Friday, October 31, 2008

N.C. voters may lose out on presidential choice if they use only straight-party bubble on ballot :: WRAL.com

why liberals can other the crap out of me
they changed the law in nc so you can't get your presidential vote counted in a straight party vote--president is separate
this is to help the democrat candidates further down the ballot
now they are worried their voters aren't smart enough to vote for president separately
this despite being told about 4 times at the early voting place

what is it that irks me-- nothing is ever good enough for them they change the rule for their benefit and then act like they will be hurt by it
one way or the other folks
unless you want to whine about everything
Washington Post Co. Earnings Plummet in Third Quarter

newspapers are in financial trouble
who would have thought that the great unwashed actually used to buy these papers
until perhaps they got tired of slanted news biased stories and being told how to behave by their "betters"

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Exurban League: Two non-Americans threaten to leave America.

hell why wait leave now
i like both of you but go just go
it's seale and ms klum
who aren't even americans anyway
Six governors ask feds for help for U.S. automakers | WFTS-TV | First in HD

remember once you start handing out money everyone wants some
and once funded they will expect it always
Jennifer Brunner cancels cross-checking of Ohio's new voters - Openers - cleveland.com

how to legally cheat the system with the help of the sect of state of ohio
Doctor told to get out because of son with Down syndrome | Herald Sun

glad this didn't happen under the last prime it might have been a scandal displayed the uncaring nature of the right wing
The Columbus Dispatch : Checks on 'Joe' more extensive than first acknowledged

surprise surprise surprise
there were more checks on joe the plumber than first indicated
i'm shocked that state workers would be checking on someone with whom they might disagree

if he had been a dem there would be a call for federal investigation by now
Australia to implement mandatory internet censorship | Herald Sun

please explain to me how a program of mandatory censorship
keeps free speech alive?

programs like this never stop or lessen
there is always something else that will offend someone and needs to be banned

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Daily Kos: State of the Nation

the kos rabids are in arms about a dole ad

haven't seen it yet it questions the faith of her opponent
seems her opponent is a sunday school teacher who just happened to stumble into a fund raiser in boston at the home of the man who leads an atheist group bent on reclaiming the government
but she is the victim

another in the series of why some people get annoyed with yankees
woman rides mechanical bull in bar gets thrown off
sues because operator made it go faster to throw her off

is there any obvious thing they cannot ignore in their own self interest?
Grace Jones says she 'can't stand' Palin

well that settles it
another has been and barely was comes out against palin

Unlicensed driver charged in fatal Johnston County crash :: WRAL.com 

Unlicensed driver charged in fatal Johnston County crash :: WRAL.com

mr soto 16 didn't have a license
should the lack of a document be held against him?
just a thought while waiting for the next shoe to drop

Monday, October 27, 2008

Gilbert: Fire Fulmer? UT should first think about getting rid of Hamilton, Petersen | www.dnj.com | The Daily News Journal

want to read a stupid article?
then this one will do
perhaps it is correct that the president and AD of UT are partly to blame for the losing season at the school
]but then the writer says that the coach should have some decency and walk away without the buyout as he already has enough
bob gilbert-- special to the paper you are a fool or a moron not sure which
White people shouldn't be allowed to vote | Philadelphia Inquirer | 10/26/2008

if this isn't satire then the author is an idiot
cbs2.com - Halloween Palin Prop Sparks Controversy In WeHo

thank goodness it wasn't a democrat or that would be serious
YouTube - Obama Bombshell Redistribution of Wealth Audio Uncovered

is he still a socialist??
judging by this he was in 2001

Sunday, October 26, 2008

A profile of 3 school lunches -- Newsday.com

three school lunches the most expensive is over 5 and contains tofu and stuff like that
who do they think is going to eat this?
perhaps the next administration can make the kids liek this

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Orlando Sentinel - Obama campaign cuts off WFTV after interview with Joe Biden by Hal Boedeker

wait till you see the way he acts when in office
John Kerry wants New Deal II - BostonHerald.com

please mr failed candidate
make the government take care of me
take all my money to give t to others
SouthCoastToday.com: Frank envisions post-election stimulus from Democrats

that frank guy is a real truth teller
he says the dems will raise tax rates and cut money to the military
just who is he trying to help?
The Columbus Dispatch : Government computers used to find information on Joe the Plumber

yep probably those evil republicans again
using government computers and data bases to check up dirt on joe the plumber
who knows what the dems will do when they get in

Friday, October 24, 2008

E85 Boondoggle of the Day: Bailouts for Ethanol Plants | The Truth About Cars

i would call them hogs but actually they feed more like rats or roaches

i guess when you make that much money you never make a mistake
it must be blamed on someone else
so tell me again how the subprime business affected the price of corn
Dutch towns 'swamped by drug tourists' | NEWS.com.au

who did this surprise
kdka.com - McCain Campaign Volunteer Confessed To Making Up Story Of Attack

i didn't get worked up as something just wasn't right with the story
thus i have nothing to take back
the msm ignored it now see what they do with it

Thursday, October 23, 2008

School leader: Ex-teacher charged in sex with student had stellar recommendations -- OrlandoSentinel.com 

