Thursday, June 30, 2005

listening to his master’s voice no more

Toob: The End Of RCA Televisions?

RCA in the present form will end. This site has lots of links and some stuff that I didn’t have a clue about—like what JVC stands for.
Interesting site with lots of links.

now it’s a bridge to nowhere

The Greenville Bridge

A new home: Steel bridge once spanning Tar River opens at Town Common

It sits now at the town common right near where it used to provide a crossing of the Tar river. Yep Greenville is a river town. The town common is nice with a band shell and now this bridge. It’s pretty there right on the river.

I don’t really know why so many people wanted to “save” the bridge, maybe it was a symbol of the old Greenville.
this just in

Las Vegas SUN: New Orleans Can Be Tough on Dieters

They had to take a survey to know this!?

more options for Crohn’s are always welcomed

The Beaufort Gazette: Crohn's disease drug does well in trial

However the possible side effect of a fatal brain condition might slow down any rush to this drug. This article doesn’t mention how it works or on what principles. Apparently it is a dual purpose drug for MS and Crohn’s. No mention if it is also targeting UC. Some of the more esoteric drugs will not work on both.


Wednesday, June 29, 2005

and you thought the OJ case wouldn’t go away
now for your latest Jack the Ripper news
New Jack the Ripper theories put sleuths in a spin - Yahoo! News

A couple of new books are out with –wait on it—surprise—new theories. Don’t know if I’ll read them as my ripper interest has waned.

it’s getting closer
CBC News: Same-sex legislation passed

Gay/lesbian civil unions approved in Canada. Two other countries have passed similar legislation. You could call this the divorce lawyer income increase bill.

Tuesday, June 28, 2005

it’s a race between my grilled chicken breast and the rain

We really need the rain but I’m really hungry. I have a grilled breast of chicken and a salad with vinaigrette made to my taste. That means that I don’t like tart/sour. Thus the normal vinaigrette is way out of my range. Nope lemon juice is too tart also. So I put splenda in it. It actually gives it some structure so that you need less Dijon mustard.
Don’t care if that is not the way it is supposed to be made—my house my mouth my way. I also use rice wine vinegar it still gives a tangy taste but different.


Monday, June 27, 2005

there is a joke in there somewhere but this is a family blog

Poll: Women Want Jessica Simpson's Hair - New York Times

new online site for federal reports

Open CRS Network - CRS Reports for the People

This looks neat.

help! They are going to get them all

Obituaries in the News - New York Times

Strange obit page—announcing the death of the voice of Piglet and that of Tigger. Is this a conspiracy?

I hear the words and I’m waiting on the action

Keller Says 'N.Y. Times' Must Look Beyond Its Urban, Liberal Base

I’m not going to hold my breath until they broaden their outlook. However I will give them high marks for at least looking at this as a problem and not just a complaint from us rednecks. This might all be motivated by market forces –well so much the better.


Sunday, June 26, 2005

is the time right for gay TV?

TV Network for Gays, Lesbians to Debut - New York Times

The people in charge seem to think so. There are already a couple of pay-cable gay/lesbian networks but this would be on general cable. Meaning it would go into houses that didn’t actually order it except as part of a package.
I can use this when we discuss focus strategies later in the summer course. I have several concerns: are gays/lesbians a separate demographic at least in terms of what they watch on TV. The interest groups have spent much time telling everyone that the gay/lesbian community is really just part of the regular community so will they watch gay specific programming. Is there enough programming? Outside of a few movies and “Will and Grace” what do you have? It will require original programming. Perhaps a talk show, maybe a gay specific news and public affairs program and then what? Is there a “gay” way to do a game show or a home decorating show? Who knows? It will be interesting to watch the progress of the network if not the network itself.


Friday, June 24, 2005

the wave of the future?
I knew Terry should have held out for the Mercedes

NewsAdvance.com | Running on vegetable oil?

listening to a new CD

I’m listening to a new CD. It’s called Mama’s Voice and I can’t find a link yet. One of the performers is Alice Zincone, she is the daughter of the man who hired me here. Yes I’ve been in that living room and yes I’ve played very bad electric bass behind Alice.
I’ve watched her grow up and it’s a pleasure to say that the CD is really good. As soon as I find a link I’ll post it. I bought my copy from her Daddy.


