Sunday, May 30, 2004

some sort of harmonic convergence

I helped my wife clean the garage today. We loaded the back of the ranger full of stuff that at one time “we just had to have”. We are a wasteful people. Cleaning the garage was made necessary by the need to clean the rest of the house. With the garage full, there was no room for the yard sale stuff, to leave the upstairs, thus nothing was moving through the process. We worked all day, I realized that when I smoked I took more frequent breaks but that is another story.
What about the convergence you say?
Well, right near the end of the day, after the truckload of stuff had been moved, including the 32 inch Sony lost to lightning. My neighbor’s TV, remember. Well, back to the convergence. At the end of the day something came together. At the same moment in space/time a wire brush, old rusted metal pots that mean something to my wife and I all were within 20 feet of each other. Being the animate and thinking one, I noticed and got the brush and went after the pots. They had been rusting for years, so why now- it’s the convergence, that’s the best explanation for doing something stupid that also hurts your forearms. I at least got the big pieces off and will work on them tomorrow afternoon.


Saturday, May 29, 2004

shakeout of low carb producers

Las Vegas SUN: Low-Carb Industry Expects Shakeout

Didn’t we all know this was coming? The smaller niche players, who did a good job, are going to be replaced by the large producers and retailers. This is the way of the world. The small can survive if they are good enough and grow large enough or keep a really focused segment. I hope some of the companies make it. Many of the larger ones just seem to take a little flour out of the mix and call anything low carb. They did the same thing with low fat and fat free and Light or “lite”


Friday, May 28, 2004

some headlines are too stupid

The New York Times > National > Neb. Building, Man Clash Over U.S. Flag

Man fights building—I’ll bet the architects never planned on that.

stop the presses—we don’t have presses we’re the alternative
Well, anyway a jury in L.A. ruled for a drug company in a wrongful death case

The New York Times > National > Jury Rejects Claim That Drug Caused Death

Has this ever happened before? Too bad, for the plaintiffs this wasn’t Alabama. A jury there would have ruled the company caused the 2 deaths, global warming and the Civil War.

a busy day so far—trips all over town and even to Hooters

I think I’ll lead with the big one. A friend and colleague retired a couple of us were taking him to lunch. [nothing too extravagant for you is there?; ed.] He had never been to a Hooters anywhere much less Hooters of Greenville. Well, neither had the other guy, I was the experienced one—I had been once in Myrtle Beach—with my wife and son. The food is actually good I had the Delta Cobb Salad, with grilled chicken. One of the guys had ribs and the other the steak sandwich. Check out the take=out menu here--Hooters.com :: Hooters Takeout Menu. A take-out menu at Hooters sort of defeats the purpose.
Yes the girls were attractive but given where I work it was not a big deal. I think I had seen a couple of them on campus before. The only real difference in the hooters girls and those of campus is makeup and spandex. But really the food is good and reasonably priced in comparison to places like Ruby’s and such. My wife and I will probably go back. The salad was actually very good.

Much running around today: getting money for my son so he could go out of town with a friend’s family. He will be at the beach all weekend. Picked up the ibook from some warranty work. It is two years old and has been used everyday of its life.
Also went by the library to get a book on Hitler’s inner circle—it’s thick and should last the long weekend—[at you reading speed you should live long enough to finish it—ed.]. I also check out a couple of CD’s. It looks like an oldies weekend. I got this one Tapestry . This was a must have record in the early 70’s. I also got The Association's Greatest Hits. Hot damn, a reliving my youth weekend.
I needed to get another copy of this one-- Henryk Gorecki: Symphony No.3 Opus 36. It’s a bit of modern classical music that is haunting in many ways. I really like it; many don’t. It seems there is no middle ground on this one.

NASCAR on Long Island
The New York Times > New York Region > Staten Island, Start Your Engines: Nascar May Be on Its Way

No need to discuss this we said it last week.

change the starting time of the Indy 500?
that’s a really good idea

The New York Times > Sports > Indy 500 Considering Later Start Time

The early starting time means that many of us who go to church have a difficult time watching the race on TV. And if it’s not all about me it is all about TV. This will hurt the people trying to do a double in the 500 and the 600 but that’s only about two people. I like the idea.


Thursday, May 27, 2004

on a serious note
Not better written but serious

I took communion to my friend and fellow vocational deacon on Tuesday. He was his old self—for seven minutes or so. Then the repeat cycle kicks in; the conversation starts again. It is sad. He was able to do most parts of the reserved sacrament service from the prayer book by himself and he seemed to enjoy that. Tomorrow he goes to assisted living.
Some of us had a meeting tonight to help plan his long term care. One of his friends has power of attorney and it is needed. When he gets settled and the house gets sold we will probably petition the courts for guardians. Here they name two—a guardian of person, this one makes the personal and medical decisions. The guardian of estate is in control of the finances. Unless things change I will be tapped as the guardian of estate. The plan is for both of us to consult about things and to start doing it now.
You don’t know how much I hate this, as in that seven minute period he is well enough to know what is wrong. BTW he is another member of the redneck diaspora.

working on the stick system

We need a reliable system to measure how badly we don’t want to do something. People are saying things like “I’d rather be whupped by a stick.” Well, we need to work on that. I think if we hold the velocity of the stick constant we can then concentrate on the diameter of the stick. The density of the stick will also have to be held constant.
Then things like Mercy’s comment that she was staying up with 20 youth in a church lock-in, could be measured with the system. No accurate measurement is needed just sort of gauge it by holding up your hands.
Someone with more physics and a more technical background needs to work on this.
We need measurements for comparison purposes [these are not to be confused with companion porpoises, which are used to help vision impaired swimmers].

addicted to blogging?
Or addicted to reading blogs?

The New York Times > Technology > Circuits > For Some, the Blogging Never Stops

Not too bad. It did say that one reason many of the blogs are abandoned is the realization that no one is reading them.
The article is not bad and doesn’t seem to try and put down. It really tries to understand.
But it doesn’t mention us

the windmills of New York or Long Island, as the case may be

The New York Times > New York Region > 39 Ocean Windmills Are Planned to Expand Power on L.I.

