Tuesday, August 31, 2004

not much going from this outpost
at least not for a while

I’m working from home today, that is if I can get the computer to work. I won’t really have the internet connected unless I have to. Thus, don’t expect even the low level of stuff.
BTW I did get another email from Microsoft and will let you know what they say.


Monday, August 30, 2004

busy today

I need to catch up on all the statistical work I should have done over the weekend. However, the computer failures slowed everything down.


Saturday, August 28, 2004

lucky I also have an ibook
I installed microsoft’s security fixes [SP2] for windows XP, last night. Then later in the evening I sent some email to Microsoft. They did respond—suggesting a clean install. For those of you who don’t know this means wiping the hard drive clean and starting over. i’m trying to run system restore but it has been running over 6 hours and is still working. Somehow I think sp2 slowed down my computer.
Bassically, SP2 ate my operating system and i have to start over. i think most things are backed up-- a lot of music isn't and some photos.


Friday, August 27, 2004

sorry for the lack of stuff—good or bad

It has been a busy week and today is not different. In among the regular class, request to collect survey data, research reading and advising—my tablet PC got a virus and went south—completely.
This means I’ve been trying to get a copy of SPSS for my home computer—I need to run that data. Time to complete the paper is short.


Thursday, August 26, 2004

change in the chain restaurant industry

The New York Times > Business > Media & Advertising > Advertising: New Message From Chain Restaurants

Not sure of the sector but we used to call them causal dining. It looks like some changes are on going. Interesting although focused mainly on marketing. However, changing the menu is not just marketing.

a woman who changed the way we deal with death

The New York Times > National > Elisabeth K�bler-Ross, Psychiatrist Who Revolutionized Care of Terminally Ill, Dies at 78

Long and good NYTimes article on Dr. Kubler-Ross. It deserves a read, well, for those interested in either the topic, medicine or change.

more stifling of dissent?

oh he’s not being barred for anti-bush stuff?

well never mind

The Beaufort Gazette: Beenie Man barred from MTV awards as gays plan protest

when the going gets tough
the tough get suing?

My Way News

I said I wasn’t going to get into politics much but I think this might be a defining moment. It just might indicate how they view every problem—from the campaign to terror.


Wednesday, August 25, 2004

aluminum bottles?

beer in bottles--not

Let me put it this way—if I wanted a can I would buy in cans. Calling it a bottle and putting more metal in it and having it stay cold longer does not make it a bottle. Oh I don’t know—being glass and seeing through it, maybe might do it.

no! I don’t believe it!

Elisabeth Kubler-Ross is dead.

If this is true, it will make me very angry—but I’ll work through it.


Tuesday, August 24, 2004

yep you are having more fun than I am

I’m coding and entering data into a spreadsheet. I need to get some of this done so that my new grad student can finish it up tomorrow or Thursday. I at least need to get enough done to see what problems might be there. Sure hope it shows something as I’ve got a paper accepted based on the data.

the nerve of some people

Class starts tomorrow and actually expect me to have the stuff up and ready to go. Well! Don’t they know I have important loafing to do-- ?


Monday, August 23, 2004

nothing today

Actually back to work—and they are trying to keep me busy. Mainly meetings today and finishing the grunt stuff for teaching. Making sure the syllabus is posted—stuff like that.


Saturday, August 21, 2004

back from the habitat house

Habitat for Humanity of Pitt County If you want to volunteer or give something.

It was fun. About ten of us from the church worked today. The houses were small and really people would have stepped on each other.

I might be in trouble however. I did things I told my wife I would not do—putting in closet wire shelving and planting shrubs. Yes the house is nearly ready. If I can get the yahoo thing to work alter this weekend will post some pictures.

Terry would have liked the snacks. A group of the youth from our church brought stuff for us. It looked like his carb only diet. No, I was a good boy today and brought my own Atkins stuff. Feeling so good about it I might just go cheat on the diet.


I forgot why I don’t do much shovel work anymore. It’s not that I’m not good at it—actually shoveling is one of my better physical skills. What I forgot was what it does to the hip with the arthritis. Overnight, someone lit a blowtorch ion my right hip. Stupid—stupid ME!


