Monday, August 31, 2009

Mother-of-three died in pub as solo woman paramedic stood outside | Mail Online

things like this tend to happen when the government controls things and bows to strong public sector unions

the union rules become more important than the job at hand

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Bowles chides chancellors for 'embarrassing' administrative costs :: WRAL.com

read some of the comments of the system president
it should be clear even to the tin ears in upper management that things have to change
should be but probably won't
my guess is that this will be a shell game of trying to hide the costs

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Lockerbie bomber 'set free for oil' - Times Online#cid=OTC-RSS&attr=2015164#cid=OTC-RSS&attr=2015164#cid=OTC-RSS&attr=2015164

memos or emails or something leaked show that he was let out for an oil deal

this makes those responsible lees morons and more like scum

Friday, August 28, 2009

The 32-hour delay that cost my baby his life: Mother may sue over failure to examine sick child | Mail Online

another made up death
this time the staff knew of a problem then followed protocol and waited even with a potenitally deadly problem-- great work there brits
Gordon Brown under pressure over Lockerbie bomber after Gaddafi son reveals prisoner swap deal WAS linked to oil | Mail Online

it's funny but i believe this guy more than the brits and the scots
Patients suing hospital over "botched" ops horror | Mail Online

but remember these stories didn't happen they are only made up by insurance companies and evil republicans
Bill would give president emergency control of Internet | Politics and Law - CNET News

sure am glad that ol bush guy isn't there to take control of all our liberties

just what is the purpose of this??
might need it to stop those health care riots i guess

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Sheehan returns to rebuke Obama

i give her points for being consistant

also where is the news coverage
all that absolute moral authority and all
U.S. moves toward formal cut off of aid to Honduras | Reuters

nothing we won't do to help a commie
Auxiliary Fuel Tank Falls Off Marine Helicopter

what did they used to call it?

POLICE: 56 Home Break-Ins Solved With Single Arrest

in three months
i will say he isn't afraid of hard work

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

TBO.com - News From AP

feds took the list of the baseball players who tested positive after being told the test would remain proivate

the appeals court said today that was over reaching
and the list will be destroyed as it should be
Dems Pushing for Health Care Reform Say 'Win One for Teddy' - ABC News

we will see how much this helps the blue dogs-- for most of them passing
"teddy's bill" would make it worse and stir up a lot of people to run against them
Pitino: Sex scandal 'pure hell' for family - WRALSportsFan.com

blames media

what a self centered twit
he screws around -- gets caught and blames everyone else
Perdue Says Patrol Report Is Confidential

hey bev the cover up always gets messy

remember let in the light as the roaches hate the light
Libya broke promise not to celebrate Lockerbie release, says Kenny MacAskill - Times Online

kenny macaskill is a coward, a pc believer or a moron
or all of the above

my next guess is that the man makes a truly great recovery from his terminal cancer and then the brits get the oil deal
perhaps they can never get the deal now since the story broke

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

1 suspect in custody following Dem HQ vandalism in Denver - The Denver Post

the suspect is a lefty imagine that

but the right wing set the tone of violence i bet
Most red ink ever: $9 trillion projected over next decade

why do budgets hate the president?
are they angry ??
Man collapses with ruptured appendix... three weeks after NHS doctors 'took it out' | Mail Online

read the last line of this article and see what our care would be like under obamacare

the ass whole spoke for the hospital should be fired
Hagan: Health reform in place by year's end :: WRAL.com

not a voice for north carolina but just another do what you're told dem

what a joke she doesn't care anything except making the nationa party happy
we must make the one look good

this b_____ch thinks thre public option is fine and drank the it won't affect anyone else kool aid
Libya broke pledge over Lockerbie bomber: Scottish minister

read this piece of crap for the bs that comes from the mouths of the scots officials
\i will also try and keep from buying their principle exports
that would be whiskey and morons by the sound of it

some of my ancestors are from there makes me think the ones with any common sense escaped

Monday, August 24, 2009

Libya broke pledge over Lockerbie bomber: Scottish minister

the Scot's' justice minister says he was fooled

the idea that there is somehow justice in scotland is news to most people
just more pc surrender crap
Quangos blackball ... oops, sorry ... veto ‘racist’ everyday phrases - Times Online

this is what happends when pc types are left in charge of anything even language

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Gov. David Paterson blames calls for him to step aside on race

could it be that he is not doing a great job??
nope not that

Friday, August 21, 2009

New Zealand Votes to Legalize Smacking Kids - International News | News of the World | Middle East News | Europe News - FOXNews.com

after voiting to change the law
the government says it will not change it

are all politicians the same everwhere?