Power is in short supply but ain’t the sky clear. These are to be ocean windmills maybe they won’t disturb the view.

sometimes, just sometimes you get what you want

The New York Times > National > Execution for Man Who Sought Death

A man in a Florida prison was put to death, yesterday. He had killed another inmate because he wanted a death sentence. He was in for sexual assault on a child and for life with no parole. He didn�t want that sentence, so the murder. Sorry for the other guy but glad this one got what he was after.

and now ladies and gentlemen

I kno0w you have been waiting all week for the T3. Why do you think I I sprinted to get a new computer by today? I wouldn’t want to miss the opportunity to answer these questions. I grew up in Bessemer and work at a university, you want to know if I’ve seen characters. Don’t know anymore what is normal, if there is such a thing.

1. Most peculiar person I personally know. Like I said working at a university that leaves lots of choices. We have Mr. Sunshine. He can find the dark cloud on any pretty day. Consistently the most negative man I have ever met. He blames the system for all the problems. As in -- beautiful day isn’t it Mr. Sunshine? --not for those under the boot of the man, never a good day for those forced to clean toilets. This guy is loads of fun. His running buddy is an antidemocratic elitist. This guy thinks the libertarians make too many concessions to the masses. But I guess the strangest was probably the mother of a school acquaintance. She was an unreconstructed Trotskyite. Severe shoes, unshaved legs and called all of us who were mean to her sonny, fascists. Really she read all the commie stuff and it was all over the house. The son tried to be normal but it was a struggle.

2. What characteristics do I process that are “strange” . well I’m the opposite of Mr.
Possum, don’t really need you or any animate object for a conversation. I will talk to people in line. Hell, I even talk to people on the New York subway. You actually meet some nice people that way. As a side benefit, you get to make the quiet people uneasy.. Without an education, some upbringing and a modicum of social presence I could be one of the “hey you” guys on the street.

3. I did vote for Ross in 1992. I tend to vote fairly conservative, mostly republicans and some libertarians. The odd democrat.

I did forget, steering wheel guy. He wasn’t really strange, he was truly off. MR and crazy. Well, steering wheel guy would walk around town holding a car steering wheel, just like he was driving. He used turn signals and everything. He even parked his wheel in a place and put money in the meter. I was downtown one day when someone parked on top of his “car” he lost it-- yelling and started crying, a local cop came and made the man move, said steering wheel guy had paid for the space.
I could also tell stories about my mother and my father’s family but don’t need to relive that.

having fun with the new computer

At about nine this morning I should be getting a call from my bank. I pay bills by computer, not hand carried like someone we know. Well, since I'm moving from the mac to the pc, I'm going to move to microsoft money. That means I have to set up my account all over again and none of the old stuff will transfer. It probably wouldn't even if I was using the same program. Looks like a lot of work and talking with the tech support people.

Also, I'm finding the feel of this new HP keyboard not entirely wonderful. However, the thing does seem to make CD's easily and later we will try some video.

"I'm still big it's the videos that got small"
idiot stays on Atkins diet for two years

The New York Times > National > Dieter Sues Atkins Estate and Company

His health was harmed. Then why didn't the fool stop. No, he and the vegan group helping him would rather sue. What do they think they can do, pass a law making eating meat against the law. You know i think they do. I guess they hope also hope some stupid jury will hold the Atkins group guilty for this man's two years of being an idiot. That's Ok he now is a stupid ass.
new computer is up and running

I think it will be OK. However, learning a new video editor and DVD creator will be a pain. Some people say that windows movie maker 2.0 is a lot like the first of second iMovie. I hope there is a "missing manual" book. Will keep you posted.

Wednesday, May 26, 2004

I’m off

Hey! That didn’t sound right. I’m off to work out, go by the church to take the communion kit back to the church. The one I used yesterday is not as fancy as the top one, its vessels are ceramic. After the church then to school for a while, to the bank and then perhaps to buy the new computer.


Tuesday, May 25, 2004

no I don't know why the post below is in bold?
I also don't know why it rambles and makes so little sense.

lighting update

I helped my neighbor get his new TV from BestBuy. I probably will get the HP package from CircuitCity. When I add the extended warranty (which covers lightening) it will come to about 1000 dollars. I love spending money.
I wanted another package from emachines but they got stupid. They call the thing a multimedia machine and don’t put a firewire connector on the machine. I really don’t know how to get the video from my camcorder to the computer except by firewire. Maybe they think all of us want to spend another $75 and personally install the card, plug and adapter. I don’t, so I’ll go with the HP with the firewire on the front.
For those of you also using firewire, the Sony desktop is just about as stupid. They put the 6 pin connector on the back of the machine where is will be difficult to get to and put the 4 pin on the front. The four pin is usually on the camcorder or converter box. What do I need one on the computer for and on the front.

Well, anyway back to the lightening. You can see in my neighbor’s yard where the strike was. Grass all torn up but didn’t really hurt the trees. It was close, only about 40 feet or so to his front door. Could have been much worse. He thinks his damage also came in on the cable and the things like his stereo were fine.

I might have found a way to afford a mac

It just might be too expensive however. Also, the mac will be about $150 over what an HP would be and would only have an 80 gig hard drive. The HP has 160. However, I would not have to learn any new software but $150 is $150 right

blogging will be light today

I running off the tablet PC the school lets me have. I don’t like leaving it up and connected all the time, so I won’t be on all that much.
I also have to take communion to another Episcopal deacon, he is in the hospital. Physically, he’s OK but his mind is to the point of being gone. The dementia is getting worse; not really Alzheimer’s but sort of like that. He might or might not know who I am. I may also be asked to take over his power of attorney; I don’t want to do this but I might have to.

Pray for us both.


