend to forget it.
Boy long again but I love books and am interested in seeing what other people read.

are you ready for the cornabunny?

Alabama rabbit growers look for expanded market


Wednesday, June 16, 2004

too many golf courses?

WRAL.com - News - Two Moore County Golf Courses In 'Rough'; File For Bankruptcy

This is in the Pinehurst area, too. This might be the start of the slide. In the last decade or so, really since the mid 80’s I think, course have been built at a rapid rate. However, the number of rounds played has remained stagnant for the last few years. This is a prelude to the “shake out”. It just might happen.

polio ain’t dead yet

The New York Times > International > Botswana Finds First Polio Case in Years

The WHO and other have to keep on top of this. I really don’t trust them to do it however.

NC judge might be in trouble again

WRAL.com - News - Judge Hill Faces More Complaints

Among other things she is accused of telling a lawyer to “use his big-boy voice” and calling a female lawyer -- "Ally McBeal." How can you not like her?


Tuesday, June 15, 2004

attention MarcV and LittleA
golf tomorrow

In the past month I’ve played sort of like a spastic monkey, a drunken monkey tomorrow I’ll try for the trifecta—a monkey on crack.
As usual I’ll be hoping for a score and the temperature both in the 80’s but am willing to bet that at least one goes much higher than that.
So, not much blogging until the afternoon. Playing early, then a shower and lunch and then a nap. There are times I like my life.

wireless is back

yea! & yeehaw!

I use one of these Linksys: BEFW11S4 - Wireless-B Broadband Router and it works real good [that might be very well but at heart I’m still a bama boy] except it doesn’t like a lot of lightening through it. The first one I bought years ago was around $150 I think. This new one—lightening has gotten two—was 40, after a rebate. I love the progress of technology. It installed like a champ—even I could not mess it up.

sorry but I have been busy today

My son is at church camp, I don’t have to go back to work until next week, my wife is off today; so you know what that means----

house cleaning.


give me a break

The New York Times > Fashion & Style > For the Male Foot Yearning to Be Free

Article on the fashion page about men’s sandals and which ones are the correct citywear. Check them out, the ones shown are 2 and 3 hundred dollars. Since they are Yankees I assume that the dark socks come extra.


Monday, June 14, 2004

Orange Cauliflower?
Yahoo! News - Orange Cauliflower Now Available in U.S.
I guess it will look different but the article doesn’t say if the taste is different. I’ll try it if the price is right. I have a regular white one in the house now and will treat it like that low carb mashed potato substitute.
Orange would be right pretty, come to think of it.

internet connection down most of the day

I’m learning more about computer system recovery than I ever thought I would need to know. I’ll report on this tomorrow if it works out and if I don’t go crazy[ier].

local boy wins Hooters event

Mackenzie rallies for one-shot win

I say boy because he is still young and the family goes to our church. Playing n his home town, Will came fro 6 strokes back to win. It was exciting and I know his mother was happy.


Sunday, June 13, 2004

old kingdom burial site found

The New York Times > Science > 5, 000 - Year - Old Egypt Necropolis Unearthed

This is hot off the press ancient Egypt news, folks. Some of us still love this stuff. I can’t wait for the history channel to get the footage out and on TV.

no trip to Omaha

ECU lost to South Carolina. Both games were by two runs. 4-2 and 5-3. I didn’t get to see the game today but apparently we had the lead in the 8th inning and then they scored three
Oh’ well it was a good year.


Saturday, June 12, 2004

sometimes you stumble onto good stuff

On my war to work out I stopped by the Dollar Tree this morning. I get my sunflower seeds there, the ones they have are cheaper and less salty—that non-smoking thing you know. Well while there I saw a group of DVD’s for a dollar, it is the Dollar Tree.
I saw The 39 Steps. It did not the director only the male lead but it sounded familiar. It was an early Hitchcock film form 1935. I took a chance and got it will report back later.
Also, my son says he wants to go to film school, so let him look and see how a suspense movie is crafted and in black and white.

