Wednesday, August 31, 2005

people aren’t going to like it but it probably needs to be done

Las Vegas SUN: Governor: Everyone Must Leave New Orleans

We had a flood here right at 6 years ago. I know people will not having to leave they never do but safety demands it. Also be prepared for grandstanding local pols to demand that people get to stay or come back. Until services get back and the darned place drains no some should really be there.
Is it ever going to drain?


Monday, August 29, 2005

please keep David and his parish in your prayers

Much Nothing About Ado: I admit, I am scared
The person on my blogroll the longest except for Mr. Possum is this Episcopal priest on the Mississippi coast.
He plans on giving updates and please pray for him his and that whole area.


Friday, August 26, 2005


I’ve either got a bad case of writer’s block or a case of bad writer’s block. I only need to put the last page or so on a paper to be presented at the meeting in Myrtle Beach. [golf?? You mean they have golf courses there? Who knew?] anyway—I need to get this done—it will actually only take about 15 minutes if I can get started. The stats are run and we know the results I just have to tell it.

workout update!!

Breaking news—I went back again today. I got there late as I was in no hurry—no classes or office hours today but I wanted some time in the office—that research thing.
Well back to the workout—I opened the lock—then got on my shoes and pushed past the pain to make it to the water fountain and back before I needed to rest and take a shower.

BTW the stretching doesn’t work as I don’t get warmed up I get WARMED OUT.


Thursday, August 25, 2005

downloading audio books?
Las Vegas SUN: Libraries Offering Audiobook Downloads
From the library no less. Sounds neat I wonder if our library will start this—I might even get an ipod.

I’m back!!!

Well back at the rec center. I bought a new lock and went to work out this morning. Not that you could really call this a work out as I’m about 30 pounds heavier than when I was last there.
Nice workout—I opened by new lock—that put me in the zone—then I put on my shoes an that got me tired and breathing hard then I took a shower.
Can’t wait until Monday.


Wednesday, August 24, 2005

consider if you will

A fat man with a hurt toe [see below]—wearing workout clothes and sitting on the side of the bed. In his hands he holds a combination lock—to be used to keep his stuff safe while he works out for the first time in months. Look upon his face and sense the frustration building as it slowly dawns on him that he CANNOT remember the combination.
The look of frustration fades to one of resignation as he realizes that not only is he old, fat and out of shape he is also stupid.


Tuesday, August 23, 2005

a public service announcement

Before this summer I never wore flip flops. I got some this summer and they’re OK but I do need to warn those of you who are used to wearing normal shoes. I went to Lowes Foods the other day and forgot a basic flip flop lesson-- YOU DON’T HAVE ANYTHING COVERING YOUR TOES.
Well being that I’m not too bright—forgetting that flip flops leave your toes uncovered—and clumsy—take my word for it—I managed to test the theory that two objects cannot occupy the same space at the same time. The objects were the wheel of a shopping cart and one of my toes.
Also as a public service I can tell you that generic Tylenol and beer help as does having some nice black athletic type shoes to wear to church.
We now return you to your regular programming.


Monday, August 22, 2005

this worries me about Iraq
Bush says we must complete the mission to honor the fallen. This is the rock bottom most useless reason there is. Don’t get me wrong I support the troops being there and I support the president but--- if this is the best he can come up with then you can’t stay.
This reason or excuse is an example of an escalation of commitment—basically staying with a course of action that is not working. You start to look at what has been spent as an investment. People killed are not an investment. Mr. President restate the mission; do not try to justify the mission on the bodies of the dead.
Either the mission stands on its own or it does not

meetings meetings meetings

Today is mostly meetings maybe something interesting tomorrow.


Saturday, August 20, 2005

What else would you expect from Fricso? No make that S.F. no make that San Fran

Las Vegas SUN: San Francisco Shuns Retired USS Iowa

Yep I know that all the people out there hate it when you call the place anything other than San Francisco. Well I’m about to call the board of supervisors something else—narrow minded insular twits.
They don’t want the USS Iowa there as an attraction because they don’t support the war and they don’t like the military policy on gays. If they remember what the Iowa did they don’t seem to care and remember it is all about the people of San Fran.
I enjoy the place when I’m there but they do have the feeling that the world revolves around them—get over yourself.