Monday, May 24, 2004

let me see if I can do this like an old style sportscaster
that means very few verbs

Last night
Big storm
Much crash & boom
Very close
Cable modem---fried
Wireless access point fried
Ethernet connection on my iMac---fried
Perhaps new computer
Much $$$
Much joy
More tomorrow


Saturday, May 22, 2004

it was bound to happen

Las Vegas SUN: Newly Married Lesbian Couple Files Suit

The marriage sets up the spouse to collect. Didn’t you just know trial lawyers would make out like bandits.
It was ever so!

just a fun filled Saturday in East Carolina

Full of working out, wal-marting and installing a ceiling fan. Not sure if the ceiling fan will make it today as I need a nap. No, really, I didn’t get much sleep last night. I really do need to rest for a while.
I need to be sharp with the fan. We’re trying to keep the current light fixture, hope it fits. I think they’re supposed to be standard sized mounts but who really knows. [the possum might know—ed.] hmmm the possum knows!
Also, I refuse to turn off the electricity at the breaker I think it should work fine from the wall fixture. Shouldn’t hurt me a bit.


Friday, May 21, 2004

is it just me or does Lyle Lovett look a lot like Lance Armstrong. Maybe they’re cousins or maybe it’s some sort of strange Texas thing.
I met 50% of my goals

I didn’t break 90 but also didn’t get heatstroke. I came closer to the stroke than to breaking 90. Couldn’t drive the ball at all today. Let me try a few phrases to describe how I played today—like a dog; like a spastic monkey or like normal.

On another topic, let me brag on my son a little. Last night was his high school’s spring sports banquet. He was names the MVP of the tennis team and made all conference again. For a 16 junior, he plays well. I stopped being able to beat him when he was about 10 or 11. we will hit together now but the talent difference is too great for us to really play.


Thursday, May 20, 2004

I’m taking the day off
so nothing from me until late tomorrow

Nope not working, not hitting a lick at a snake unless I hit a golf ball near one. I really wouldn’t hit a snake; I always just let the snake have the ball. That is much better than hitting them—get the snakes interested in the game, get them hooked; that’ll be real painful.
So, if you’re coming here in an effort to procrastinate, sort of like learning to juggle, I’ll be of no help. I’ll be here-- Cotton Valley Golf Club Valley Tarboro North Carolina Golf Course.

I’ll be the one trying to break 90 while avoiding a sunstroke..

well, off to practice my Juggling

Now that is a sentence you don’t get to type often, unless you work in the circus or are a mime or something.
That juggling stuff is hard is you had the reflexes of an old man—when you were young. It does get worse with age. It will be a real challenge when I add that second ball.
What – you mean eventually I have to use at least three? Well-snot.

the abstract she is submitted

Finally, got that thing uploaded to the organization’s site. The process was actually pretty neat. T was a complete paperless process, if you don’t count the screen that orders “print this for your records”.
Probably not going in tomorrow, I will play golf. However, next week it is time to hit the online course and start entering more data for the big alcoholic manager study.
Boy and girls don’t you wish you lived the exciting life of a college professor. If I hear one more Arts & Science type refer to it as “a life of the mind”, I think I’ll throw up. It’s not that it isn’t somewhat true but they get this far-away look in the eyes when saying it. It is nice to be paid to use your mind; just look at some of the bodies here and you’ll see we had no choice.

yes Mr. & Mrs. America and all the ships at sea
it’s time for my answers to the Thursday three

Direct from the fevered brain (walnut sized) of a certain possum; we have a set of questions that involve cars and roads. You would have thought he would just stay away from that subject. Well anyway here goes:

1. Is the expansion of NASCAR a good thing? Let me rephrase the question. Is ignoring and alienating a large part of your current and loyal fan base, in the pursuit of profits that might or might not be with you in a few years a good thing. I’m probably wrong but I think this is not forward looking but a short-term money grab.
But you have to remember I’m and old guy with fond memories of going to races with my aunt and uncle. We would go to Montgomery on Saturday night and to BIR on Sunday. I watched bobby, Donnie and Red. So don’t take my races off to some sushi chomping west coast types who will tire of it soon.

2. Race Bannon? Is he or not. Well, I’m a little old to have watched much of this and don’t really know. However, I think he’s now a bishop in the Episcopal Church.
3. Have I ever run a real honest to goodness race? This might surprise you given that at present I weigh in the 170’s and that is as light as I have been since I was about 12 or 13. not going to be much racing around here …. [wait on it] but—while a freshman at the loveliest village, back in the dark ages, fraternity pledges were required to run the AU-cakerace. It was either 2.7 or 3.2 miles but who’s counting? Three of us staged the finish in 1968. We finished at the stadium with almost a full lap around the track. With about 150 yards to go I took off, followed closely by one of the others, sprinting [?] for the finish. So, I finished third form last but by god I did finish.


Wednesday, May 19, 2004

yea! I get to go home now, yea!

I’ve finally finished putting the references in order and getting the proper ones in the proper places. And let’s not forget making the form just so. I hate this part of research. Next time I’ll get my grad assistant to do this—oh’ yes I will.
I still have to make any corrections my coauthor finds and email this
piece of cr
I mean this masterpiece of modern behavioral management research.

yes I’m back at work and yes that’s not too smart

Found out that the reference material had been left home, so went home for a while. I couldn’t get my mind on work there so back to the office.
What a great Wednesday night; listening to Nora Jones and putting references in some sort of modified APA style.

yes I’m working

Writing this abstract would be easier if I were more familiar with the English language. Some people need an editor not this fat guy. I need a translator. Wait until my coauthor sees this one.

Cracker Jack out—Crunch ‘n Munch in

The New York Times > New York Region > Yankees Cut Cracker Jack From Lineup

Traditionalists are bitching; others are munching & crunching. Cracker jack are not a popular as the newer stuff, apparently. What we need to do is update the song; how about
“buy me some sushi and Monterey Jack. Yeah that’s the ticket healthy snacks.

science be damned—we have to blame somebody

The New York Times > Science > Panel Finds No Evidence to Tie Autism to Vaccines

No evidence but some parents are protesting. I’m really sorry for them. Having an autistic child must be a never ending living hell but that does not mean that someone is at fault. Stuff happens and sometimes it happens to you.

the end of an era

The New York Times > Arts > ABC Appoints Vargas to Replace Walters

Barbara Walters will be replaced on 20/20.I think they chose well. Vargas should be good.

abstract day

No nothing about art or thought but today is the day to send the abstract of the paper. The deadline is tomorrow; I need to get it in the ole email today. I should not take but an hour or so; I always miss my targets, it will probably take all day. After that I’m going home to teach myself to juggle. No really.