meaning they are always smarted and know better then the populaiton

hey NZ you are no longer citizens you are subjects
enjoy the ride
Obama: GOP conspiracy out to kill health reform - Washington Times

they just can't help but play the blame game
do it every time
Gardener stunned after council refuses to empty his garden waste bin... because it had APPLES inside | Mail Online

this will be our future also if the govt and the unions take over
Judge slams prosecution of housewife in row over children's football which cost taxpayer £100,000 | Mail Online

a sane person in the english justice system
my guess is they will remove him in due course
BBC in race row after Sikh listeners threaten Muslim radio presenter who 'denigrated religious symbol' | Mail Online

think the bbc might have brought this on itself??'

goose -- gander

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Kennedy, looking ahead, urges a quick filling of Senate seat - The Boston Globe

wants change in the law
the rules are for other people

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

TBO.com - News From AP

two killers commit suicide--
in ca
bye see you later
these guys needed to go a long time ago
TBO.com - News From AP

they must also be evil
the voters in seattle rejected a tax on plastic bags
how dare they vote to hurt the planet
who ever heard of that city rejecting a tax??
TBO.com - News From AP

Ford has top mileage hybrids

no this can't be the smart set will not accept this and anyway ford didn't take the obama bucks so they must be evil
State auditor to testify in Easley investigation :: WRAL.com

why don't they investigate her role in the cover-up too

she derailed an ongoing investigation she said was flawed and too partisan
that is local dem speak for they were getting close to the truth
WITN - Eastern NC News & Weather - Greenville NC, Jacksonville NC, New Bern, Washington NC

senator hagan will not hold a town hall on health care
of course she won't she only needs to do what harry tells her

i love an independent voice for all citizens of the state unless it gets in the way of making the one look good
Perfect Sarah Silverman Impression - CollegeHumor video

making fun of sarah silverman
isn't unamerican ??

i mean celebrity libs get to made fun of people
not the other way

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Attorney: FBI trained NJ blogger to incite others

ever notice when the fbi infiltrates a lefty organization it's a terrible breach of freedom?
but in a right wing one it's fine and not really worth reporting
DEPUTIES: Bad Breakfast Prompts Frying Pan Attack

even if you don't like it you might not want to say so

Monday, August 17, 2009

Planning laws DO favour gipsies and travellers, says minister | Mail Online

are we headed to this

brit government admits it treats people differently and makes the case that this is "fair"

Experts: Health reform anger stems from racism, partisanship

"experts" agree that if you are angry about the health care deal you are a stupid racist

hey it's not the media this time it's real experts like people form the naacp and real people like that
OOPS! Pavement Sign Misspelled At High School Parking Lot

we loves our edaumcation here in nc
New Idea: Lie-Detector Tests For Politicians

i already have one

I watch to see if their lips move.
TBO.com - News From AP

man falls through metal plate on sidewalk as he steps out to smoke a cigar

bet he can't sue as ny will rule it an injury as a result of tobacco
TBO.com - News From AP

student acquitted of terrorist act is up fr immigration violation

just a reminder lefties
just because you are not a terrorist doesn't mean you get to stay here
TBO.com - News From AP

mayor of milwaukee attacked with pipe how long before someone links this to the protests??
let the count down begin
TBO.com - News From AP

obama questions wasteful defense spending

this is the first shot in the battle
just where do you think he was going to get that money he needs for the domestic agenda?
not from his rich folk donors certainly
Mom burdened when three sons implicated in Birmingham murders is now charged too - Breaking News from The Birmingham News - al.com

i love it when a family story comes full circle
heartwarming isn't it

Saturday, August 15, 2009

NASCAR's Helton responds to Earnhardt's complaints - NASCAR News - FOX Sports on MSN

how dare you disagree with jr if he can't win something is wrong with the system
just like obama
the ones are never wrong
Obama Criticizes Some Insurers - NYTimes.com

so let me get this right--
it's ok to spend money supporting obama but
is bad to oppose him?

thought those were the current rules
The £1m neighbours from hell: Meet the gipsy family terrorising a once peaceful street | Mail Online

as england is finding out this is the result of PC and tax money
Officials cut former NCSU chancellor's pay :: WRAL.com

they must think they're obama
this guy had a contract and the board just wants to forget that because money is tight but more importantly they are embarrassed
folks-- i've seen this before and cutting the man's pay is not the way to make this go away
Obama slams TV over health care "ruckus"

obama blames the media for problems
i bet they'll forgive him don't you?