Thursday, June 23, 2005

is it just my bias?

It took the MSM a long time to get with the Dick Durbin program. However I can’t click on an AP story without it being about Rove and the dems wanting him to resign.
He basically said that liberals missed the point about 9/11. Rove said they either wanted to bring them to court or find out why they hate us. I think is was right and still is.

Las Vegas SUN: Rove: Dems Misunderstand 9/11 Consequences
the liberals on the court can now steal your house

Supreme Court Rules Cities May Seize Homes

A divided and wrong court has ruled that your property can be taken and given to a private developer if the results will be of benefit to the community. Private property is now dead. Our system rests on the right of the individual to keep his own property without the king taking it—well the king has now got it.

I don’t want to overstate this but the group is now more important than the individual and thus my guess is that things like the right of freedom of speech will next be taken in the name of the “community.” Or perhaps only groups have rights.


Wednesday, June 22, 2005

some of these are true
The Difference Between College And High School

here is what I scored

This thing said I was a roman catholic—well about 70 something percent then next in line was neo-orthodox and next some sort of post modern. Those at the bottom were fundamentalist and Pentecostal.

Mark Byron had links to this – it was interesting. I’m not a roman catholic nor do I play one on TV. Mary is not that important to me but the rest of the stuff is pretty much in line with Episcopal thought. Well except for that pope stuff.

Oh’ the link to the test:
QuizFarm.com :: What's your theological worldview?

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

this could be major trouble

WRAL.com - News - Krispy Kreme Directors Determines Six Officers Should Be Fired

They had to go if they were cheating as much as it seems but the loss of people at these key positions—finance, operations, manufacturing and distribution will lead to major problems.
My advice is to retreat to the core business and forget the fancy stuff and the darlings of wall street things until the company gets right again.
In other words just make the donuts—turn on the HOT- sign and sell them.
next thing you know the folks at Duke will be telling you how much better you should be because of this

WRAL.com - News - Duke: Hydraulic Fluid Wash Does Not Lead To Infection

Yep I assume the next press release will be announcing that they want o bill patients for the extra fluid used on them.

Winn-Dixie just about gone

WRAL.com - News - Winn-Dixie To Close All N.C. Stores

In addition to the stores in NC the company is closing plants that make its store brands. It’s not a fire sale yet but the end seem to be near.
I don’t see much of a bright future here. They keep cutting but over the years they have tried to save much and ended up losing more. The analogy is to golf—when you play safe then play safe.
When you retrench then cut back to what will make it don’t just bleed to death a little at a time.

well now—that wasn’t too bad

Played golf for the first time since November. I made a par on the first hole and probably should have quit then. Really, I didn’t play any worse than normal—doesn’t say much does it. The real reason I went was to be out with some people I have worked with. Had a good time but will be sore tonight. No my wife will not be sympathetic and kindly.

Also I tried the diet coke with lime—not too bad either. Now I know what I like about Mexican beer—it’s the lime. Diet coke is a little cheaper.


Monday, June 20, 2005

work work work

I just found myself upstairs doing some stupid-piddling grunt work for my classes which begin Thursday. I don’t know where the time went and was enjoying myself. It’s either that I like what I do or am like an old firehouse dog and get excited when I hear the bell.

I think maybe I was supposed to do this—it’s fun.

training blogging

The software training is going pretty well. I'm learning a lot of stuff. However a couple of things I really wanted are not being covered in this session.
back at work-- sort of

The church weekend at the beach was nice and I start teaching again this week. i'm in today for some training on updated software. It's called Blackboard and we use it for all classes not only distance ed. i hope to learn how to make more use of it other than the few things i can do now.

Thursday, June 16, 2005

and now for your early Egypt and glass making news

Las Vegas SUN: Early Glassmaking Site Uncovered in Egypt

From around the time of the New Kingdom it looks like.

that giant sucking sound is your bowling ball going to Mexico

Las Vegas SUN: Brunswick Moving Bowling-Ball Production

Sorry people are being put out of work but the essence of trade is remaining competitive.