Tuesday, May 18, 2004

I’m not going to play much today

I have some work to do and I am just about fed up with everything. Right now I’m about half way between depression and anger.


Monday, May 17, 2004

some of this is too precious

The New York Times > Dining & Wine > Good Eating: A Taste of Asparagus
NY Times article, really series of short paragraphs telling how various NY restaurants are using asparagus. Some are OK some are over the top, at least for my home cooking.
I finally tried some grilled the other night. Wal-Mart had asparagus on sale (just chew on that juxtaposition for a while) so we bought some. My wife steamed about half and we had that with butter, Mmmmm. I took a few and put on a little olive oil and kosher salt; then to the grill. It was hot for the steaks so the asparagus cooked quickly and charred up well. It was great, more tonight—we had some left.

one of my favorite shows doomed, doomed I tell you

The New York Times > Arts > NBC to Add Five Series for the Fall

Scroll down and you will see that Dennis Farina will join the cast of “Law & Order”. It would seem the Jerry Orbach spin-off was not ready and perhaps he has been replaced on the show.

Why is it doomed, well, even though some of us love Dennis Farina, he is a ratings black hole. The numbers just get sucked down and down until the show disappears.

not time to panic yet

We will let you know when.
The New York Times > Business > Toys "R" Us Reports Increased Loss

Loss was greater than last year but margins were improved. Sales were down but that was attributed to some inventory dumps by people going out of business. Don’t really expect the first quarter to be great for this business. If next Christmas is still bad, then panic.

stop the presses—turn on the bluelight

The New York Times > Business > Kmart Reports $93 Million Profit

For the second quarter in a row, Kmart makes a profit. It does not appear to be because of a special on smoke and mirrors. Looks like good ole efficiency might be the deal. The thing that troubles me and some of the analysts is that same store sales continue to fall. However, this is an average for same store sales and further analysis will be needed.

could I be a bigger idiot??

I spent part of the morning modifying a questionnaire for use in the “gay manager” study. That was OK but then had to write out the forms for the IRB. That’s the Institutional Review Board; if you remember they are the folks that make sure out research isn’t harming anyone. They really are a good group.
Well, they require some stuff including the questionnaire, how it is going to be administered and a description of the project. This description will form the basis of the abstract—to be sent Wednesday. [I promise-ed.] I worked getting the description just so—including much of what I was reading over the weekend. It was only a page or so but a great one[OK good;maybe fair; acceptable for me-to be honest]. Welll, guess which professor, Ph.D. type guy didn’t save it or print it out. Also guess which one didn’t notice it until it was no longer in the last four docs opened. Boy am I smart or what.
Redid it—it’s even better now—oh yes it is.
I looked upon and saw that it was good. Now i'm going to rest from all the work that I have done.
Nap time!

antenna is up but not connected

We got the thing in place it does stick up a long way. The tilt mount works, even with one person. However, we couldn’t’ tune the antenna, an iterative process, because I didn’t have enough coax. I can order more and use a barrel connector to make it work. Will keep everyone posted, as I know you cannot wait for the end of this exciting story.


Saturday, May 15, 2004

ham radio antenna update

Everything came in and I’m trying today and tomorrow afternoon to install my new Base HF 6 Band antenna. Of course where I wanted to put it did not meet my wife’s desires. I think she thought “no where” would be a great place for it. Now it looks like the 100 feet of RG 8 coax [that’s some decent 50 ohm stuff] will not be enough. I’ll probably need about 120-130 feet. Now I’m stuck with the extra 100 feet. Not sure if the place I bought it will take it back or not.
I got this Quick-Tilt Mount so that the antenna will not be up all the time. We are deed restricted to twenty feet. The observant among you will have noticed that the antenna is 24 feet. I’m sticking to a few things: 1. people will not notice because it will not be up all the time; 2. it’s hard to tell the difference between 20 and 24 feet from a distance; 3. my fall back is that it’s not permanently up so it’s OK; and 4. I figure I can find something at their house.
Our neighborhood people are not too bad but all it takes is one.
In a few minutes my next-door neighbor and I are going to drive the mount into the ground. I think it has to go through some clay; that ought to be fun.


Friday, May 14, 2004

come on, just once can’t we have a TV show where the professor isn’t guilty


Every time there is a college professor on a show you can bet he is guilty, if not of murder then at least of sexual harassment. We really are pretty dull; I don’t know any murderers at all and few adulterers.

decent piece on the celebrity chefs and the chef de cuisine who really run the kitchens

The New York Times > Dining & Wine > Who Really Cooks Your Food?

Very informative without being real dull. Watchers of the Food Network will want to see this.

WRAL.com - Sports - NASCAR Makes It Official: Rockingham Loses Remaining Race

I declare it official that NASCAR has left its roots and fans

I have nothing against chasing the almighty dollar, hell I teach in a College of Business but I think NASCAR is making a mistake. I could be wrong but I think they are following the same road a country music.
Country music wanted to “broaden its base” a few years ago. This in effect means that they didn’t want to be country any more. They brought in a lot of performers and program directors form the pop world. Worked for a while but sales are dropping as their “new” fans moved on to other things. People like me got the message real quick—“we don’t need your ole redneck ass –we got west coast and northern urban fans now”. I’m a former fan.

Same with NASCAR, don’t care who wins; don’t care if they race at all; hope they like all their new fans. I want no part of them.