Friday, August 20, 2004

hey this is right down the road
germ fighting shirt

A company about 25 miles from here is producing a “germ fighting” shirt. Sounds neat, applications right now include some undersea stuff. The company sponsored a room when we moved into the current building, about 15 years ago. The managers will sometime come over and talk to the students. However, they are so clear and level headed that it just destroys what we are teaching.

no Olympic bashing this time

Phelps skips last race

Michael Phelps is not going to swim the last medley relay. He earned the right to do so but is giving his place up to a guy he barely beat. He will still get a medal if the team does as he swam in the prelims. He said we came here as a team and will leave as a team.
I might could like this kid. That and the fact that when his chase of 8 golds went away he didn’t whine or blame. He congratulated the winners and kept swimming.

my last Friday

This is the last Friday before the semester starts. While I’ve been doing some work all summer it has been entirely at my convenience. When the year starts I can still flex-time but must at least be there for classes and office hours. Oh yeah and meetings. Lots of meetings.


Thursday, August 19, 2004

sometimes the Roman Catholic Church is just plain stupid!

communion not valid

Apparently, the roman church has a doctrine that the communion wafer must be wheat based. An 8-year-old girl took communion with a non-wheat wafer. She is allergic to wheat. Well their church, it its wisdom, has declared the communion to be invalid.

It would seem that wheat is more important than an 8 year old reaching out to touch God.
BTW we have at least one member who is allergic to wheat. We make sure we have the wafers she can eat. She usually will tell us before the service when she will be there so we can have her wafer.

When the form of the sacrament becomes more important than the grace it imparts, something is wrong.

first time no UA game in B’ham since a long time ago

upper deck problems for Legion Field

Is it just time for this thing to be plowed under. Auburn never really liked playing games there. Now, Alabama has just about stopped and this will give them the last excuse. It’s not like UAB needs anything beyond the size of a high school stadium.

just what are they drinking in Iran?
Iran threatens the USA

So, to prevent the USA fro a preemptive strike against Iranian facilities, they might strike us first. We will become a hostage, they say. Well, if they do they had better wait on Kerry and that might not even work. If they attack us my guess is that the uproar for wiping Iran off the map will start and could not be stopped. No need for ground troops in this one. Can’t use them until the country cools off in a few years.

That would be my guess. Don’t they know that Jimmy has been out of office over 20 years?

your Olympic version of the Thursday three

Well now the possum pretty much stole my answers, except he was funny.

1. like—track and field—I’m drawn toward the all around or generalist os I also like the decathlon.
2. 2. what do I dislike—most of it. Like Terry I don’t like judged events. I also think swimming is the dullest sport ever invented. Just swim, don’t show me all your strokes just swim the fastest one. There are only two ways to make swimming interesting to me either randomly electrify the end where they touch to end the race—put some doubt in their minds or stock one of the lanes with piranhas. Maybe then I’ll watch.
3. what would I be good at—nothing. What would I like to do—rowing looks cool and helping the women figure skaters seems like a noble endeavor. click here


The presentation, including power points, went fairly well. We are learning an outcomes assessment planning and evaluation model. So, yes we had mission statements, outputs, outcomes, indicators and influencing factors. We didn’t nail it but it was to be a learning session. However, we done good,

Today is our son’s 17th birthday. He really wants to be out with his friends tonight and not with us :sigh: Was the same way myself.
Today is also Bill Clinton’s birthday. This group doesn’t tend to say much nice about him well here is one from the file. At least about some staffers in the Whitehouse. When Matt was about to turn six it dawned on us that he and Bill shared the day. Well, I emailed the Whitehouse and told them that I understood they didn’t send cards except to people 80 or older. However, since my six year old thinks sharing a birthday with the president is neat could they do something?
Didn’t hear a thing and let it slip my mind. Until a couple of days after his birthday, I did email late, Matt gets a letter from the Whitehouse. Form but sort of like yes it is neat we share the day, I had a good time hope you had a nice party and presents, sort of thing. For a six year old, an apolitical one at that, this was neat. The Whitehouse didn’t have to do this but they did. They exchanged letters on a few more birthdays.


Wednesday, August 18, 2004

I got nothing and no time either

I sure hope the semester is not going to be as busy as the run up is. Both work and non-work issues are involved. Everyone wants something yesterday and a meeting about it.
If I wanted to stay this busy I would have gone to the “real world.”


