Friday, September 30, 2005

does this mean they can have moron projects?
Wild gorillas spotted using tools for first time - Science - MSNBC.com

I promised change. I didn’t promise the type you can use for anything.

Thursday, September 29, 2005

it’s the self improvement edition of the Thursday Three

1. What language would you most like to speak—thanks for assuming I get by in this one—anyway I’m taking conversational Spanish now. I’ve had it in school so I can read/decode but I want to speak it.
2. Skill?? They are too numerous to mention. They involve being able to paint/draw or perhaps play the fiddle. The desire to master those skills will go with me to the grave.
3. Hi, I’m Jim and I’m a procrastinator—“Hi Jim.” I put things off and make plans that never get done.

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

noep not the latest new song or Bollywood’s latest effort

Hindu Holiday

NYC might create a holiday. To my knowledge this might be a first.
sort of strange thought

A bunch of us old guys were getting dressed after working out and a beeping cell phone is heard. My first thought is was that a cell phone or someone’s pacemarker?


Tuesday, September 27, 2005

this confirms the fears of many
Las Vegas SUN: LA Hospital Halts Liver Tranplant Program

Many seem to fear that organ transplants are going to the highest bidder and in this case apparently one did. The system might make mistakes but at least it is supposed to be equitable.

why is it some people never ever seem to get it???

Las Vegas SUN: Mom Accused of Having Sex With Boys Hurt

People were hurt in the wreck. The woman was letting her 14 year old daughter drive. Only the driver was wearing a seat belt. Does it appear that only a small percent of the people do most of the stupid things and then keep repeating them?

only a few will be fired
Las Vegas SUN: 249 New Orleans Police Officers Left Posts
Only a few and some will be disciplined. They and the union will drag this out and find reasons to keep most everyone—except for a couple they will make examples of.

sort of busy today

It is time to go to meetings and get tests done and teach class and work with coauthors. I hate deadlines even the self imposed ones.


Monday, September 26, 2005

how many times and in how many ways

NOLA.com: T-P Orleans Parish Breaking News Weblog

Can some of us say “I told you so.” Pushing up the expectations of death and harm serves several media purposes.


Saturday, September 24, 2005

file this under the same old same old
Las Vegas SUN: Hundreds Rescued From Flooded Homes in La.

Folks in Louisiana didn’t evacuate, the water got up real high and they are screaming for help. Sound familiar? I guess it is easier to yell and then blame someone than to prepare.

what a twit
I just saw some actor—isn’t it always—on the Charlie Rose Show. When Charlie at least said that Sadam was an evil man this guy remarked something about our president being an evil man. Charlie let that remark go.
I would say this actor should stick to reading scripts but it was like he was. Same drill—big lies—run the country only for the rich—I give thanks daily for the actors who see what is really going on and boldly go on talk shows to protect us.

Sorry the post should have said “two twits.”

Thursday, September 22, 2005

maybe it will work this time

Las Vegas SUN: NYC to Try Installing Public Pay Toilets

This has been proposed before but never really tried or approved. Good luck.

this isn’t really a huge shock

I mean safety usually trumps religion in cases like this. perhaps the next level of courts might see this as discrimination but most likely not.

Las Vegas SUN: Judge Says No Beard for Muslim Firefighter

Greenville must be highly susceptible to rumor

When Katrina was hitting some places ran out of gas here and only here because people panicked and filled up. And bought containers to fill up. They are doing it again—today. The way they react to the threat of snow in the winter I’m not surprised. I know people who will eat one carton of eggs and a gallon of milk a week who will buy three of each when a 2-inch snow is predicted.

the Thursday three

1. Name three events that occurred in your life that you look back on occasionally and wonder how things might have turned out if you had done something different.
Sounds like the plot of many movies. I transferred from Auburn at the end of my sophomore year. My grades went up, I met faculty members who encouraged me get a Ph. D. and I broke up with my girlfriend. What would have happened who knows? On a related topic I wasn’t even considering Ole Miss for grad school until a professor in another department overheard me talking about graduate school. He got my grades and scores for my advisor and took them the department chair. Thus they found me. When I met my future wife I was working at Pizza Hut and didn’t get off until about midnight or later. We knew of each other but didn’t know each other—what if she hadn’t been working the 3-11 shift at the hospital. Perhaps we never would have gotten to know each other and eventually gone out.

2. Back in the past—is a professor sort of like a scribe. If so then I want to be back in the Egyptian days. When some knowledge was new. Maybe I would even see a possum like architect.