I wonder if Kerry is going to use this guy in the race

Yahoo! News - Berg Died for Bush, Rumsfeld 'Sins' - Father

don’t usually get too political here but about reached my limit on this character. You will also notice how the press is more likely to report about Berg now that they can cast Bush and the real culprit.

I’m sorry for his loss but I’m growing tired of Berg’s father. He now directly blames Bush and Rumsfeld. Uses a radio appearance to blast the war and the Patriot Act. Says the act was a coup d’ etat.
Further, says his son only saw the good in people and probably saw that in his captors until the last minute. Says they didn’t know what they were doing and called his son “the best friend they had”.

Mr. Berg, sorry for your loss, I really mean it. However, your 15 minutes, brought on only because your son was murdered, is up. Just shut up and mourn or do something else.


Thursday, May 13, 2004

I have to stay in controlled environments

When you are as easily distracted as I am and am a procrastinator sometimes semi-drastic measures must be taken. I really needed to start wading through the pile of psyc articles however, at home was TV, computers, other stuff to read and my wife. All of these things are wonderful and I like to spend time on each but that doesn’t get me finished reading. To complicate matters is the fact that not all of this must be finished until much later in the summer. It would help to do it now but it’s not imperative. Put a short attention span with laziness, other things to do and a real good reason to not read at all and something had to be done.
Going to my office was out of the question because there be computers there and besides the AC is off until Monday. The Joyner Library is closed evenings when the students are not here. [didn’t used to be but budget cuts years ago got the hours, can’t complain during the regular semester it is open until 2 most nights/mornings].
That left Barnes & Noble.com. Good fancy coffee, no TV, places to read and relatively quiet. Quiet is not a requirement.
Stayed there a little less than 2 hours and got 5 articles finished. No, I’m not a fast reader, go ahead rub it in, also I needed to really go over some of this stuff. It ain’t rocket science but it’s not easy either. Especially trying to find the parts I needed.

against all odds and the will of the people
the Thursday three continues

Mr. Possum has posed a non-think set this time.
1. Have you even used an outhouse? Well certainly, we had some relatives in Harpersville and they still had a functioning outhouse. Functioning meaning that was all there was. It wasn’t quite authentic however; as you didn’t need the Sears catalogue.
2. Have you ever called animals and if so what was the call? The only animal calling I have done was with my father-in-law. His house was in suburban Rainbow City and had some goats. I would sometimes help call the goats. We really didn’t have to call they thought anyone walking out there had food. They were fun to watch; sorry when he had to lay them off.
3. Driven a tractor on the street? What is this about animals and fancy farm equipment? We, Smiths, didn’t have any of those fancy things. Let me give you some family history. Through the years generations of Smiths had aspirations and dreams of becoming sharecroppers. We never could get the money together. Another dream shattered.

wading through that pile of articles

This really isn’t too bad. Some of them are OK; some poorly written. {like you should dare critique someone else’s writing, ed.} OK, maybe I can’t write but I know good writing when I see it. Will check in from time to time. If I have the time later will explain the simple concept of why we do research and how a day like today helps prove its value.


Wednesday, May 12, 2004

this lit search thing is getting out of hand

While we are continuing the study of alcoholics as managers, I’m currently entering data. Well, not as we speak but every now and then. Our new project is about gays and lesbians as managers. There is much conventional wisdom out there and the literature seems to show that it is right on. However, we can’t build hypotheses based on everyone thinks that this is the case. Well, you just know don’t you. lots of reading to do the next few days and much of it from the psyc literature. If I had printed all the stuff to read, it would be about 6 inches tall, printed front and back. Should be fun.
BTW notice the time and I’m still here.

at the office
don’t want to be here
thus getting nothing accomplished

Maybe something will eventually get done on some research. Need to work on some literature search and the computer here is faster than home. Yes, I have cable modem at home but it’s really fast at school. At least I’m not home to see any reality shows. My wife does watch some of them; she is into the “Batchelor” this year. I’m listening to Nora Jones “come away with me”. Not sure I like all of it but it’s easy on the ears. Well, back to the online salt mines.

Woo Hoo I got tracking numbers

I ordered some ham radio stuff the other night and today they sent me my UPS tracking numbers. It’s some different stuff so several packages. Supposed to be here tomorrow.
I love tracking numbers, sort of like following Santa by weather radar.


My stuff made it to Greensboro this morning and has not started for Pitt county yet. it really should be here tomorrow--now i have work to do.

further update

My stuff has passed through Greensboro and Raleigh; next stop ME!!!
Yea!; just like Crhistmas except I have to pay for it. Come to think of it, it is just like Christmas. Well, minus the religious stuff and all the fretting and whining and hurt feelings and bad family gatherings. Did I happen to mention that Christmas is not my favorite time of the year. So maybe the UPS stuff is just like my birthday, yeah that’s the ticket, just like a birthday.

further Thursday update

I know everyone is just as excited as I about my UPS packages. You are? See, I knew it> well, the tracking says it’s on the truck and heading to my house. Actually, it shows out for delivery.

I’m not gonna play either

If Mr. Possum is gonna take his ball and go back inside, that’s what I’ll do too.
Have a little work to do, really a lot but trying to do some each day and maybe it will erode.
Maybe I’ll come out later,

Levi to sell Dockers

Levi's Puts Dockers Brand on Sales Block

Well yeah, they already sell Dockers but this time they are selling the whole line. It’s one of the best that Levi has but even it is declining. I probably should feel more empathy for Levi, in their time of trouble. After all, it is an American icon brand. However, over the years I have come to regard they past management as a self-righteous bunch of PC folks. The San Francisco location played right into the things the did to get the Boy Scouts out of the local united way, among other things. Sorry to see the jobs lost and that management team is long gone.
Who knows what is killing them, hubris comes to mind but maybe I’m being snarky.


Tuesday, May 11, 2004

changes in the BCS

More changes ahead for BCS, sources say

This article in the AJC now requires a registration; must be a real newspaper just like the NYT and what ever that Fort Worth thing is.