Tuesday, August 17, 2004

strange little Aunt Bee story

Aunt Bee article

But the date line is from Siler City.

nothing today

I know it is free but the big brains at blogger have messed it up. Apparently you can no longer alter what shows for a link when using blogthis. Also, no matter what I do the link will not work.
The link below has goofy characters in it and they won’t come off.
Great job on the eve of the google IPO—show the world that you too can mess things up. Take a product that works well and mess it up. With thinking like that the mind boggles at what could come next.

new type hospital gown


The inspiration was for Muslim women. Anyone should be able to ask for them. However, my guess is that some stupid administrator will restrict them to Muslim women. Just because some people are dumb.


Monday, August 16, 2004

John the Baptist’s Cave?

Las Vegas SUN: AP: Group Discovers John the Baptist Cave

This is really neat.


Sunday, August 15, 2004

another article on trouble in the French wine industry

The New York Times > Dining & Wine > Much of Bordeaux Goes Begging

Decent article. On the second page there was something I would not have thought—fewer than 50% of the French drink any wine at all. Maybe this includes infants. Goes on to say that those under 35 are not wine drinkers.

the Olympics
a story of doping and dopes

The story of the games is probably going to be all those asked to leave for using drugs. The other story is the Iranian who would not face the Jewish guy. Further, he said that was the policy for the whole team. The Olympic movement does not allow this and the team should be asked to leave. They won’t because some countries will object.

These two issues are why “frankly, I don’t give a damn.”


Saturday, August 14, 2004

mainly just rain here

At 7:30 this morning the people at the county EOC the emergency operations center—we love to talk that way, called and said the special needs shelter was opening later. This isn’t a drop in shelter but the places must be prebooked. If possible those with special needs are put into empty beds at long term care facilities before we will take them. It seems to work. This time the storm came through quickly and without much wind or major flooding. Thus we were open for about 8 hours and never got a “guest”. Better to be there and not needed than to be needed and not there. The medical team was on standby all day. I could have been also but it was easier to get the radio set up and then watch the weather, read a book and talk to the other people. I was the only volunteer at this shelter, the rest were being paid to be there. At least I got a couple of salads from Wendy’s.
Looks like I’m permanent with this shelter for a while. We dodged one this time but I just have a feeling we will be back before the season is over.

BTW the most difficult thing was waiting for the water to go down so we could leave the facility. They have a pond out front that swallowed the parking lot. Well, at least for a few hours.

the hurricane is getting closer
The new warnings indicate we could get hurricane force winds this far inland. My guess is that we won’t get anything close to that.

The county will open some shelters in the morning. We have some real flood prone areas and that’s why the shelter will be open. For various reasons the people running the handicapped shelter have asked for me. Thus unless they open this shelter I will not have to go volunteer.
The county uses one shelter for the handicapped/special needs people. I would have no real job there unless the phone system went down. Then I get busy mainly with the docs and medical people.
We still have until sometime mid morning to decide.
Will let you know.


Friday, August 13, 2004

nice visits at the hospital

The hospital visits and the meeting both went fine. A couple of the people are real sick but attitude remains good. I have work to do from the meeting and also work to do for the fall classes.
However, I’m reading The Purpose Driven Church instead. Just starting will report back if it is good.
You tell me if you have been through it.

no time to blog today

I have a meeting today at the hospital. While I’m there I’ll be visiting people from our church. Visits are not usually my thing but our rector maneuvered me into doing them. at least while he is out of town.

Maybe some stuff later.


Thursday, August 12, 2004

I wonder if this guy has the recipe?

Bakery owner says N.C. man damaged company by stealing recipes

In the comments on the TT, Ms. Janis wonders about the recipe for lunchroom yeast rolls.

boy! these questions really bite!

Oh I did, well never mind.
What else from me but school questions; remember I never left. The only thing I was ever half way good at was going to school and lunch.

1. When was I most excited? I was most apprehensive starting graduate school; could I really compete with people from all over? Most excited was probably going into junior high. Lockers, dressing out for “real” P.E. not recess and changing classes. Also, junior high is when all the Italian girls who had been going to the catholic school showed up.

