Friday, December 31, 2004

toasting in the new year?
read this tomorrow then

The New York Times > Business > Market Place: Small Wineries Being Acquired by Big Names

Pretty good article on consolidation in the wine industry. This industry has been in turmoil for quite some time and consolidation is a natural result of the economics of the industry.

about an hour left

Not sure if I can stay awake—my neighborhood is dead. Not really a sound except the wind.

only a little over two hours left

Can’t say that I won’t be glad to be rid of 04. The year shad some good things for me but some not so good also.
I probably will not stay up and wait on midnight but if I went to sleep the fireworks would just wake me. Back to reading I guess.

I have a “better” explanation

The New York Times > AP > Science > Bad Equipment Blamed in Tsunami Warnings

They weren’t looking!!! In crisis management we teach that you cannot look everywhere, all the time. To do so would mean that the “real” work of the organization could not go on. Well, since something like this has not happened for about a 100 years or more governments, especially strapped governments, can’t afford to be spending on up to date warning equipment. I know the loss of life was terrible but the risk of not building a system seemed acceptable.
They system would have taken millions of dollars that could be spent on other things. Things that might have prolonged or saved lives.
While I’m saddened by the tragedy, I’m not going to blame officials for not having the system in place. That spending must have been way down the list of the priorities.

Fast food restaurants increasingly take plastic

Strangely, I think the first one I saw do this was at a Micky D’s in Bessemer, AL. Heck, they only got paper money there a few years ago.

Med School doc to help in relief effort

Local doctor set to travel to Indonesia

In the article the doctor, an infectious disease specialist, explains the “catch 22” nature of the process of disease and water contamination, fairly well.

new year’s eve blogging

Since I’m here without much to do—think I might do some blogging as the time approaches. All that is on the agenda is getting back to that juggling thing. I didn’t stick with it a few months ago and was going to do that while in florida. Well, it’s time I got back to it—even though I’m not in florida.


Thursday, December 30, 2004

who thinks up these dumb questions
I mean the ones the Possum comes up with are much better

Well anyway here goes:

1. Best present given/got. I got a new gas grill but a problem with the regulator has kept it from being used yet. The best present I gave was one of the least expensive. On Christmas Eve I was walking through Target and saw a tan/earth tone sleep shirt market down. It looked warm and very soft. I got it as a throw in to Christmas. I’m not sure that my wife wasn’t still wearing it when she and my son left for Florida on the 27th. She loved it.
2. Worst? Given the weight gain from the prednisone—the giving of stuff that will not fit was a pain. Also getting my wife a good looking black skirt—that of course didn’t fit right.
3. I got me a small table saw. They had them on sale at Lowes and I got one. It was only $75 including tax, cheap enough so I don’t really have to use it all the time. I also will get some music later as Santa didn’t gift me with any this year. Although I did mention Sara Evans, a lot.

another fun day

Yep we are on break but work does go on—that and other things. I went to the doctor’s office this morning and there is a chance I won’t have to take the prednisone again this time. I gained 20 pounds this fall while on it. So keep your fingers crossed.
I’m in the office while my son’s car is being inspected. I need to rewrite and update an article for submission to a journal. We presented a version of this work but have added some statistical tests and also looked at different things in the data set. It is a different paper but still based on the same work. I hate putting the references in the different form—what a pain.


Wednesday, December 29, 2004

this is a change I don’t like to comment on
10News.com - Entertainment - Jerry Orbach, Award-Winning Star Of 'Law & Order,' Dies

His was a great character and he portrayed him well.


Tuesday, December 28, 2004

are you interested in cooking?
how about the simple science of cooking?

The New York Times > Science > Flour, Eggs, Sugar, Chocolate . . . Just Add Chemistry

Well, this article is for you. This lady was/is on the Good Eats show with Alton Brown. She has a book or two out there and is fun and interesting.
I enjoy learning how the things I like to cook actually come together in that way.