The also have some episodes of "Sergeant Preston of the Yukon". I’m going back—yes I ran out of money at the dollar store.

back on line

My wife and I went out to eat last night about 9 or so. When we came back the cable was off in the neighborhood and the storm hadn’t even started yet. We were under a tornado warning for a while and thunderstorm warnings for longer. Since the cable modem was down anyway I cut the whole thing off.


Friday, June 11, 2004

I made low-carb cookies this afternoon

Well tell us Jim, how do they taste?

Not bad.

Are they as good as regular cookies?

What? I didn’t know I was talking to a moron. I said they were low carb

Of course they are not as good but the only carbs in the batch are from 2 eggs and one quarter cup of cream. The rest of the stuff is zero carbs. I use this for cookies and pancakes--Zero Carb Bake Mix - Vanilla - 1lb: . You can get it a Lowes Foods for about $10.00 a pound. The cookies are just OK but the pancakes are pretty good.

The second group got better when I really sprinkled ( I meant really sprinkled) on the fake brown sugar and cinnamon.

greedy jackasses want spyware law put on hold

Las Vegas SUN: Co. Wants Spyware Control Act Blocked

They say the Utah law violates their free speech rights. What gave these #@^&** people the right to put stuff on my computer, without me asking for it? These people are worse than the spammers.

come on give the kid a break

he is an orphan you know

Teen denied bond, youthful offender status in parents slaying

as a general rule barbeque and harassment don’t mix

al.com: News

Bob Sykes Barbeque, a Bessemer institution and really great food place, has been found guilty of maintaining a hostile work environment.

now Bessemer residents have another avenue of escape

I-20/I-59 interchange to open

This thing has been a boondoggle from the get go. Interchanges are cheap to build in Bessemer, you only need on-ramps.


Thursday, June 10, 2004

poignant stories of Reagan’s last years

The New York Times > National > Alzheimer's Wiped Out Reagan's Memory

I can add nothing to it. My friend from church will eventually get that way. I hate to even think about it. Ending up like that is one of my greatest fears.
by all means
replace the inhalers

The Beaufort Gazette: FDA considers phasing out certain asthma inhalers

Of course, some people might not be able to afford the new ones, they might not work as well but the environment demands that they be replaced. No question. That is probably what is causing all the global warming and the ozone problems. It’s those darned asthma inhalers.


candy makers try to get healthy

The Beaufort Gazette: Candy makers slimming down their treats

They wasn’t to get financially healthy by getting the candy healthier. Is there such a thing as healthy candy? Should there be?

another anti-Reagan article

Las Vegas SUN: Reagan Legacy: Lower Taxes, High Deficits

I googled the writer and surprise, surprise, surprise almost all of his stuff could be from the DNC. Not that a reporter might show some bias or anything, no really they are all objective. Except for Fox news and the talk radio people, now they are biased.

Ray Charles

Ray Charles Dies

If you don’t know who Ray Charles is, shame on you. Thinking of him I might change one of my answers to the Thursday three. What makes the south distinctive—music. Disieland born here. Blues-born here. Country born here. Black and southern gospel born here. Bluegrass born here. Rock and roll born here.

My wife and I joke that we had dinner with him in Oxford Miss. We had gone to eat at the restaurant at the Holiday Inn. Ray Charles was performing later that night. Well, as we waited for a table, in walked Ray and another man to pick up their carry out order. He only had to wait a few minutes but what was funny is that he was picking up food for everyone and the way they stacked it. He had boxes stacked up past the top of his head –covering his whole face. He told the person at the counter to keep stacking as he couldn’t see anyway, so load him up. It was a different sight.
What really impressed me was that he was down there helping to get the food for everyone. No “star” here.

my answers to the PossumblogTM Thursday Three. Well here goes:
As promised, wordy but not good.

1) Assuming for the moment that “The South” still has a distinct and recognizable sense of itself within the greater universe of American culture (not having been homogenized and starched into being nothing more than merely another place on the map), when was the first time you ever felt or noticed that difference or distinction?
Being older that some of you here, make that most of you, I still remember when the south was truly distinctive. I guess it was on vacation when I was in my teens and I met some other kids form PA or Ohio. I realized that not only was the accent different but the whole outlook on things was not the same. Not a great revelation but there it is.