I think I like the changes in the BCS but they might give more weight to the polls and we all know that those are biased; we just can’t decide in whose favor. Some people just aren’t going to be happy unless we have a play-off. I’m against one. We talk football all year. Basketball has a play-off and we stop after we see who wins. Who did win this year?

the comments are now back
but the numbers still show 0

I don’t know how but the Haloscan lines became corrupted in the template. I had to redo them. Maybe soon I can get so the permalinks actually work.
I don’t have a clue but wanted to sound like one of those “high tech cognoscenti.” They’re all the rage you know.

getting back to the original mission

I seem to have been lax in the last couple of weeks in posting about changes in organizations, society and the church. Most of the posts have been about what I’m doing. I guess that fits the mission but it is not exactly why I started this. I’m not going to stop that because it is fun and is about the only thing that gets comments. Well, if you don’t count the transgender stuff. So expect some serious change blogging for at least a couple of days {weeks, minutes, nanoseconds, whatever some unit of time}/ now to search the web for the best in change to bring to those of you clamoring for more change blogging.
Remember that while FDR did not say, “the only constant in life is change” he also didn’t say “the only thing we have to fear is change itself”.

two professors dead
do these things happen in threes?

UAB professor struck, killed by Greyhound bus in Atlanta

Just a few days ago a business prof form Samford was struck and killed. She was also in her 50’s. what is going on here? If I worked at B’ham-Southern or Miles I just might be on the lookout.

you knew it was coming
at least some of us knew it

Las Vegas SUN: Study Note Rise in Inmates Serving Life

The sentencing project has fired the first shot in the “life sentence” debate. Remember when we were told that life was really meant to mean life, well this group is upset. How can this be? Crime rates are going down and apparently we are leaving these poor people in jail.
Knew it was coming, life must be a “cruel punishment”. I know we are to minister to the prisoners but nothing said let them loose.

some assembly required

We had to buy a new TV stand to hold the new TV. The size and weight of the new one would have overwhelmed the old cart. My wife also wanted to hide the various game systems and stuff.
We selected the cheaper but still classic lines of this TV stand.
I would like to go on record as saying that I’m one of those men who tread the directions. Before I start I lay out the hardware, inventory it and completely read the directions. Of course this was easier when I smoked as I would go out and smoke a Kool while I perused the directions. This thing went really great except that they felt compelled to put stickers on all the parts. The parts were hard to distinguish from each other; spatial relationships are not my long suit. I was bitching about the having to pull off the stickers and the problems of finding the correct piece of wood when my wife looked at the stickers I had pulled off. Each nice and completely labeled with things like “A” or “D”.
In fairness the only problem was on the glass, except for the problems of operator error.

basically taking the day off

Today is actually the first day I don’t have any work to do, so I’m going to sit here and read. I found a book on the daily life of confederate soldiers, looks good. I read slow so that will take all day. I might go work out later in the day and yes I did sleep in until about 10:30. I stayed up until two reading so it’s not that bad. Why yes, I did enjoy it.
I’m also angry with myself this morning. Sunday and yesterday I over ate on some[read many] carbs. When I do this something happens to my body chemistry and I gain massive amount of weight overnight. In a 24 I know it is not real fat because tha would have meant approximately 25,000 extra calories during the period. I did over eat but not that much.

Might finish the TV story if I feel like it and will be making comments on your sites.
Yea I’m on vacation. Yea!


Monday, May 10, 2004

new TV

Did you know that buying a TV was almost like an emergency? I didn’t either until our son told me the TV in the den/playroom/bonus room was shot. His Mom agreed that something was wrong with it. Well now, I’ll just see about that. Both of them have a way of messing up cords, digital boxes and the like and saying the TV doesn’t work. Went up, looked at plugs and stuff, bad sound but only colored lines for a picture and they were scrolling. Went to the menu and it sort of was visible, nothing there, not cords out of place, cable connections seemed OK, if input box for games and DVD had gone bad[the cable passes through it] then the sound wouldn’t have been there. Thought I would try the Microsoft Method, you know turn it off, unplug it and start it up again.

Great idea, it would not even come back on. Yes I checked the wall outlets. Dead, gone to 27-inch TV heaven or where ever TV’s go. It more than 6 years old but less than 10, so I don’t know how old. Originally, it was a Christmas present for my mother. When she went into the nursing home I got her a smaller TV and we took this one. Picture OK but no video inputs and stuff.

Figured we would take our time and look for a TV, didn’t figure the teenage boy acting like any time without games or movies was child abuse. He usually doesn’t want to go anywhere with us but he went to pick out the TV. He and my wife wanted Best Buy, I went to circuitcity. I had checked on the internet to see who had what I wanted.

I wanted the basic TV, not fancy, price is an issue. Did not want to invest in plasma or HDTV or big screen until years from now. Why should I get a big screen and then have it become the group game TV. Not with my money. Hey, I can get a good big TV when he moves.We found a cheap brand that we have had some success with and got this one Apex.this one has lots of features, 4 RCA plug inputs, one on front, s-video and also a A/V out. Plus a good picture. But it is heavy.

Paid less thanks. Also got a new stand to put it on and barely got it into son’s blazer.
If you got through this turn in later for assembly required adventure and me working on my hernia.


Graduation was held twice on Saturday; a morning and an afternoon session. The ceremonies were held in the arena where basketball is played. This probably contributes to the atmosphere. We didn’t have a real speaker, rather the acting chancellor was the speaker. The new chancellor had better be really good; our current acting sets a high standard of public speaking. The first service only took around an hour—well maybe a little longer to get everyone out. It’s too bad that we don’t have the room or inclination to do a reception for all the students , families and faculty.
The faculty marshals and other taking part in the service were fed lunch. It was salad day, green salad, pasta salad, potato salad, chicken salad and broccoli salad. The desert table looked good but I resisted. [boy you didn’t resist anything yesterday,-- you crumbled in the face of carbs quicker than a Spanish prime minister in the face of a threat, ed.] well I was good Saturday.