One interesting thing in this story is the part on sifting. We have all been told that we need to sift the ingredients so they will be evenly distributed in the cake dry goods. Well, looks like a spoon will do better—thought so.

I’m from Washington and I’m here to help

The New York Times > AP > National > Rural Emergency Crews Fear Proposed Rules

No really, don’t you want the EMS people to be better trained and be able to do more life saving things? Don’t you want them to be the “best”, well I thought so.
What? You mean some of them are volunteers and live in rural areas and don’t have time to double the training requirements—well I just guess that’s too bad—must have the best—national standards you know.


Sunday, December 26, 2004

even North Dakota and Mississippi gained

Las Vegas SUN: Mass. Only State With Shrinking Population

This speaks volumes. Only one state actually lost population. The article mentioned the job market. Taxes and the high cost of lining had to have something to do with it.

well—the ice and snow is here

check out the cam from the university stadium. WITN | Pirate Cam

Florida can wait
at least for one day

WITN | Another Blast Of Winter Weather?

We’re going to get some ice and snow. It’s supposed to be worse along I-95. Right —our route. After last January I don’t walk on the ice much less drive. My sister-in-law can wait a day. We’ll leave Monday morning.


Saturday, December 25, 2004

a few services and then some service

We did the three services and had a good time—dinner at the Chinese place seemed to go well. My fellow deacon appeared to enjoy himself although I’m not sure he fully realized where he was.
After the last service my wife brought in the food box we had been collecting and just in time as the church was out. A woman showed up at the church as we were letting out and asked for money for a place to stay and food. We gave the food the bishop gave the money and my wife and I took her to the place. It was in a “bad” section of town--- I hope she will be OK. All this at about one in the morning.

Who knows as the old country song goes maybe the Christ came to visit us last night.


Friday, December 24, 2004

Merry Christmas

A little shopping and running around this morning then three church services later today. 3:00; 7:00 and the midnight service. For those who want to know the midnight service really starts about 10:30.

Between the seven and 10:30 services we are going to eat with our rector and his wife. We are bringing my friend the other deacon [the one with dementia] . Most likely we will also run into other friends at the Chinese place.

So, until tomorrow [maybe]—have a Merry Christmas--- everyone.


Thursday, December 23, 2004

I guess it’s a sign of getting older

I have to go bring my present home from the store. I’m getting a new gas grill from Lowes. Yep, Christmas + gas grill = old fart.

Lots of shopping today—finishing up. Hope to post something later—maybe. BTW it’s raining here today and will get cold tonight and tomorrow—however the moisture is leaving before the cold arrives. Or so the prediction goes.


Wednesday, December 22, 2004

now this is a real unfreezing moment

al.com: NewsFlash - Hoover theater screens movies in Spanish

Don’t think I’ve encountered this before. The bilingual signs at places are one thing; the cable channels another but spansih language movies—now we’re talking.

This would seem to indicate that this population is growing and is no longer to stay invisible. Invisible meaning at work or Wal-Mart. This also would mean that someone thinks that they now have enough leisure time money to go to the movies that would be a change in and of itself. It will be interesting to see how this works out.


Tuesday, December 21, 2004

bring out your dead

Las Vegas SUN: Roll Call of Notables Who Died in 2004

A list of the “notables” that died in the last year. Not many huge names there but a lot of “oh yeah—I remember her” and “what ever happened to him” type people. For example I knew that Crick had died but didn’t know that Wilkins had followed a few months later.

Too bad about the “notables” that die between now and the first—they get caught up in other news.

woo hoo -- a possibility of a white Christmas

Weather to warm then bring slight chance of a White Christmas

They had one up here in the 80’s while we were in Alabama that year. In Alabama we had about enough to cover the ground and it melted by noon. Almost perfect. The best thing is the occasional flurries you get on the way home from midnight service.

I find this kind of sad

The New York Times > Science > Song of the Sea, a Cappella and Unanswered

the revolution continues

The New York Times > AP > Technology > Broadband Use Surpasses Dial - Up in U.S.

