Friday, December 30, 2005

now shut up
FOXSports.com - COLLEGE FOOTBALL- Sooners overpower Ducks in Holiday Bowla

All I’ve heard from Oregon is how the “east coast bias” is keeping them from their proper place in a BCS bowl. They’ve been shafted. They’ve been abused and the ever popular they’ve been disrespected.

Let me tell you this and see if your PC west coast ears can get around it—when you cry about not playing in a BCS bowl and then lose to an unranked team just shut up. You didn’t deserve the better bowl in the first place.

Thursday, December 29, 2005

speaking of worse ways

Las Vegas SUN: Colo. Man Dies in Wood Chipper Accident
if you are a bowler there are worse ways
Las Vegas SUN: Mich. Man Bowls 3rd 300th Game, Then Dies

last game he ever finished—not too bad at all.
L.A. gator update
Las Vegas SUN: Men Charged With Releasing Gator in Lake

You might remember back in the fall the story of a gator in an urban lake in southern California. The joke then was they were using the best gator wrangler they could find—one from Colorado. Now they have arrested someone for putting the gator in the lake.
Authorities think the gator –aka Reggie—is sleeping for the winter.

Saturday, December 24, 2005

did Bush get a warrant for this?
Las Vegas SUN: NORAD Tracks Santa for 50th Christmas Eve

Sorry to be snarky on Christmas Eve but that’s the way it is.


Thursday, December 22, 2005

yea the wait is over-it’s almost Christmas
Yep that’s the way we know it’s Christmas time in Carolina—it’s the holiday Thursday three.

1. Are you an early bird in the prep for the holidays, and if so, how early do you start?

I’m a procrastinator. I really don’t get into the season until my finals are graded. My wife likes to start things early and will buy stuff when she sees nice gifts.

2. If you decorate your house, when do the decorations go up, and what are they?
Well they can’t go up until Thanksgiving and preferably not until sometime into December. It’s a nice that my aesthetic sense and my laziness come together to mean simple decorations. A tree and some window wreaths are enough.

3. Do you go out of your way to find special, well-thought-out presents, or are you so harried and confused that gift cards make more sense?
I like to find things that people might want/like or lastly need. However waiting until the last minute can put a cramp into that plan.


Wednesday, December 21, 2005

tooth update

It is a former tooth. Well it’s still a tooth and it’s still mine but I left it at the dentist’s office. I’m left with a socket that is bleeding some and the start of a little pain—I think I’ll go home and eat something soft.

Monday, December 19, 2005

if I can’t get this tooth fixed soon I might take them up on this
Las Vegas SUN: Swiss Hospital to Allow Assisted Suicide

Yep it’s not just the Dutch anymore.

Friday, December 16, 2005

call it a semester

The last grades are in—we have graduation ceremonies tonight for the college of business and tomorrow for the whole university. I have a few research things to get out early next week but other than that I’m done until January. Well I do have so things to do to get ready for classes but I’m close to being done.


Thursday, December 15, 2005

we all saw this coming
BREITBART.COM - First Civil-Union Couple Parting Ways

And the lawyers make the money. Sad in so many ways.


How about that for a ringing bit of praise?

1. The only thing I’ve camped out for was to get my son into the local catholic school. Non-RC’s were admitted on a first come first serve basis. The folks who camped out that night formed a bond and we had a good time.
2. I leave less than the 15% and tell the manager exactly what the problem was. I don’t want the person in trouble but I want it corrected.
3. I don’t listen to NPR much.


Wednesday, December 14, 2005

mark your calendars
Monet coming to North Carolina

WRAL.com - News - N.C. Art Museum To Host Monet Exhibition In 2006

Well he isn’t coming—he’s dead you know but some of his paintings are coming for a visit. They won’t be in Raleigh until October of 2006 so you have time to plan ahead. Please let us know when you will be there and I’ll make a point of dropping by to see you and Mr. Monet.


Tuesday, December 13, 2005

is this happening all over?
The Beaufort Gazette: Clemson to close family housing complex

It would appear that many of the places that have what used to be called “married student housing” were built in the 1950’s or earlier. The last I saw of those at NC State were mainly used by foreign students. They probably served a need right after with the number of students returning after WWII and the Korean War but I don’t see as many married students as before. Maybe they are just moving in together.

now this is a change
Environment and Cancer: The Links Are Elusive - New York Times

What appears to be a balanced article in the NYTIMES. I haven’t finished it yet but it seems OK and interesting.

the things just keep getting smaller
Three UNC patients among those to receive new heart pumps

Given the advances in technology I don’t see why the whole thing can’t be replaced one day.

changing lifestyles
WRAL.com - News - Pregnant Mom Miffed When Studio Refuses To Take Belly Picture

The seven months pregnant woman wanted a picture taken showing her 3 year old daughter and her belly. The studio wouldn’t take the picture. I blame Demi Moore for everyone wanted a “belly shot”’ read the article and also notice another thing—no mention of the husband/father.
Changing lifestyles.


