Friday, March 31, 2006

this could be really big
Las Vegas SUN: Researchers: Epilepsy Cause Identified

They think this might ID the cause of epilepsy and autism. That would be really huge.
what a double header
Las Vegas SUN: News: U.S.

Not sure how long the link will stay without being updated but two stories are next to each other one on John Dean and the other on Joey Buttafuoco. Name two bigger maroons from their respective decades – especially those who just will not go away. These people give respectable “media whores” a bad name.
Indiana joins the rest of us
Las Vegas SUN: Indiana Moves to Daylight-Saving Time

My guess is the crops will fail and hens will produce no eggs.
O-my-god—they’ve killed Hal
Las Vegas SUN: Hal the Central Park Coyote Dies

Poor ol coyote doing nothing just minding his business in NYC. Then the government had to get involved and throw him in jail and try to relocate him. Hell if he had wanted to be out west he could have moved there but he wanted to be in New York and they killed him.
My guess is you won’t get much in the way of protest from the “wildlife” types after all he is just a coyote.
just a word or warning
Las Vegas SUN: John Dean Blasts Warrantless Eavesdropping
Don’t take your national security advice from a convicted felon. Especially one with no discernable job but a large agenda.

Thursday, March 30, 2006

Mistake switches winner, loser in Mangonia runoff

Don’t ya just love it when a strong culture of running elections produces the results you come to expect?
we have trouble right here in River City
And that starts with T and rhymes with----Lottery

Well it doesn’t rhyme but you get the point. Civilization has officially gone to hell as the great and more moral than your state – North Carolina now has games of chance.

I might play something just to start it off but will only play those games which will let me retire if I win.
Hmmm food type questions—I wonder if a fat guy thought of that
We tend to have a lot of the chains here—casual dining if you prefer – a lot for a smaller town. The university has that effect. In fact we are one of those places that has a Cracker Barrel but isn’t on the interstate.

1. I guess my favorite is Logan’s Roadhouse. I know it’s loud but it’s also moderately priced –the steaks are as I like them—the peanuts are on the table and the house wine is not too expensive. This place works when I’m trying to diet also.
2. I’m not a huge fan of O’Charley's. I find it over priced and only with fair food.
3. I wish we had a Carraba’s Italian Grill. It can be little more expensive but it sure is good. The folks might feel this will keep it out of our smaller market. Also a Sticky Fingers BBQ would be real nice.
hey honey is this still good?
Surprising Expiration Dates : RealSimple.com

Now we might not have to ask that again. I think my wife just makes us answers depending on whether it is something she eats.

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

I might need one
local6.com - News - XL Ambulances Brought Into Service For XL Patients

If I can't stop eating I really am going to need something.

Jokes aside this might be a needed thing.

Monday, March 27, 2006

good weekend

We skipped out on church yesterday and actually went to Raleigh on Saturday. We met some friends who live there for dinner and got a good night’s sleep in the motel room. The bed was actually comfortable and the room quiet even though it fronted on Capital Blvd.
Sunday we slept late and instead of going to the NC Museum of Art we just went shopping and had lunch and came on home.

It was nice to have sometime together. Especially since given what is coming up at church and in the diocese it looks like between church and work I will only get one day off in the next 20 something—I’m old I need my rest.

Maybe some change blogging today as I have class—meeting with the financial advisor and then a mediation.

Thursday, March 23, 2006

I think they need to hire Rick Bragg again

Another Bad Slip for 'NY Times': Katrina Victim Unmasked

At least his un-credited stringers seemed to interview the real people.

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

now some Canadians are complaining about the health care system
CBC News: Introduce more private medicine, says doctor who challenged Quebec ban

They can't go private what would liberals in the US do?
a sign of the old[present??] culture at the FBI
Las Vegas SUN: Supervisor: I Never Read Moussaoui Memo

The reason given for the supervisor not dealing with the this case before 9/11 is stated a few paragraphs down—“the bureau had a long way to go to build a case.”
The whole idea then seems to have been “build a court case” not on stopping anything.
This had better have stopped—but culture is a hard thing to change and to change quickly.