2. I loved school; see above I never left. I loved learning new stuff; mainly because of my 5th grade teacher. [Miss Murray thanks you were the first non-family member to think a fat smart mouthed kid could amount to something and the only one to help me learn how. She taught me that learning things I did not know was fun—it still is.]. What did I love, the learning stuff, hanging out with my friends, the captive audience [class clown/smartass type] and the number one reason I loved school—lunchroom yeast rolls.
3. If I had it to do over again what? I would study a little more. Now I know that only a little difference in how hard I studied would have meant a big difference in the grades. I would have played tennis more years than I did and I think I would have joined the band. I would have searched out the “bad” crowd. I didn’t avoid them but just didn’t look them up, next time I will.


Wednesday, August 11, 2004

a way to make foods not cause allergies?

The Beaufort Gazette: Israeli group neutralizes allergy-causing protein

This would be big news. What about the taste. Don’t think it mentioned any of the “major” ones like peanuts.

does this mean I can now grill my fish without fear?

The Beaufort Gazette: Traces of fire retardant found in Salmon

Don’t really know what to make of this.

whole grain that tastes like white flour

The Beaufort Gazette: ConAgra announces flour offering nutrition of whole grain, taste of refined

It has more fiber and should be good; no word on the carbs or what the Atkins people think of it. And yes, I gained some taking the prednisone and because of overeating last weekend. Thus I’m trying to go back to induction.
The steroids will probably continue for weeks to come so will the induction phase.

blockbuster fights back
is this the future for DVD rentals?

The Beaufort Gazette: Blockbuster rolls out online DVD service

At least the short term future.

the fates could be conspiring against us

The Beaufort Gazette: Charley morphs into hurricane

Well at least the rain. Since the major flood 5 years ago we are sensitive to large amounts of rain. There is a remote possibility that Bonnie, Charlie and a low pressure area will all arrive over North Carolina within a 24 hour period. If this happens in Greensboro say, then that is their problem but if it happens in the drainage areas of the Tar and the Neuse then we have a problem. Will keep you posted because once the weather has passed you guys they never report on it again.

at work

Trying to get some work done on a paper and the final stuff finished for the fall courses but am spending most of my time tracking down payments that have been cashed but not posted to the correct accounts.


Tuesday, August 10, 2004

anniversary day

30 years ago today, well tonight really, in Rainbow City Alabama my wife and I got married. It seems to have taken fairly well.
We spent the weekend in New Bern so today’s celebration is going to be lunch. She is working and I have things to do for the organization I chair.

It’s also another anniversary. I was looking back and thought I started this here on Monday the 11th of august, last year. Well, I really posted on the night of the 10th.
Yep, so this is one whole year. Terry talked me in to it and it’s been fun. I’ve really enjoyed meeting many of you, well, online that is. I think I’m still trying to keep the original mission –change blogging. Not as strong as I had intended and really weak in commentary but it’s still there. This post will make 1,232 for the year, according to blogger. Well, here is post one again—it introduces me and what I originally wanted for the blog.

Here is post #1:
Hi my name is Jim and I just became a blogger.
This is my first blog and if I were landing here I would want to know two things: what is this all about and who is writing it?

The express purpose is to provide links and some commentary about change. Specifically, change in organizations, the church and life in general. The title might have tipped you off, if you are familiar with Kurt Lewin. Also, I will attempt to deal with the underlying assumptions we hold that cause us to change or not. [For a good discussion of Lewin by Edgar Schein go here .] Assumptions are those deeply held and unexamined ideas about how the world works. If I ever figure out how to use comments, perhaps we can have some discussions about our assumptions. If you think that this will be a little dull, you are probably right.

Now a little about me. I am in my 50’s and play many roles. I am a husband, father, professor (OK, actually an associate professor.), ordained minister, sports fan, avid reader of non-fiction and very bad athlete. I live near Greenville NC (those with inquiring minds should be able to figure out where I work). I assume that my employer does not want to be part of this blog, so my links and discussions will omit that organization, unless we have a good football season. I am a deacon in the Episcopal Church. In our church the diaconate is an order of ordained ministry, basically of servant hood. Just as I do not speak for my employer, I also do not speak for the Episcopal Church, the Diocese of East Carolina or my bishop. [I think the preceding should get me off the hook—right?]

There will be more here tomorrow or perhaps later tonight if I can learn to cut and paste the proper HTLM tags and things. O, one more thing, I was encouraged to do this by that famous blogger and fine American Mr. Possum . However all the blame will be mine.