2) Assuming our original assumption is still valid, list three of distinctions about the South that you believe are positive, and worth being emulated by others.
A love of country—it seems that down here for whatever reason we are more willing to be overt about our patriotism. I know other areas on the country are very patriotic but we do tend to do it well.

Second: a sense of time. Others have mentioned the sense of place but equally important is the time. I don’t mean just the unhurriedness that we are losing but that other sense of time of being connected to the past and knowing that that connects us to the future. There is a passage from Faulkner, can’t remember the work or the character, that Yankees find very deep. I think a boy is playing and in his mind it is early July 1863 about mid afternoon, it is hot and miserable but there is hope in the air. The last charge has not been made. The division has not been cut down; the men have yet to be led to cross the land to the ridge. Faulkner then goes on to say that it is always that time, always right before the charge, always. Yankees love this stuff but for many of us it is just the way it is. That remarkable sense of time as well as of place.

Third: we have writers. Not here on this blog but we have writers. Maybe they are deranged like Crews, drunks like Faulkner, weird like Capote, deranged, alcoholic, weird and strange like Tennessee Williams, what ever we have writers that exist because of the south they knew and wrote about.

3) Have you ever been to another place outside of the South that seemed to have that same sense of “Southernness” to it? If so, where was it?

Like Stan in the Possumblog comments I strangely found people in Quebec City to be very like southerners. Quick to bristle at imagined slights, quick to smile when they found it was not a slight. I also found in both places a wonderful and unthinking self awareness without being self conscious.

hooters tour in town

Hooters tourney gives area economic boost, glance at future stars

That’s a golf tournament. I bet the food is good too.

not much for a while today

I was up very late working on something with the new computer. That is how I managed to catch the time shifting possum, at about 2 this morning. Well, I slept late and after a little work on the computer it will be time to workout then go in to the office.
Later when I get to the office.

new low carb drink on the market

Las Vegas SUN: Anheuser-Busch Unveils Low-Carb Beverage

Yes it is by A/B and yes it is alcoholic. It’s one of the Bacardi line and has a wild cherry taste. Only supposed to have 2.6 carbs and 98 calories in the 12 oz. bottle. This is part of a market segment that is beer related but doesn’t taste like beer. They figure that this will appeal to women. Some of us men also like the wild cherry taste. If I have one it will not be until the 4th and I will report back.


Wednesday, June 09, 2004

I love a contrarian
The New York Times > Health > I Beg to Differ: The Fat Epidemic: He Says It's an Illusion

A researcher says there is not a fat epidemic. He says the epidemic is a myth. The very fat are getting fatter but the rest of us are about the same. He also says that the effects are political. He’s right. There are lots of axes to grind to go after all the sacred cows in this discussion.
Mmmm COW.

some help in late stage cancers

The New York Times > Health > Two Drugs Found to Help in Prostate and Brain Cancers

What I have noticed in the last few days with all these cancer treatment posts is that researchers are beginning to prove the value of chemo as an added treatment. Chemo plus surgery or with radiation seems to do well. I know that many people want to skip the
chemo because of the side effects but it looks like you shouldn’t. Until the targeted types of chemotherapy come online this might be the best option.

news flash this just in
democrats prefer CNN
republicans prefer FOX

The New York Times > Arts > Study: Cable News Viewers More Partisan

Now we have the proof. Sometimes you just have to study the conventional wisdom. However you do look stupid when you find out what everyone already knew.

HealthSouth getting healthy again?

HealthSouth reaches agreement with noteholders

It looks like they are making some progress in dealing with the massive debt that the old CEO left, along with charges of fraud. To my knowledge, the core businesses are still money makers. Perhaps, not as high flying as they once were but much more sound.

UWA takes a step toward ending probation

UWA elects new chairman, hopes to move off probation
This is really an update from last fall, I think. West Alabama was put on probation mainly due to trustee turmoil. Or perhaps the faculty and administration have taken the steps they need to get off. Hope it works out for them.

stats show a decrease in the growth in spending—not a drop in spending

Las Vegas SUN: Growth in Health Care Spending Again Drops

I know that sometime today I’ll see a reporter talk about the decrease in health care spending.