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

check inside—Jonah might still be there
SignOnSanDiego.com > Sports -- World-record bass – maybe – pulled from Lake Dixon

Check the picture –that is one big fish. I haven’t been a bass fisherman in years but the old record was just too old. In 1932 a 22 lb fish was caught. Heck that record is older than “joltin’ Joe’s”.
The fishing mags years ago were always speculating whether California or Texas would produce the record bass. The conditions just seemed right for one—
Will be interesting to see if this gets certified or was this a hoax somehow.
He also foul hooked the thing so it might not count--still that is one large bass--mouth and all.
The more I hear the more I see Edward VIII

Prince Charles Criticizes Danish Cartoons - New York Times

Monday, March 20, 2006

Before traditions are they must become

The Beaufort Gazette: Orthodox Jews find love on the Web
spring break is over around here

Regular stupid change blogging – really I’m going to stick to change stuff, will start soon.

Well unless I see some stupid stuff like Hollywood types shooting their mouths off or suicide bombers who just aren't too good at it.

Thursday, March 16, 2006


I’ll never get back on y diet now.

1. three favorite sugary snacks—like Terry I like the combination of salt/fat to sugar but if you can put them all together you get some things like Payday bars—caramel popcorn and chocolate covered peanuts
2. salty snack-- --any kind of nuts—cheese curls and triscuit crackers with or without things on them
3. just don’t like the taste to sour stuff—my wife and son love all of those sour gummi-tarts-what ever—don’t even breathe on me after eating them please

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

could this be spontaneous human combustion?
al.com: NewsFlash - Russellville woman dies after accidentally setting herself afire

Says the only thing burned was the woman and her clothes. But it also says she was beating on the door—not like the other reported cases of SHC. Also she was outside—but how do you set yourself on fire with a cigarette. Generally only those who pass out or go to sleep manage to do that.

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Saddam lied and people died
Even as U.S. Invaded, Hussein Saw Iraqi Unrest as Top Threat - New York Times

Buried down I the parts of the article getting near where the NTTIMES thinks the unimportant stuff starts you wind out that until three months before the invasion Saddam’s generals thought there were WMD’s.
But remember our president lied to the American people about them.
Folks if the generals thought there were WMD’s wouldn’t yuou think we thought there were.

This won’t matter a bit to the far left crowd as “Bush lied” has taken on creedal status.

Monday, March 13, 2006

today’s post
two words



Friday, March 10, 2006

Oh no !!! they will then be at the mercy of the Vikings
The New York Times: APNews

No wait they are the Vikings—US to cut some military protection of Iceland.
sorry Sandy baby but ruling that the govt can take my house just because they want to is what reduces my freedom
Not the uncivil tone of criticism of the courts.
NPR : O'Connor Decries Republican Attacks on Courts
soft drink sales decline
United Press International�-�The Washington Times, America's Newspaper

Maybe they heard about the Thursday three and how all you people are drinking water or coffee.
Really this is a big moment in that industry. This demands further study and the article didn’t have enough info.

Thursday, March 09, 2006

the Thursday three just has to be about sweetness
and me trying to start the diet back.

1. I tend to drink coffee and water at work. I used to buy both from a nice place on campus. However since I got my new larger office I have room for a fridge, a small coffee maker and if I really want a buzz, like yesterday, I have a cheap espresso machine. Yes I do like my coffee.
2. Splenda—except in soft drinks. It gets too sweet if others put it in for me.
3. Candy at work?—heavens no! I’m already fatter then any two people should be and candy would only make it worse. My candy jar is filling with loose change.

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Professor Kool

I left church after helping my wife with the supper and went to do my online chat. Well I’m at the local McCafe near campus. I’m on the university wireless network that carries to the McDonalds. I have a nice cup of fancy coffee, am listening to my iPod and chatting with students in other states. I was also talking to my wife on my cell phone. Just a regular cool high tech guy.
Well if I wasn’t an overweight middle aged guy.
now this is what we call the start of a real crisis

College Board Says 4,000 SAT Scores Wrong - Yahoo! News

A true definition of a mgmt crisis-- one that threatens the future viability or reputation of the organization.
It will be interesting to see how they handle it-- my guess with much stonewalling and acting like it didn't matter anyway.
the series of “England is going to hell in a handcart” continues
Independent Online Edition > Crime