Now it is really just more evolutionary. I hope on this trip home I’ll find some access.

they keep finding new uses for this drug
The Beaufort Gazette: Remicade approved for spinal illness

My wife wants me to investigate using it myself. However, the possible liver damage, the costs and the fact that I stay pretty much under control with Asacol and the flare-up time of prednisone keep me from asking about it.

what kind of mall parker are you?
The Beaufort Gazette: Survey defines four kinds of mall parkers

I love research!

so who is going to pay for all the burned out bulbs?
Malfunction Junction to get flashing speed detectors

how about a double hit

I got two calls this morning—one with the estimate of what it will cost to repair the car my son hit--$2600 and the other call from my wife telling me what the dealer wanted to charge for some 60,000 mile service-- $1200. yep I’m a happy camper. I think the dealer and I are going to have a talk.


Monday, December 20, 2004

coffee bar opened at the Vatican

Yahoo! News - St Peter's opens "basilica bar"

No word on wireless internet access.

we have snow!!!

At my house we have about 1.5 to two inches and the roads look icy. Given what happened to me last year [check the Jan. archives] I’m not leaving the house, at least by the front steps.
I just might be blogging today bit everyone seems to take off when Terry does.


Friday, December 17, 2004

I’m home doing nothing

later I’ll go in and work but for now maybe I’ll watch a history channel thing and try out the new speakers in the playroom.


Thursday, December 16, 2004

I’m done

Yep done with grades for the semester. Not done with work as I have to spend tomorrow working on a paper that has to be emailed on Sunday. I could do it tonight but probably will just sit around feeling good about getting the last of the grades in.

then I suggest we ask them if they want o clean up the mess
Fort St. John - canada.com network

Because I’m shooting them down over Canadian territory.

it’s the holiday edition of the Thursday three

Boy do these questions suck this week! What? Well, maybe they aren’t so bad, I guess.

1. The tree—growing up we had a mixture of the metal ones—just like the head Possum, and real fire hazards. About three years ago we went with a fake tree [well it’s real plastic]. This fake tree ended the most long standing of traditions—the Jim yells and cusses when the tree will not get straight and level in the stand. We put the tree up whenever, as neither my wife nor I like them up early and I’m a lazy procrastinator. My wife likes it to come down by Jan. 1 but for church reasons I like it to stay until 6 Jan.
2. Shopping—my wife is like Terry’s she will buy all year. I buy at the last minute. However, this year I’ll buy earlier as I heard that the stores don’t discount the last four days as they think we are desperate. One problem with buying early is if the unforeseen happens. Back in the early 80’s my wife’s best friend was killed in a car wreck, in June. When her family was cleaning out the condo they found my Christmas present—she had bought it in the spring. I guess that is good because I can’t look at those mugs [fancy or Irish coffee] without thinking of her.
3. Travel.—we have had Christmas in Alabama, North Carolina, Mississippi and Florida. When the last of the parents died we wither have Christmas in NC or go to Fl. This year we will leave on the 26th to go there. Some years we have transported everything. Yep, Santa used to send stuff UPS to make sure the boy wouldn’t see it.


Wednesday, December 15, 2004

again the herd gets thinned

The New York Times > AP > National > Man Charged With Shooting Friend on Dare

this merger might actually make sense

The New York Times > Business > Sprint and Nextel to Merge, Creating Big Wireless Player

Sprint gets business customers and Nextel gets in the sprint network.


Tuesday, December 14, 2004

yep I'm still grading and I'm having loads of fun
I’m still grading the exams from yesterday

I’m great at putting off tasks I don’t care for.

fighting the good fight on autism

The New York Times > Health > In Autism, New Goal Is Finding It Soon Enough to Fight It

I’m not a medical researcher but I don’t know if they will ever find out about autism. I pray they will but at least to me prospects remain grim.

well, they better be concerned

WRAL.com - News - Christmas Tree Growers Not Concerned About People Going Artificial
this could hurt them as their whole profit was my late fees from my family
The Beaufort Gazette: Blockbuster plans to end late fees in 2005

Monday, December 13, 2004

let me go out on a limb and make a prediction here

The Casper Star-Tribune

Colorado is increasing the cigarette tax about 64 cents a pack.