Tuesday, June 08, 2004

new evidence relates to prostate cancer protocol

Las Vegas SUN: Study Argues for Early Prostate Treatment

This study had some negative findings about “watchful waiting.”

want to guess which party

Las Vegas SUN: Ex-Governor Tried to Get Job for Victim

The story involves a former governor who admitted to abuse of a 14 year old girl, in the decade before he was elected. This is bad enough but unless I missed it the article did not mention his party affiliation. Since it is not mentioned just have a guess.

played the bass tonight for the first time in a few years

For all the good I did it might as well have been a fish. I put the thing down about 5 or 6 years ago and picked it up last week. I wasn’t ready to be among people but they were nice. I’ll do better when we play again in two weeks.
Anyone want my list of excuses ( you mean besides the lack of talent? Ed.)? Well, my fingers are still developing the proper callus; my fingers hurt—see previous; I’m really only used to playing bluegrass not this pop and country; I haven’t practiced long enough. I’m nail it next time—I hope.

the press release for our new dean

BTW the James Smith mentioned in the release is not your faithful blogger.


Dr. Frederick Niswander, assistant dean for graduate programs in the College of Business and chair of the faculty at East Carolina University, has been named dean of the College of Business.
Niswander, who joined the ECU faculty in 1993, is an award-winning teacher and widely cited scholar in accounting. Before beginning his academic career, he was a successful financial officer in the private sector.
Dr. James LeRoy Smith, interim vice chancellor for academic affairs, said, “Rick Niswander is the ideal person to lead the College of Business. Our national search attracted a number of highly qualified individuals, but there is no question that the best candidate was already here at ECU.
“Rick is an accomplished teacher and researcher, an eloquent communicator and an innovative administrator. I am confident that he will be an outstanding dean and I am delighted to announce his appointment.”
Chancellor Steve Ballard said, “Dr. Niswander is a proven leader with great integrity and commitment. There is no question that he will make a difference at ECU.”
Niswander said, “I am honored to have the opportunity to serve as dean of the College of Business. In my 11 years at ECU, I have been continually impressed by the quality of the faculty, staff and students in the college, and I have seen the college grow in size and stature. I am convinced that the College’s best days lie ahead, and I am excited to be able to share in that future.”
Niswander holds a Ph.D. in accounting from Texas A&M University and a B.B.A. from Idaho State University. He has been a CPA for 21 years and is certified in Arizona and North Carolina. He is the author or co-author of three books and 11 articles in scholarly journals. He has received the Board of Governors Distinguished Professor for Teaching Award, the School of Business Commerce Club Teaching Excellence Award and the accounting department’s Ruth B. Jones Excellence in Teaching Award. He currently serves as the treasurer of the North Carolina Association of CPAs, an 11,000-member statewide CPA organization, and was awarded the outstanding educator award in North Carolina.
Before coming to ECU, he was vice president and chief financial officer of Burns International Inc., a privately held real estate firm with $400 million in assets.
He will succeed Dr. Ernie Uhr, who is retiring after 21 years as dean of the College of Business. Niswander’s appointment is effective July 1, 2004.

blogger again

My blog roll just went away. As if anyone actually comes here and then goes somewhere else. NO! I didn’t touch the template.

let the changes begin

The college of Business has a new dean. Our current associate dean for graduate programs got the job. The outgoing dean did a great job for about 20 years and with any luck this one will stay until I retire.
I know he will want to change some things and hope he is successful. We’re really a pretty good group and will follow if led.

report from yesterday

We got my friend moved from one facility to another. The one he left was Ok but older and without that many activities. It is felt that the more activities he has the slower the deterioration.
The new place is very nicely done. It doesn’t look institutional at all. It’s not cheap however. If you want in there come with money or some form of long term care insurance.


Monday, June 07, 2004


ECU plays South Carolina –there starting Saturday. It is best of 3; winner goes to Omaha.