3. Hard to say – I tend to live a pretty balanced life. That means when one area is good the others might suck but it tends to balance out. Work and learning are important to me—not as important as God and family but very important.


Wednesday, September 21, 2005

the only thing that has changed is that I’m busy

I’m still dull, fat and not really interesting. I however remain nice and sweet and you can dress me up and take me some places.


Monday, September 19, 2005

first charisma transplant still being studied

USATODAY.com - Plans advancing for world's first face transplant

However the personality bypass has pretty much been perfected.

no slack picked up here

Mr. Possum is off today and I might as well be. Online course stuff to do; research meetings; meetings about the potential class blog, a workout and a mediation. Too full of an agenda for an old guy.

I almost forgot—the ever popular filing out of permission to travel forms.

Friday, September 16, 2005

the ones from Salter Path, Atlantic Beach and Indian Beach are nearest to us
Slideshow: Ophelia

We tend to vacation there or take long weekends. The church camp and conference center is in Salter Path. My house to there is 80 something miles.


Thursday, September 15, 2005

this could even lead back to here
Terry Long's death tied to football injuries - PittsburghLIVE.com

He played for ECU back in the day. Was a good player too as evidenced by his tenure in the NFL.

YEA! The T squared is back

-it was gone? [whispered]

Well any way let me first preface this by stating that my community lived through this photobucket display. a few of these are from my town the rest are less than 45 minutes away.

So to the answers:
1. I keep two stores of emergency stuff. One if we can stay in the house and this involves gallons of water, batteries, gas for the generator, food that doesn’t go bad, gas for the grill, gas in the cars and enough medicines that I don’t have to get anything from the drug store for a week. Yes I know from experience that these things are needed. They say I gal. per day per person for 5 days. Make that 7. BTW fill up the tubs—this ill allow you to flush—a very important thing.

The travel kit is used if I have to work communications for a shelter—battery TV, flashlight, radio, ham radio, water, snacks, tp, sleeping bag, towel change of clothes and at the last I’ll throw the meds in. –don’t forget the toothpaste and mouthwash.
You might think we over prepare but go to this--Hurricane Floyd Photo Gallery. These pictures are not all of NC but you get the idea. The pictures in photobucket were taken from this site and it has the references.

2. I’m a ham radio operator with his own generator—if nothing else I can communicate. And enough smarts not to do stupid things.
3. For the last 6 years we feel pretty good and we practice this stuff.
we’re fine in Greenville
During the evening the storm got small in diameter and thus spared us some rain and wind. A colleague of mine lives in New Bern and her house was fine although now she has a water view on all four sides. I wonder how the church retreat center/ camp made out. The eye wall pounded it for hours.
Oh-- classes didn't start back until noon today-- mine are at 9:30 and 11-- missed them both but not the office hours and the faculty meeting.

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

winds picking up and finally raining hard

.::. WNCT.COM .::. Greenville, NC | Home

This link will give you the Greenville radar—if anyone cares. We could have had school today but it is getting worse as we speak. I wish that storm would go ahead and move.
Remember the campus cam link to the left.

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

we are closed tomorrow
The threat of the hurricane is enough to keep us from operating. We probably won’t get much but there is really no use putting that many people into one place and cars into lots that will flood.
There will be some that will snipe at the chancellor for closing—you know the type-they’ll rant and rave about how this is nothing—but if it gets to be bad they don’t have to explain to parents why the kids were not given a chance to get out.
I get out of a meeting and office hours—I brought work home just in case but did leave my digital camera at school. I might get it later.
like eating peanuts it’s just too hard to stop
Las Vegas SUN: Blanco: Body Recovery Taking Too Long
They just can’t resist taking shots at FEMA—what in the heck is the state doing. We are expecting only a glance from a CAT ONE here and the command centers are occupied, the National Guard supply troops are in position and the governor is ready.

I wonder if FEMA will collect the brain dead also—then she might want to hide.


Monday, September 12, 2005

recipe time

Get as much cauliflower as you like break it into small pieces [washing first would be nice] sauté the cauliflower in canola oil flavored with butter—great taste and a higher cooking temp—be sure to salt pepper and garlic powder that thing.. When it starts to get soft-- Take that left over chicken breast—the one you grilled last night and cut it into pieces or strips whichever you prefer. And put it into the pan to get warm and about the same time sprinkle on the curry powder.
When everything is warm/hot cut the eye off and put on some sour cream and let it melt for a sauce.
Eat it all up yourself because your wife will not get close to curry.


Time is the price you pay for using AAA. However by the time they got here I might be finished but I’m sure I would have been cursing the tire tool.