Oh I don’t know but there might be some smuggling. Bet they didn’t really consider it.

this could be a real useful tool

The Beaufort Gazette: Test predicts who will benefit from chemo

If accurate this test could save some people from the effects of chemo and encourage others who might have skipped it. With a different cancer, they’re trying to decide if my friends needs chemo. The docs are of several minds.

gosh this is a surprise!—who would ever have thought that

The Beaufort Gazette: Sweets often to blame for holiday pounds
mainly this demonstrated the power of the MSM

The Beaufort Gazette: Flu shot supply grows, but demand withers

The more they played up the “shortage” the more some people just had to have a flu shot. Some people I work with were that way. Also it was a convenient way for some to blast the administration. I knew people who had never had a shot before that were “panicked” over the possibility of not getting one.

it must be to pay for the birds
al.com: NewsFlash - Alabama Power takes rate increase to PSC
By way of explanation, the birds in question are cartoons that advertise Alabama Power. I saw them while in town for Uncle Bob’s funeral. They aren’t as bad a Terry made them out to be—really.

I’m a gradin’
I’m a testin’

Not as much fun as pickin' & grinnin' but it is what I have to get done today. Will play later if I get the chance.

It seems that this is the busiest time of the year for me. Tests to make out, give, grade and final grades to assign. [yep the stair method is just old school] I also have a paper to write and get in the email by the 19th. The data were only coded last week.
So it is pre-christmas fun.


Sunday, December 12, 2004

batteries are always the weak link
this new technology might be a step forward

Yahoo! News - Oxyride Battery to Be Sold in the U.S.


Friday, December 10, 2004

exam blogging

They are taking an exam, well it’s really like a test, and I’m blogging. I need to do some grading so I’ll just say hello for now. I have at least one or two incidents to report from the trip to Alabama and most likely will wait until Monday for those.
This weekend is busy with graduation ceremonies, yep we have them before finals are over. Otherwise no one would attend.


Thursday, December 09, 2004

I've been here

al.com - Death Notices

Monday, December 06, 2004

flash this just in
republicans better at marketing

The New York Times > Washington > How to Sell a Candidate to a Porsche-Driving, Leno-Loving Nascar Fan

Republicans used some basic ideas about marketing and communications in the last election. Really new stuff –like spend your money to reach the people you want to reach.

this might be good news

The Beaufort Gazette: Scientists reverse paralysis in dogs

It uses a chemical process not biological. Probably will not get much ink as it doesn’t relate to stem cells and thus can’t be used to bash people with more traditional values.


Friday, December 03, 2004

NO!!! now what will unthinking bureaucrats require people to purchase?

The New York Times > AP > Technology > IBM Reportedly Selling PC Business

The New York Times > Science > Evidence on Cold Fusion Remains Inconclusive, New Review Finds

The findings were not all negative. Hmmmm.

we are getting a new coach
The New York Times > AP > Sports > East Carolina Hires Skip Holtz

Well, new to us. I think he is a good choice but would have like Ole Miss to have fired their coach sooner so he could interview here.

gosh that would mean it is a republican volcano

The Beaufort Gazette: Mount St. Helens is state's top polluter


Thursday, December 02, 2004

a busy day

I’m still dealing with my cold/sinus/something as Mr. possum wouldn’t take it off my hands. I’m working on some non-work stuff—well sorta.
I’m putting something together for a charity auction –it goes off tomorrow night.
However, in the last 15 minutes I have gotten a call telling me that my uncle is in intensive care and probably will not make it and that my 17 year old son just backed his car into a parked car.

Can I have a do over?


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