Thursday, December 08, 2005

I predict a big mistake coming
ChicagoSports.com - Plot thickens: Grossman No. 2

The Bears have been winning with the rookie QB. I know they have been winning ugly but they are winning. It seems like they and their fans just can’t wait to get the new and now healthy back-up into a game. I smell a bunch of picks coming. They deserve it.

oh the irony

BREITBART.COM - U.S. Life Expectancy Hits All-Time High

Just when Bush makes life not worth living--

I don’t like this Thursday Three
I wanted something to put me into the Christmas mood
Besides local6.com - News - Blindfolded Santa Hanging From Noose At Home Upsets Neighborhood. I love this display.
Now to deal with this cobbled together rump of a TT.

1.. The next fad—nude blogging—don’t even ask.
2. I refuse to answer—just the normal stuff from offices everywhere.
3. Fish?? As in with scales and fins and bones—then the answer is NONE. I don’ really like fish. If you are taking shell fish I guess it would be to basically make a vinaigrette [standard stuff olive oil, rice wine vinegar, lime/lemon juice, mustard and then throw in lots of garlic and splenda—lots of both and pepper.} soak shrimp in that for a while and grill them. Wonderful. This vinaigrette has no sugar and no carbs basically and is multi purpose.


Wednesday, December 07, 2005

this is a first I think
My Way News

Sky marshals shot someone who said he had a bomb. His wife—well a woman with him for all the marshals knew – said he was mentally ill. He said he had a bomb in the bag ran off the plane didn’t stop and then reached in the bag. None of these are good moves. I’m sure we will hear fro all sorts of “advocates” on why they should not have fired. How about if he really was a bomber and had run into another plane and set it off?
we are not a mega church and we’re also not closing

BREITBART.COM - Some Megachurches Closing for Christmas

However we do seem to be having one service that Sunday at 5 that afternoon. That should just about do it. Episcopalians seem to go on Christmas Eve. We will have three services then.

on further review

After a couple of weeks of listening to a lot of the CD’s we bought at the Trans-Siberian Orchestra concert I have come to a conclusion. I like them more than I thought I did. I find I like the electric versions of the traditional songs and I really like the Broadway/theatrical singing. I’m a straight guy but I sort of like show tunes.

trend or an effect of the installed base?
The Beaufort Gazette: Laptops reach a tipping point in sales

I tend to think especially for the home it is a trend. Most people will discover that the new laptops with larger screens are as good as desktops for what most people use them for. For some uses they might be even better. For example we keep a small laptop downstairs and use it to surf the web most days. We get our news and shop from that machine.
I think I still need a desktop as I like to edit video.
In fact we are planning a video project for Christmas. We are going to use a couple of camcorders to film the children’s program on Christmas Eve. I –with my son’s help—can put together a video of this to put on DVD. I know grandparents will love them. My only worry right now is the sound. Sorry for going off target but this was about the only example of when I need desktop.

wait until you read the headline

I’ll leave the commentary to my friend Mr. SkinnyDan. At least he religious commentary. The thought of young Jews rapping the Torah is to say the least unusual. It makes one think of an Adam Sandler bit gone out of control.

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

now let me see

Las Vegas SUN: Nashville Considers Banning Food Wagons

Citing health concerns the city is thinking about shutting down basically hsipanic food trucks. The opponents are screaming racism. They might have a point as the proposed regulation leaves the downtown hotdog venders. It does seem this is targeting the Hispanic population. Maybe their trucks aren’t up to code but use the existing code don’t look like jackasses who are going after a certain part of the population.

let the countdown begin
My Way News
An Iranian military plan crashed. The countdown—who will be blamed first Bush or Isreal? And when will the first hint of blame come? As a bonus when will the first democrat or EU type chime in?


Friday, December 02, 2005

he didn’t want to be remembered as just a number

WRAL.com - News - N.C. Inmate Becomes 1,000th Person Executed In U.S.

Well how about we remember him as a double murderer—does that sound better?


Thursday, December 01, 2005


Guardian Unlimited | Science | Alarm over dramatic weakening of Gulf Stream
It’s the Guardian again—let’s blame global warming for everything. Apparently the Gulf Stream is slowing down and everyone is going to die and it is going to get colder and it is all because of global warming. They think the slowing down process ahs happened before—gee I wonder what caused it then?

I got yer job right here

If all jobs paid the same and education and training were not an issue,
1) What job would you most want to have?
I actually think I might have it. I get to study what I want to, keep flexible hours and hang out with smart people all day. The only change I might make is either do this in psychology or history.

2) What job would you wish on your least favorite politician?
I wouldn’t want to be the porta-potty pumper outer.

3. Where would each job be?
I think I could teach at a university in Charleston. I want to be near the coast and near a decent sized place. Now to where I wouldn’t want to live—somewhere with bad weather and a very intrusive and pc government.

riddle me a …??? Oh to heck with it
I got a question

Why do the people in charge of buildings persist in the belief that they are working on an average of the outside and inside temps? If it is 45 outside it doesn’t need to be in the 80’s inside.


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