Chancellor told one interesting story—seems when he was president of a university in Michigan he was asked to speak to a trade group—the cemetery owners association. He struggled to find some connection; something that would get them on his side. Finally he told them what he thought the connection was—both of them; he as a president and them as cemetery owners had plenty of people under them and neither could get them to do anything. Said they didn’t think it was funny at all. I like it.

More on Saturday later-- maybe I'll suddenly get funny later today, after a trip to the library.

my exciting weekend

I hope the truth in labeling people don’t get me. Friday night was taken up by our college graduate recognition ceremony. This is not a graduation, repeat not a graduation; however, it looks suspiciously like one. Students get their name called and walk across a stage and are handed something rolled-up and tied with ribbon. But this is not a graduation as the only real graduation is on Saturday when the university does its ceremonies.
I do the prayers so I had to dress up in the full kit, actually academic regalia is what it’s called, mostly. Link takes you to a Google image search page. You can see all sorts of stuff. BTW, in case you don’t know and happen to care, 3 stripes and puffed sleeves go with the doctoral degrees. The color of the border of the hood indicates the area of study and the satiny type colors on the back the granting institution. Figure you already knew this but repetition sometimes helps. Hats come in two styles, the traditional and something that looks like Pepe Le Pew would wear.
It’s nice having a distinctive costume. We can wear this kit anytime and we will hear that phrase “God!, look at that twit.”
Just as an aside, I tend to want these ceremonies to be joyous but dignified. They have taken on the spirit of a sporting event. For my taste they are too boisterous and uninhibited. But maybe that is just me. Most people seem to be having a good time.

Well, that ceremony took until about 9 to get finished. By the time I talked to some colleagues and the traffic had cleared it was after 9:30 and still no dinner. Got home cooked a steak and looked at a book until it was time for bed as I had two, count them two graduation ceremonies for Saturday.

Not as good as the possum's Friday but it was my own.


Sunday, May 09, 2004

my deadline was extended
thus I can stay current with my procrastination

As I posted earlier, I could have been ready to meet the deadline of the 10th but that would have meant getting behind on my procrastination. We wouldn’t want that to happen.

Be sure to check in sometime Monday for tales of emergency TV shopping, fun furniture assembly and the reasons why big things need to be delivered and installed. Warning --this segment involves moaning and Advil.


Friday, May 07, 2004

not much until Monday

I’m mentally burned out and really can’t think of anything to say. Having said that I probably will leave my usual dumb comments at your places.
I have to give the invocation and benediction at our ceremony tonight. We used to say it wasn’t over until the fat man prayed. However, since then I’ve lost about 50, does “it isn’t over until the chubby guy prays” sound OK?

The university has two ceremonies tomorrow. I agreed to be a university marshal; we get to put on the full kit and walk in, either in front or behind, people. It is assumed we know where to go. This is supposed to be an honor and I guess it is.

Sometime before Monday I must write an abstract for submission for presentation at a meeting in the fall. I also must write a request to collect the data, from students, for the paper. [you could have done all of this much earlier, you know—ed.] Well yes I could have but that would have meant falling behind on my procrastination.

See, we do have things to do, even when we are off.


Thursday, May 06, 2004

I’m finished and now to the Thursday three

Well, I’m finished if you don’t count the makeup exam to be given tomorrow, being available to listen to those wanting to complain and the three count ‘em three graduation exercises I must attend between now and Saturday evening.

Name an honest, living and in office politician: I think our county sheriff is hones and hard working. His name is Mac Manning and he does a good job, does not hog the media and tries to do what is right.

Do you hold any offices, appointments or otherwise: No the closest I came was years ago being a political party precinct captain. I do a lot of volunteer stuff but it is mainly in the church and nonprofit organizations. I respect those who will serve on the various boards but I don’t feel a call to that. Further, since we live in the county there are fewer things to volunteer for than if we were in the city.

“King of the World, Ma!”—oh’ king of the south—Well, I would make it a crime to utter the phrase “well, back in [insert name of yankee state here} we did it this way. You aren’t there anymore, got that! Sorry, the meds are starting to kick in now.
On a real note, I would work to get the legislative bodies in the south to recognize that money spent on elementary and secondary education is not a waste of time. That it helps us all in the long term. I would also work to insure that the state boards of education sued to money for education and not some darned fool idea they just cooked up.

As a footnote why does the spell checker in word want to capitalize yankee but not south? It is discrimination, I say!


Wednesday, May 05, 2004

a few things that would really be bothering me if I were not taking the drugs

1. Fast food item--if you are in line at a quick serve place---look at the darned menu board before you thighs hit the counter. Your brain and eyes can work before you are first in line. Also, if you reach the front of the line, with you thighs pressing firmly on the edge of the counter and utter these words “well, let me see”, we are allowed to pummel you with anything handy. Be it trays, catsup packs, statues of clowns or small children. You have been warned.

2. People please listen to me. If you are in the drive through at a fast food place, especially in the morning—two orders at the most. Order what ever and how many you want but please only one check. If you get food for 8 people in the work group that does not mean you have to pay 8 different times. Make your order and let it go.
3. And one more. How about people in the left turn lane who must wait until the car in front of them ahs completely cleared the intersection before they will go. Were not running the gauntlet here we are trying to get as many people to turn left as we can in the small time allotted. Move when you get the arrow.

Yep if the drugs weren’t working I would be down right bothered by things like this.

Oh and one more thing: Popup ads that go off the screen of my laptop and can’t be displayed to kill them. I know this is not a big deal to those of you without laptops but both of mine have small screens. I bought the Mac myself, so I was cheap. The windows machine, the school gets for me. It’s a tablet and they started with small screens. That was part of the deal—you know portable.
I’m finished now for a while.

exam blogging coming up

Got in and finished running off the exams to give in a few minutes. The exam period starts at 8 but we start at 8:30. Think I mentioned this the other day as it gives them time not to rush. The exam is short and worth 25% of the final grade, less than a regular test. Will blog from the room if a. there is anything interesting to blog about; a. the battery holds out on the tablet; and c. they don’t have too many questions.


