Thursday, April 29, 2010

California bans Happy Meal toys at McDonald's restaurants over fears they boost obesity | Mail Online

the controllers

is there no limit to what some people will do
they view the law as their personal device to make things better for all of us who are just too simple to fully understand
Carnage UK organiser Ryan Hilton spared jail for punching 61-year-old | Mail Online

this is our future under a social state

no one is guilty of anthing except the regular people of what ever race or creed who \
actually ahve the gaul to work for a living

Wives of terrorist suspects 'CAN claim benefits', say European judges | Mail Online 

Wives of terrorist suspects 'CAN claim benefits', say European judges | Mail Online

thses guys would have bought the tickets for he 9/11 guys

and our elites want us to become just like them-- caring and all that
Christian Gary McFarlane loses case after refusing sex therapy to gay couples | Mail Online

so now i suppose thta muslim workers will have to serve pork sandwithes??

not hardly remember only chirstians or perhaps jews have no rights

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The Anchoress | A First Things Blog

correct the left and the media-- same thing i know

want this to be evil peoplee who hate minorities
we must say-- this is only a tool to force the government to act on violence and the costs of immigration
those are out concerns not keepign hard working people out--
make them defend the tax revenue expended on the illegals and the fact ath vviolent peoeple are coming in unchecked
Advice to Tea Partiers | Cato @ Liberty

great advice

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Local News | Bisexual men sue gay group, claim bias | Seattle Times Newspaper

you got to love this--
not gay enough
'Muhammad' now a dirty word on 'South Park' -- The Live Feed | THR

comedy central would never give in to any form of christian pressure to silence jon stewart

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

UNC student group plans to protest speaker again :: WRAL.com

and nowhere should be heard a discouraging word
in all of liberal land
Petrelis Files

remember they are dems first
libs second
and gay third

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Stephen G. Smith: In defense of Obama's golfing adventures | Washington Examiner

i don't care about obama's golfing don't care one way or another

but as all the libs rush to defend let me remind you that libs don't seem to understand a few things
1. opportunity cost
2. cause and effect
3. and what goes around comes around

Really i hate to put things on all libs but they never as a group seem to understand they can trash a president for not being in the office and not understand when their guy gets trashed

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Is The President an Athlete? And is it Racist to Point Out That He Spends a Lot of Time Showing Off That He's an Athlete, Especially When Unemployment is Really, Really High? - Hit & Run : Reason Magazine

is nora a fool???
in the bubble???
or just stupid??

could be all three
Riehl World View: NJ's Christie Stays On Offense: Wants Union Head Fired Over Memo

normally i don't like things like this

i mean firing people but
ocnservatives are always having to resign over things why not libs and union guys

Monday, April 05, 2010

France24 - Vatican deputy led cover-up in US abuse case: report

yes cardinal i swear the underside of the bus isn't that bad
think of it a penance
Obama Limits When U.S. Would Use Nuclear Arms - NYTimes.com

that is right
tell the other side what you are going to do before you do it--
a master negotiation and strategy stroke of pure genius

this guy is wonderful i tell you

BTW he didn't mention that during the election did he

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