Wednesday, June 15, 2005

he had a good run

Las Vegas SUN: Graham Says NYC Revival Probably His Last

To tell the truth I thought he had turned to over to his kids years ago. Those that come on TV look like they were filmed a while ago. Still, he had a good run and managed to bring people to God and do it in such a way that the MSM couldn’t get a thing on him. Because you know they were looking. They might not say so but he is a true man of God.

I feel for her parents but enough is enough
Schiavo autopsy shows massive brain damage - Boston.com - Nation - News

The autopsy was released today and showed brain damage—the kind that therapy could not overcome. It also showed she was blind. The parents refuse to accept this and remain sure she could have been helped.
I’m really sorry for them but the daughter they knew had been gone for a long-long time.

looks like our part of the pacific rim is getting active
USGS Earthquake Hazards Program-Northern California

Link has other links to earthquakes along the north and south American shores in the last day. Some as high as a seven


Tuesday, June 14, 2005

bye-bye VHS
Wal-Mart set to erase VHS, sources say - Yahoo! News

Wal-Mart isn’t going to get rid of them completely but your mileage may vary. Meaning that in places where tape sells well they will be even or available and in other places they will be gone.
Circuit City and Best Buy have already gotten rid of them. target will be done with them in September. If we assume two things them the Wal-Mart announcement is the death of these—except in some cult form. The two things are that all theses other stores cater to a higher socioeconomic clientele than does Wal-Mart and that the vcr is still the player of choice for the lower economic classes. Then this is big news as the second assumption might not be holding.
take that healthistas
Cream puffs rise to meet new demand - Yahoo! News

We are a nation torn in our health consciousness.


Monday, June 13, 2005

jury finds Michael not guilty

My Way News

At least we will be spared the “Michael in prison stories.” Also before the east coast starts to dump on California—being weird doesn’t make you a child molester especially if those on the other side look greedy. Also as to an old case being a wife beater doesn’t make you guilty of murder especially if the crime lab won’t follow its own procedures and the DAMNED GLOVE DIDN’T FIT.

Hate to use this phrase but “move on.”

I bring you notes on a dull weekend

It was a dull but OK weekend. My son and I both had to be part of a wedding at the church. He was crucifer and chalice bearer. I did the normal Episcopal deacon parts. We had a good time and it was especially meaningful as this is probably the last time we’ll get to do this together. He starts college in the fall and usually the acolyting stops when college comes around.
In fact he is attending a function at the college now. They have a couple of days of team building and getting to know one another for the incoming freshmen. Talked to him after last night’s functions and he seemed to be enjoying it. It looks like the ratio of girls/boys will remain in his favor for this year’s class.

My wife and I had a big evening with him out of town. We cleaned house and made sandwiches for the soup kitchen. Why is it that I only remember the efficient way of making them when I’m about finished? We only do this [us not our church] once every few months. I hope they like baloney—the way I make them; the only feed back we got was "please no more pimento cheese." Well that hurt my feelings, as I like pimento cheese.
After making the sandwiches we then went to Barnes and Noble. I have a feeling that once the nest is sort of empty we will spend a lot of time there.

Sorry it wasn’t funny—I’ll try with a rant or something if the head possum doesn’t come back tomorrow.

Thursday, June 09, 2005

it’s about time to write down the debt of African nations

U.S. and Britain Agree on Relief for Poor Nations - New York Times

Sort of like the debt from WWII and even WWI—we kept hearing about that over the years. It might still be on the books but it’s not an asset. Everyone knows that the debt is worthless and the sooner that the governments and the institutions that hold the debt get rid of it the better. This will allow the countries to apply for new loans and this time the lenders will not be motivated by the cold war or just throwing money at problems. I hope.

a nice day

Lunch with my wife, reading a book about the invasion of North Africa and later a trip to Wal-Mart and a nap.

I love it when a plan comes together.

maybe those guys from Utah weren’t on drugs or stupid or faking it

Coming in out of the cold: Cold fusion, for real | csmonitor.com

This could be a really big deal if true—there I’ve told you all I know about fusion—cold or room temperature.

wonderful technology but expensive

Las Vegas SUN: CVS to Sell Disposable Video Cameras

It’s great that we can get it to the point where video can be done in a disposable camera. However the editing of the video is half the fun. I might use one only for special occasions and when I forgot my real equipment.