Thursday, August 13, 2009

TBO.com - News From AP

health dept fires health nazi how can they do that he is only trying to make you a better person

btw my sister-in-law lives in panama city and they really have strange stuff down there
apparently the ragging on real businesses in this guys craze for health was just too much
Taiwan deploys extra troops, anger over rescue grows

didn't know that bush as in charge there too
RealClearPolitics - Video - Liberal Talker Ed Schultz: Conservatives "Want Obama To Get Shot"

ed schultz is the clubhouse leader in the loon of the week contest
what a contemptible moron

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

DETNEWS | Weblogs | Henry Payne's Sketchbook

dem senator from michigan--
i can feel the volatility of global warming when i fly

sure am glad that stupid ol' sarah palin didn't say this
but a real smart dem
Report: Pitino admits paying for accuser's abortion - CBK News - FOX Sports on MSN

things come out slowly sometimes but they do tend t come out

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

E. Carolina, Houston favorites in Conference USA - WRALSportsFan.com

we don't tend to play well from ahead

i hope this year is different
Some teachers surprised they won't get raise :: WRAL.com

if you thought you were still getting a raise
i'm not sure you're smart enough to be a teacher

Monday, August 10, 2009

DEPUTIES: BBQ Grill Turned Into Portable Meth Lab

and people say
americans have lost the spirit of innovation!
how wrong they are
TBO.com - News From AP

lawmaker sues cal gov over vetos

dems will do anything to save spending
it's like crack to them
Column: 'Un-American' attacks can't derail health care debate - Opinion - USATODAY.com

you're stupid and mean and unamerican
that is what the dear leader thinks
me thinks she should resign as it is clear she has no brief for the american people
only her party and not all of it
Breitbart.tv � ‘White House Video Warfare’: Linda Douglass Defends Attack on Breitbart.tv Post

these people really cannot believe anyone would disagree with them
if you do you must be attacked

obama is governing the way these folks thought bush did
and they see no irony
clueless in dc

Sunday, August 09, 2009

TBO.com - News From AP

the terrorist arrest in nc
just why is the media especially AP so charged with presenting them in a more positive light?
i think it's because they are americans and this would upset the narrative that the media has about terrorists
that narrative says the only home grown ones are the anti abortion and racists yahoos
Georgia Democrat yells at local doctor over health care - The Back Story - Washington Times

they really do think that only "evil" political people and racists would ever disagree with them
makes you wonder what bubble they really live in doesn't it?
Rep. Giffords a no-show at her own event due to Tea Partiers — then lies and says she never meant to go! : Tucson Tea Party

dems showing true colors--
Gateway Pundit: Shocker... Keith Olbermann Lies About Tea Party Violence-- Compares Protesters to Hamas & Hezbollah

he is not a journalist he's a pretend intellectual who in his heart is smarter than everyone who doesn't think his way
you could tell this and his political leanings when he had his 15 minutes of sports fame
he was a shill for the players unions -- never letting them be blamed for anything
this guy still thinks it's 1920 pre-wagner act
what a self delusional fool
49ers' Crabtree conducts convoluted holdout - NFL - Yahoo! Sports

draft pick wants to be paid in the slot where the mock drafts said he should go not the real draft sound crazy??

remember we have politicians who claim some elections should be overturned because the pre-election polls or the exit polls didn't get reflected in the actual count

Saturday, August 08, 2009

Pitchman Billy Mays' wife lashes out at autopsy report that said he used coke

do families understand the purpose of an autopsy??

if it doesn't fit their narrative then it must be wrong or should not have been stated

Friday, August 07, 2009

NC Rep: Health Care Reform Led To Death Threat

death threats or your opponents are nazis
these are the two last acts of truly desperate people

maybe he did get a threat maybe he really did

but it sure is convenient as he now gets to play the poor victim
General Sir David Richards: Afghanistan will take 40 years - Times Online

it will if you do it the same way you did basra
you people haven't done a great job with much since gold beach
so take a real nice sip of shut the hell up and buy some up to date eq.
TV writers slam NBC for 'Leno Show'--The Live Feed

there is never an end to people telling you want to do with what is yours
not theirs but yours
these writers don't own or allocate the network time but they sure want to dictate how to use it

mainly a left lib disease i think
TBO.com - News From AP

guy blames cat for porn downloads

don't know but i was in the bathroom and heard something
the cat was sitting with her paws on the keyboard and had been hitting the keys
could be
Top Democrat denounces health care protests

harry reid would be a loon if anyone actually took him seriously

hey harry i thought protest was good
Protests, passions roiling town hall meeting on health care

get down to the end and see what this bitch reapply thinks about her people-- it is apparently agree with me or i won't even listen
but she doesn't have her mind made up