Friday, August 19, 2005

the new wave in advertising
FOXNews.com - Foxlife - For Advertisers, It's Bottoms Up
No comments from the peanut gallery except that it wouldn’t have been what I picked.

we keep telling yuo and you just won’t listen
Forget the health food, gimme that burger! - washingtonpost.com Highlights - MSNBC.com

That’s right we make the place fill the menu with healthy items and you people don’t order them. I think the only solution is to remove the “bad” things from the selections—it would be for your own good you know.

Really this is a decent couple of pages about eating out.


Thursday, August 18, 2005

well I didn’t break anything
I didn't break any clubs or bones or 90.


Wednesday, August 17, 2005

some people just care too much!!
In Jefferson, snake bites the hand that tries to save it

Seems this man—doesn’t say he is stupid just and “animal lover” well he wants to help the poor snake cross the road. He gets bit three times by the copperhead. What a doofus. A snake on the road does not need help crossing it needs tread marks.

Hollywood to cut amount spent on newspaper ads
LA Weekly: Columns: Deadline Hollywood: Hollywood to Newsosaurs:Drop Dead

They appear to be talking about the big spread type ads. However it would seem that these type ads wouldn’t influence the buyer. First the demographic of the newspaper reader is not quite that average moviegoer. Second –what type of influence does a print ad actually have when the medium is moving pictures? Perhaps the value in the ads is to announce the time of the movie and when it opens. However my guess is that most regular moviegoers get this another way—online.
This can only hurt the big city papers.

is it the END TIME?? Or global warming?? Or or???

The Beaufort Gazette: Copperheads gather early in Ark. this year

Perhaps it is an anti-Bush protest or maybe it is just because more graduate students are looking. This bears watching.

who is on your list?

Las Vegas SUN: Many Recall Teachers Who Made Difference

In elementary school it was Miss Murray—she began the process of teaching me to think by teaching me to observe.
In high school it was Mr. Woodman and Mr. Ward—they helped define the structures of my mind.
In college it was Dr.’ Dow and Beeland. These guys worked on the logical processes and encouraged me to believe I really had one—a brain that is.


Tuesday, August 16, 2005

a new feature—stupid judge watch

Las Vegas SUN: Judge: Breakaway Church Belongs to Parish

Judge in California rules that a break-a-way parish of the Episcopal Church can keep the building and grounds because—wait on it – freedom of speech. How about not getting involved in church business--- also in the same part of the constitution I think. The rules most places in the church is that the diocese owns the property not the parish. This one will be over turned.

what have I been doing all day?

Well nothing funny like what the Grand Possum does but I’ve just been hanging around. I had lunch with my wife and then made this a low carb cheesecake to take to a departmental party tonight. I think a NY style should have a little brown on top and if this tastes as good baked as it did before it will be wonderful. It weighs about the same as a man’s bowling ball and is a little denser.
Speaking of dense you can also see the pictures of our new puppy. He’s about three months old and seems to be dumb as a box of rocks but the sweetest dog. My son named him Lleyton after his favorite tennis player. I might have gone fro Andre myself—it has more flair.


Monday, August 15, 2005

this is what the office of the future might look like

Going toe-to-toe on office etiquette - Yahoo! News

People were aghast that some college girls wore flip-flops to meet the president. How about this – what this generation is wearing to work.

a woman cooks at the White House

Woman to Head White House Kitchen

This will be the first woman to be the white house chef. My guess is that this will be greeted by some opponents as a slap at women—trying to keep them in the kitchen. I really don’t care if the chef is male/female—black/white/other as long as they do the job.

I shot an eagle

No you don’t have to go tell the federal gov’t. Nope I’m not in trouble. But you do have to listen to the most boring stuff in the world --other people’s golf shots.
I was about 120 out after a straight drive and hit a nice shot. My buddy said that “that might have gone in the hole”—it was an elevated green and we couldn’t see. We got to the green and only saw his ball—he said really look in the cup=-- and there it was. This gave me the opportunity to say the great golf line—well that’s where I was aiming.


Friday, August 12, 2005

curable HIV??!!??