Expect to see something shortly about the general convention of the Episcopal Church and our assumptions on what it means to be a christian.


Monday, August 09, 2004

look a badger!
look a whole bunch of them

Yahoo! News - Badgers threaten Stonehenge burial sites

a little work

Now some golf-- bye for now.

Sunday, August 08, 2004

ever been on a farm?

Agritourism draws city dwellers to see what they have missed

Article says even those who grew up in rural areas don’t really have a clue. Not the best news story but the bye line is from Greenville and is based in Pitt County. This is home.

a nice weekend

Our anniversary is Tuesday. My wife booked us here for the weekend.
The hotel was nice; the view was good, also. The downtown area of New Bern is full of small shops and some decent places to eat. The restaurants had live entertainment on the weekend.
We spent the day walking around the antique and other shops, eating lunch and drinking coffee. The weather was perfect; a high of 80 with low [for us] humidity.
We had a great time and our teenager didn’t burn down the house.
All in all a nice weekend to celebrate 30 years of marriage.

more evidence that Europeans are different

Las Vegas SUN: Low-Carb Craze Fails to Cross Atlantic

Article discusses some differences in eating and walking habits but really seems another AP excuse for europe=good ; America=bad/stupid type stuff.


Thursday, August 05, 2004

I would like to see this one played out more in court

The New York Times > New York Region > Underused Harlem Church, Elegant and Endangered

Building preservationists want a church to be kept open –because they like the building and think it is historic. Basically, to hell with the denomination’s plans for ministry or what to do with its funds. These people want that church protected. There is never a shortage of people who want to tell you how to allocate your resources. Usually, they don’t understand the first thing about opportunity cost. A resource used in one way cannot be used in another way. Where do these people think the 5 millions to restore the church will come from? What other church programs must suffer so that the building can be preserved?

this would seem a prefect case to prosecute the prosecutors

The New York Times > National > Court Frees 7 in a Gang-Killing Case

Looks like complete mismanagement--

it's now official we are in the third world

The New York Times > AP > National > Prosecutors Blast NYC Ferry Management

This is a real third world thing to do-- criminal charges for mismanagement. How about criminal charges for prosecutors who pleas down people who kill again and for those who lose case? That would seem to qualify.

time for the Three

. Larry over at KudzuAcres: has poses a set of weather questions. I grew up in Alabama; went to school in Mississippi and live in eastern North Carolina. And let me say I HATE the summer weather. YEs in all of these places.
Can you name three good things about Southern weather in August? Air Conditioning doesn't count!

Well, yes. Not too many tornados, we don’t get many up here like Alabama and Mississippi. Hurricane season might bring a breeze. Hurricane season is exciting if you like tracking maps.

Fall is absolutely the best time for me. The days are crisp, the nights cool. Except for the rainy season it is just beautiful. However, it does not last long enough.

We don’t have that many tornados so the local weather people go crazy for snow and hurricanes. They especially love the hurricanes because they can track some storms as the waves leave Africa. This gives them days/weeks to get excited. Not only can they go outside they can got to the beach and go outside. You have to decide to either send people to Wilmington or Morehead City. There is even the chance for a national feed. They love that hanging from the lamppost stuff.

just a little strange

al.com - death notices

I know that people seem to die in alphabetical order, however, the order puts Mr. Crow and Mr. Dove, side by side.

on its face this is a violation
local6.com - Problem Solvers - Woman Fired For Eating 'Unclean' Meat

however, one never knows which side the government will take. In an effort to be “fair”.


Wednesday, August 04, 2004

don’t think I can play much Thursday

I hope I don’t have to miss the three, that’s fun. I have been lethargic and completely void of motivation this whole week. Well, that has to end. I have appointments all afternoon and must go deal with school bureaucracy, mine and others, in the morning.
I should go up and enter some data into the computer but have no energy or desire.

remember, you must keep buying their music
failure to do so would be crushing of dissent and harmful to the first amendment

The New York Times > Arts > Bands Gather to Stump Against Bush

Let us always keep in mind that entertainment types have the right to make decisions with politics in mind, you don’t.

