Friday, October 29, 2004

no season tickets here

My wife likes basketball so I was going to get season tickets for the men’s team. Even with the faculty discount they would have been a little over $10 each. Yes you do have to purchase the ones that don’t really count. Well, we don’t sell out remember and the best I could getg was behind the goal in the nose bleed section.
Maybe if we ever have a winning season or even win a conference game on the road I’ll consider it.

a day in the life

Had a mediation last night and it was disturbing. Oh it went well but the age of the parties and their attitudes about life in general were saddening.

Today, more advising because the students can register next week for spring. Doing some class prep as the material today can get rather convoluted. Also, I happen to not agree with the book on much to today’s lecture and the students deserve a good explanation why. Later will come a little data entry just to make sure I can explain it to my grad assistant next week.
This weekend I will start a book review, yep I get paid for that one.

Then a work out at the rec center, order the season basketball tickets and then the weekend.


Thursday, October 28, 2004

yes it’s time for the Thursday Three by way of B’ham- thru NC via “land of Lincoln”

What do/did you hope for with regard to Halloween treats? I always like anything that didn’t have caramel in it. Like Terry, the chick-o-sticks were welcomes. I will also hand out a beer or glass of wine to parents taking the kids around

At the fair I like to observe the pitchmen for the games and such. These guys are good at what they do. Not to copy Terry again, or build on a chicken theme but those monster chickens obviously fed on steroids are neat. I will also watch any demonstration. I don’t care for many of the crafts but if someone is demonstrating it –I’ll watch.

Lastly, I already have music as my ring tone—if the call if from a know caller it is a selection from Beethoven’s 9th. It the caller ID does not recognize the person it is Pachelbel’s Canon in “D”.

The only other one I might consider is Foggy mountain breakdown, you will have to scroll down.


Wednesday, October 27, 2004

the usual

Classes; registration; replace the water heater—located in the attic.

Did I mention that we have a two story house?


Tuesday, October 26, 2004

gee time just speeds by when you are having fun

I spent about 4 hours on a mediation today. That was probably too much time. However, a bad agreement reached quickly is worth nothing. This should be a good settlement.


Monday, October 25, 2004

where have all the Methodists gone?

al.com: NewsFlash - New bishop of North Alabama conference targets new members

Getting older, inching toward the grave like many main line protestant churches. This denomination has many of the same problems as does the Episcopal church, when you try and be all things to all people you end up standing for nothing.

I wish this wasn’t business as usual

The Beaufort Gazette: Ky. man files class-action suit over Vioxx

Opportunistic jackass sues because he says the company misled the drugs users. Says Merck knew that it was dangerous. Notice what is missing here—the fact that this guy was ever harmed. "I know, I know"; he is only doing what is “right to protect us all.

volunteers glean for the poor

The Beaufort Gazette: Volunteers hunt produce to feed hungry

Don’t want o sound like an evil lack of compassion guy but I couldn’t find any mention of the poor gleaning for themselves. Maybe I’m evil and illiterate.


Friday, October 22, 2004

this link was long suspected

The Beaufort Gazette: Health�&�Science
Research shows some link between heart attack risk and driving in traffic.

I hate the NC senior games

The 3 on 3 basketball finals of the North Carolina senior games are being held at the ECU rec center. I picked today to start working out again. Walked in they hand me a damn basketball. Yes I guess I do look old enough to play.

I got worried because I noticed the rescue squad was there. Doyou think they knew this was my first day back or maybe the senior games brought them out.


Thursday, October 21, 2004

the all sports Thursday Three

I do follow sports. We have season tickets to the ECU football games and my wife wants to get seasons to men’s basketball. I like pro football and some college but I have to have a connection to the school. So here goes:

1. Most hapless team of athlete: the ECU teams of the early/mid 80’s after Pat Dye left were terrible. Now is just about as bad but we had the nation’s longest losing streak at one time. The Braves were terrible when they moved to Atlanta and as a kid I pulled for the St. Louis Cardinals—in FOOTBALL. Thus I’m the Job of sports fans.
2. Strangest sport—unfortunately tennis is getting to be a cult sport but not yet. So, what will I watch even though I’ve never been near a live event? I think it must be the equestrian three day event. The cross country portion of that is interesting and the teamwork of horse and rider is a thing of beauty.
3. Longest I’ve ever gone to see an event? I combined a trip to take my mother back to Alabama after Christmas into a trip to Memphis to see Ole Miss play in the Liberty Bowl. Greenville NC to Memphis is longer than Bessemer to Jacksonville FL. Went to the Gator Bowl the year it was Sullivan vs. Manning.


Wednesday, October 20, 2004

is this an opening for the POSSUM

Dave Barry is taking at least a year off from his column. Terry is at least as funny. At least.

of all the nerve

My break just ended and my employer thinks I should jump right back into teaching and maybe even hit a lick at the research snake.
My aunt who lives in Hueytown is in the hospital. Thus I have to get assignments ready in case I have to go to a funeral.


Tuesday, October 19, 2004

buzz words for the last 100 years

Guardian Unlimited | The Guardian | Get hip to chav as this year's wizard word

Some are older than I thought.


Monday, October 18, 2004

neat article about buying stuff

10 Things That You Should Never Buy Used - 10/17/04

I just might read this book

NCBuy Weird News: Are You A Food Court Druid? Or A Unitard? - 2004-10-18

Check out the definition of the jumping bean. I think this could be expanded to place names also.