Whole field is here, if you care but I know all of you are pulling for good old ECU.

ESPN.com - NCAA - Eight Super Regional hosts selected

we win
on to the super regionals

ESPN.com - NCAA - Scoreboard

Not only do we win but we beat UNCW twice—sweet. They have been a thorn in the side for years. Also, they have a very good club.

cool if true

BBC NEWS | Science/Nature | Satellite images 'show Atlantis'
why yes, I have finished what I had to do today

Yep, I’m done with work for the day. Got stuff run off (surveys), did a little reading and tonight will do some work on the fall course, maybe. But right now I’m just blogging away.

Christian diets?

The Beaufort Gazette: Christians preach Bible-inspired diet

There are lots of them out there. One in this article is vegan. I much preferred the Southern Baptist covered dish diet. Mmmmm fried chicken.

new chemo protocol for early lung cancer

The Beaufort Gazette: Studies show chemotherapy improves lung cancer survival

The usual procedure is to cut it but skip the chemo. The idea was that the chemotherapy is rough on the patient and was not a proven help. Well, now it is proven. This should change the way some lung cancer is treated.

No cure developed yet for Alzheimer's

don’t I know it

We move my friend today, if the weather holds out. The first place wasn’t quite what it should be, so it’s off to another. The new place should have more activities that will help him not diminish as fast.

this was a very poor use of environmental regulations

The Beaufort Gazette: Bush wins Mexican truck safety case

Those who did not want Mexican trucks in the U.S. have used everything possible to keep them out. They used environmental laws as well as safety concerns. The main concern is that our truck drivers don’t get the work. Also things don’t have to be changed from truck to truck.

is this part of the new rap image?

The New York Times > Arts > Ex - 'Baywatch' Star Hasselhoff Arrested


Sunday, June 06, 2004

warning political content
spin or core belief?

I watched some of the NBC nightly news tonight. They got all of about 10 seconds into the Reagan piece before the liberal spin started. The reporter said perhaps his greatest accomplishment was “accelerating the end of the cold war”.
This assumes that the cold war would have ended anyway. That it was going to be won by us and not go on for ever. Liberals have it as an article of faith that democrats really participated in winning the cold war. Granted in the early days through the late 1960’s they did. However, name me a democrat politician after about 1968, who did anything in the cold war except offer to surrender, at every opportunity.
Like the title says it’s no longer spin but an article of faith because republicans and especially that dumb ole Reagan can’t be credited with the good things.

new approaches to cancer treatment
The New York Times > Health > Drugs May Turn Cancer Into Manageable Disease

I hope this stuff really works out.

isn’t there something ironic going on here?

The New York Times > Business > AmeriDebt Files for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy

I wonder who they will get to help them out of this debt?


Saturday, June 05, 2004

finally got the ceiling fan installed

Yep, it’s the one we bought a few weeks ago. I couldn’t install it then as fans need to become accustomed to their new homes. We also had to tell the other fan it was being rif’ed as it were.
Well, I did get it up with the minimum of cussing and fussing. Everything fit pretty well except the last screw that won’t go all the way it. I have had this before on these fans and now consider it a feature.

No the old light kit did not fit; will have to find a new one.


Friday, June 04, 2004

it’s back!

WITN-TV Eastern Carolina's News Channel

Bye until Monday I think.

as I was saying

Given what happened to my cable modem and computer a couple of weeks ago I shut it all down this time. The tornado warnings are gone and the watch expires in a minute or so. Hope I didn’t miss too much fun and hijinks on a Friday afternoon.

just about to get hammered

WITN-TV Eastern Carolina's News Channel

Sorry we don’t have anything fancier than just Doppler but as you can see the red stuff is moving toward Greenville. I live just a little south of Greenville.


Tornado warning in the county. North of here and not coming my way but where there is one might be another.

Pope comments of self centered American society

Pope link

As opposed to that of Europe?

nice article in the Birmingham News about relative prices

al.com: News

idiot health police strike again

no birthday cupcakes

I wish I could say this was a change moment but it’s not. It’s just a continuation of some people being really good by looking out after those who can’t think for themselves.