BTW who is the group? The usual suspects.

don’t they ever learn

Auburn hires attorney with ties to trustee

The mess that is Auburn University politics just keeps rolling along. AU has hired another lawyer, this one with ties to a trustee and who did a controversial investigation for the university.
He might be fine; he probably is fine; a great attorney and honest man. I have no doubt of that. However, why can’t AU realize that some times what appears is what is. Perceptions count and the perception is that the “good ole boy” network is at it again.

I just might be time for the university to remember the Caesar’s wife thing.

something else for the Possum to worry about
Trumpeter shot at band camp, student jailed

Guns? At band camp?

speaking of addiction

The New York Times > Health > New Ways to Loosen Addiction's Grip

New drugs to treat some drug addictions.


Tuesday, August 03, 2004

smoking update

Mr. Possum mentioned smokes in a comment left down below. That got me to thinking; y’all haven’t had an update in a while. The group was very encouraging when I first quit.
Well, it has been over 6 months now and no I haven’t had one. I’ve wanted one, although that has its good and bad days. I don’t reach for one out of habit much and I don’t think I gained but about 5 pounds, well from that.

I don’t recommend quitting the way I did but it is working so far.
Right now I’m taking some prednisone that is driving me crazy. It’s almost like being back in the first days of quitting. I want to eat or smoke. Right now I’m eating lots of low carb foods. Still gaining from the amount but not smoking. Will keep you posted, even if the noble experiment fails. [don’t think it will, I hope]

My wife thinks I will save enough on cigarettes in the first couple of years to pay my portion of the hospital bill. That little two, day stay was about $10,000 total. Luckily the insurance grabbed 80% off the top.

it’s now a cat two
but a long way from me or where we go
Hurricane ALEX

We don’t go to the beach/coast that often. It is close enough that we have thought of getting a place down there. Since I didn’t buy twenty years ago I really can’t afford anything but a trailer on a rented lot.

looks like electronic transfers are making some headway

Federal Reserve closing Birmingham check processing site

About eight sites across the country are closing. The number of checks to be processed is down. Credit cards, debit cards and other forms of electronic transfer must be up.
Memo to Terry—you can even use that this called direct deposit. In fact my employer requires it.

most of the rain is gone
Plymouth State Weather Center Tropical Weather Menu
I don’t expect much damage the winds never got that high. It is a small storm and the people on the outer banks will not let this one bother them. most stuff that could blow down was blown off last year.

it looks like it’s staying off shore

National Weather Service Radar Image - Short Range Base Reflectivity - Wilmington, NC

Radar out of Wilmington shows the rain getting closer to my house –should be here soon. As long as the rotation keeps up the same pace and direction. It just might miss us this far inland—don’t think so. Looks like a wet Tuesday.

university of phoenix to move beyond traditional niche

Las Vegas SUN: Univ. of Phoenix to Accept Young Students

Changes in demographics are brining the university to expand to younger students. It’s predicted that the next great college age boom will catch traditional brick & mortar universities short. Also, I wonder if they are feeling the pressure from so many online programs offered by other universities.


Monday, August 02, 2004

storm update

If you refresh the link in the post below it will give you the local Doppler radar. Just regular Doppler not that special Doppler 2K5 or whatever. It looks like the rain is back and we might get an inch here to perhaps 3 locally.

don’t know which system they are with but the thunder is about here

Live Doppler 7

As of 4 pm EDT we are getting rain bands. Still think these are things pushed out ahead of the storm. Can’t wait until the latest report.

I’m just getting ready for when it is time to hurricane blog

National Hurricane Center / Tropical Prediction Center 11 am information

We are getting some rain now but this isn’t the storm. It’s just what the storm is pushing ahead of it. We will get some rain and 15 20 mph sustained winds her tonight. If you here them mention Morehead City the drive to there is about 80/85 miles.

this just might get to be a hurricane after all

Plymouth State Weather Center Tropical Weather Menu

The gulf stream waters are warm enough to provide the energy. However, it looks like the winds way up there will not support the building of big storms. It does look like the winds re now up to 60 mph.

did anyone really expect this was over?

Las Vegas SUN: U.S. Warns of Threat to Financial Icons

Apparently they have been looking at these buildings for some time. Remember, if you see someone acting curiously don’t say anything to anybody, you might offend them. twits

on this track we might not even get any real rain


Although, some relief from the humidity would be nice.
I went to see my friend in the assisted living place today because I didn’t want to have to be out in the rain Monday.

Now it looks like the storm will miss here altogether.


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