I get to check things out today

Maybe some posting on change in the news later but I’m tied up at the moment. After I finish at school and go work out then I get to put two organizations to the test. AAA and Sam’s Club.
My wife had a flat tire this morning and I carried her to work. I just got triple A and they are supposed to change tires for no extra charge—so why do it myself. Sam’s Club offers free fixing of flats so as soon as my tire gets changed it’s off to Sam’s to see if they really do what they say.
My guess is that both will comply but the waiting will negate most benefits.


Friday, September 09, 2005

death toll still less than feared

My Way News
An article that basically says that hopes are up that the toll will be down. There are a few hundred as of now and I’m sorry for them but I still think the predictions of thousands a=is out of line. The next few days will tell.
Yes it has been lonely out on that low total limb.

ABC goes for the Hispanic market

The network will be the first to make all its programming available in Spanish.


Thursday, September 08, 2005

this just in
politicians allowed to lie

Not having to tell the truth in campaign ads is protected speech.

I sure hope this doesn’t affect the state of political discourse.

now this is scary

Las Vegas SUN: Suit Over Student's Death Raises Question

We must treat them as adults but this suit seeks to make the university responsible for a student’s suicide. We are not their parent here—everyone agreed with that years ago. I’m sorry the girl is dead and I’m sorry the parents didn’t see the signs but don’t blame the university.

watch for me on the View and with Katie and Matt
I’ve found the secret—I have the key – I think it involves eating two good meals with salad and meat—playing with the dogs, working out twice in a 24 hour period and getting lots of sleep. i lost 12 pounds over night—I’m gonna write a book –I’m gonna be rich—I’m gonna be famous—unless the scales are wrong—YA THINK?

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

now this is a diet I can live with

Nothing to wine about | The Other Side | Breaking News 24/7 - NEWS.com.au (07-09-2005)

I just don’t think my wife will approve this one.

don’t tell me I don’t work hard
Well maybe I don’t I’ve been here an hour and am now going to work out. But this afternoon I have two hours of training then a 2 hour mediation and then tonight at 7 I’ll hold an online chat for one of my classes.

Just flex timing here.

WOO HOO I love a deal

My wife and I were out shopping last night—looking for batteries and light bulbs and hitting the big places you know Big Lots and Kmart. I’ve been looking for a cheap pair of shoes something to wear to work—I don’t dress up anymore—I found an inexpensive pair at Kmart and then noticed the clearance tag-- $7. they actually fit and feel pretty good—at least for part of the day.


Tuesday, September 06, 2005

busy this morning maybe I can play later in the week

Teaching grading committees meetings and research—well not all today but enough to make me tired already.


Sunday, September 04, 2005

some things never change
The Town Talk - www.thetowntalk.com

Nope not the people complaining –the way the national red cross tends to operate. Our local people were great in 99. however I know of no one who encountered the national people who will donate anything to them this time.

listen to what this man has to say

Guardsmen 'played cards' amid New Orleans chaos: police official - Yahoo! News

because he works for this police department
Law Officers, Overwhelmed, Are Quitting the Force - New York Times

Would that be the department that has several officers in jail for murder?

let me make a prediction

A federal official says the death toll will be in the thousands. This has become like and auction—each one mentioning a higher figure. Well let this fat boy have at it—less than a thousand total. That is counting the people in Mississippi. They are expecting many people to have died in their homes in N. O.—I pray it is not so and I think it is not so. This is from experience—I know that our flood was smaller and effected perhaps less people—but not that many less. Ours rose quickly without warning—and came at night. We lost almost no one caught in their houses. We also had elderly.
I hope I’m right.


Saturday, September 03, 2005

some people just can’t resist

I hoped that a disaster of this magnitude would be free of political point scoring. I was wrong. I find using people in great need for overt political aims to be disgusting.
Those who are doing this are worse than the looters.


Friday, September 02, 2005

update on my internet friend in Mississippi
Much Nothing About Ado

you can read his post but his church is gone—this is a tradition as they lost the old one in 69. he didn’t say how his house came through but his father-in-law in florida has bought his a generator.


Thursday, September 01, 2005

that USB drive keyring thing will actually work

Alice Hill�s Real Tech News - Independent Tech � Talk About a Keychain Drive: Mazda Replaces Keys with USB Drive

I’ll be giving here
Episcopal Relief and Development

We really don’t seem ti be the first in but we tend to stay a while.
Also I’ll be giving to the Salvation Army and any local Baptist Men’s group that is going to feed people. I’ve experienced both during disasters and they do a great job.

Ask me what I think about the National Red Cross.


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