Drug dealing has been classified as a non-emergency police call. Basically don’t bother the police as I guess they are too busy doing god knows what. They are also going to charge you for making these calls. Basically all I’ve seen of the Bobbies lately has been spying on the population and charging homeowners who protect themselves—Oh and telling people not to resist getting robbed.
Thank goodness our forefathers whipped the crap out of these people.
the series of “England is going to hell in a handcart” continues
Independent Online Edition > Crime

Drug dealing has been classified as a non-emergency police call. Basically don’t bother the police as I guess they are too busy doing god knows what. They are also going to charge you for making these calls. Basically all I’ve seen of the Bobbies lately has been spying on the population and charging homeowners who protect themselves—Oh and telling people not to resist getting robbed.
Thank goodness our forefathers whipped the crap out of these people.

Monday, March 06, 2006

reduction would be fine but that isn’t the real point

Scant Drop Seen in Abortion Rate if Parents Are Told - New York Times

Studies show that parental notification laws don’t result in many fewer abortions. Thus I guess we shouldn’t want the laws. The point for some of us is that if you a have a minor child the state shouldn’t be able to sanction something without your knowledge. Especially when you are responsible.
But does he have a blog??
Pope plugs in to iPod Nano | The Register

See I’m not the only middle aged out of touch dude with an iPod.
I'll give this here blogging thing another 5 minutes then i'm out
Technology | Reuters.co.ca

Interesting report on the complexity of gadgets and how we react to them. A short read and actually left me wantting a longer article.
If anyone understands tools it should be these folks.

The Beaufort Gazette: Cisco, Microsoft to collaborate on tools

The Beaufort Gazette: Study: Lifting weights attacks belly fat

The study was conducted on women but still i wonder.
And this decision was 8-0.
News From The Associated Press

Must be strange to some law profs to actually be subject to the law and not above it.
I blame Bush and the neo-con conspiracy.

The Beaufort Gazette: 'Hippie chimps' fast disappearing in Congo
Everyone knows they are fighting against freedom.
How to connect with the American public.
BREITBART.COM - Oscars Ratings Drop 10 Percent From 2005
a dreary day here in the wonderful world of east Carolina
It’s overcast and spitting some rain. This is also the start of advising week. That is the week where I sit in my office and wait on students who will not be coming until the very last minute in two weeks.
On the other hand I managed to skip all the Oscar stuff especially Jon Stewart. Talk about smirks!

Friday, March 03, 2006

hey it’s all right as she was just following her conscience
Las Vegas SUN: Minister 'Honored' to Perform Gay Weddings

The debate on the merits of the act are different than the debate on whether a person “under orders” can freelance and go against the rules of the denomination.

Thursday, March 02, 2006

Thursday Three

I’m posting these early since I have to go mediate in the courthouse this morning. I sure hope these are the ones Terry and I talked about.

Not even sure about the order—

1. I’m reading The Judgment of Paris : The Revolutionary Decade That Gave the World Impressionism. I know little about art history and this book is pretty good. It’s really a book on personalities and change more than one on art technique. The main characters are Manet [yes he is classified with the realists not the impressionists] and Messonier—the best of his day.

2. I got Amazon.com: Wildflower: Music: Sheryl Crow for Christmas and like it very much. In this set she is more “girl singer” and not “rock icon.” This is more of a pop album rather than a rock one—easy to listen to.

3. I’m watching all the CSI things and Bob Ross on Saturday morning PBS—I guess I like “happy little murder scenes.”

What are you cooking? We start the low carb deal back so tonight I’ll be cooking a rib-eye steak and perhaps the curried cauliflower. Sauté a small amount of onion in olive oil and butter add the cauliflower and the curry powder. Make sure you have salted-peppered and garliced before this. When the cauliflower has gotten to almost your desired doneness cut the heat and add either cream or sour cream to make a sauce. The curry powder will mix with this and be really good.

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

I mean how can you support this underhanded-dirty anti-American deal?
What OK then never mind

FT.com / World / US - Bill Clinton helped Dubai on ports deal
Let the backtracking begin.

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