BMW to market “not a minivan”

GERMANY: BMW considers more spacious vehicles - but not minivans : Auto News

good morning boys and girls
can you say fall break?

I will be off and on today as it is fall break. My son is also off and we have to get him to the dentist. I have to go and pay the bill.


Friday, October 15, 2004

the start of a new series of posts

reasons why it is more fun to work where I do than where you work

This is not to say that my job is better or more important or gets a higher salary [that’s a joke son]. It is only to state the obvious – that a college campus is a fun place to be.
The first reason is – these are in no order of importance—

You will notice by the ole Approved University Calendar that Monday and Tuesday are FALL BREAK. Sort of like spring break but shorter.

woo hoo
my first mediation

My first big-boy mediation was last night. No more observation. I was sitting at the table with another mediator; asking questions and reflecting feelings. If you didn’t know you would have thought I knew what I was doing. Wish I could tell you about it but the proceedings are confidential. If you are interested in mediation try this link for Mediation Network of North Carolina.

come on—this is just a change moment not the end of western civilization

The Beaufort Gazette: Chris Rock to be host of Academy Awards

Carson replaced Hope and Crystal replaced Carson. It is time for a new generation.


Thursday, October 14, 2004

pre adult growth patterns might be associated with breast cancer

The Beaufort Gazette: Health�&�Science

scroll down

Study from Denmark finds some correlations between infant weight, teenage weight and breast cancer. Don’t know what prompted them to study this or if it is just a byproduct. I haven’t finished the whole thing.

it is time for the Thursday Three

last week’s was good and I didn’t get didn’t get to play—this week bites

No offense Terry. I hate to sound like a snob; I’m really not one. However, since most talk shows allow or even encourage calls from the listeners, I can’t listen. Apparently, dialing the number of a radio station leads to a reduction of at leas 40 IQ points. Either that or all the callers are morons.
I will listen if the host is talking or interviewing someone but not to call-ins. This applies to sports talk also.

It’s not that I’m so smart it’s just that I’m not that stupid.


Wednesday, October 13, 2004

of course if you die that will save even more money

The Beaufort Gazette: Short rehab may lead to higher death rate


Tuesday, October 12, 2004

have been out playing golf

A friend of mine wanted to play today. Due to travel and other work related things this might be the last time we get to play before his cancer surgery. We both played well, for us.


Monday, October 11, 2004

sort of back to the future

al.com: NewsFlash - Alabama to require freshmen to live in dorms

If it will help academics then I'm for it.
with the technology it was bound to happen

FOXNews.com - Foxlife - Out There - Dead Man Keeps Paying Bills

But it could never happen to Terry.

it’s about damn time

The Beaufort Gazette: FTC files case against spyware suspects

Why in the name of commercial free speech were these people allowed to slow down and hijack my computer.

we need more companies making flu shots
fat chance
The Beaufort Gazette: Experts urge more firms to make flu shots

A nice discussion of the economics of the industry. Short and to the point.

back in class again

It worked so well in the earlier class that I did it again. Yep two sections of the same class. This one asks completely different questions than the earlier class. They are also more vocal and less formal in their interactions with me.

bedsores can be a serious issue

The Beaufort Gazette: Death from bedsore infections not uncommon

This applies to the elderly and not just to people with spinal cord damage.

in class now—no really

They are doing the prep for a bargain. The bargain will be Wednesday but I want to make sure the preparation is being done. If I let them prep out of class I’m never sure. Since I teach that the key to success is formal or informal bargains is prep then they need the work.


Saturday, October 09, 2004

home again in carolina

Well, I guess we were in carolina when we were in Myrtle Beach but it’s not home. The paper went well; the golf went not so well. The time with my wife as fun and the meals were good. It was also good to see old friends.


Wednesday, October 06, 2004

have fun while I’m gone

I’ll be leaving later today for a meeting -- this one in fact. I present a paper tomorrow morning and discuss one tomorrow and Friday. My wife is going with me so we should have a good time in Myrtle Beach.
The posts have been sparse this week as I’m never organized enough to just leave town. Nope, I have to run in circles and stuff like that before I get to go. Have a nice rest of the week.


Monday, October 04, 2004

this just doesn’t smell right

The Beaufort Gazette: U.S. researchers share 2004 Nobel Prize

The research was nominally concerned with smells.


Sunday, October 03, 2004

my side is winning

Checks becoming payment of the past

Credit/debit transactions are starting to become the norm in retail.


Friday, October 01, 2004

General Mills to produce only whole grain cereals

Yahoo! News - General Mills to Make Cereals Whole Grain

Just a couple of thoughts about this: since the process is not expected to increase you can bet that the costs are less for whole grain than for processed.
Also, the cereals include things like Trix. Let’s see, taking a sweet sugar loaded cereal and making it whole grain is sort of like having a diet coke with your brownie delight Sunday.
Sounds healthier to me.

my church takes first steps toward being openly anti-Semitic


If you bother to read the report and why should you, you will notice that already the church uses the language of the left. The language of the closet Jew haters.
The only reason this is coming to light is that the church got caught being the left leaning anti-democratic organization it is.

and just as edible as a fresh one
with all the same great taste

The Beaufort Gazette: 2,500-year-old pomegranates found in Greece.

about time to learn something new

I am just about to learn how to use the discussion board function of our class management software. Many of my colleagues like this function and say it is easy to use. Several students in my earlier class said it bites. I guess I will find out.


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