Thursday, August 06, 2009

Breitbart.tv � AARP Organizers Cancel ‘Listening Session’ After Participants Refuse to ‘Keep Their Comments Quiet’

it seems the aarp has become nothing more than a marketing organization geared to those 55 and over
Unions To Take On Conservative Groups Health Care Town Halls

this crap makes me ashamed i was ever a member in good standing of a union

these days nothing but an arm of the dem party and a partner in the dismantling of the economy

the things they send out as truth-- remember to them no group could ever protest without being led by a union or a company
Gateway Pundit: SHOCK VIDEO--- DEMS SNEAK UNION THUGS INTO CARNAHAN TOWN HALL-- 1,000 Tea Party Taxpayers Locked Out!

who ever thought the dems would play fair and then not lie about it??
Top Democrat denounces health care protests - Nation | Reflector.com

and all this time i thought protest was a good thing
TBO.com - News From AP

why are the trees hating us??
i think it might have to do with revenge for climate change
TBO.com - News From AP

drunk mother in wrong way crash had a medical problem says husband

the meaning??

being a yankee is never having face responsibility
TBO.com - News From AP

hey what is the life of one teen aged woman against looking good and liberal and getting to suck up to john grisham remember he never thinks anyone is guilty of anything
but hey
he's a dem so it is ok
California city shuts down girl's lemonade stand | McClatchy

this is the government at work
where are her environmental papers??
her osha reports?
how do we know she isn't discriminating against latinos and other minorities??
My Way News - Clinton suggests US could join war crimes court

why do these "elites" alwasy want to join things that do us no good??

i guess to show how elite they are
Washington Post's Clinton Joke Called "Tasteless" And "Sexist"

too bad they couldn't have told it about palin they would have gotten a raise and invited on msnbc

Wednesday, August 05, 2009


even bush didn't ask you to inform on others in casual conversations
TBO.com - News From AP

cardinal says morality needed in business decisions

he is correct
but first let's compare business with the pedophile scandals
RealClearPolitics - Video - Pelosi: Town Hall Protesters Are "Carrying Swastikas"

this would be funny except that about 35% of the people and 99% of the media will believe this

is she the biggest drama queen going right now
hey lady y'all ahd a private one done already
i guess you just keep going until you get the answer you want
71% Say Obama’s Policies Have Driven Up Deficit - Rasmussen Reports™

what kind of kool aid are the other 29% drinking-- i guess they also believe he walks on water and makes the sun shine
of course the deficit has gone up you morons
Fox says Paula Abdul quitting 'American Idol' :: WRAL.com

apparently she has all the money she needs or is off her meds again

Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Shares of Whole Foods Soar on Q3 Results - FOXBusiness.com

Whole foods shares are up after a good quarter--- this must mean the birkinstock brigades still have money.
Cavuto: Banks Can't Win - FOXBusiness.com

govt to call out and shame banks that took money and still aren't lending
i didn't like the idea of giving them money in the first place

banks should know that he who pays the piper get to call the tune

you sucked up that money now dance real pretty like
George W. Bush: Comic-Book Villain?: Vanity Fair | Vanity Fair

know your jokers

bush OK and a wonderful symbol of the administration

obama a dangerous and possibly racist depiction
Barack Obama vs. Drudge Report - Mike Allen - POLITICO.com

the white house will not admit that the old video is even there it is only a scare tactic
why can't they just say he learned something since then and changed his position
rather than blame others for finding it

Monday, August 03, 2009

Teen golfer injured with own club :: WRAL.com

these actually do happen
a reason for not being a club thrower

Sunday, August 02, 2009

Well about time to drink a little and stop at midnight

surgery tomorrow morning
out-patient so should be home mid afternoon i hope
Two Obama officials: No guarantee taxes won't go up :: WRAL.com

does this surprise anyone except some who voted for obama

obamanomics might gets us all
Afghan mission falls short of expectations: Lawmakers

the brits giving advice again-- would actually rather hear from the french

aren't we all a little tired of this
they cannot remember they don't know how to do this any more

back a couple of years ago they were full of lessons on how to keep the peace in iraq

yep they surrendered and stayed in camp great job brits

butt the hell out with the advice and come back when you update the equipment and thinking since WWII

Saturday, August 01, 2009

Franken feuds with T. Boone Pickens - Eamon Javers - POLITICO.com

gee someone might suggest that senator "didn't you used to be funny"

just move-on
or something like that

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