School leader: Ex-teacher charged in sex with student had stellar recommendations -- OrlandoSentinel.com

i'll bet she did

NBC denies paying Anthonys for interview -- OrlandoSentinel.com

watch the language here-- nbc denies paying for the interview as does the family but both
agree there was payment for pictures
did anyone else get an interview? or pictures? or
pictures and an interview?
what they expected to get and what they say they paid for can be two entirely different things

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

NBC paid Anthonys 'nominal' fee for use of photographs -- OrlandoSentinel.com

but they remain a reputable news source and are above board in every way
you can trust them
remind me again how are blow dry media better than the rest of us
i really thought paying for news was wrong
i understand paying someone to use photos but not the suspect!
Missing pants case returns to DC court

this isn't about change or politics
won't this guy just go away or is he to be the next attorney general
he knows the court system and is looking for work

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Shame on McCain and Palin for using an old code word for black | Midwest Voices

writer says saying socialist is code for race
dumb ass is code for dumb ass

Monday, October 20, 2008

After bombing on Jonathan Ross, the 'world's hottest comedian' Sarah Silverman flops on London stage | Mail Online

sarah silverman bombs overseas
a lefty comedian who is no longer funny
sounds like some one is after a political talk show or running for the senate
After struggling in return, Shockey rips Saints - State | Reflector.com

but he is a really good guy and an asset to any team
the giants were fools for letting him go

isn't that what all the pundits said
he's an ass and a self-centered one at that

Thursday, October 16, 2008

How the Left Works - The New Editor

is this going to be a pattern?
say something obama doesn't like and they will try and smear you
The gloves are off: Madonna blasts 'emotionally retarded' Guy Ritchie as she takes to the stage in Boston | Mail Online

she is a real piece of work she is

well he is the dumb ass that married her

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Candidate Banners Can Leave Clients, Businesses Bruised - washingtonpost.com 

Candidate Banners Can Leave Clients, Businesses Bruised - washingtonpost.com

republican signs and dems boycott

remember folks if conservatives refuse to do business on political grounds they are fools and bigots
if dems do it they are acting on principle

alright i probably wouldn't have done it either
About 200K Ohio voters have records discrepancies

it's ok because it's just acorn being acorn

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Op-Ed Columnist - The Terrorist Barack Hussein Obama - NYTimes.com

expect a lot of this in the future there shall be no criticism
of obama that means everyone

i've been to a rally lately and no there was no real anger perhaps at the press
but they stayed out of sight
i love the folks at the ny times they never let facts get in the way of a narrative
My Way News - Tax rebate, food stamp money possible in aid plan

the dems think it's over already and they can't wait to get at your money
might call congress back early to pass 150 billion plan and i wonder how much pork on top of that
so much for holding down that budget
Boise gets earliest snow on record | Local News | Idaho Statesman

early snow
i'll bet someone sees this as a sign of global warming or causes by
sarah palin on orders from rove

Friday, October 10, 2008

PGA Tour treading water, worried about the economy - State | Reflector.com

the tour grew to to great amounts of cash
however the funding model is highly dependent on different companies each week and i was actually shocked at the outlay to sponsor a tournament
since a lot of the sponsors are financial firms the tour could be in for some tough times
Earnhardt believes Smith won Talladega - State | Reflector.com

jr. wonders what the difference was between his race a few years ago and smith's this past weekend

the difference one is jr and the other is named regan
TBO.com - News From AP

NY teachers want the right to wear campaign buttons
and take revenge against those who don't wear the right one
that last part i added
TBO.com - News From AP

the nannie state comes to north carolina
woman on her own property shooting rats is seen
local school is locked down

another in the continuing series of
madonna is a crazy old woman
she si getting more demanding as the talent ebbs away

Thursday, October 09, 2008

Local News | Kennewick reservist faces threats over landscaping | Seattle Times Newspaper

HOA goes crazy again
little people should not be allowed to make little jobs into
big ones

Breitbart.tv � Harry Reid Implies Radio Host is Racist for Tying Fannie Mae Exec to Obama 

Breitbart.tv � Harry Reid Implies Radio Host is Racist for Tying Fannie Mae Exec to Obama

this is the future
any criticism of anything to do with obama is going to be defined as racist
if someone with as low intelligence as Senator Harry tries it you know it is becoming a fad-- one that will last through his whole administration
do you think the press realizes this will also apply to them?
OMG! Madonna 'confronts bored fan at concert' | Celebrity News | Now Magazine

first a palin rant then getting on to the audience members because they don't worship and adore her enough
is this just an act or the act of someone losing it ??


Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Some coma patients 'feel pain' - health - 07 October 2008 - New Scientist

interesting study of pain and coma patients
before you go all terri schiavo on me
those in a persistent vegetative state didn't really feel much
SPORTSbyBROOKS � ‘The Express’ Savages WVU Fans For No Reason

you mean hollywood would make up some racist stuff to make the movie better
surely not
Hagel's wife to back Obama - Decision '08- msnbc.com

chuck hagel's wife-- to endorse obama
great get there
who gives a darn who hagel endorses much less his wife
who must have her own problems she married chuck

Black Congressmen Declare Racism In Palin’s Rhetoric | The New York Observer

it is now official
all criticism of Obama and the democrats is racist
all of it is code

Tuesday, October 07, 2008


ain't that madonna the funniest thing?

well basically no
she is an aging declining talent with a completely self centered view of everything

Monday, October 06, 2008

Frank says GOP housing attacks racially motivated

is this the only thing they can ever respond?
Can Falwell's University Tip Virginia To McCain? : NPR

typical npr
they are worried that a small university will use its students to tip the election in a state
the university is liberty university
no word on the massive campaign to register college voters in all other states to vote for obama
Things Sarah Palin Can Name

i was wondering when it would start
the dems and their never ending refrain of republicans are stupid
palin is dumb, ike was dumb, ronnie was dumb, bush was dumb
all were dumb so the dems can pretend they are smarter than everyone
this guy makes fun of her getting a name of a general wrong
while their vp candidate doesn't know an eating place in his home town has been closed for 20 years and thinks that FDR was president when the great depression started so either he doesn't know dates or presidents
it doesn't matter as the media wing of the party will run with the palin dumb meme

Sunday, October 05, 2008

Ken Burns: This is Not the John McCain New Hampshire Once Loved

who would have suspected
ken burns the pbs guy who sees race and racism in everything he views does seem to like john mccain
'We did the right thing - we didn't want to die' - New Zealand news on Stuff.co.nz

apparently NZ thinks it needs a justice system like the UK

you know the type the victim is the guilty one--
man defends his business -gets stabbed and then charged for beating up the teenage perps
what else do i expect from a real PC county like this

Saturday, October 04, 2008

Ike leaves debris, mammoth tooth in Caplen front yard | Front page | Chron.com - Houston Chronicle

so how big was it??
FOX Sports on MSN - COLLEGE BASKETBALL - UConn expels Miles following arrest

dumb ass violates a restraining order less than half an hour after it is issued and his people claim he was railroaded when expelled fro school and had his scholarship pulled
Jenny McCarthy rips Amanda Peet over vaccinations -- chicagotribune.com

dear jenny sorry your child is autistic but the vaccine didn't do it
you are now becoming dangerous to the health of others
reviewjournal.com -- Associated Press News

read this to see why we get screwed when the govt is involved
wells fargo to take govt off the hook and they don't really want off the hook it seems
FOCUS Information Agency

muslim cleric suggests that the traditional covering showing two eyes is not appropriate he wants one showing one eye

if this isn't a joke this guy is a moron
Study: Energy drinks have more caffeine than coffee :: WRAL.com

shocked i tell you and a little jumpy

who didn't think this might be true?


Friday, October 03, 2008

Fresh Intelligence : Radar Online : Gawker Media Layoffs

this is the place that published the palin emails
i hope this is just the first crack in a crumbling new media empire

Schwarzenegger to U.S.: State may need $7-billion loan - Los Angeles Times

i hate bailouts especially to those people who look down on me as they take my money

Study says panhandlers can get up to $40/hour | Top Stories |
KREM.com | News for Spokane, Washington

not homeless then this is a carer option
why not regulate and license it?

Thursday, October 02, 2008

TBO.com - News From AP 

TBO.com - News From AP

two cops put out fire that was engulfing a young boy

try to remember this when bad mouthing the cops- when trouble starts we all have the option of what to do-- except them
they are supposed to run toward it
TBO.com - News From AP

the Presbyterians strain to let a PC minister off the hook
seems she officiated at a gay wedding but the church
ruled that since gay weddings aren't recognized by the church or the state this never happened
no matter what my views are-- ask if you want to know
this is a crock
TBO.com - News From AP

o the census scares people is this
the first shot in using statistical estimations rather than a count
because the govt could make them "more" accurate
just another way to fiddle the books

TBO.com - News From AP

rev hagee has heart surgery
i don't like his preaching
theology; interpretation of the gospel or his
but i will pray for his recovery
TBO.com - News From AP

gosh i feel old
a founding member of the Kingston Trio died and he was 75

this is an embarrassment
can't for one minute they ever stop feeding at the public trough?
i guess not

Virginia Teachers Union Sparks Outrage With 'Obama Blue Day' - FOXNews.com Elections

just another union acting like the surrogate for the dems
it doesn't matter that they are teacher just another union

this also gets them a check on who will reliably follow the union instructions
Witness in Cooper case says police 'coerced him' :: WRAL.com

what is it with the police in the triangle?
they get an idea and the only move forward with that suspect
might be a reason there are about 5 currently open homicide cases involving the wife and no real solution

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Triarc's $2.34B acquisition of Wendy's closes - International Herald Tribune

what is in store for Wendy's ?

sounds like a plan

Hot Air » Blog Archive » Senate bailout bill hits the Internet; Update: File added

earmarks in the senate bailout bill

these guys can't help it they are addicted
Washington Times - EXCLUSIVE: Pelosi paid husband with PAC funds

do what i say not what i do--
well it isn't illegal so she must be ethical right?

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