My Way News

Not sure about this report but that might be the first time I’ve heard those words together.


Thursday, August 11, 2005

lady I think it is time to start considering what you want for your last meal

WRAL.com - News - Fugitive Tenn. Couple Captured In Ohio
You have time to think about it but I think I know where this is going to end.


Wednesday, August 10, 2005

get your livecams here

Sort of hard to navigate to anything you might want to see.

now for your biblical archeology news
Biblical Pool of Siloam uncovered in Jerusalem

This is neat and I want to read more about it. Preferably with picks and videos.

what are they complaining about?
New York Daily News - Home - Affair charge rocks cleric

At least this time it was an adult woman.

another disease to worry about
Las Vegas SUN: Dog Tick Found to Spread Spotted Fever

It was known that two other types of ticks carried the disease but not this common dog tick.

ya think this here is what they had in mind?

Belfast Telegraph

Article is about the introduction of netscape ten years ago.

a double celebration today
Thirty-one years ago [let me see 2005 minus 1974, carry the something and use the other hand too] yep 31 my wife and I were married. We really aren’t doing much except going out to dinner.

The other celebration—well it’s my two year blog anniversary. This has been a nice group to be associated with for the past couple of years.


Tuesday, August 09, 2005

make no mistake about it this debate is coming

Las Vegas SUN: Study Sheds Light on Euthanasia Decisions

The study reported is from the Netherlands and has some numbers on the requests and what percent were carried through.
As stated below I want you to wear seatbelts because that can cost society [me]. However this decision is between you, your God, your family and your health care provider. IMHO.

wonderful media criticism

The Media Mob: Critique the Critique: Stuever Tells Off Washington Post - NYO

This is a pleasure to read and also points to the danger of listening too much to focus groups.

where is Marlin Perkinswhen you really need him?

Las Vegas SUN: Officials Test Radio Tags at Canada Border
Are we going to shot them with the air gun? Implant the chips? What ever I bet someone complains. Well if you don’t want to play by our rules them don’t come here.


Monday, August 08, 2005

conventional wisdom wins again

Las Vegas SUN: Motorcycle Fatalities Increase in Florida

This might start a new wave of requiring helmets. I know that the real libertarians among you support no government interference. I’ll do that too as long as those without helmets sign a waiver of my liability. The same goes for seatbelts. If I happen to hit you and you are messed up for life because YOU didn’t wear a helmet then don’t expect to be collecting from me.

the bubble she is about to burst

All Eyes on Home Market in San Diego - Yahoo! News

Every trend has to start somewhere. Why not here for the housing bubble to be over?

this is scary

Las Vegas SUN: Two Okla. Children Die of Rare Infection

Parasite associated with stagnant water. I think we might want to keep a watch on this story and see if it has legs.
really neat highspeed photos
Welcome to my Highspeed Photography site
all things come to an end

Las Vegas SUN: Tower That Supported Rocket Torn Down

Technology gets old and so do it’s icons.

Sunday, August 07, 2005

update on the gay-church issue

Las Vegas SUN: Protestants Struggle With Gay Policy

This is mainly a short thumbnail of where various mainline protestant denominations stand. At least for the now..
Some denominations don’t appear to be listed.

more on the NY Times prying into adoption records


The main response from the “paper of record” is to blame the Drudge Report for bringing this to light. These slimeballs actually think they’re doing some good for the country.
They’re real journalists you know—not like those stupid bloggers and lesser mortals.

Friday, August 05, 2005

money money money and time

I found out last night that where my son is going to college they recommend a laptop. This was buried in the small print. Since he hasn’t been to orientation yet they haven’t told anyone. So instead of getting the good deal on the desktop from Sam’s we will be looking at laptops today. It is beginning to look like either a Gateway or HP. Gateway is not on the recommended list. To heck with them. Every IT guy wants you to get a Dell—which I have had bad /moderate luck with or an IBM which IBM doesn’t even make anymore.

Also a storm missed up/destroyed part of my fence the other day. So I have to replace about 4 posts. These are the 4 by’s in the ground. The shadowbox panels seem to be OK.

I do so love spending money I hadn’t thought of spending and working up a sweat fixing something shouldn’t have broken.