Thursday, June 03, 2004

well maybe I can get this TT stuff done before I play golf

Questions for the week:

1. What is the most daring thing you have done in public?
Even though I’m outgoing and appear to be loose and all that, I don’t do thing in public. Just don’t that’s all. Maybe it comes from being a fat guy all my life but I really don’t want to call extra attention to myself.
Now if the question was what was the dumbest thing you have done?

2. Favorite Cartwright? A comedian once described Bonanza as the story of a 50 year old man and his three 45 year old sons. Well, anyway, Hoss. Got to pull for the fat guy, right?
3. what invention re we ready for:
I think that minoxidil with about a 45 spf. Just until the new hair takes hold.


Wednesday, June 02, 2004

I might be late to the Thursday Three
It’s golf day—yea! yea!

Only a high of 85 tomorrow -not too bad. I have to go for an orientation at the hospital in the morning and golf at around 2. nothing like playing in the cool part of the day.
I hope I don’t play like a spastic monkey tomorrow.

update on former ECU QB
Ultimate Jaguars Newsroom: JAGUARS NOTEBOOK: Garrard released from hospital after surgery for Crohn's disease 06/02/04

He had to have surgery for Crohn’s. I hope it works but it doesn’t always. Best of luck to him but this could be a career ender.

Jessica Simpson does Eliot Spitzer imitation

The New York Times > Arts > Jessica Simpson Sues Producer - Promoter

NY attorney general to sue drug company

The New York Times > Business > New York Sues Maker of Antidepressant Drug Paxil

Isn’t he suing everyone lately? What next, me for blogging it or maybe God for allowing it to rain?

you’re not just a messy pack-rat
you’re brain is actually different

The New York Times > Health > Mental Health & Behavior > How Household Junk Can Grow Into Mountains

Can I get disability for this?

this sounds about right

But I’m not so sure it’s not just some doctors’ group that wants to stop wearing ties.

The New York Times > International > Study: Doctors' Neckties May Harbor Germs

whiney moron alert

Warning stupid people are at it again and this time they have accomplices in the New Jersey courts.

The New York Times > National > 'Ladies Night' Discount Axed in N.J. Bars

Some guy complained that “ladies night” discriminated against men.

back at work again today

Well, here I am again. Mainly because I’m slow and didn’t finish yesterday. I do need to talk with my coauthor about exactly what should be in the survey. I’ll get that run off this weekend. Basically, I’m sitting here being unsatisfied. I ate carbs on Monday, a national holiday you know, and until all the sugar gets out of my system I’ll have a larger appetite than usual.
I’ll see if anything looks likely for change blogging in a few minutes.


Tuesday, June 01, 2004

if this isn’t a story line from King of the Hill
We just might be in for trouble

The New York Times > National > Two Propane Trucks Stolen in Texas

Local police chief says he doesn’t think that terrorists are involved. Well, I guess that’s good enough for me.

William Manchester dead at age 82

Las Vegas SUN: Obituaries in the News: "William Manchester "

Scroll down to find it. I liked some of his stuff, especially “Goodbye Darkness”.

more changes for the Miss America pageant

The New York Times > Arts > ABC Trims Miss America Pageant Telecast

AS noted back last September, this icon is in some trouble. It might have become irrelevant , further TV ratings have been in a slide. This year the program is reduced to 2 hours in an attempt to gain viewers.
My suggestion is that they lengthen it to about 10 weeks and vote contestants off each week.

Anglicans in Canada try to make some sense of gay unions

The New York Times > International > Canadian Anglicans Debate Same - Sex Issue

My guess is that in an effort to be so PC and not anger anyone the Canadian church group will PO everyone.

at work-no really

I went in to work today. Some research stuff to do. Need to start coding data from an earlier project. Since we got approval for another survey, I need to get it composed and copied by the end of the week. Also, I need to finalize the material for the fall internet course.
None of this is difficult; all of it is boring. The most boring is coding the completed survey forms. Guess which one the grad student gets to do.

More than you wanted to know about my day, wasn’t it?


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