Wednesday, June 08, 2005

this stuff makes Alan Alda look butch

Move over Rambo, you're cramping new man's style - Yahoo! News

Tuesday, June 07, 2005

court rules in printer case

MercuryNews.com | 06/06/2005 | Supreme Court rejects Lexmark petition in toner cartridge fight

: "``We will continue to ask the courts to enforce existing laws governing contracts and intellectual property so that our laser cartridge customers can get the benefit of full and fair competition,'' Lexmark said in a statement."

Lexmark actually had the gall to make the above statement. Remember they are the ones that want to you be able to buy only their printer replacement cartridges. They really want the full and fair competition thing—right. If this actually goes through the cost of the Lexmark printer will go up but some competition for the ink would be nice.

There has been a lot of hypocrisy and BS in the air lately.

O GOD WE are ALL going to DIE
nuke power might be on the way back

GE Nuclear considers consolidating nuclear operations in N.C.

We need it and it’s safe and relatively non-polluting.

Some green people are now coming to the nuke side. The others are about to explode.


Monday, June 06, 2005

I’m not that surprised at the outcome

Court: Ships Must Provide Disabled Access

However, I’m somewhat bothered that a few justices seemed to think that foreign companies don’t have to abide by our laws. If they don’t like our laws then they don’t have to do business here. Three justices seemed to think we have no right to regulate foreign ships that stop here. If we can’t regulate this how about environmental concerns—how about what they can carry—bull—if they stop here they do it our way. If we stop there we do it their way.
If you don’t like the law change the law but don’t give me this "what will the foreigners think?" bit—especially with who was against.

this is a shock

Pope Benedict XVI Condemns Same-Sex Unions - Yahoo! News

Who would have thought the Pope would be against same sex unions.


Sunday, June 05, 2005

Apple—Intel update

Apple to ditch IBM, switch to Intel chips | CNET News.com

The net is buzzing with this stuff and tomorrow is to the announce date. Saw one post that said both processors would be used. At one time someone had the idea of making Apples with the powerpc and the intel chip. This would allow both windows and OSX operation. Having both would be nice.

do you smell the hypocrisy?

Concerns at A.C.L.U. Over Document Shredding - New York Times

It always has a stench—doesn’t it?

wish I knew what this really meant

WRAL.com - News - More Wireless Phones In N.C. Than Conventional Lines

Is the land line phone on the way out? I know people who have no other long distance service besides the cell phone. We will join that group shortly. I also know a few people who have no other phone than the cell. It is also easier for many poor people to get a prepaid cell phone than to get a regular phone. It is also convenient when you are changing residences often.


Saturday, June 04, 2005

good for her—I knew she was a strong woman and would tend to do what was right

WRAL.com - News - Survey: Dole Only Member of N.C. Delegation Supporting CAFTA

You either are for free trade or not—I don’t really see the arguments against. Those opposed tend to want to inefficient to be subsidized. If not by the government then by the consumers paying higher prices.

he did two?

The Daytona Beach News-Journal

Actually he painted at least three. A new work by Edvard Munch has been found. It was behind another. A version of his famous “the Scream” as stolen. The picture the museum had was the Dead Mother.

More Munch art can be found here. WebMuseum: Munch, Edvard


Friday, June 03, 2005

looks like there is some validity to Terry’s cheeseburger idea

BBC NEWS | Health | Curvier women 'will live longer'

I’m not sure I really agree but think this might be just another excuse to show a picture of Catherine Zeta Jones. Like you need a reason.
not dead not sick just sort of resting

Plus I haven’t really found any good change stuff the last few days. We did get my son graduated and he is on a trip to Mexico right now. My wife and I are sort of getting used to what an empty nest will be like.
I’m doing my part by reclaiming the rec room. You know it actually has a 32 inch TV with a cheap sound system. Boy that thing is nice! Who knew we had that.

I’m also taking time to read. I finished the book on joint intelligence activities in the central Pacific during WWII. Now I’m starting one on the black death. Just can’t get enough of that mid 13 hundreds stuff.

Also I need to read the book SkinnyDan recommended but I forgot the title. Plus An Army at Dawn is waiting in the wings. The author is an ECU grad but doesn’t claim us anymore—his ivy league masters is apparently his only degree


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