Thursday, August 04, 2005

will the press atop at nothing?

Apparently not!! A drudge link says that the NY Times is looking into the adoption records of justice nominee Roberts. I wish I didn’t believe this was true but I think that paper is so caught up in hate for anything republican that it will stop at nothing.


Wednesday, August 03, 2005


Penny tagged me and I’m sorry I’m late but here goes. I’ll tag one of you later.
1. How many books have I owned?

I have no clue but not as many as I used to. As an academic, reading is supposed to be a very large part of my life. In fact the part of research I enjoy most is the literature search. This is where I tend to learn the most. However over the years much of what I need is either in journals or in the library. I’m slowly getting rid of my books and soon will probably be getting things for the tablet PC.

2. The last book I bought was - Van Gogh. I think this is the edition I bought but the cover looks different. It was a small picture of each work and a discussion. I got it as a throw-in for Matt’s birthday later this month. The last thing I bought for me was a very cheap book on architecture. It has pictures and a small write-up of styles through the centuries. I can’t find it on the site—sorry.

3. The last book I finished was The Eagle and the Rising Sun: The Japanese-American War, 1941-1943: Pearl Harbor Through Guadalcanal. I also keep several going at a time and this one got done yesterday. It was only OK as the author had a real bias against the army and for some in the navy. He also wasn’t a very good writer. This is a real handicap if you’re supposed to be a historian.

4. What books made an impression on me? Well this is my favorite translation of the bible: - New Jerusalem Bible with Apocrypha: blue hardcover. My edition is soft cover.

It would probably not be too far out of line to suggest that this book-- - Capitalism and Freedom by Milton Friedman. -- paved the path for me to pick my occupation. It still holds up today.

Thomas Friedman’s - The Lexus and the Olive Tree: Understanding Globalization. This one is more modern and made me rethink my whole position of globalization and how we deal with it.

I couldn’t have done without these two churchy books -- - The Early Church by Henry Chadwick. & - The Interpreter's One Volume Commentary on the Bible: Introduction and Commentary for Each Book of the Bible Including the Apocrypha, with General Articles. The history one is a great reminder that our current troubles in church unity and what ideas are truly “correct” aren’t new.

If I must have a novel it would be this one-- - All Quiet on the Western Front.

See very dull and long winded. Just like many of the books I read--

too many art galleries?

Las Vegas SUN: Civic Leaders Think City Has Too Much Art

I love it when city leaders think they have “too much” of something. Basically this means that in their opinion there are “too many.” Folks the market will tell you when you too many of anything. If they are going broke [and you don’t give them a subsidy] you will have less of them in the future.
One man in the article complained that there wasn’t a place to buy socks in the town. My guess is that’s because the return to selling art is greater than that of selling socks. Another man wanted the town to limit the places selling ice cream and tee-shirts.
Why does someone always want to impose his or her values on the rest of us?

cucumber recipe update

I tried the recipe and liked it. My wife wasn’t home yet and didn’t get any—late lunch on my part. It was unusual to have the taste of cucumber and the warm and luxurious mouth feel [heavy cream]. I used rice wine vinegar and don’t know how others might taste. All in all I think I’ll have it again and cook the cukes a little longer next time. One problem with a low carb approach is that the soft/mushy traditional comfort food is off limits. This just might work.


Tuesday, August 02, 2005

recipe advice, please

I saw something on a show the other day and finally tracked down a recipe close to what I think was there. [it was a PBS show and they don’t really like to put things online—I also came in at the end] Anyway it was a warm cucumber dish with a simple cream sauce. Olive oil, garlic, warmed seeded cucumbers[I plan to dice] then at the end over medium heat put in vinegar and heavy cream. 2 to 1 cream to vinegar. Add dill and serve.
Has anyone tasted this and any suggestions?


Monday, August 01, 2005

out spending money

Our son is going off to college in less than two weeks and the money is starting to flow out of my account. Today was new tire day at Sam’s. While there we found a computer he likes and given the price I’ll get him that and forgo my iMac. We also found a printer/scanner/copier that will work well. I’ll be buying those on Friday to save the tax—I hope. Also we found a microwave and a little dorm-sized refrigerator.


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