Tuesday, May 04, 2004

F1 to change rules

The New York Times > Sports > Formula One Headed for Major Makeover

This circuit was never really competitive, like say NASCAR is but the last few years have gotten worse. In the past you could count on at leas two teams making some sort of run at each other but now it’s like everyone just runs for third place, figuring the first two places are taken.

Not the battle from last year but the news--- the Methodist Church has done something that does not lead the liberal parade.

The New York Times > National > Methodists Reject Statement on Gay Rift

Ok, some of you might wonder about a member of the Episcopal clergy[ OK, the lowest order there is, ed.] and in a church that has an admittedly gay bishop, how can I rag on the Methodists? Well, I’m not a cradle Episcopalian; I grew up a Methodist. Both my mother and father were Methodists; grandmothers were there every time the doors opened Methodists. I was a Methodist longer that I have been an Episcopalian.
So I reserve the right to at least comment on why I left. I left for three reasons—OK several reasons: it got so in the 70’s that we heard little of the gospel and much of the social gospel, fine but we seemed to forget why the social gospel was important other than it was a nice liberal thing to do. At the churches I was attending communion went from once a month to once a quarter and then they would find a reason to skip it. It took time away from the sociology lectures, don’t you know. There was not fight or debate back then. It seemed to me that if you did not agree we didn’t talk it out or agree we could still go to church together—it was you, the non-liberal side was wrong, wrong , wrong. I say non-liberal because some were not really conservative just not really liberal.
And the last reason I left was that when I first entered the Episcopal Church it felt like home. Yes some of our clergy are more liberal and we fight all the time. However, we can still worship and work together. I know some of you can’t and I respect that—I guess that’s why there are many denominations and also why I’m not much on ecumenical stuff. We have our differences and that is good.

Sorry for the long post on a real topic but it just sort of wanted to get out. Very stream of consciousness stuff. And not too good at that.

good chat

Probably had over half the class sign in sometime during the hour. they asked good questions and i hope it helps. Most of those this time will graduate Saturday. They are all majors and know they are going to pass.
working as we blog

Through the magic of the internet, blackboard software, a computer that likes to multitask and a good cup of coffee---I’m doing a chat with my students right now. Yes, as we speak.
They are asking good questions and as I answer I can also blog or surf the net. Questions tent to come in bunches. It would be modeled sort of like the way folks hit the checkout at the food store.

lunch/snack blogging

Did not really have lunch so this is sort of a snack and sort of lunch. I’m trying to stay legal this week to makeup for the overeating last weekend.
Oh, the snack: decaf coffee with splenda and whipped cream from a can, two of those products from Bentonville’s favorite store. I would buy their brand of splenda if they had one. And the real treat is Gram's Gourmet Crunchies Pork Rinds, these are butter and cinnamon flavor. Really! Very good !

United Way meeting

The meeting went better than I had any expectation it would. We seem to be on track with out input, activities, outputs and outcomes. Now to move ahead with out indicators. This really is a good model. It should flow from the mission to some indication of accomplishment of that mission.

almost meeting time

About time to go to the united way meeting. Many different agencies each get 30 minutes to go over our logic model, a way of getting at outcomes assessment. We are not up until a little after two but are expected to be there and learn from others.


Sunday, May 02, 2004

Monday is a meeting day for me

This one was scheduled since I don’t have a final to give until Wednesday. We are doing some church planning and I need to be there. One priest left today, the rector retires at the end of June. This will leave one part time priest, the interim, who doesn’t arrive until July and me as clergy. As a deacon I can’t do all a priest can do but I am some help, if I know what is going on.

Tuesday is meetinged up also.

now this is progress
woman names president and COO of Sara Lee and that fact does not get the headline

The New York Times > Business > Ex - PepsiCola CEO Named Sara Lee President

What was the AP thinking. Have we reached the point where a woman getting a top job is not that big of a deal or is the AP not leading with it because it does not fit the bias of no corporate women. I wish her luck. Sara Lee can be a bear to manage.

back at the office

I was here yesterday until the late afternoon and am back again. There are grades to finish and post. Also, there are some slides to make for a meeting on Tuesday. So, for those you who worry that I have too much time on my hands or nap too often during the week—I just time shift. I would have come back earlier after church but for the weather.
My wife skipped church today and sat with a woman so her husband could come to church. We worked with the couple for many years doing campus ministry and became close. A few years ago she seemed to be getting dementia and it got worse. She needs continual care. They should both be enjoying their retirement but now this.

It was sort of poignant what he said to my wife after church. A former student we knew in campus ministry later became a priest. He was the assistant at our parish and today was his last day. He got a call from a parish in N.Y. well; he said he would never forget us. This man came home from church to a wife who is sort of like a not too advanced toddler, and told my wife what the preacher had said. He then added that you never knew, he just might forget us. Sad—sad—I would rather be dead than like that.

update just finished
about 11:40

Yes I just finished submitting the grades for my large section. I did take some time out to get something to eat. I must admit I didn’t stay Atkins legal—bread and sugar. It was either that or smoke. The last two days have been terrible –I wanted a cigarette every time I graded exams. I think the reason is all habit. In the past I would give my self a “reward” of a cigarette when I finished a certain part of the tests. I couldn’t have a smoke without making progress on the exams. So I came to associate smoking with grading. Tonight, it was either eat or smoke. I hope to take the pounds off but a smoke would have negated all I have worked for in the last three months.


Saturday, May 01, 2004

something tells me there is more to this than is being reported

Justice attacked while jogging

Don’t know why but something just doesn’t seem right.

Woo Hoo engineered, low carb pasta

Las Vegas SUN: Dakota Growers Roll Out Low-Carb Pasta

Made from processed wheat flour, which is an Atkins no no, but with something to block the digestion of the carbs. Bring it on.

some are upset he only went to Israel

The New York Times > National > Schwarzenegger Israel Trip Irks Arabs

They say he didn’t listen to the Palestinians. Well he already has heard explosions, hasn’t he?


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